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How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Store

In this guide, find everything you need to know: how to pick the best dropshipping suppliers and work with them long-term. Detailed advice.

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Wanna find the best dropshipping suppliers? Of course, you do! We mean, who doesn’t?

But, we guess your question here is, how to find dropshipping suppliers?

Yes, we are aware that you may experience difficulties in finding the best dropshipping suppliers for your dropshipping business since the success of your business depends on it.

However, there are several things to consider when choosing the best dropshipping supplier for you. And we refer to “you” since we all have different requirements, and if we follow them we can find the best fit!

Therefore, in this article, we will guide you through the most important things to consider when you want to find dropshipping suppliers! Let’s start!

Table of Contents

What to consider when finding your dropshipping supplier?

The struggle to find dropshipping suppliers is no game. Thus, you might want to ask yourself a few questions when searching for the right one, like

  • Is the supplier well-equipped with the information you need?
  • Can the supplier assign your account to a specific person?
  • Where is the supplier located? 
  • Is your supplier running an organized company?
  • Can your supplier ensure quick shipping of orders?  
  • Is it possible for your supplier to accept your payment methods?
  • What fees will your supplier charge you?

Yes! All these things are important, so make sure you get this info about the dropshipping supplier:

🔸 Product Quality

It’s important to choose a supplier that offers high-quality products that will satisfy your customers. Make sure to research the supplier’s products and read reviews to get a sense of their quality.

For example, there are dropshipping suppliers that offer product samples, and this is a great way to check product quality.

🔸 Shipping times

Who wants to wait? Even the person who is always late doesn’t!

Hence, your customers will expect fast and reliable shipping, so it’s important to choose a supplier that can meet these expectations.

🔸 Pricing

You’ll need to consider the price of the products you’ll be selling, as well as the cost of shipping and any fees the supplier may charge. Make sure to compare prices with other suppliers to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Thus, if you want to make higher profits, chasing affordable prices is crucial!

🔸 Payment terms

Due to two factors, selecting the best payment gateways is essential. The first benefit is that it helps you increase sales. The second benefit is that it lowers the chance of consumer dissatisfaction, cart abandonment, and online fraud.

Therefore, make sure to understand the payment terms that the supplier offers to you, including how and when you’ll receive payment for your orders.

🔸 Return policy

It’s important to know the supplier’s return policy in case your customers need to return a product.

Since it’s dropshipping, and the return process is not up to you, it is crucial to know the return policy of your customers completely.

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🔸 Communication and customer service

Good customer service is essential to build a customer relationship, engaging, and building trust. So, as it is for you and your customers, it also is for you and your dropshipping supplier.

Thus, good communication and customer service are essential for building a successful business. Look for a supplier that is responsive and helpful.

🔸 Location

Depending on where your business is located and where your customers are, you may want to consider a supplier that is located in a similar region to reduce shipping times.

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🔸 Reputation

Do some research to learn more about the supplier’s reputation in the industry. Look for reviews and ask for references to get a sense of their reliability.

Of course, you can check on your own as well. For example, open Trustpilot, and just enter your dropshipping supplier website’s URL, and there you have the reviews! Take a look.

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How To Find And Work With Trustworthy And The Best Dropshipping Suppliers?

You will experience challenges when you are trying to find dropshipping suppliers because sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between honest companies and dishonest ones.

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However, there are some methods that you can use to find dropshipping suppliers:

➡ Ask other dropshipping suppliers for help

One of the key things to consider is that even though they won’t be what you’re looking for, they could still help you find dropshipping suppliers that are the right fit for your business.

Ensure that you request helpful information so that you can contact the dropshipping suppliers that will cater to your specific needs.

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Considering that these suppliers are all in the same industry, it is highly likely that they have each other’s contacts and will be willing to share them with you.

Search the Social Media

Another way through which you can increase your chances of finding a reliable dropshipping supplier for your business is by searching for them on social media.

Ask Friends for help

Other times you can use references from family, friends, or industry acquaintances. Consider every lead to be a good lead, even if it doesn’t bring useful results.

Yes, all this looks good, but not always work! And when we talk about choosing the right dropshipping supplier, we must choose the right method. So, let’s talk this through!

Most Popular Options When Choosing The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

The choice of suppliers to work with is vast.

For example, if we want to find a dropshipping supplier that is well-organized, experienced, has great tech backing, and so on, then we might want to search for a supplier who is already respected in the industry.

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However, here are the four most popular choices for finding the best dropshipping suppliers:


This is one of the largest e-commerce websites that exist online today and it comes with web pages specifically created for dropshipping. You are able to create an account and a dropshipping store on Shopify.

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Also, they assist you in the creation of an excellent domain name and hosting. Thus, you’ll easily have a fully functioning store within half an hour.

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Next, you can then pick your dropshipping suppliers. For instance, eBay and Amazon are the most well-liked suppliers that you will be able to connect with through Shopify. Next thing you know, you can promote their products on your website.

Furthermore, Shopify gives you an e-commerce system that’s exclusive to them and also an option for many different payment methods.

