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Discover Trending Products 6+ Months  Before They Take Off

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We find, review and share rapidly growing products before they take off. You will get detailed Product Hunter reports to learn: WHAT to sell, and HOW to sell it.

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Find WHAT to sell and exactly HOW to sell it

We scrape the internet to find winning products 6 months before they get saturated. We scrape online marketplaces, premium tools, social platforms, million dollars stores – to construct our reports. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 5 new exploding products discovered each month
  • 15 ready-to-use product reports (discovered this month)
  • Monthly trend signals and insights for each trend
  • Detailed audience breakdown + profit analysis
  • $2,355+ in software & apps savings
  • Facebook ads, TikTok scrips, blog content for every product
  • Competitor analysis, Shopify product page descriptions
  • Recommended tools & suppliers for every product


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Being a technical person, i appreciate all the details i can see about a product im interested in selling, gives me confidence to promote it.

– Borna R.

Shopify Designer

Bravo @dropshippingdotcom – absolutely amazing resource: the added value here is off the charts! Keep the good work! 👏

– Jana D.

Data Enthusiasts

I cannot express my gratitude for the Dropshipping.com team. I have been making money with their help for a few months now! This is a great platform to get a Dropshipping store essentials, start selling and make a living.

– Sam K.

General Store Owner

Best product research tool i’ve used. The winning products on here are actually backed up by data which I prefer.

– Federico G.

Pet Store Owner

I made a decision to work from home this year, and these resources has allowed me to achieve that goal. Thank you!

– Gianna M.

Niche Store Owner

The tool, the assets are very good. I tried other similar options. But this toolkit seems to pull a lot of quality data and templates. The Shopify store spy feature is also quite helpful.

– Elyse F.


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Product Hunters

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Discover ready-to-launch products for your dropshipping store from experienced researchers. Invest in reliable products and scoop up to 80% of sales in growing niches before they get saturated.

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Ecom trends

Find trends before they happen with insights on how to capitalise on them

Get a behind-the-scenes look of top dropshipping products and learn the truth about leading sstores. We do all the legwork and serve you the industry secrets no one is talking about.

The most profitable products with low competition

Unique products, selected according to ayour criteria

Marketing materials and product insights for each product

The No. 1 product hunters tool, to replace them all

It hurts trying something new without knowing what you’re doing or whether it will even work. Dropshipping is a massive industry where even beginners make $100.000+ in their first few months. However, that’s highly unlikely without the proper guidance. Luckily, you’ve just found yours!

One Product Hunter Report includes:

An example of a successfully-launched and selling product from a trending niche
A product that checks all the boxes, such as price range, revenue, and competition
A description detailing exactly why this product is a great fit for your business.
Effective keywords to use for your ads and a detailed Shopify descriptions for your product
Facebook Ads audience breakdown, Ad copies, blog post ideas and TikTok scrips for each product
Competitors analysis, example stores, recommended suppliers and tools (with discounts)

The only dropshipping product finding solution you'll ever need. With DSCOM Product Hunters:

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