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22 UK Dropshipping Suppliers for Your E-commerce Store
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Are you the one who is thinking about starting a dropshipping business in the UK? Or do you already have a dropshipping business and want to also operate in the UK, but need to find UK suppliers?

Let’s start with a well-known fact: UK Suppliers achieve much quicker shipping times compared to those who use Chinese suppliers.

In this article, I will be showing you 22 UK suppliers in 2024 that you can consider for your dropshipping store.


What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where a merchant purchases an item from a third-party supplier and ships it directly to the customer.

The online reseller never keeps the inventory in stock, but only markets it and oversees the process.

Why Should You Dropship in the UK?

According to research, it was shown that right after the US, the second most profitable country to dropship was the UK. Keep in mind that the UK has 5 times less population than the US.

Dropshipping keeps overall business expenses low. Instead of purchasing lots of stock for UK wholesale items, you can just ship it directly from your suppliers, while they handle the inventory issues.

Furthermore, here are a few reasons you should dropship in the UK:

  • High GDP Per Capita
  • Great logistics – 5th best in the world.
  • Large spending on e-commerce purchases – ranked 1st worldwide!
  • The UK’s e-commerce market is growing rapidly year by year.
  • English speaking country

Top 11 General UK Dropshipping Suppliers

Before I get niche-specific, I want to show you the top 10 best general UK dropshipping suppliers.

Additionally, these suppliers are all listed based on their shipping times, customer services, products, and trust.

Before you dive in, check the ultimate comparison between the most popular general dropshipping suppliers: Spocket vs Oberlo vs DSers vs AliDropship.

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1. AutoDS

AutoDS is more than a typical dropshipping supplier; it functions as a cloud-based platform for overseeing supplier orders, managing communications, and handling cancellations and returns for your dropshipping stores.

With an extensive supplier base, it simplifies and secures your sourcing process, offering a selection of over 500 million trending products.

The platform collaborates with suppliers shipping from various locations worldwide, including the UK, China, the US, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, Australia, and more. This ensures global shipment options. AutoDS covers a wide range of dropshipping niches, spanning toys & hobbies, home & garden, outdoors, home improvement, electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, beauty, pets products, sports, and more.

Shipping times vary depending on the supplier, particularly in the UK, where it generally ranges between 1-14 business days.

2. Avasam

Based in London, UK, Avasam is a fully automated dropshipping platform that gives you the essential tools you need to sell high-ticket products.

Avansam has a supplier verification program, so every supplier who wants to work with them will need to undergo some approval stages.

Furthermore, Avansom suppliers offer over 100,000 products across the EU. This is because the platform integrates with 60 different e-commerce marketplaces across Europe.

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3. SaleHoo

SaleHoo’s origins come from New Zealand but managed to establish a platform in the UK. It has a search directory of over 8,000 suppliers with millions of different products.

SaleHoo offers award-winning support and unlimited training. Before they add any supplier to their list, they put them through an in-depth scanning process for full verification.

I wrote an ultimate Salehoo dropshipping review. Don’t miss it!

Moreover, if you think this supplier isn’t right for you, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee!

4. Printify

The largest print platform in the world and operating in the UK. Printify is popular for finding dropshipping suppliers. It provides you with custom printing solutions such as gifts, accessories, and clothes.

Explore the top 12 Gift Dropshipping Suppliers.

Correspondingly, Printify is 100% free to use and has over 300 high-quality products. It easily integrates with different e-commerce platforms and has 24/7 customer support and service.

5. CJdropshipping

CJdropshipping will help you source and ship your dropshipping products. It has 2,000 high-quality products in its UK warehouse. You can browse all of their products without having to create an account. Additionally, the platform is free to use and has no monthly membership fee.

In case you struggle to find the product, you can contact the team directly so they can find it for you.

6. Spocket

A dropshipping supplier featuring suppliers from the USA, Europe, and the UK. Equally, all of their suppliers offer high-quality products with large profit margins.

Each supplier undergoes strict verification processes since Spocket’s motto is to only accept those of the highest quality.

Likewise, whichever product you choose, suppliers from Spocket won’t let you down.

7. Syncee

Syncee is a dropshipping platform specifically for B2B purposes. With its easy access, you can find hundreds of reliable suppliers along with the best dropshipping products out there.

The platform has no upfront registration costs, allows you to chat with suppliers, and recommends the best UK suppliers when you filter the search.

8. Wholesale Deals

Wholesale deals offer nearly half a million wholesale and dropship suppliers. It is a huge wholesale and dropship directory. Within nearly half a million dropshipping suppliers, a majority of them are in the UK.

The product categories of the directory are general and offer over 400 thousand verified product sources.

9. AliExpress

When I mention AliExpress, you may be thinking it can only be based in China. In the past 3 to 5 years, lots of suppliers on AliExpress have been moving to other countries, and a popular one of them is the UK.

10. The Wholesaler

An old-school dropshipping supplier from the UK. The Wholesaler was initially founded in 1999, a time when many people didn’t even know what the internet is.

Wholesaler’s main goal isn’t to have the biggest supplier directory in the UK, but rather to have the most trustworthy ones.

Additionally, the best part about using this platform is that it has no monthly fees, and allows you to personally chat with all suppliers in the directory.

11. TBTrade

TBTrade is known to be a dropshipping site mainly focused on home products such as:

  • Kitchen products
  • Bathroom products
  • DIY products

All orders processed with TBTrade can be tracked and don’t allow customers to detect if you shipped the product by yourself or not. Product packaging will use plain packaging and labels.

