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16 Best Dropshipping Email Marketing Tools For Shopify
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We are going to start this article with a bold statement: Never underestimate the power of dropshipping email marketing. Email marketing is one of the main channels of driving up results for all businesses in dropshipping. According to HubSpot – email generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 4,200% ROI.

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Nothing can get more personalized than email marketing and is one of the best ways to engage with customers across the globe.

For the best results, we want to show you at least 16 great email marketing tools you can use for dropshipping on Shopify. Not a Shopify user? Try it for free. Or check the detailed Shopify Pricing Plans.

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What Is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is promoting/communicating with your target audience through email. You do this by sending offers, news, promotions, etc, to your subscribers via email.

Email marketing is good for increasing conversions and profits just by setting up personalized campaigns with your customer base.

This type of marketing is king when it comes to building better relationships, promoting your content, generating quality leads, and so much more.

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What to Look Out For When Choosing a Dropshipping Email Marketing Tool on Shopify?

There are many dropshippig emails or general ecommerce marketing tools on Shopify, although it doesn’t mean all of them are good to use.

Email marketing isn’t just about doing one thing, but many things in one tool. Here are a few things to look out for whenever you are choosing an email marketing tool:

  • Ease of use/integration – Make sure when connecting the email marketing tool with Shopify, all data is easy to import.
  • Good Templates – if an email marketing tool doesn’t have good templates, then it fails right from the start.
  • Autoresponders – it is always good to have one because you aren’t in the office all the time!
  • E-commerce Features – To be a good email marketing tool, all Shopify email marketing apps should have features that are connected to E-commerce stores.

How to Integrate Email Marketing With Shopify?

Make sure to first use your domain name. Once you set up an email campaign, using your name domain can help avoid spam folders and build brand loyalty.

Import your customer list on Shopify and then segment emails to make sure you are sending emails to the right person. Review your work at the end.

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16 Best Dropshiping Email Marketing Tools on Shopify

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When you choose to use Klaviyo, you can get up to 250 subscribers and send 500 emails with their free plan.

Once you upgrade to the paid plan which costs $25 per month, you are allowed to send unlimited emails and have up to 300 subscribers.

Costs go up as the list goes up, so unless you really want to invest in email marketing, choose Klaviyo.

Klaviyo automatically pulls data from your e-commerce store and is one of the rare dropshipping email marketing tools specifically designed for ecommerce email marketing. The tools overall are very basic and easy to use, not that bad!


Active Campaign grew its user base by about 3 times in only 1 year. It is considered to be the best for overall automation and CRM.

Going with their plans, they have 4 plans to offer. All of these have prices depending on the number of subscribers. The lowest price is $9 a month. It allows you to send unlimited emails to up to 500 people on your subscriber list.

As you move up the plans, you will be allowed to contact more people and at the very highest-paid plan which is at $229 per month, you get the option called “social data”. With social data, you are allowed to also integrate an analytic tool along with your list of subscribers.


An email marketing tool that offers different types of plans for its customers. Not only basic, but come with very cool features like gift boxes, and much more.

Omnisend doesn’t only do emails, but it also allows you to send Whatsapp, Facebook, and SMS messages.

Here are the following plans for Omnisend and what they offer:

  • $30 per month basic plan- up to 2 k subscribers, can send up to 24 k emails per month;
  • $60 per month intermediate plan- up to 5 k subscribers, 60 k emails per month.
  • $102 per month advanced plan- 10 k subscribers, 120 k emails per month.

Great features of Ominsend:

  • Easy integration
  • Automatic product integrator email editor
  • Conversion-focused features- gift boxes, scratch cards, wheel of fortune, etc.

How would you know if Omnisend is for you or not? If you want to manage multiple channels at once and have some interesting special features, then Omnisend is probably one of the best choices out there.


Considered the email marketing solution. GetResponse is a very underestimated email marketing tool.

Four pricing deals that all vary depending on how big your email sizes are. The listed size goes from 1 K, 2 K, 5 K, 10 K, 25 K, 50 K, and 100 K. The bigger it is, the more expensive the plan gets.

