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Free List Of The Best New Zealand Dropshipping Suppliers


Finding New Zealand dropshipping suppliers and companies isn’t that hard, although there aren’t many to choose from.

Before we show you the list, let’s mention a few useful facts about New Zealand’s eCommerce industry.

By the end of the article, you’ll know a few more facts and tips about dropshipping in this country. Let’s start.

Important New Zealand eCommerce Facts

Population: 4.9 million people
Overall online shoppers: 2 million
Total e-commerce sales: $2.8 billion
Internet users: 3.9 million people

Taking a look at these numbers, you’ll see how much New Zealanders love shopping.

The fact that they spend almost $3 billion every year buying products online, means they belong to the ‘excessive spenders’ category.

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You, as a drop shipper (reseller), can capitalize on this fact and sell tons of products for maximum profits.

However, you’ll need to find the best New Zealand dropshipping suppliers first.

How can you find the best New Zealand dropshipping suppliers?

You can use Google, ask a friend, or even use online Q&A websites. This should be more than enough to do the job. However, different people will suggest you have a look at different suppliers.

Not all of them are good.

New Zealand dropshipping suppliers

To help you skip the search and headaches, we’ve compiled the best suppliers in New Zealand. (Check the Best Dropshipping Suppliers In Malaysia)

Each one of these suppliers offers different profit margins and product categories, so it’s up to you to choose. To help you in this jurney, first you can check our ultimate comparison: Spocket vs Oberlo vs DSers vs AliDropship.

1. Factory Fast

Although based in Australia, this dropshipping supplier sells over 5000 products, up to 80% off retail prices, from anywhere in the world.

They are well-known for dispatching over 95% of all their products in just one working day.

What are they offering?

They cut out middlemen and overheads. It means the merchandise is directly bought from manufacturers at the best prices, providing more space for profits to all their resellers.

As for the products, they buy only the finest merchandise from brands of the highest quality.

So far, they’ve packed and dispatched over 1 million products, with customer satisfaction of 100%.

What can you sell with Factory Fast?

From DIY & renovation to furniture and fitness equipment, the company offers a wide range of products, mainly used for homes, weekend houses, and for people of all ages.

You can freely check out their special offers and clearances for even more discounted prices, as well as choose the most popular ones to sell, beating your competitors in the process.

2. SaleHoo

Yet another specialized company for connecting wholesalers and retailers, SaleHoo is a global superstar in terms of quality dropshipping. Here’s our A to Z Salehoo review that answers the question: Is it worth it?

Founded in 2005 in New Zealand, SaleHoo has over 8000 wholesalers at its disposal, including manufacturers, liquidators, and dropshipping suppliers.

Does SaleHoo work with Shopify?

A large portion of drop shippers decides to open a store on Shopify.

However, they need a reliable supplier to partner with. Only a few verified suppliers provide automatic custom software (API) which connects them to Shopify, allowing resellers to automatically upload the inventory to their store.

In other words, SaleHoo is a partner with Shopify and you can sell whatever you want via its network of wholesale dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers.

What can you sell with SaleHoo?

First off, there are over 1.8 million products in over 130 categories provided by SaleHoo’s network of over 8000 suppliers. Moreover, you can sell on the Internet’s largest e-commerce marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon.

Most importantly, if you’re just starting out, they will offer you over 50 ‘how-to’ tutorials, explaining the whole process of dropshipping and making profits out of it.

As a bonus, their Market Research Lab will help you find the best, most profitable, and most sold items from their inventory.

3. DearJane Medical

One of the few medical supplies dropshipping suppliers working online, DearJane Medical is a highly popular company from Australia, although pretty close to New Zealand.

Is it profitable to resell medical supplies and equipment? Sure, since DJM offers all drop shippers’ profit margins at an average of 20%.

Most of their inventory is packed, shipped, and delivered between 1-5 working days.

However, larger items need more time to check for defects, prepare for customs, pack carefully, and ship via special cargo.

4. Colourblocker

Being one of the leading drop shipping companies in Australia and New Zealand, Colourblocker is known for quickly approving dropshipping accounts, within 48 hours, or two business days.

What do they sell at Colourblocker?

