21 Best Dropshipping Suppliers In The USA [General + Niche]


We probably have said this a hundred times, but let us repeat it again- Be careful when choosing dropshipping suppliers, because they are the ones that can make or break your dropshipping business

Still, wondering why? Well, this is dropshipping you guys! This is a business model where you don’t keep inventory, and you don’t have physical contact with the products you sell (unless you order product samples first), but dropshipping suppliers do that for you. Thus, they are the ones that complete a significant amount of the order fulfillment process.

Therefore, keeping this in mind, you are probably aware by now why choosing trustworthy and reliable dropshipping suppliers is essential. Moreover, even better if they are dropshipping suppliers in the USA

In this article, we will list the 21 Best USA Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023, and even we will guide you through the most valuable information about USA-based dropshippers!

What makes The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In The USA?

dropshipping suppliers usa

Hmm… We bet the first thought on your mind now is- Why choose a US dropshipping supplier when we have China dropshipping and its lowest prices? 

Do not start like that! Don’t choose quantity over quality when it comes to prices. It may be better to ask yourself What do I get for this price from US-based dropshipping suppliers? Well, let’s see!

First, US-based dropshipping suppliers typically concentrate on producing high-quality goods.

Therefore, if you want to establish a loyal customer base, following a few high-ticket and high-quality items, dropshipping suppliers in the USA are definitely your best choice.

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Furthermore, nowadays customers are becoming more impatient with shipment timeframes.

As a result, the fast dropshipping suppliers in the USA make shipping considerably more straightforward for US buyers.

So, customers in the United States would be attracted to your company since the waiting period would most definitely be a few days at most.

What’s more, for people who live in the US, there are several delivery choices available.

Also, you should keep in mind that the communication process (a very important one) is much easier with us-based dropshipping suppliers.

And another important thing is dropshipping USA suppliers makes the refund and return process much more organized and managed.

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Now, let’s move forward and overview the best US-based dropship suppliers! 

General USA Dropshipping Suppliers:


Zendrop is an e-commerce platform that connects reliable suppliers with online retailers and dropshipping stores.

It provides a 1 million diverse range of products across various categories, such as fashion, home and kitchen, beauty and personal care, electronics, sports and outdoors, children, and more. What’s more, they offer fully custom packaging on any product in their catalog.

Most of the items available on Zendrop are shipped from China, with an option for express shipping. Nonetheless, they also offer US-based suppliers for quick shipping.

The shipping time offered by Zendrop varies depending on the destination country. For instance, regular shipping to the USA may take 7-15 days, or it could take 6-12 days to Australia. Additionally, the shipping options provided by Zendrop are:

  • Economy Shipping: This option attracts a fixed fee of $1.50 for shipping to the United States and $3 for the rest of the world.
  • Regular Shipping: The fixed fee for this shipping option is $2 for the United States and $3.50 for other countries.
  • Express Shipping: This option costs $6 for items weighing less than 450g and $9 for packages weighing over 450g.

Zendrop offers three pricing plans, with one being a free plan and the other two costing $49/month and $79/per month.

Upgrade to a paid plan for 50% OFF for 3 months → Use code: DROP350

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is already dropshipping one of the market’s most popular items.

These USA dropshipping suppliers’ works are integrated with Amazon and eBay. Moreover, there are additional research tools you can use to identify and compare items so you know what works best for your dropshipping business.

Furthermore, they have a large inventory (approximately 20,000 products) from electronics and tools to home décor and toys.

Their warehouse is located in California, and their typical customer order processing time is one day

However, this American dropshipping supplier does not have free services, so, you must pay $49 per month to use its features. Otherwise, you will only receive a one-week free trial.


BryBelly dropshipping supplier usa

Haven’t you heard about BryBelly yet? This is by far one of the best USA suppliers for dropshipping! 

Their product category is huge including everything from beauty products to toys, games, home décor kitchen items, party supplies, athletic equipment, etc.

The best part of BryBelly is that it is completely free to use and does not require a monthly membership.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to contact suppliers without having to worry about maintaining your monthly subscription.

Moreover, BryBelly is based in Indiana, and order processing takes between 1-3 days.


Buy2Bee dropshipping usa

Buy2Bee is a US dropship supplier that mostly sells men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel.

Its products are mostly supplied from Los Angeles and Milan, Italy. But, don’t worry, all goods are shipped to the United States quickly since they are known as fast dropshipping suppliers.

Furthermore, their shipping costs are around €9.90 per purchase, and the shipping time takes 3-6 days.

What’s more, BigBuy is us dropshipping suppliers for Shopify, using its API or the Shopify app, and allowing all product information and photos to automatically sync.