However, the only main downside is that the platform only offers 50 unique products and relatively high prices.

12. Brands Gateway

BrandsGateway is more than just a dropshipping and wholesale supplier – it’s a dynamic B2B luxury fashion marketplace that’s transforming the way retailers and manufacturers connect.

The company offers a variety of luxury products in the fashion niche:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses & Frames
  • Watches

BrandsGateway integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, etc. So, it offers automatic order fulfillment. It offers high-quality products and fast shipping.

However, one of their cons is that is a little pricey since it offers branded products. So, it is not suitable for low-budget dropshippers.


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10 Niche-Specific Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK

Here are the 10 top niche-specific dropshipping suppliers in the UK.

1. Fitness Systems

A leading supplier of fitness equipment throughout the UK. Fitness Systems has been part of this industry for over 30 years.

They take their equipment supply seriously and make sure they supply the highest quality products.

Whenever Fitness Systems supplies a product, they make sure to also include a full coaching program along with a master training team so you get the most out of your investment.

Whereas, the company delivers its products directly to customers along with extended warranties and comprehensive service agreements.

For more, check my Free List of the best 12 Fitness Dropshipping Suppliers worldwide.

2. Clothes2order

Clothes2order is the UK’s favorite custom-branded clothing company with over 15 thousand 5-star reviews!

There is a huge range of branded clothes to select from on their site. Any order that you place over 100 pounds on the platform results in free delivery.

Regardless, Clothes2order’s main goal is about delivering your order as fast as possible. They ship everything you order within 24 hours with no minimum order requirements, and they even include a fast tracker on their site that informs you in how many hours your order will arrive.

Here’s our guide on How to start a clothing business + The Top 11 Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers. To complete your knowledge gap, make sure you check this list of the top 10 UK clothing suppliers.

3. Trimex

Trimex only allows traders or e-commerce businesses to buy from them, meaning they are very serious about business.

Trimex is the UK wholesale specialist in radio-controlled gadgets, ranging from cars, drones, and helicopters. They also offer toys, off-road bikes, dolls, games, etc.

Furthermore, if you are looking for special offers for Halloween, Christmas, or any other event, Trimex is the supplier that have you covered. For any order you place above 100 pounds across the UK, Trimex offers you free delivery.

4. Airymary

An online store based in London, Airymary is managed by experienced swimwear and lingerie buyers.

Additionally, they are specialized in bra-sized swimwear separates, where you match and mix your swimwear in one order from the top brands across the UK.

Shipping times are completed within 24 hours, being high-quality, and allowing you to return your product within the UK for free.

5. Retruly

Retruly is a leading expert in vintage clothing and homewares. This is a great opportunity for sellers to gain more exposure than large corporations.

The company was created by experienced vintage enthusiasts and those who have extensive knowledge of selling on other marketplaces.

If you are a seller, here is what you can do with Retruly:

  • Increase your sales within the UK
  • Become part of a vintage lover community
  • Get free promotions for your store through social media
  • Get direct access to the company expert team for advice and support
  • Enjoy their low fees and commission

6. MODAmua

Modamua is the site with the most affordable prices for women’s clothing across the UK. They have extensive expertise in the fashion industry with high-quality products that come from Italy & France.

The customer service is top-level, being very responsive and supportive when in need. If you are serious about reselling high-quality classy women’s clothing, then Modamua is your brand.

7. Creative Collection

Get the party started with Creative collection, an importer and distributor of festive and party items.

The creative collection uses its website to sell a range of roughly 4,000 items, different from any supplier across the UK. Stock quantities are updated at all times, and they also can be forwarded and delivered when needed.

In order to view prices on their site, you have to be registered and logged in. Prices range from single, multiple, and bulk purchases. This is in order to provide the best prices they can for anything you order.

8. Alchemy

Founded in 1977 by 2 self-taught artist-designers from Manchester, UK, Alchemy possesses extraordinary niche products.

Alchemy is firmly focused on contemporary and esoteric jewelry. It is the leader in gothic lifestyle accessories across the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the company manufactures specially designed products for small and big clients for the past 30 years. The original gothic-style products you find here, you definitely won’t find anywhere else.

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9. Provu

Leaders in VoIP hardware distribution and fulfillment services, Provu is a B2B market leader within the United Kingdom.

Its success is based on offering world-class products in the IT industry, by a team that is so passionate about what they are doing.

Provu has been distributing VoIP hardware since 1999, and at the same time, has worked with world-class manufacturers.

Their extensive knowledge of the IT industry has provided immense value to customers, supplying them with high-quality products and allowing access to systems that will deploy these products.

10. Troo Healthcare

Troo Healthcare managed to achieve a near-perfect 5-star rating for buyer protection. When merchants want to purchase items from this site, they already have enough trust from the beginning.

The company has a high-class reputation for delivering the best health supplements across the UK. Customer satisfaction is their priority.

Furthermore, Tro Health products are manufactured in the UK with solid scientific support and approval. They have been in this industry for over 15 years of experience, also being a member of The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT).

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These were my 22 recommended suppliers, niche-focused, and general. Whichever supplier you choose to go with, they won’t let you down.

I presented you with the best ones across the UK with top-notch customer service, high-quality items, and fast delivery.

Make sure you follow my guide if you are concerned about private label dropshipping.

For more UK (or world’s) Suppliers browse my Free Suppliers Directory.

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