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  • Winning product reports
  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • 8 premium partner courses
  • 65+ templates & marketing guides
  • 5125+ Members community
  • $2,5k+ in member deals
  • Store swipes & supplier recommendations
  • Daily tips and growth hacks
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Know what sells before you spend a cent on ads

Save months on learning from trial and error and thousands on failed ads, stores and products. Find out what to sell, and EXACTLY how to sell it with our weekly Product Hunters series.

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Weekly Store Secrets and Supplier Deep Dives

Get a behind-the-scenes look of top dropshipping stores and learn the truth about leading suppliers. We do all the legwork and serve you the industry secrets no one is talking about.

Weekly Series: Store Secrets

We uncover the bigesst store secrets and teach you how to replicate their success.

Supplier Deep Dives

We find, review and list the top suppliers in any niche, and the best Shopify apps & tools.

+ Save up to $2550+ on Dropshipping Courses & Software

Access the DSCOM Hub and gain access to Premium Courses worth over $2,550+ in combined value, Exclusive Supplier and Software Discounts, and so much more. Learn everything from how to create a high-converting landing page, professional video ads, and all the basics for creating a successful e-commerce business and brand, and Never pay for Dropshipping Courses again!

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So you need to hear more about Dropshipping.com's Hub before you’re ready to join us… Well, how about you hear from people just like you.

All the info I need

Being a technical person, i appreciate all the details i can see about a product im interested in selling, gives me confidence to promote it.

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– Borna R.
Shopify Designer

Best product finding solution

Best product research tool i’ve used. The winning products on here are actually backed up by data that’s actually useful.

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– Federico G.
Pet Store Owner

Exceptional Experience with DSCOM

Bravo @dropshippingdotcom – absolutely amazing resource: the added value here is off the charts! Keep the good work! 👏

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– Jana D.
English Teacher

Making money after 2 months

I cannot express my gratitude for the Dropshipping.com team. I have been making money with their help for a few months now! This is a great platform to get a Dropshipping store essentials, start selling and make a living.

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– Sam K.
General Store Owner

Working from home with DSCOM

I made a decision to work from home this year, and these resources has allowed me to achieve that goal. Thank you!

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– Gianna M.
Niche Store Owner

Helpful tool and assets

The tool, the assets are very good. I tried other similar options. But this toolkit seems to pull a lot of quality data and templates. The Shopify store spy feature is also quite helpful.

profile picture
– Elyse F.
Pro Gamer


Here’s everything you get as a DSCOM Hub Member:

For the price of one Premium Netflix subscription, get access to Premium Dropshipping Courses, Weekly Product Finds, Expert Guidance, Daily Growth Hacks and a Community of 5000+ Sellers rooting for your growth.

  • Weekly Product Finds + Guides On How to Sell Them – Valued at $180/year
  • Weekly live Q&A workshops with 6-figure sellers Valued at $199/mo
  • From 0 to Six Figures – PremiumEcommerce Course – Valued at $987
  • FB & TikTok Ads, LP Design, Product Finding Courses – Valued at $780
  • 55+ Dropshipping Guides, Templates & Checklists – Valued at $450
  • Access to a community of 5288+ real dropshippers – Valued at $180/year
  • Weekly store secrets and supplier deep dives – Valued at $240/year
  • 6 extensive directories of everything dropshipping Valued at $360/year
  • Bonus: $2453+ in Ecom software & supplier savings

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The Mentorship you were looking for

It hurts trying something new without knowing what you’re doing or whether it will even work. Dropshipping is a massive industry where even beginners make $100.000+ in their first few months. However, that’s highly unlikely without the proper guidance. Luckily, you’ve just found yours!

Who Is This For?

Someone who has always wanted to make money with dropshipping but never really knew where to start!
Someone who has dabbled in dropshipping but could never really kick things off.
Someone who wants to make a stable living off of dropshipping and never worry about working a 9 to 5 EVER again!
Someone who is really serious about scaling a dropshipping business beyond 6 figures!
Someone who have tested different programs or platforms, and just faced a bunch of up-sells inside – without real value.
Someone who is looking for a learning platform, combined with mentors, resources, tools and step-by-step guides on EVERYTHING dropshipping.
Someone who has made a few sales online, but is looking for a practical advice, resources and community to SCALE IT!

Access everything you need to start & grow your online business

We are bundling everything that we have ever created on this platform in one simple and affordable package for those who want to start a dropshipping business almost immediately. You are seconds away from starting your dream dropshipping business, by learning from mentors, engaging in the community, and using all resources, tools, and directories in one place.

