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20+ AliExpress Best Sellers For Dropshipping In 2024
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Welcome to the future of dropshipping! If you’re looking to take your online store to new heights in 2024, you’re in the right place. And, with the AliExpress Best Sellers on your service, you have a powerful weapon!

This guide is all about harnessing the power of AliExpress, a popular online marketplace teeming with products just waiting to be added to your dropshipping arsenal.

In this article, I delve into the nitty-gritty of AliExpress. Not only will I discuss its merits as a go-to platform for dropshippers but also provide a list of 20+ best sellers on the platform for 2024.

Our goal? To help you find profitable products that can give your dropshipping store an edge in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

It’s not enough to just know which products are selling well. You have to stay clued into current market trends – that’s the secret sauce for succeeding in the dropshipping business.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the fast-paced world of AliExpress – it’s where hot trends meet cool profits.


Why AliExpress is the Go-To Platform for Dropshippers

The term “dropshipping” refers to a business model where you act as a middleman between customers and suppliers. Thus, in this model, you don’t handle any inventory or fulfill orders.

Instead, when a customer places an order through your online store, you pass along the order details to the supplier who then ships the product directly to the customer.

The Benefits of Dropshipping

✅ Low Overhead Costs

Without the need to hold inventory, your overhead costs are significantly reduced.

✅ Geographical Flexibility

This model also affords you geographical flexibility; you can operate your business from anywhere in the world.

The Role of Online Marketplaces in Dropshipping

Online marketplaces play a vital role in dropshipping because they offer a vast array of product choices and efficient transaction processing systems.

With these platforms, sourcing products for your dropshipping store becomes a walk in the park.

Why AliExpress Stands Out

Now, let’s talk about AliExpress. This online marketplace stands out among others due to its extensive range of affordable products.

Also, it provides access to thousands of suppliers and millions of products that can be dropshipped globally.

The platform also offers comprehensive customer reviews and supplier ratings which can help you make informed decisions about which products to include in your store and which suppliers to work with.

AliExpress is not just another online marketplace; it’s your one-stop shop for profitable dropshipping.

With an extensive selection of competitively priced products and reliable suppliers, it makes perfect sense why dropshippers love this platform.

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The Key Criteria for Identifying Profitable Products on AliExpress

When it comes to finding the best-selling products on AliExpress for dropshipping, popularity alone is not the golden ticket.

So, there’s more to a profitable product than just being a hot topic. Here are the key elements to consider:

  • Competition Level: While popular products have high demand, they also have high competition. It’s vital to find a sweet spot where demand is strong but competition is manageable.
  • Product Quality: It’s all about customer satisfaction. High-quality products lead to positive reviews and repeat customers.
  • Supplier Reliability: Supplier reliability directly impacts your reputation as a dropshipper. Reliable suppliers deliver goods as described and within stipulated timeframes.

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Example: How to Apply the Criteria in Practice?

Let’s dive into an example of how you can apply these criteria in practice during your product research.

Step 1: Choose a Product Category

Start with a broad category that aligns with your store’s niche.

For instance, let’s say you are operating in the fitness niche. So, I will go to the AliExpress search bar, and type in “fitness”. Also, you can just search through their categories and enter the “ sports & entertainment” category.👇

Step 2: Research Popular Products within the Category

Thus, once you enter a certain category, you can sort products by best reviews, or mostly ordered products, etc. Thus, this way you can see the highest quality or most demanded products.

Also, I recommend toy to use tools like Google Trends or social media platforms to identify trending fitness products.

So, let’s say I want to check the “resistance band” demand. Thus, I will simply type in the keyword in Google Trends, and get the results.

Step 3: Analyze Competition Level

Use AliExpress’ search function to see how many other sellers offer the product. If there are thousands of sellers, competition is likely fierce.

Step 4: Check Product Quality

Look at product reviews and ratings on AliExpress. A higher rating indicates better quality.

Thus, AliExpress product reviews can reveal a lot, since customers share photos and leave very informative comments.

Step 5: Evaluate Supplier Reliability

Check supplier ratings and customer feedback about delivery times and product quality.

For example, I use Aliexpress Chrome Extensions to example seller ratings.

Thus, UpAssistant carefully checks seller ratings by considering various factors beyond just customer feedback. It also looks at things like how long the seller has been on AliExpress and how well they talk to buyers.

This way, you get a reliable and thorough rating you can rely on when choosing what to purchase.