So, when you offer this wide range of payment options to your customers, you have the chance of gaining more sales.

As we can see, Shopify is a FULL house package that allows you to start your dropshipping business fast and easily.

Starting your first Shopify Store

It’s quite easy to get started with Shopify, thus follow our simple steps:

  • Sign up for a Shopify account – Go to the Shopify website and sign up for a new account. You can choose from a 14-day free trial or select a paid plan.
  • Choose a theme – Shopify offers a wide selection of free and paid themes that you can use to customize the look and feel of your store. You can browse and preview themes before making a selection.
  • Customize your theme – Once you have selected a theme, you can customize it to match your brand and preferences. You can change the layout, colors, fonts, and other design elements.
  • Add products – To add products to your store, you’ll need to create product listings. You can add product information, such as descriptions, pricing, and images.
  • Set up payment and shipping – Shopify integrates with a wide variety of payment and shipping providers, so you can choose the options that work best for your business. You will need to set up your payment gateways, shipping rates, and taxes
  • Configure your settings – Go through all the settings sections like email, checkout, privacy policy, and legal terms and conditions, and make sure you configured them as per your requirement.
  • Test your store – Before launching your store, make sure to test the checkout process and all the other functions to make sure everything is working properly
  • Launch your store – Once you’ve completed all the steps and have tested your store, you can officially launch it.

Here you go, you have successfully set up your first Shopify dropshipping store!

Keep in mind that this is the basic, starting point, and you can always continue to optimize and add new features to your store.

In short, Shopify enables you to personalize your needs, providing you with the opportunity to make your store different from other online stores.

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Private Label

At the start of your business, you ought to concentrate on establishing a brand.

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But, long story short, have you heard about private labeling?

Actually, a private label helps you to establish a dropshipping business brand.

Therefore, private labeling is the process where you collaborate closely with a dropshipping supplier to create your desired product, making adjustments to the materials, components, packaging, and any other unique features.

By doing this, the dropshipping supplier makes a special product just for you that you may sell on your own.

Also, keep in mind that the more recognizable your name is in the market, the better your sales volumes are probably going to be.

Options when choosing Private Label Suppliers

In a lot of instances, the package usually has the name and address of the supplier as the return details.

However, with Private Label, the details will be yours.

This implies that the client will trust that the item has originated from you and they will get in touch with you on the off chance that they have any issues or questions.

This enables you to develop your business name. However, you’re still required to work with the best dropshipping suppliers and have exceptional customer service.

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What’s more, as we already mentioned above, when you collaborate with a private-label best dropshipping supplier, you get the full freedom to choose your product material, size, colors, etc. In one word – you are the designer here!

In summary, a private label is a reasonable choice when you are attempting to get your name out there and develop your business without riding on either the accomplishments of Amazon or eBay.

Amazon FBA

Amazon is a commonly recognized name and FBA is their answer for any individual who’s starting a dropshipping business or already has an established business.

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First, dropshipping businesses would not go for Amazon FBA as their first supplier choice. However, there are dropshippers that do, and it brings on some benefits like

  • Affiliate marketing – A way to earn money on Amazon even if you don’t sell anything directly there. By employing this strategy, many dropshipping vendors or bloggers may earn 30% passive revenue.
  • Traffic Generation –  Whatever you sell,  there will always be customers buying it. The website itself has billions of monthly visitors.
  • Premium services –  Amazon can take care of your storage, packaging, and shipping needs, among other premium services. As a result, you can manage your dropshipping business more easily.
  • Additional costs – Amazon has fewer monthly costs than Shopify.

So, if you prefer to choose a platform that is ready for you and doesn’t waste your time and energy creating a dropshipping store, Amazon might be your choice!

Retail Arbitrage

This is another technique that can be used when dropshipping, however not very popular among dropshippers and is not the same as dropshipping as well. However, it can be compared with wholesale dropshipping at some point.

Retail arbitrage means looking for the correct products at the correct price that will enable you to make a profit from your resell.

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This implies that capital is a must-have and you should be allied with a delivery company that can be relied on.

This is a great alternative for use with Amazon FBA, saving you both time and warehousing space. The strategy should be to find the correct products at the correct price.

So, this can be achieved through the use of wholesalers who deal in dropshipping.

However, dropshipping can work great with regard to retail arbitrage and you could see a lot of money streaming in.

How to Build Your Supply Chain With The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Compared to a traditional business, when it comes to dropshipping, you will not be expected to create and maintain a supply chain.

Nevertheless, your dropshipping supplier is in charge of setting the costs, terms of payment, dates of shipping, and even deciding on whether a product will be made available or not.

Therefore, you must ensure that you have a wonderful relationship with your dropshipping suppliers so as to suitable prices, unselfish terms, and improved accessibility.