If you could add 6-figures+ to your bank account per month, without holding any inventory… would you do it?

We transform beginners into pros by teaching proven methods we use ourselves. To get started, we provide a lot of value bombs inside this one-of-a-kind dropshipping hub.


Library with 1155+ Ecom App Reviews



12 Detailed Niche Reports & Stats



Access To 6 Dropshipping Directories


Everything you need to get your dropshipping business off the ground

You’ll get access to thousands of case studies, courses, frameworks, alongside a group of people that genuinely want you to succeed.

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Complete Toolset to Help You Start and Grow Your Dropshipping Business

We hunt winning products and provide marketing guides, courses, and templates for Dropshippers, so New Ecom Stars like you know exactly how to grow their businesses. Why? Because current Ecommerce education is a mess. Let’s fix that with our all-in-one community & resource hub.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No Commitment. Cancel anytime.

What do I get with the subscription?

Your Premium Subscription gets you access to all that Dropshipping.com has to offer including: access to the community, access to all courses, access to our winning products tool, our supplier and app directory, spying on 12K+ Dropshipping stores, 40+ guides and checklists, discounts on Dropshipping software, interviews & success stories and premium newsletter.

How can I access and use the resources in the package?

After you complete the checkout process, you are already in. You will receive three consecutive emails where you should confirm your subscription, get your receipt, and a simple user manual guide on how to login and start using your resources day-in, day-out.

How do I know this is a legit offer?

We’ve taken what actually works, and molded it into step-by-step education that beginners and pros can use to start & grow their dropshipping stores. We don’t want you to think of us as online gurus. The truth is, we hate the cheesy side of the dropshipping as much as you do. We focus on being as actionable and hype-free as possible. We teach the way we’d want to learn ourselves: by giving honest, practical, advice that almost anyone can follow. With our Premium Membership you can access all resources needed to kickstart your dropshipping journey.

Why you bundle everything in one package for that price?

We don't want anyone to pay for expensive courses, academies and online gurus. The information tools, and the road to success should be accessible and affordable to everyone! We've put everything in one package just to show our good will, our experience and to build the biggest community of successful entrepreneurs. There are no hidden costs or upsells. You can literally pay off the subscription with just 1-2 sales.

How much time do I need to get started?

Yes it will work for you. In fact, some of our most successful students had full-time jobs, have families, long commutes and hardly any free time. The system is designed so that you can work through it even if you have very limited time. It doesn't matter what your schedule is like, if you can set a few hours aside per week, you will be able to work your way through it.

How long until I get results from selling online?

That really depends on you and the amount of effort you put in. We have students who start getting sales in as little as two weeks, and others that take months before they even start the training. If you purchase this today, you'll get instant access to the community, academy and all resources and you can literally create your first store in 2 days.

Are there any upsells or extra payments after I pay the membership?

Our promise: We will never ask for an extra cent or try to sell you anything despite this ULTIMATE BUNDLE. However, it will take a several extra investments in order to create your store, optimize & automate everything, and advertise your product. But no worries, we have discounts from all of our partners!

Why is there a fee to join Dropshipping.com 2.0?

It keeps the freebie-seekers out. If you can’t afford to spend $49/month on LEARNING you probably shouldn’t be doing dropshipping, because aside from the costs of buying ads there are other costs involved such as paying for platforms, servers, domains and various tools for spying and automation. You need to have a budget of at least a few hundred dollars a month before taking the plunge, although it is possible to start with a lower budget if you are careful.

How do this PAID PREMIUM community and program differentiate from others?

1) The price creates a barrier to entry and turns Dropshipping.com 2.0 into a private community because people always share secrets, tips and insights freely and openly in private without being afraid of leaking information publicly. It’s the next best thing to networking in person. We’re one big family. 2) In order for us to keep the community ad, spam and drama free, neatly organized & constantly evolving and improving, full of fresh guides, tutorials, reports and case studies, video trainings, massive discounts, networking opportunities and having 10+ veteran super affiliate moderators.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

We're happy to help! Send us an email with your questions to martin@dropshipping.com.

Still not convinced? Than probably this is not for you..

If you are not ready to invest just 30 bucks for an all-in-one resource hub, than probably you are not ready to start a business online. But if this offer makes sense for you, get early access and pay your subscription literally by making 1 sale on your store.

Get access for just $20