As for now, the cheapest plan is $15 per month with a list size of 1,000 with basic automation features. If you are looking to go more expensive, then choose a professional plan with an email size of 100 thousand with pro optimization, for $580 per month.

GetResponse also gives you a custom plan, all of which will dictate a price depending on what you are looking for.

On their second plan, you get introduced to a webinar function of inviting up to 100 people, all of which can help you get engaged customers. This is good for benefiting all your subscribers on your list!

Some other features of GetResponse are also:

  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • CTR tracking


Conversio is a very good email marketing tool for engaging customers and gaining their loyalty. When this happens, we all know sales will also increase. They do this by following up with left purchases, sending automatic follow-up emails that ask for customer feedback requests, and including a powerful segmentation.

Conversio is one of the only platforms that includes all features in every single pricing plan. The most basic plan starts at $20 per month allowing you to contact up to 500 customers a month. The most advanced plan goes to $850 per month, allowing you to contact up to 250,000 customers. You initially have a free 1-month trial to see if Conversio is a good fit for you or not.


Many call Drip the ‘E-commerce CRM’. All because Drip is very good at enabling great communication in the customer journey.

Drip offers integration with Facebook ads and Shopify. Meaning you can use the power of Facebook ads which we mentioned in our previous article, and start gaining profits.

The pricing plans of Drip all depend on how many subscribers/people you contact. Here are their prices:

  • $19 per month for 500 contacts
  • $29 per month for 1000 contacts
  • $39 per month for 2,500 contacts
  • $89 per month for 5,000 contacts
  • $154 per month for 10,000 contacts

Here are also some special features Drip offers you:

  • Cart abandonment follow up
  • Coupons
  • Follow up campaigns
  • Automatic SMS to customers

So, if you are a person that uses dropshipping email marketing tools mostly for subscribers, then Drip is a very good option to go with.


A very good official plugin for Shopify and dropshipping email marketing & SMS campaigns. Sendingblue allows you to improve your email delivery, open, and click rates. Syncing customer data is easy and can be sent without any coding skills needed.

Segmenting and targeting your customers is a very special feature of Sendinblue. The automation software targets contacts based on what they have purchased in the past and then will send email campaigns based on the purchase history.

Sendinblue also has a few design tools which you can use for the templates. You have many free options and the plan itself is free!


The email marketing tool for boosting your sales easily. Rare.io just their own desire offers free plans with unlimited emails for up to 250 subscribers. Once you surpass this limit of subscribers/contacts, then you will be charged. Here are a few of their plans:

  • $24 per month- 251 to 999 contacts, 3 automated emails.
  • $39 per month- up to 10,000 contacts, 5 automated emails.
  • $79 per month- everything is unlimited, and $79 per 10,000 contacts, premium support, etc.

A special feature of rare.io is that it is very good at automatically determining the best products and recommending them to customers. This is where you present what they want without them having to look for it. Pure dropshipping email marketing at its best!


One of the most affordable email marketing tools out there. Mailerlite is a fairly easy email marketing tool to use and is also filled with a bunch of great features to use. Some of the features are:

  • Marketing automation
  • Surveys
  • Dynamic content
  • Landing pages
  • Synced Customer Data and products
  • Direct integration

Mailerlite offers to contact up to 1,000 subscribers for free but will start charging $30 a month for 5,000 and $50 for 10,000 subscribers.

Being a very budget email automation software, Mailerlite is a great option to go with. It requires effortless trying to run marketing campaigns and is very easy for beginners to use. You also have to keep in mind that there aren’t many options to consider since it is mostly for budget people. So, don’t expect it to be the greatest on the market!


A very good automation email software system for both marketing & transactional emails. Firepush allows you to send updates on payments, orders, and deliveries made.

Here are some special features of Firepush:

  • Campaign automation
  • Easy to navigate email editor
  • Great templates
  • Campaign analytics
  • Recovering abandoned carts
  • Promotions
  • Newsletters
  • Push and SMS notifications

The price of Firepush may vary but generally offers very good pricing. You only pay $15 a month to send up to 6,000 emails, to get campaign automation, and 24/7 support.

You can also go with a more advanced plan that allows you to pay $29 per month and send up to 15,000 emails. With this plan, you also get advanced campaigns, customer reporting, and personalized segmentations.


