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7 Best Payment Gateways For Shopify In 2024
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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Unlock the potential of your dropshipping business with the 7 Best Payment Gateway for Shopify in 2024. Explore reliable, safe, and user-friendly options to enhance your checkout experience.

Whether you’re a small or large dropshipping operation, choosing the right payment gateway is key to maximizing revenue and minimizing risks.

From PayPal’s global reach to Shopify Payments’ seamless integration, discover the ideal solution for your Shopify store.

Before I list and pick the best payment gateway for Shopify in 2024, let’s focus on the issue at hand.


What Is and How To Find The Best Payment Gateway For Shopify?

A dropshipping Shopify payment gateway is a fast, convenient way to receive and send money online. And there is no doubt that more and more customers are embracing digital banking.

Therefore, it is no surprise that online payment gateways have become a popular choice for quick and secure payments in e-commerce.

If you are about to start a dropshipping business and process customer payments online, you will need a payment gateway system.

To put it another way, you will need some kind of reliable software that accepts and authorizes electronic payments from your customers.

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Furthermore, that software serves as an interface between your dropshipping website and your customer’s bank. It processes the credit or debit card transaction.

Choosing the right payment gateways is crucial because of two things. The first one is that it helps maximize your revenue. And the second one is that it helps minimize the risk of customer friction, cart abandonment, and cyber fraud.

Engaging with experienced payment processing consultants can provide tailored solutions that enhance the security and efficiency of your transactions, ensuring a smoother checkout process for your customers.

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What Is the Best Payment Gateway For Dropshipping?

Nowadays, online vendors have plenty of options when it comes to online payment systems.

I looked carefully at all the options, based on payment types, fees, integrations, ease of use, etc. Here are our picks for the seven best online payment solutions.  

1. PayPal

It is undeniable that PayPal is the reigning champion when it comes to accepting and receiving payments in e-commerce.

Moreover, it is a popular and one of the best payment gateway for Shopify stores in more than 200 countries worldwide.

This payment gateway claims that by adding it as a payment option to your dropshipping store, you can significantly raise your checkout conversion rates.

Perhaps the reason for this is that it has a trusted name and widespread global use.

Also, it is easy to add PayPal as a payment option. All you need to do is to create a PayPal account and then add a “Pay by PayPal” button on your site.

If you want to use its advanced payments and checkout features, you will have to sign up for PayPal Payments Pro. It allows you to accept payments from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.

Also, it integrates with the most popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and more.

You can find its current processing fees here.

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2. Shopify Payments

If you already have a dropshipping store on the Shopify platform, this is probably the best payment gateway for Shopify dropshipping.

Specifically, this payment gateway is the simplest method to get paid for the products you sell on Shopify. By using it, you neither have to set up a third-party payment provider nor enter the credentials into the platform.

With this online payment solution, you can start accepting the popular payment methods once you build your store on the platform.

Here is the list of regions and countries where this payment gateway is available as well as the list of its processing and conversion fees.

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Although is not more popular than PayPal, it is one of the oldest payment gateway platforms available.

In addition, it is a subsidiary of Visa and allows you to accept payments through multiple processors, including Apple Pay, PayPal payments, and some major credit cards.

Perhaps the best thing about this Shopify payment gateway is that it integrates easily with many widely used e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, X-Cart, Magento, and Volusion.

Here is detailed information about’s pricing.

4. Stripe

This is a US-based payment gateway, which is currently available for businesses in 40 countries.

According to its official website, millions of businesses of all sizes —from small- to medium-sized businesses — use its software and its powerful and flexible API to manage and accept online payments.

As a dropshipping entrepreneur, you can also take advantage of its native integrations with major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, WooCommerce, and Wix.

When it comes to its pricing and fees, here’s Stripe’s pricing model.

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5. 2Checkout

This payment solution provides a number of dropshipping businesses with the tools to receive online payments anywhere around the world.

2Checkout is available in 200+ countries worldwide, to be precise. Also, it supports all major credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, etc. Not surprisingly, it makes global online sales easier.

So, your customers may be happy to see prices in their local currencies, shop in their own language, and pay with their preferred payment methods.

And that’s why it may be the best payment gateway for international dropshipping.

Find out how much 2Checkout charges per successful sale.

6. Google Pay

Google Pay is another great Shopify payment gateway, which is fast, easy to use, and convenient. Thus, it is a good choice for new dropshippers and experienced users alike.

Additionally, if you use this payment gateway, your customers will be able to pay for their orders through an account connected to their Google profile. And not having to enter their payment details each time is an added bonus.

But it is important to know that for certain countries, the features of Google Pay are limited. And the good news is that Google Pay does not charge you any fees if you add it as a payment method to your dropshipping store.

7. Apple Pay

This payment gateway has similar characteristics to those of Google Pay. The main difference is that Apple Pay is still relatively young and targets Apple users.

With it, your customers can fast and securely complete the checkout process on your dropshipping store.

In short, they can use Safari on their Mac, iPhone, and iPad and simply tap the Apple Pay button and scan their fingerprint.

When combined with the Stripe gateway, Apple Pay integrates easily with WooCommerce and Shopify.

The huge popularity of Apple makes Apple Pay a Shopify payment gateway worth considering.

Like Google Pay, Apple Pay is free for both customers and dropshippers to use.

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Without a good Shopify payment gateway, you will not be able to accept payments online. What’s more, your customers will be more likely to abandon their carts because of a lack of payment options.

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Therefore, it is recommended to outfit your website with a variety of payment gateways to make it easier for your customers to make purchases.

Try to give your customers the convenient, flexible, and secure online payment options they prefer.

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