It’s a niche-specific website, although the products are all high-class and are selling like crazy.

They sell kitchen and cookware, electronics and tech gadgets, as well as home & living furniture and accessories.

Moreover, they have a ‘gift ideas’ page specifically created for gifts of both sexes, and their latest addition – watches and accessories. There is a 100% moneyback guarantee, free shipping, and fast delivery for all products.

And yes, you can sell their products on eBay and Amazon, as well as marketplaces largely popular in Australia and New Zealand.

What about shipping with Colourblocker?

The good news is, this Australian dropshipping supplier also ships to New Zealand. They ship strictly with Australia Post, as it takes 7-10 working days for the order to arrive.

Express shipping is only available for wholesale orders. As for payments, they use AfterPay, Zip, PayPal, Oxipay, and other popular methods of payment to ease up the process.

5. DropshipZone

Again, DropshipZone is a supplier that offers both wholesale and dropshipping services to thousands of dropshippers based in Australia. Like many other suppliers, you can find tons of products, each containing unique SKUs for better tracking.

According to users’ honest reviews, their customer service is unprecedented, and it’s easy to order from DropshipZone, as well as having great order success.

Most importantly, you can find tons of items at up to 80% off retail price. It’s perfect for beginner dropshippers willing to sell in Australia since they offer no monthly registration fees.

What products does DropshipZone Australia offer?

Here, you can find and sell anything between furniture supplies, art, gifts, health products, jewelry, toys, watches, consumer electronics, clothing and accessories, beauty products, baby care products, automotive parts and accessories, and more.

6. Simply Wholesale

With over 1 million customers served and 500.000 available products to sell, Simply Wholesale is the AliExpress of Australia and New Zealand.

With five warehouses located in the largest cities in Australia, they easily ship throughout the entire country, as free shipping is offered and included.

What do Simply Wholesale sell?

With 16 main categories available, there’s a variety of products to choose from. The most popular categories include health and beauty, pet supplies, sports and outdoor equipment, automotive parts and accessories, furniture, fashion clothing, toys, music, and much more.

They use PayPal, Mastercard, Afterpay, Zip Pay, Visa, Amex, and other popular Australian payment methods.

In addition, you can get a refund within 14 days, in case your customers change their minds.

7. Always Direct

Always Direct is one of the best New Zealand dropshipping suppliers, with excellent reviews, according to YotPo. In fact, their average ratings are valued at 4.5/5 stars.

As for categories, you can resell products for the home, business, furniture, healthy & beauty, pets, sports and fitness, and many others.

As for the experience, according to the site, they ship approximately 100 products on a daily basis, throughout the entire continent.

Their customer support is highly praised for working hard and customers are generally impressed by the job the company does in ensuring everything goes smoothly.

8. Doba

Literally, every seasoned drop shipper has heard of Doba. They are one of the largest dropshipping suppliers on the Internet.

As a matter of fact, there are thousands of suppliers and millions of products to choose from, from various categories.

It’s really easy to connect to their inventory. Simply find the products you’d like to sell, export them to your store, sell to your customers, let Doba take care of the rest, and wait for your payment.

What about pricing? Do they charge any monthly subscriptions? Yes, they do.

There’s a 30-day trial for every drop shipper, after which they get to choose between four plans.

Basic – $29/month
Advanced – $69/month
Pro – $249/month
Enterprise – contact their staff for pricing

The difference between these plans is in the amount of inventory you get to import, staff support, premium data reports, and dedicated account managers.

9. National Products Fulfilment

Considered Australia’s fastest fulfillment supplier, NPFulfilment is also available in New Zealand.

They provide cheaper postage at a faster rate than any other dropshipping and wholesale supplier.

No matter if you’re a supplier or dropshipping entrepreneur, it’s very important that you find a reliable private order supplier, as NPFulfilment is. They deal with direct advertising and selling, business fulfillment, and other industry-related services.

Summary of the best New Zealand dropshipping suppliers

We hope you’ll find this post helpful if you need to choose among the fines New Zealand dropshipping suppliers currently available.

If you think someone else should be added to the list, drop a comment below, or use our tool to add a supplier to our directory.