You can do these few things in order to improve the relationship you have with your dropshipping supplier:

  • Build trust by paying on time so that you can become an esteemed customer
  • Set clear and attainable objectives on the off chance that they request an estimate on the items you hope to sell in a given time;
  • Know that they have different clients and don’t have a place exclusively with you;
  • Learn what they need from you when you place orders to facilitate the process;
  • Don’t accuse the agent when there is a slip-up, rather, work with them to find an answer;
  • Create a friendship with your agent, knowing somebody on an individual level will in general make them all the more eager to help you to out;
  • Train them to be able to quickly tell what you need, for example, new product images and notifications on product changes, items that are out of stock, and items that have been discontinued.

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Identifying the Correct Dropshipping Suppliers and Working with Them

Before you start looking for the best dropshipping suppliers, one critical thing you must do is to figure out how to differentiate between a genuine wholesaler and a retailer that tries to pass itself off as one.

A genuine wholesaler purchases its stock deals directly with the manufacturer and offers much more favorable pricing than what a retailer can.

👉 In this guide, we explain how to find the best manufacturers for your dropshipping product.

How to Identify a Fraudulent Dropshipping Wholesaler

As you look for dropshipping wholesalers, you will no doubt encounter various fraudulent ones. Unfortunately, huge numbers of genuine dropshipping wholesalers are not that great at marketing their products.

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As a result, they will be a lot harder to find. This way, frauds will appear in your search much more than genuine dropshipping suppliers.

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However, we recommend you use these techniques to decide whether a dropshipping wholesaler is genuine or not:

🔹 Ongoing Fees

A real dropshipping wholesaler will not charge you a monthly fee for ordering from them. If you are asked for a recurring service or membership fee, it is most likely a fake wholesaler.

Thus, you will not get a monthly charge for ordering from a genuine wholesaler. In the event that you are requested to pay a repetitive service or membership fee, then there’s a high likelihood that you’re dealing with a fake dropshipping wholesaler.

Also, ensure that you are not using an unreliable supplier directory. These are directories that have listed the contacts of wholesalers based on their market or product type and are vetted to make sure they are genuine.

Using these directories will cost you either a one-off or a monthly fee.

However, there are various dropshipping supplier directories like Dropshipping.com that can be trusted.

🔹 Selling to the General Public

If you are looking for actual dropshipping wholesaler prices, ensure that you sign up for a wholesale account.

Next, you will need to provide proof that you actually have a genuine dropshipping business, then wait for the wholesaler to approve your account before you can start placing orders.

Just in case your “dropshipping wholesaler” is offering wholesale prices to every dropshipper in the general public, doesn’t mean they are not genuine. In fact, they are retailers that sell products at extortionate prices.

🔹 Per-Order

Some genuine dropshippers ask you to pay a dropshipping fee for each order. Hence, the fee can range from $2 to $5 or even higher.

Actually, it will depend on the involvement and bulk of the order.

This is expected in the industry standard because packaging and shipping orders for single individuals are more involved and expensive, compared to bulk orders.

🔹 Minimum Size of the Order

A few wholesalers will set a minimum amount that you’re required to pay for the initial order – this is the least amount that you pay for your first purchase.

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As a result, this helps wholesalers to differentiate between window shoppers and real buyers.

For dropshippers, this can cause lead to a number of inconveniences. Meaning, you can suppose the supplier’s minimum order price is $500 for the first order and your orders are just averaging around $150.

In fact, it doesn’t really make financial sense to spend $500 on one item just to get access to a dropshipping account. In such a case, the best thing is to give an explanation of your dilemma to the supplier.

Also, offer to pre-pay $500 in advance as a credit extension against orders. This allows you to meet the minimum order price and you won’t have to make a huge order.

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Finding a Wholesaler

Now that you have learned how to differentiate fake dropshipping wholesalers from genuine ones, you can start looking for a dropshipping supplier that fits the needs of your business.

There’s a wide range of procedures that you can use and you will need to pick which ones work best for you:

Get in Contact with the Manufacturer

First thing first, this might be the best way to find the best dropshipping supplier for you.

Hence, once you identify the dropshipping product which you want to sell, the next thing you know is to simply call the dropshipping manufacturer and inquire as to whether they have it in stock.

At that point, you can also request a list of wholesalers. Then you can use this list to contact all of them to check whether they offer to dropship and how to create an account with them.

Search for the Supplier Using Google

This may appear to be a quite obvious way but do remember a number of things:

➡ Dropshipping wholesalers are not good marketers so do extensive research before settling on one. You may need to search through a huge number of results before you find what you are searching for.

➡ Additionally, they don’t have websites that are up-to-date so don’t make a decision based on their websites – just because a website hasn’t been updated in a long time doesn’t really imply that the services they are offering aren’t quality.

➡ You should modify your search words based on the assumption because dropshipping wholesalers don’t use SEO wisely. Don’t simply search for the main word “wholesalers”.

So, be sure to include related words like “affiliate”, “supplier”, “warehouse”, and “bulk”.

📝 Note: Be ready to spend a lot of time on this task and don’t simply settle on the first result or two in your search.

Use Your Competition to Place your Order

If you are experiencing difficulties in finding the best dropshipping suppliers, make product orders from your competitors.

Then, look out for a supplier that looks like it does dropshipping and buy a small order from them.