For instance, if you’re browsing fitness products for dropshipping, such as yoga mats, adding UpAssistant will display a rating number on each product thumbnail, indicating the seller’s rating.👇

By following these steps, you can navigate the vast ocean of best-selling products on AliExpress and pinpoint those gems that are not only popular but also high-quality, supplied by reliable vendors, and boasting just the right level of competition.

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Remember, it’s about finding a balance. A product with high demand but too much competition could lead to a tough battle for market share.

Conversely, a unique, high-quality item from a reliable supplier might not bring in profits if there’s no market for it.

Top 20 AliExpress Best Sellers for Dropshipping in 2024

Next, I will list the AliExpress best sellers for 2024.

1. Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Always in demand due to their convenience and versatility.

Price range: $10-$50.

2. Fitness Tracker Watches

With the increasing focus on health and fitness, these watches are a great choice for dropshipping.

Price range: $20-$100.

3. Reusable Silicone Food Covers

Eco-friendly products are trending, and these covers appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

Price range: $5-$20.

4. LED Strip Lights

Popular for home decor and ambiance lighting, making them a lucrative dropshipping option.

Price range: $5-$30.

5. Portable Blender Bottles

Ideal for health enthusiasts and travelers, offering convenience and functionality. Moreover, this product has been on the AliExpress Best Sellers list for a long time.

Price range: $10-$40.

6. Smartphone Camera Lens Attachments

Enhance smartphone photography, appealing to photography enthusiasts.

Price range: $5-$30.

7. Resistance Bands Set

Versatile workout equipment suitable for home workouts, appealing to fitness enthusiasts.

Price range: $10-$50.

8. Mini Projectors

Portable and versatile, great for home entertainment and presentations.

Price range: $50-$200.

9. Collapsible Water Bottles

Thus, this is one of the top AliExpess Best Sellers. It is perfect for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, appealing due to its compact design.

Price range: $5-$25.

10. Desk Organizers

Helps keep workspaces tidy and organized, appealing to professionals and students.

Price range: $5-$130.

11. Sleep Masks with Bluetooth Headphones

Ideal for travelers or those seeking better sleep, offering comfort and functionality.

Price range: $10-$40.

12. Travel Packing Cubes

Streamline packing and maximize luggage space, appealing to frequent travelers.

Price range: $5-$30.

13. USB Rechargeable Lighters

Environmentally friendly and practical, appealing to smokers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Price range: $5-$20.

14. Adjustable Laptop Stands

Enhances ergonomics and comfort during laptop use, appealing to remote workers and students.

Price range: $10-$90.

15. Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights

Eco-friendly lighting solution for outdoor spaces, appealing to homeowners and gardeners.

Price range: $2-$30.

16. Hydroponic Indoor Garden Kits

And, here’s one of the AliExpress best sellers. This product enables indoor gardening, appealing to urban dwellers and gardening enthusiasts.

Price range: $15-$200.

17. Bluetooth Key Finders

This helps users locate lost keys or valuables, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Price range: $1-$30.

18. Yoga Mats with Alignment Lines

Enhances yoga practice with alignment lines, appealing to yoga enthusiasts.

Price range: $7-$40.

19. Smart Home Security Cameras

Provides home security and peace of mind, appealing to homeowners and renters.

Price range: $20-$200.

20. Foldable Electric Scooters

Convenient and eco-friendly transportation option for urban commuters, appealing to city dwellers.

Price range: $100-$500.

21. Portable Power Banks

People want to keep devices charged on the go. So, why not offer compact and lightweight power banks that provide additional battery life.

Price range: $5-$30

Remember, these are just some of the top sellers on AliExpress that could give your dropshipping business a nice boost in 2024.

Ready to start your profitable venture?

Thus, pick a product that resonates with your brand and audience, evaluate its potential using our key criteria discussed earlier, and get started!

So, as they say, there’s no time like the present… or should we say, there’s no time like 2024? Happy Dropshipping!


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In the fast-paced world of dropshipping, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game. Here’s an exciting topic: AliExpress best sellers for dropshipping in 2024! This list has been carefully put together with the most promising products and reliable suppliers, designed to help you increase your profits and grow your business.

However, it’s important to remember that what works for one person may not work for everyone. It’s essential to find products that fit well with your brand, cater to your target audience, and align with current market trends.

Don’t be afraid to do some research on your own as well! AliExpress is full of potential best sellers just waiting to be discovered. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves and start exploring this treasure trove.

As you set out on this journey towards dropshipping success in 2024, we’ll be here every step of the way. Keep coming back for more valuable content that will help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Next, we’ll show you how to make the most of these best-selling products in your marketing strategies. Stay tuned!

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