However, their shipments can arrive at any of the company’s warehouses in Milan or Los Angeles, but all returns must be delivered to the company’s headquarters in the United States.

National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers USA

One of the best USA dropshipping suppliers transporting items such as baggage, telephones, mugs, and kitchen utensils, among others are exactly the National Dropshippers.

However, National Dropshipper’s monthly subscription is not free, but it does provide you with coupons and discounts on occasion.

They also provide a variety of flexible membership options, all of which cost roughly $20 per month in various payment methods.

Moreover, their products have a quick delivery period, and that is why they are one of the fast shipping dropshipping suppliers with high-quality service.

One of their most significant advantages is that many of their US dropshipping suppliers provide very quick shipping, comparatively low price plans, and a large number of product listings to peruse.

However, this might not be the simplest platform to combine with your online dropshipping shop.

Brands Distribution

Brands Distribution Supplier

Here we have another American dropshipping supplier that focuses on luxury clothing and accessories. Brands Distribution is one of the world’s leaders in B2B fashion.

This dropshipping supplier USA serves customers worldwide, not just in the United States. 

 Moreover, an interesting fact is that every year they receive approximately 500,000 orders. Nike, Michael Kors, Gucci, and Adidas are among the brands represented.

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Furthermore, Brands Distribution has Bdroppy software is used by the distributor to manage sales from a single dashboard.

These US dropshipping suppliers offer strong warehouse logistics, with a typical order processing time of 1-3 days.

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Print Aura

Print Aura suppliers usa

Print Aura is one of the best USA dropshipping suppliers for print-on-demand, white label, and dropshipping services.

This US dropship supplier is a great choice because of its extensive product range (such as t-shirts, caps, bags, pillows, mugs, mobile phone covers, and so on).

Furthermore, it is a direct-to-garment printing and fulfillment company that serves several dropshipping businesses in the United States and worldwide. 

What’s more, the finest part is that there are no setup costs or MOQ with Print Aura.

Also, their branding options, which include custom packing slips, neck label removal,  customized mailing labels, etc., may help your brand stand out.


GreenDropship USA

Green dropship is a US dropshipping supplier with over 20,000 natural beauty and health items.

Therefore, if you are a dropshipper that wants to sell anything from beauty products to vitamin supplements and baby products, GreenDropShip is a great choice for you. 

They provide you with low wholesale rates, no MOQ,  and a large product base.


BigBuy dropshipping to USA

BigBuy is a wholesale and dropshipping supplier of items in a wide range of categories to businesses of all sizes.

First, BigBuy’s primary focus is e-commerce and dropshipping, which means it collaborates with online merchants that want to resell its items through online marketplaces or their own eCommerce stores.

By partnering with this supplier, and launching BigBuy dropshipping, you will have access to thousands of items in a variety of categories at affordable pricing.

👉 Learn everything you need to know about BigBuy here!


Doba US dropshipping suppliers

Doba is a name that every dropshipper knows. They are one of the largest US dropshipping suppliers.

Moreover, this US dropship supplier has hundreds of vendors and millions of items to pick from in a variety of categories.

It’s quite simple to connect to their inventory. Simply locate the items you want to offer, export them to your dropshipping store, and sell them to your clients. The rest is Doba’s job. 

Furthermore, Doba gives a 30-day trial period after which you can select between four pricing plans. The difference between these plans is the amount of inventory you may import, as well as the availability of staff assistance, account managers, and premium data reports.

Niche Dropshipping Suppliers In the USA:

Pet Supplies Niche

We will list you as one of the best US-based dropshipping suppliers. However, we recommend you look up more of them

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs

The Isle of Dogs is one of the best US dropshipping suppliers. This dropshipping store is one-of-a-kind since it sells health-related pet supplies.

Tearless Puppy Shampoos, Crunchy Biscuits, Lush Coating Shampoos, and Conditioning Mist are among their best-sellers. Thus, their product costs range from $20-50.

This dropshipping supplier is based in the USA, but ships worldwide. The average order processing time is around 7+ days.

Fido Pet Products

Fido Pet Products

Fido Pet Products is another fast dropshipping supplier based in the USA. However, they ship their products worldwide at variable shipping costs. 

Moreover, their average order processing time is around 4-7 days, and the product costs are from $50-100.

Furthermore, they sell goods that assist dogs to keep up with their owners’ busy lives. Pet life jackets, dog toys,  comfy dog car seats, lazy rafts, and other similar goods are popular and high-quality items.

Medical Products Niche

You can check out these two US-based dropshipping suppliers for medical products, but if you are interested in more, read our article about Dropshipping Medical Supplies: Top 10 Medical Products & 8 Top Suppliers.