Next, when you receive your order, search for their return address on Google and you will be able to identify the original shipper. This will allow you to contact them and work with them directly.

Things To Consider Before You Contact the Suppliers

Now you have your list of the best dropshipping suppliers and you are ready to start your business. However, before you start your business:

👉 Your dropshipping business must be legal and you must have proof of that.

As a matter of fact, most wholesalers will only let customers with legitimate businesses know their actual pricing; therefore, ensure that your business is legal before contacting them.

👉 Keep in mind that how dropshipping wholesalers perceive you really matters.

They’re always being contacted by people who insist that they have the next big idea and business plan and are flooded with inquiries before these same people disappear.

As a result, a large number of dropshipping suppliers will not be eager to help you if you can’t prove the legitimacy of your business.

Don’t waste the time of their staff by bombarding them with questions or negotiating for lower prices before you even make a sale; this will ruin your reputation and they won’t want to deal with you.

👉 Call the dropshipping supplier.

You cannot solve every issue through email and a majority of the dropshipping suppliers are willing to assist you – just ensure that you are presenting a strong, marketable dropshipping business plan and can persuade them that you are legitimate.

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Supplier

Like pretty much everything, every supplier comes with its own unique qualities, particularly when it comes to dropshipping.

The best dropshipping suppliers will show a few or all of these six characteristics:

1. Industry Focus and Experienced Staff

Quality dropshipping suppliers will only employ staff who have sufficient knowledge about the dropshipping business and products. The staff also needs to be able to provide enough information about the industry.

As a customer, you need to be able to get assistance from a representative who is well-informed about what they are talking about.

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2. Committed Support Staff

Excellent dropshippers will assign your account to a specific sales representative. In fact, this representative will take care of your needs and help you solve any issues or questions you may have.

Without an assigned representative, you will experience slower service when it comes to resolving your issues and you need to call multiple times before you get your answers.

Therefore, having a representative assigned to you will also enable you to develop a more personal relationship with the representative which will also benefit you as you conduct your business.

3. Completely Invested in Technology

A large number of best dropshipping suppliers have substandard outdated websites.

However, a truly dedicated supplier will understand the benefits of innovation and will set aside resources for it.

Their websites will include helpful features like inventory tracking in real-time, a comprehensive online catalog, data fees that you can customize, and online order history.

4. Place Orders Using Email

This probably won’t seem critical. However, calling in each order can be tedious, as can needing to do it on the site. Using email to accept orders fundamentally accelerates the procedure.

5. Centrally Located Supplier

In case you live in a major country, say the USA, it is better for you to use a centrally-based dropshipper. This implies the bulk of your orders can be delivered to your clients in a short number of days.

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In case your supplier is based on the coast, it can take up to seven days for the orders to be transported across the country and can cost more on delivery charges.

6. Well Organized and Efficient

You will encounter suppliers that use exceedingly effective staff and that give you a seamless service. Others will make blunders on every other order.

The most serious issue is that you can’t determine their capabilities before working with them, inconvenient however it might be, it is ideal to put in a little test order with every one of your chosen suppliers.

This will allow you to learn about how they work and you can discover:

  • The way each supplier handles its order process
  • How quick they are in shipping the orders
  • Sharing tracking information and invoices
  • The quality of the package when it’s delivered

Payment Methods Options When Working With The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

A majority of suppliers will take payments in either of these ways:

Credit Cards

When you are beginning your journey with a supplier, they will most likely require you to use a major credit card to pay for the order.

When your business is established, you will often find that this remains the best option.

While starting your relationship with the supplier, it’s highly likely that they will expect you to use a major credit card to pay for the order. In essence, it is even the best option for your established business.

Net Terms

Another common payment method is through net terms on receipt. In this case, you will have a set number of days to pay your supplier.

For example, Net 30 terms mean that you have 30 days to pay for the products that you have bought.

Before they approve this, most dropshipping suppliers will need credit references since, basically, they are advancing your cash.

10 Best Countries to Dropship

Check out our list of the best countries for dropshipping:

1. United States

Surprised? We don’t think so!

The United States is a major market for e-commerce and dropshipping as well. It is a great place to dropship products. Many dropshipping manufacturers and wholesalers in the US offer dropshipping services and have a good reputation for quality and reliability.

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What’s more, the top shipping provides here are:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx

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2. China

Have you heard the story about dropshipping? Well, this whole business model actually derived when China manufacturers had problems with shipping overseas, so they needed a middleman.

Also, China is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and has a wide variety of products available for dropshipping.

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Many Chinese manufacturers offer competitive prices and can produce products quickly. That’s why they are so popular, and that’s why many people say: “the dropshipping business has great profit margins”.

However, do keep in mind that there are risks in dealing with Chinese suppliers, such as quality control, shipping times, and IP protection, language barriers are some of concerns.

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3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a major market for e-commerce and has a strong economy.

Also, many manufacturers and wholesalers in the UK offer drop shipping services, and there are a variety of products available. The UK is also known for its high-quality dropshipping products and services.

