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How To Recover Abandoned Carts For Shopify Dropshipping Stores
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Decreasing the number of abandoned carts for Shopify stores is a huge challenge for every dropshipper.

You wouldn’t be surprised how much money e-commerce stores lose just from abandoned carts.

Recent research done by Business Insider showed that nearly $5 trillion dollars of merchandise is abandoned just because most customers aren’t ready to make a purchase.

And, as of 2024, most online shops face an average cart abandonment rate of 70.19%, as reported by the Baymard Institute.

SMS marketing for dropshipping is the solution to reducing abandoned carts since you can’t completely eliminate them


Recovering Abandoned Carts for Shopify Dropshipping Stores

When you stop following up on your customer, they might never come back again.

A customer might not always abandon their cart because they changed their mind but maybe because of the service, lack of communication, not enough information provided, lack of trust, and other issues that arise.

According to Dynamic Yield, e-commerce brands lose nearly $20 billion of sales revenue yearly just because of abandoned carts. So now you understand why it is important to always follow up.

Here are a few reasons you can benefit the customer when recovering an abandoned cart:

  • Improving the shopping experience – communicating with your audience is one of the main keys to improving the customer buying journey. This is where you show if you are the same as the other dropshipping stores or not.
  • Customer Trust- when you follow up with your customer, their trust will also increase. Communication is the key to building trust in comparison to not following up at all.
  • Quick support – according to research done by ClickZ, SMS marketing messages generated 30% of conversion rates just because they were so responsive. This is much higher than not having it or by email follow-ups.
  • Higher revenue – because SMS texting reduces abandoned carts for dropshipping, you will also increase your revenue. This is where most e-commerce stores fail in delivering, they fail to keep up with their most important asset, the customer.

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How to Recover Abandoned Carts for Dropshipping?

We know it isn’t a pleasant experience to have an abandoned cart, so let’s take a look at a few ways to recover it:

1. Target the Right Niche

This may sound very obvious but is much more important than you think. A huge reason many customers will abandon their cart is that you may target the wrong niche.

They may not be aware when entering your site, but once they find out that you are not what they are looking for, the abandoned cart won’t ever be recovered!

Always be aware of who you are targeting and when you are setting up ads for the right niche, it will result in fewer abandoned carts and more revenue. This is the main tip for recovering abandoned carts.

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2. Push Notifications 

A great follow-up on re-capturing abandoned carts. You can also use a plugin to do this for you as it requires less effort.

With the plugin, you can choose which times during the day they can function and how long it should last.

There are many different push notifications plugins you can use that are great, here are a few of them:

  • Pushengageone of the best push notification tools on the market. Allows you to directly connect with your visitors after they are leaving your site. You can use this plugin automatically or manually. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, it is a perfect solution for both.
  • Onesignal – very popular and similar to PushEngage. You can use this plugin to create automatic abandoned cart notifications, updates, push notifications, etc.
  • iZootooffers lots of push notifications and scheduled ones. This plugin software allows you to personalize all of your push notifications which is good if you are segmenting targeted messaging.

3. Communicate Personally

A legendary old way of top customer service is reaching personally to your customer.

Plugins and software are good at doing their own jobs but communicating personally is your golden ticket to reducing abandoned carts. You get to know your customer more.

That is why the next time you see a customer leave their cart, go and see what was the reason. It can help you in future endeavors.

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4. Encourage Sync

If some of your customers change the platform in which they are shopping, they may lose their cart. For example, if they switch from desktop to mobile, or vice versa.

By syncing accounts, you can incorporate the Consistent Cart or Persistent Cart feature so your customers can save their items and always have them there even if they switch platforms.

Steps on How to Setup Your Cart Recovery Process on Shopify

You have read enough about why you should be using SMS marketing on your dropshipping store, now it is time to implement the cart recovery strategy.

It isn’t as complicated as it seems, so don’t worry. Here are the steps:

Install an SMS Marketing App

There are many SMS marketing apps out there, Cartloop is really popular, but you also have other SMS apps that are great if you are a beginner and getting started quickly with SMS marketing.

Here are some apps to consider:

Here you can find the list of the best Shopify Apps for sales and conversion optimization.

Select a Plan

Every SMS marketing app has a plan associated with it.

Some of the most basic plans may be free or may have a free trial. It is always good to try the trial out and then decide whether you should move on or not.

Plans of every SMS marketing tool will show you which features the app has and will start sending follow-up messages to shoppers on why they abandoned their carts.

Follow-up messages include templates just like this one:

“Hello Tony, This is Jack from Dropshipping. I saw you were looking for a phone case. Do you want me to help you check which phone case is the right fit for you and even potentially, get a discount on it? “

Do you have many different templates that include replies to questions that customers ask about how long a product will take to arrive? What kind of products are there? Will I get a discount? etc.

Many dropshipping businesses fail because they will only include a FAQ tab and not reply to questions.

Most customers hate this and will just run away when they can’t reach you.

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Optimize Your Checkout

When you start gathering information from your customers, you want to be able to collect their phone numbers. Most plugins you install will have a “checkout” option, especially if you do it on Shopify.

All you have to do is go to the settings tab, find where it says “checkout” and then go to “customer contact”.

In this tab, you will have a chance to choose if customers can check out using email or by phone number and email. Here is an example of how it looks like on Shopify:

shopify settings

You have more options to choose what kind of information you want to collect like shipping address, company name, etc.

In the end, you can also go to the checkout language and choose which language you want it to display.

Your checkout page should contain useful information, here is an example of what it should look like:

shopify login

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Now you understand how important SMS marketing is for a dropshipping business. Revenue is an important thing to consider in a dropshipping business.

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