Dr. Joseph’s Healthcare Products Inc

Dr. Joseph’s Healthcare Products Inc

This is one of the best USA dropshipping suppliers. Therefore, here you can find the best diabetic foot care kits for daily sanitation, inspection, and sensory testing.

Their product prices range from $20 to $50, and the usual order processing time is 1-3 days. 

The firm is situated in the United States, but it sends its items all over the world for variable shipping charges.



PharmaHemp is a USA dropshipping supplier that creates new products that provide a high-quality CBD experience. Moreover,  they distribute their items all around the world at varying delivery charges.

The product prices range between $20 and $50, and the usual order processing time is 4-7 days.

Shoes Niche

Willing to start dropshipping in the shoe niche? High five! Your choice is excellent, but more than ever you must choose your reliable and fast dropshipping suppliers. 

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Paul Parkman

Paul Parkman

This firm stands out from the rest as the finest dropshipping shoes suppliers since it specializes solely in men’s shoes.

This implies that Paul Parkman provides men with sophisticated leather shoes such as loafers and Oxford shoes.

Their average order processing time is only 1 day, and the product costs are around $100-500. This information gives us a picture that we talk about fast dropshipping suppliers with high-quality products. 

Moreover, this is a US-based dropshipping supplier and manufacturer of limited-edition men’s shoes manufactured entirely by hand.

Furthermore, Paul Parkman has a dropshipping program. However, to participate in its dropshipping program, you must first be certified as a Paul Parkman-approved vendor.

Very Fine Shoes

Very Fine Shoes

This is a dance footwear manufacturer and US-based dropshipping supplier for shoes. Very Fine Shoes is dedicated to producing and distributing high-quality dancing shoes for men, women, and children at reasonable pricing.

This USA dropship supplier ships its products worldwide for FREE. Furthermore, their product costs range from $50-100, and the average order processing time is from 1-3 days. This also means that we talk about fast dropshipping suppliers. 

Moreover, they provide custom-designed shoes and private labeling. Therefore, this implies that you don’t have to spend on product development to start selling dance shoes online with Very Fine Shoes.

You may use it to create your own unique dancing shoes and begin your own dropshipping store. In this manner, you can give your consumers the best dancing shoes to help them excel on the scene.

Clothing Niche

And here we have one of the most popular among the dropshipping niches- Clothing! As you already know the importance of dropshipping suppliers, here we will discuss two of them, but don’t forget to check out for more!



Based in Los Angeles, California, CCWholesaleClothing is one of the top clothes dropshipping providers.

They carry apparel in regular, and plus sizes, jewelry and accessories, sleepwear, children’s clothing, sportswear, sets, and undergarments. They’ve just added beauty goods to their inventory.

Moreover, their product costs range from $10-20, and the average processing time is around 7 days.

However they have MOQ rules set, and the minimum order is $100, with free delivery available for orders over $300.

Moreover, the store offers a wide range of stylish apparel at reasonable costs, implying that bulk purchasing is the best option for you.

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel has recently begun offering dropshipping services, yet it is quite favored among USA-based dropshippers.

They provide excellent items at reasonable costs, yet profit margins may fluctuate owing to the lack of high-end clothes.

Thus, their product costs range from $1-10, and the average order processing time is around 4-7 days.

Moreover, these US dropshipping suppliers offer free shipping from the United States for orders above $300 and free HQ photos for merchants

Outdoor & Tactical Gear Niche

Outdoor and Tactical Gear Nice- YEY! Another high-profitable dropshipping niche to choose from, AND another Top 10 dropshipping suppliers reviewed for you! 

However, here we will take a look at two of them:

Kroll Corp. – Tactical Gear Dropshipping

Kroll Corp. – Tactical Gear Dropshipping

Kroll International, LLC has been a trustworthy  US-based dropshipping supplier of outdoor and tactical gear items, supplies, and accessories for over 35 years.

The supplier provides approximately 45.000 SKUs from 170+  brand manufacturers to all of its dropshippers. Therefore, this is the ideal marketplace for dropshipping outdoor and tactical gear items and supplies.

Moreover, Kroll International shipping is free on invoiced purchases over $500.

Also, they typically ship the same day they receive the order. They provide specialized business solutions for larger orders if you want a different form of collaboration.

The product costs range from $1-10, and on their dropshipping store you can find: 

  • Tactical & Duty Gear
  • Tactical Clothing & Accessories
  • Survival & Outdoor
  • Knives
  • Shooting & Accessories
  • Camping Equipment
  • Firearms

Wholesale Blades

Wholesale Blades

Wholesale Blades is the tactical gear USA dropshipping supplier to choose from if you want to dropship blades, knives, swords, and other accessories.

To begin, they will deliver your customers’ product orders quickly and for free, and there will be no membership fees for you. However, before applying for membership, you must complete a credit card charge permission form.