UK best shipping services:

  • Hermes
  • DPD
  • Royal Mail

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4. Australia

Australia is one of the largest eCommerce markets with a revenue of US$40.9 billion in 2021.

What’s more, it has a large and stable market for e-commerce and dropshipping, with many manufacturers and wholesalers offering dropshipping services.

More importantly, they have a good reputation for quality and reliability and have a wide variety of products available.

The top shipping service providers here are:

  • Australia Post
  • CouriersPlease
  • StarTrack

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5. Germany

Germany is a large and stable economy, known for its engineering and technology.

What’s more, German manufacturers and wholesalers offer a wide range of products, including high-tech items. They are known for their quality and reliability.

Also, this country has one of the most popular shipping service providers, like

  • DHL
  • DPD
  • Hermes

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6. Canada

There are many Canadian manufacturers and wholesalers that offer dropshipping services and have a good reputation for quality and reliability.

Also, customers spend billions of dollars each year on Canadian eCommerce sites.

In fact, the internet is used by millions of people to purchase anything from groceries to clothing, among other things. So, it would be a shame not to try dropshipping in Canada.

Canada shipping service provides:

  • UPS
  • Canada Post
  • FedEx

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7. Sweden

The Swedish eCommerce market is over $16 billion nowadays. Also, almost 80% of people in Sweden purchase online. This alone demonstrates why this country is among the greatest locations for dropshipping.

An interesting fact is that the most lucrative niche for dropshipping to Sweden is fashion.

Best Swedish shipping service providers:

  • Budbee Home Delivery
  • PostNord
  • DHL

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8. Spain

Another large eCommerce market is Spain with revenue of over $35 billion in 2021.

Spain is one of the top 10 eCommerce markets, and it is expected to develop significantly over the next several years.

So, we can certainly say that beginning a dropshipping business in Spain is an excellent option.

Although electronics and PC components appear to be the top-performing dropshipping niches in Spain, fashion is also a viable option.

Spanish shipping service options:

  • SEUR
  • Correos
  • UPS

9. New Zealand

With Overall online shoppers of 2 million and total e-commerce sales of $2.8 billion, you can see how much New Zealanders love to shop online.

You may launch a dropshipping business in New Zealand by setting up your own store or by using online bazaars like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, or Shopify.

Also, the best choice for cheap delivery to New Zealand is New Zealand Post.

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10. Estonia

Estonia? Really? YES!

First off, Estonia is the world’s most technologically sophisticated country. 

Virtually all documentation may be completed online in Estonia, including tax payments, new automobile registrations, and verifying school assignments for children. What’s more 99% of federal services are accessible online at all times.

Moreover, the e-Residency program, which Estonia introduced at the end of 2014, allows anybody, regardless of citizenship or place of residence, to become a virtual resident of the Estonian digital nation.

Not to mention that The Estonian business system is also a huge advantage for Amazon FBA and dropshipping businesses.

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Why Choose a Domestic Dropship Supplier?

▪️ Faster Shipping

This is totally obvious, right? First of all, you are geographically closer to one another, so even if your eCommerce supplier’s order processing time is longer, the shipping takes a shorter time, and customers get the order faster.

Domestic eCommerce dropshipping suppliers are typically able to process and ship orders more quickly than international dropshipping suppliers, which can help reduce lead times for customers.

▪️ Better Communication

It’s easier to communicate with domestic dropshipping suppliers and resolve any issues that may arise.

First, there’s no language barrier. Also since you are from the same country you obviously have the same moral manners, working times, regulations, etc.

All this is important in understanding each other’s values and communicating better.

▪️ Greater Flexibility

Domestic eCommerce dropshipping suppliers can be more flexible with customizing products and packaging to suit the needs of the customer.

By doing this, you’ll improve the customer experience and lower the number of product returns.

This can be more expensive for you, but it’s always a gain when you can justify charging more for your goods due to their quality as well!

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▪️ Compliance

Working with domestic dropshipping suppliers ensures compliance with domestic laws and regulations, which can make it simpler to navigate legal and logistical issues.

This way you can have things more under control since you are familiar with your country’s laws as well. So, you can not be deceived.

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▪️ Trust

Many customers have more trust in domestic suppliers, which can help build a stronger reputation and customer base.

Not just that, but also it is easier for you to visit your dropshipping supplier’s warehouse when it is closer to you. This way you can check their product quality, meet them in person and build a relationship.

▪️ Cost efficiency

By buying domestically, shipping costs can be reduced and could be able to save on import duty costs, warehousing, and logistics.

Also, it is very common that most dropshipping suppliers don’t charge shipping for their own country. So, there’s a chance to get shipping for free as well!

Dropshipping Vendors vs. Dropshipping Wholesalers

CharacteristicsDropshipping vendorsDropshipping Wholesalers
Production/PurchaseProduce products and hold inventoryBuy products from manufacturers and vendors
PricingHave more control over pricing (can offer higher or lower prices)Usually offer lower prices
Quality ControlYesNo
Product VarietyThe smaller exclusive product rangeWider product variety

Dropshipping vendors are the manufacturers or brand owners who produce and hold the inventory of the products that are being dropshipped.

