15 Most Successful Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples


Are you thinking about opening your own dropshipping store on Shopify? Before we jump into the best store examples, make sure you sign up for Shopify’s 14-day trial period, so you can implement what you will see in this article. 

Or maybe you already have one and want to see what are some great examples you can get inspired from for your own dropshipping website.

Fact: Did you know that Shopify currently has more than 1 million merchants? And there’s still a piece of the cake for everyone ready to enter the dropshipping or ecommerce world.

Here are a few Shopify dropshipping store examples you can use for inspiration to succeed with your website.

15 Shopify Dropshipping Store Examples 


shopify dropshipping store examples - unconditional

Part of Shopify, Unconditional started over 10 years ago in London. Just by looking at their design, you realize that they are all about premium clothing.

When you scroll through their website, you get to feel their stylish website, and makes you want to buy just from the classic design & photography they have.

Notebook Therapy 

shopify dropshipping store examples - notebook

A site mostly focuses on Japanese and Korean stationery, Notebook Therapy gives colorful vibes to an Eastern-culture audience.

They reach around 50 thousand monthly visitors and have deeply engaged themselves within their niche. As of now, they are ranked #1 in the U.S for Japanese & Korean stationaries.


shopify dropshipping store examples - bluecrate

You can also call them the kings of personalized gifts. Bluecrate is really good at focusing on delivering personalized gifts for its consumers.

Once you visit their website, you also realize all the funny product images they include. This is all to make their products more interesting when they are presenting them to you.

Other than the product images, you can also view blue crate’s unique self-made videos.


shopify dropshipping store examples - toyshades

When we are talking about Shopify dropshipping store examples, how can we not mention – Toyshades? There you can find all about eyewear and accessories. Toyshades is a very user-friendly website that is fairly easy to use.

The website has different kinds of product collections you can pick from. There is no way you can miss out since they are always keeping you updated on their most recent eyewear through their social media channels!

Oddity Mall 

shopify dropshipping store examples - additymall

The website that loves to give out random gifts. The store works off affiliate links and doesn’t even sell its own products. It is all good, good advertising. Their peak traffic is around 250 thousand monthly viewers just from affiliate links!

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If you visit their social media channels, they have millions of fans and are ranked #1 in the entire U.S for a lot of their products.


shopify dropshipping store examples - hyfa

A great dropshipping store that shares lots of product videos on their social media sites and their dropshipping store.

HYFA shows a feature called “frequently bought together” that will show products most people buy alongside a product they are interested in. This is a good strategy for gaining more sales.

HYFA claims to be the #1 dropshipping store in the world with a 21.7 million dollar sales total, and an 8.68% customer return rate.

On HYFA you can buy the most original viral copyright-free e-commerce videos. All of which you can be used to market and advertise your own store!

Wolf Circus 

shopify dropshipping store examples - wolf

A Shopify store with tons of hand-made jewelry in Vancouver, Canada. The jewelry is made either from recycled bronze or silver. It is all about luxury in this store. If you want the best accessories associated with gold and silver, then this is it!

Life Booster

shopify dropshipping store examples - life booster

From the name itself, if you are all about boosting your life, then this is the site for you. The site has free shipping on all of its products.

Relatively small compared to most dropshipping sites, but a quick problem solver and has great products.

They are still new to the game so when they are up for a few more years, Life Booster will be in the top 10’s!


shopify dropshipping store examples - gadgetox

From the name itself, you realize that this site is all about gadgets. Gadgetox is very famous for offering great product descriptions and great discounts on products.

If you are a regular customer, you will know exactly what it means to save lots of money in the long term from these guys.

KKW Beauty 

shopify dropshipping store examples - kkw beauty

We all know who Kim Kardashian West is. Yes, this is a site that belongs to her and that was built through SHOPIFY. Kim is no joke and has a net worth of billions of dollars.

She not only sells products with extremely high value but also sells them really quickly. There is no such thing as low quality in her book!

Wallplate Warehouse

shopify dropshipping store examples - wellplate

Not very competitive online but has a great number of products in a less competitive niche. From the name itself, the wallplate warehouse is all focused on delivering wallplate products.

It is very hard to find wallplate drop shippers these days, so this niche has very small competition. They also offer free shipping for any products that exceed $50.


shopify dropshipping store examples - beardbrand

A company that makes hundreds of thousands in revenue just telling you about beard care. Many men care about their beards, they will tell you that!

Beardbrand shows you the best ways on how to take care of your beard. It was built through Shopify and grew to over 100 thousand dollars in revenue in only half a year!


shopify dropshipping store examples - flex

All about an alternative to tampons. This site is all about giving women the best sexual comfort while on their period.

Many think it is funny, but this Shopify store raised millions of dollars every single year from helping many couples!

SkinnyMe Tea

shopify dropshipping store examples - smt

SkinnyMe is all about natural detox teas. They have been in the business for nearly 10 years and created this website with the main goal to help people stay healthy and lose weight.

They earn millions of dollars in monthly revenue, straight out of Australia!


shopify dropshipping store examples - quadlock

Quadlock is all about allowing you to attach your mobile phone wherever you go. Developed about a decade ago in Australia with Shopify, Quad lock has been a bike mount for many applications such as the belt clip, the wall mount, the tripod adapter, and so much more.

Why Does It Matter?

Seeing examples of other successful dropshipping stores can not only give you a good idea of how to start your own dropshipping store but also give you ideas on niches you can target or reasons why to use Shopify.

Shopify is indeed an excellent e-commerce platform you can use to start your own dropshipping store.

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These were a few top examples of websites that built their fame through Shopify. There were only 15 of them, but of course, there are many more out there.

These are just some examples to help you get started. If you want to find more ecommerce platforms for your store, land over our ultimate review list of the best Shopify alternatives

For more information, visit our knowledge center for more weekly tips & tricks on opening or starting your own dropshipping store.