Thus, Wholesale Blades, which offers outdoor, sports, and tactical equipment and accessories are well-known for its extensive selection of blades, at product costs ranging from $10-100. 

Available product categories you can choose from: 

  • Blank Guns
  • Airsoft Guns
  • Medieval Armor
  • Knives
  • Novelties
  • Outdoor Gear
  • Ninja Martial Arts
  • Self-Defense
  • Swords

Furthermore, there is no minimum order requirement, and the items are simple to integrate into your online business.

Home Decor Niche 

Koehler Home Decor

Koehler Home Decor

Koehler Home Décor is a top home decor dropshipping supplier in the United States.

Furthermore, it specializes in the distribution of high-quality home décor goods such as decorative home accessories, presents, seasonal decorations, and so on.

Their product prices range from $10 to $20, and most purchases are dispatched within 1-2 business days with NO shipping charges. This indicates that if you pick this firm as your supplier, your clients will receive their orders quickly.

This American dropshipping supplier also provides dropshipping services. However, before you can begin dropshipping with Koehler Home Décor, you must first create an account and submit documentation that you are a registered dropshipping business.

White Lotus Home

White Lotus Home

Another fantastic home décor US dropshipping supplier is on our list! This company is not only a superb source, but it is also one of the eco-friendly wholesale merchants for home décor.

Fortunately, you may start your own online green and organic business with its wholesale and dropshipping program.

Their product prices range from $500 to $1500, and the typical order processing time is around 7 days.

Furthermore, the best part about their dropshipping program is that it includes FREE delivery throughout the contiguous United States.

How to find dropshipping suppliers in the USA?

us dropshipping suppliers

First, and foremost, we want you to know that this one is easy TODAY! The reason behind this is that you can find several dropshipping platforms and supplier directories, just as Dropshipping.com offers you huge supplier directories, and even more. 

For example, in their Blog Article section, you can find hundreds of articles talking about dropshipping suppliers and everything you need to know about dropshipping

So, for start we recommend you read: 

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Furthermore, of course, you can help out yourself by searching Google, but this will cost you a lot of time, and maybe you will end up not finding reliable information.

So, the first option mentioned above might be your best and smartest shot! 

How Do You Pick The Right Dropshipping Supplier From The US?

how to pick the right dropshipping supplier

Here we go, another important question – How to find dropshipping suppliers in the USA that are actually right for you? 

Well, first of all, this one depends on you, most of the time. The reason is that we all have different goals and perspectives that we perceive. So, you might give emphasis more to some matters, rather than others. 

However, of course, there are a few things you should pay close attention to. So, let’s see what exactly!

Choosing Your Dropshipping Supplier from the US

First, check out if this US dropship supplier is RELIABLE! But, how to do this?

You can count a dropshipping supplier as reliable if they are in this business for several years. However, don’t leave this here! 

You can examine the supplier’s clientele to see if they are pleased and devoted clients. 

Therefore, you can seek recommendations for their services from other dropshipping businesses and clientele.

Moreover, before working with US dropshipping suppliers and letting them deliver items to your devoted consumers, conduct research and explore their website and social media presence.

Furthermore, examine the reviews and comments to learn more about them and whether or not they can be trusted. If feasible, you should also physically visit the supplier’s office before deciding.

Next, consider your BUDGET. How much money are you prepared to spend on your supplier

Various dropshipping suppliers are offering different programs and options for you at different fees. So, planning your budget first can help you in narrowing down your options.

Furthermore, You may think about the eCommerce platform you’re operating with and whether that specific dropshipping supplier provides a link for it.

If this is the case, it will save you a significant amount of time and work while importing items and processing orders!

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Finally, consider whether any specific characteristics are critical to you. For example, you might wish to engage with a supplier who provides 24-hour customer service.

How do you start dropshipping in the US?

And, last, but not least important question – how do you start dropshipping in the USA

Let us be strict and forward – Just like with any dropshipping business! You choose a niche, research your market, find reliable dropshipping suppliers (better choose us-based dropshipping suppliers), choose an eCommerce platform, etc. 

But, we are not leaving you here alone. We have the Ultimate Guide: How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 2023, and you can also learn how to dropship for free!

Furthermore, you can learn How to Dropship on Shopify, and also you can learn all the things you need to do before even starting your dropshipping business. 

Ready, set, GO! 

Summing all up

Hey, dropshippier, this article is EVERYTHING you need to know if you are looking for US dropshipping suppliers, and you are willing to start dropshipping in the US! 

Therefore, we recommend you pay close attention to every tiny detail here, since you are going to need it badly! Dropshipping suppliers list, How to’s, and more here for you! Starting already?

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