They often have the most control over product pricing and selection.

The main benefit of working with a dropshipping vendor is that you can have access to exclusive products and potentially better margins.

➡ On the other hand, Dropshipping Wholesalers are suppliers that buy products from manufacturers or vendors and then resell them to dropshipping retailers or other dropshipping wholesalers at a markup.

They have a wider range of products from different dropshipping manufacturers and brands, and can often offer lower prices than dropshipping vendors due to the economies of scale.

One of the main benefits of working with a dropshipping wholesaler is the larger selection of products and prices that can be more competitive.

However, both of them can be used for dropshipping, and the finding best dropshipping supplier will depend on the type of products you’re looking to sell, your target market, and your overall dropshipping business strategy.

To sum it all up, if your focus is on the exclusive product range or you wish to build a strong brand, a dropshipping vendor can be the ideal option.

But if you are looking for a large product range at a competitive price, a dropshipping wholesaler can be the right fit.

How To Find Manufacturers For Dropshipping?

Do Your Research

Of course, your first option is to find dropshipping suppliers is YOU! Simply, open a web browser like google and type your keywords to find dropshipping manufacturers.

However, it’s hard to distinguish whether they are a scam or not. Also, most dropshipping manufacturers that are legit don’t even bother themselves with good store design or displaying a decent product catalog. So, the visual appearance may lie.

If you want to find dropshipping suppliers on your own, and without spending a penny, this is your choice. But, think twice! This might turn in lots of costs later and waste time in vain.


Dropshipping.com has a huge dropshipping supplier directory with trustworthy suppliers. So, you can simply browse through it based on specific product categories, or not.

Also, if you need help, the Dropshipping.com team can help you in searching or contact a certain dropshipping manufacturer.

Dropshipping Agent Help

Dropshipping agents help beginner dropshippers find the right dropshipping manufacturers for them. Not just that, but they also continue to negotiate with the dropshipping manufacturers about products, pricing, fees, shipping, and more.

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Online marketplaces

Websites like Alibaba, AliExpress, or eBay allow you to search for dropshipping manufacturers and suppliers and also provide tools to communicate with them and place orders.

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Our List of Reputed Dropshipping Companies

1) Wholesale2B

As the name implies, Wholesale2b is a platform for dropshipping wholesalers that enables you to browse and import goods from a network of suppliers. Also, the world’s largest supplier directory is likely this one.

However, please note that if you want to find dropshipping suppliers here you must  sort suppliers by “dropshippers.”

You can start on Wholesale2B free and you can get 1 million products, customer support, and a lifetime free account. Check out their pricing plans here.

Purchase goods from reputable suppliers

Compare pricing at various dropshipping stores

Obtain thorough reseller information

Customer service is only open during regular business hours

Additional fees must be paid to dropship on other platforms

Furthermore, with Wholesale2B you can sell products on other platforms, like:

  • Your own Wholesale2B store
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly

2) Inventory Source

On this dropshipping platform, you may look through and import goods from a variety of dropshipping companies. Additionally, you get access to more than 230 verified dropshipping suppliers for your items.

Inventory Source helps dropshippers run their business by offering them features like:

  • Product browsing and importing from a network of suppliers
  • Product performance data
  • Order tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing
Inventory sync automatically

Processing orders automatically

Synchronize shipment tracking automatically

Acess to more than 230 verified suppliers

You have to pay extra for every supplier you choose to integrate with

Also, you can start on Inventory Source for free, but it also offers two pricing plans starting at $99. Check the pricing plans here.

Besides, most eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Magento, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc., are effortlessly linked with Inventory Source.

3) SaleHoo

In essence, SaleHoo provides the most comprehensive directory to locate worldwide buyers and suppliers of a variety of items.

With its helpful “Market Research Labs,” SaleHoo helps locate profitable, in-demand goods to offer.

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Large worldwide supplier directory 

Direct interaction with suppliers is possible

Very affordable yearly and lifetime subscription fees

It may be difficult to test items and eventually offer them on the website due to the formalities involved in contacting suppliers directly

Furthermore, Salehoo’s supplier directory annual access is $67, and the dropshipping pricing starts at $27. Check the pricing here.

4) Worldwide Brands

With Worldwide Brands you have access to a vast selection of high-quality wholesale goods from some of the world’s top dropshipping suppliers.

With the help of the platform, you have direct access to the best product distributors in the entire world.

A huge supplier certified database

Training materials to assist you in locating the best dropshipping suppliers

Outstanding customer service, especially for consumers in the US

Must speak with each supplier personally

High upfront one-time expenditures

Furthermore, you are only needed to pay a wholesale price for the products you purchase, so there are no ongoing fees or levies.

What’s more, this dropshipping supplier offers its services at a $299 one-time lifetime fee.

5) AliExpress

AliExpress is a sizable online marketplace that provides a wide range of products from across the globe. Thus, products can be purchased individually or in large quantities.

Plus, prices on AliExpress are generally fairly competitive because the majority of the merchants are foreign suppliers.

In fact, you may purchase individual product units from AliExpress to list them on your website. Moreover, you are not required to speak with any suppliers. Simply place the purchase online and have it delivered right to your customer’s door.

Large selection of cheap, diversified goods

Seamless syncing with shopping cart software like Shopify and Magento

Free registration

Some vendors on the marketplace have a history of selling defective products or making fraudulent claims about their offers

Additionally, as AliExpress handles shipping tracking and notification management on your behalf, you are not required to do so.

Dropshipping with AliExpress is free of charge and without any upfront expenses. You may browse, import, and sell AliExpress products on your dropshipping store with only a few clicks.

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6) Doba

Doba enables you to obtain products individually rather than in quantity. Also, Doba notifies the supplier whenever a consumer makes a purchase and then sends the item straight to the customer.

Whether you are an experienced dropshipper or are just getting started, the platform works fantastically for all of them.

What’s more, Doba smoothly interacts with the majority of existing eCommerce systems and marketplaces.

End-to-end product delivery and fulfillment management

Integration with the majority of eCommerce platforms and marketplaces is simple

Excellent live customer service

The price of services might be high

Doba bans direct communication with suppliers

Plus, you can start working with Doba for free, since it offers a 30-day free trial. However, after that, you will have to pay at least $14.99/per month. There are two other pricing plans as well:

  • Business Plan starting at $29.99/month,
  • Enterprise Plan starting at $249.99/month.

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7) Zendrop

Zendrop is an online platform that connects reliable suppliers with dropshipping businesses and online merchants.

Additionally, it is a place where dropshippers may find cheaper goods to add to their dropshipping store and sell at a profit.

Likewise, there aren’t any language barriers, protracted shipping delays, or poorly labeled packaging.

Zendrop exclusively works with recognized and trustworthy suppliers

Zendrop obtains items directly from dropshipping suppliers rather than passing them through many intermediaries

There are numerous items available

24/7 Email assistance and live chat

They order the items for you if they don’t have them

Some of the most useful features are accessible exclusively on the Pro plan

Custom packaging and private labeling are only available with a MOQ order

Besides, there are 3 Zendrop plans, of which one is a free plan, and the other two cost $49/month and $79/per month. 

Furthermore, Zendrop offers the fastest shipping times from the United States, distinctive branding on all products, and a team of English-speaking support staff.

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8) Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is a well-known dropshipping company with a huge product selection.

It currently has between 20,000 and 30,000 distinct goods available. Even though the product category is limited, it shines in terms of the lightning-fast shipping it provides.


US and Canadian buyers will get their packages in a matter of days

No dropshipping cost per orde

limited types of products

Only customers from the US and Canada can use the service

Sunrise Wholesale is responsible for managing the inventory and can deliver goods in less than a week to consumers in the US and Canada.

However, Sunrise requires a $29.95 monthly fee in order for you to use its services. You only get a 1-week free trial otherwise.

9) Megagoods

If you are a dropshipper who sells electronic products, and mostly in the USA then Megagoods need to be at the top of your list of suppliers.

This dropshipping company has its own warehouse. Consequently, you won’t need to bother about shipping or inventory control at all.

Megagoods handles its own inventory management

Products can be delivered to US customers in less than a week

Limited selection of products

You'll be in charge of managing the fulfillment procedure by yourself

Only ships in the US

However, Megagoods does not assist in the integration with eCommerce platforms, therefore you are responsible for managing the complete fulfillment procedure on your own.

Moreover, working with this dropshipping supplier will require paying at least  $14.99 per month.

10) Modalyst

Modalyst is a dropshipping company that enables merchants to quickly and easily import fantastic items into their stores.

As a result, you can add items with just one click, modify them extensively, and connect with a variety of top-notch dropshipping suppliers using the Modalyst app.

Not to mention that you can easily find suitable goods to offer in your store thanks to the platform’s direct connection to supplier inventories.

Inbox communication with your suppliers


Lots of suppliers in the US and EU

Easy integration with eCom platforms

5% transaction fee even with the Free Modalyst price plan

You don’t get fully automated order processing

You don't get access to all dropshipping suppliers using the Free plan

Also, there are just four eCommerce platforms that the Modalyst dropshipping software presently integrates: Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and Alibaba.

Furthermore, this dropshipping supplier offers three plans:

  • Hobby – $0/month
  • Start-Up – $35/month
  • Pro – $90/month

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Costs of Dropshipping With Reliable Suppliers and Beyond

Dropshipping with reliable dropshipping suppliers can have several costs associated with it. Some of the main costs to consider include:

➡Product cost

The first costs you will have are the product costs. Once the customer orders and pays for the dropshipping product, you pay the product cost to the dropshipping supplier.

These costs vary depending on the dropshipping supplier and the type of products you are selling.

➡ Shipping costs

Dropshipping suppliers will charge you for the shipping of your products as well. Also, these costs vary as well, depending on the size and weight of the products, as well as the location of your customers.

The cost of shipping the products to your customers. This will vary depending on the size and weight of the products, as well as the location of your customers.

➡ Platform fees

Many e-commerce platforms charge a monthly fee to use their service. However, some of them also have the option to pay annually and offer more than one subscription pricing plan.

Therefore, these costs vary depending on what your requirements are and which subscription plan you choose. So, you have control over these costs.

The most affordable dropshipping apps start at $20 to $30 per month. However, the cost may go to $80-100 or higher depending on your order volume and the number of imported goods.

➡ Payment processing fees

If you accept payments online, you will likely be charged a small fee for each transaction.

Payment processing fees are charges that are incurred when a customer makes a payment for a product or service.

When dropshipping, these fees are typically charged by a payment processor and are based on a percentage of the transaction value plus a fixed fee per transaction.

Also, it’s important to note that these fees can vary depending on the payment processor and the dropshipping merchant account used.

📝 NOTE: It’s advisable to compare the costs and features of different payment processors before you choose one so you can ensure that you are getting the best rates and service for your dropshipping business.

➡ Returns, refunds, and chargebacks

You must be prepared for situations like product returns, lost goods, chargebacks, and more whether you’re dropshipping or running an Ecommerce store. 

Hence, all of them have a price that is difficult to estimate, but we want you to be aware of it.

Additionally, this cost may be far greater if you ever decide to work with Chinese dropshipping suppliers because many of them don’t accept returns and many consumers choose not to send goods back to China.

Planning the possibility of returns, refunds, and chargebacks is crucial. You need to ensure that the supplier can handle these efficiently and in a reasonable manner.

➡ Marketing costs

The cost of promoting your products and attracting customers. This can include advertising, social media marketing, and other forms of promotion.

Plus, in order to get your items in front of the proper customers, you do need to allocate some of your cash to advertising.

Beyond these costs, there are also additional expenses that you may need to consider as your dropshipping business grows, such as hiring additional staff, expanding to new marketplaces, or investing in inventory management software.

When you are new to dropshipping, it’s important to have good knowledge about the costs associated with it and to make sure you have a good understanding of your profit margins.

Also, it is a good idea to factor in a buffer for unexpected expenses that may arise.

How To Find the Best Alibaba Dropshipping Suppliers?

There are a few options for finding the best dropshipping suppliers on Alibaba. Let’s find out!

The Alibaba Dropshipping Center

You may rapidly search for dropshipping suppliers on the Alibaba Dropshipping Center for free.

Also, you can find ones that offer orders with no MOQ, short turnaround times, affordable shipping prices, etc.

Finding suppliers who support dropshipping has been much simpler thanks to the new dropshipping center, which has compiled a list of them in one place.

What’s more, you will be able to effortlessly import their goods into your dropshipping store and process orders more quickly.

Reading Reviews and Ratings about Sellers

This is a very smart way to find the best dropshipping suppliers because customers that tried a certain dropshipping supplier’s services can tell you best by their experience.

So, the dropshipping supplier is evaluated based on three factors: supplier service, on-time delivery, and product quality

The dropshipping supplier is evaluated based on three factors: supplier service, on-time delivery, and product quality.  

So, ratings around 4 stars are, as you can see above, relatively acceptable. Also, pay special attention to reviews with 1 star.

They provide significant information about any persistent problems the supplier could be experiencing, such as sluggish deliveries or poor goods.

Price Comparision

It’s essential to obtain bottom-line quotations from each dropshipping supplier so that you may compare them to one another.

This is significant because the price that is displayed on the product page may not be the final price.

Thus, you must take into account other costs beyond the goods themselves, such as shipping, packaging, and branding.

Branded products and packaging

Branding is very important when dropshipping. It helps you build your brand and stand out from the crowd. Also, your dropshipping business appears to be more reliable to customers.

Luckily, the majority of Alibaba dropshipping suppliers sell branded goods, and the prices of these goods are not shown on the product page. 

However, consider that branded goods and packaging typically have an up-front expense as well as an additional cost for each unit. 

On-time delivery

There’s also an option to check the dropshipping supplier delivery times records.

You’ll save a lot of future problems if you check the delivery history. This will show how effectively the dropshipping supplier complies with their deadline for delivery.

However, if you’re still not sure, there’s no harm in asking the supplier for tracking information for deliveries that have already been made to the countries you wish to dropship too.

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The bottom line

The wrong dropshipping supplier can seriously affect your growth as a business and can determine whether your business is successful or not.

Considering that you don’t actually see the products, you are choosing to believe that your supplier is offering the right product and will ship it to your customer in the condition in which it was ordered.  

So, you don’t want to end up with a fake dropshipping supplier or a supplier that you can’t depend on to complete the order requests.

That’s why we provided you with a full guide on how to find the best dropshipping suppliers for you. What’s more, you have a list of the 10 Best dropshipping companies as well.

But not just that, this article is full of valuable information for you whether you are a beginner or not. So, take your notes about dropshipping suppliers, dropshipping wholesalers, dropshipping vendors, fees, payment methods, and more!

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