A very newcomer to the automated email space. The automation capabilities of SendX all extend to forms, landing pages, and pop-ups.

It is very easy to use and maybe the most simple out of all the other email marketing tools on Shopify. Its personalized email campaigns are really well-built.

Here are some other special features of SendX:

  • A/B Testing
  • Heatmap tracker
  • Chatbots (check our Tidio Chatbot Review)
  • Opt-send deliverability booster.

About the plans, SendX offers you unlimited email sends with every plan, 24/7 support, one of the best breed email deliverability, over 50 free responsive email templates, and over 500,000 free stock photos.

The only thing you will get charged more from SendX is when you have more subscribers. Here are the prices:

  • $7.49 for 1-1000 subscribers
  • $14.99 for 1,001- 2,500 subscribers
  • $29.99 for 2,501- 5,000 subscribers
  • $39.99 for 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers
  • $44.99 for 10,001 – 15,000 subscribers


If you are looking for ready-made campaigns, then Remarkety is the one you should aim for.

Here are some of their paid plans, keeping in mind that every plan has unlimited sends:

  • Basic Plan- $25 per month for 500 subscribers
  • Starter- $100 per month for 3,000 subscribers
  • Advanced- $300 per month for 20,000 subscribers
  • Professional- $800 per month for 100,000 subscribers

Not to forget that you also get a free 2-week trial along with all the premium features just to see if this is what you are looking for.

Remarkety also has many premium features coming with it, and they are very good at optimizing them too, here are some of them:

  • Excellent email templates
  • Pre-built campaigns for abandoned carts & reactivation
  • AI-driven marketing services
  • 99% delivery rate
  • Constant reporting
  • Campaign feedback


If you want pure dropshipping email marketing, then SmartrMail is the real choice. It is great for serving those with an online store, and of course, those who have it on Shopify.

Just by helping other e-commerce stores, SmartrMail generates hundreds of millions of dollars of extra sales! These numbers show you that they know what they are doing for sure.

The pricing list is fairly cheap compared to other automation email software. Keeping in mind that you get 12 emails per subscriber and 10 automation.

  • $33 per month for 1,000 contacts
  • $53 per month for 5,000 contacts
  • $78 per month for 10,000 contacts

SmartrMail isn’t a complicated Shopify tool to use, so it is great for beginners also. When you sign up for the platform, you also great an email design that scans how your Shopify e-commerce store is designed also. Instead of wasting your time on editing and saving templates, SmartrMail does it for you!

The only downside of SmartrMail is probably the lack of drag and drop. The editor isn’t the best out there like other email newsletter tools. They are tweaking many of the features but we have to see what will happen in the near future.

Other than that, it is a great choice for small businesses and will save you time when you are very busy working on other things.

Constant Contact

If you are someone who is concerned about transactional and newsletter types of campaigns, then Constant Contact is the right choice for you.

Let’s take a further look at their plans:

  • Email plan- $20 per month for 500 subscribers and $335 per month for up to 50,000 subscribers. No coupons, no subject-line testing, and no email automation.
  • Email plus- $45 per month for 500 subscribers, and the cost of 50,000 subscribers are the same as the email plan. This includes automation, subject-line tests, and coupons.

The best thing about Constant Contact is their amount of free trial period, which lasts for 60 days (2 months). Along with the free trial, you get a feature suite and live expert assistance.

Constant Contact has been around for over 20 years and is known to be one of the easiest drag-and-drop editors out there.

Although, some say that their software revenue tracking system isn’t the best, especially for dropshipping email marketing.


One of the best long-term email marketing tools. It is all because the email marketing tool is built just for that, following up with your subscribers and reminding people quickly to continue their purchase.

The app is filled with email templates and there are no issues even if you are a person that doesn’t really deal with templates yourself. This means more time for you and less effort.

The automatic data lets you sync your Shopify store without effort. The app offers a plan with a 14-day free trial and can be very effective in seeing if the tool is for your campaign or not.

If you choose to take the paid plan, then all you have to do is pay $9 a month, which seems to be a decent amount.

Here are some key features you get from this dropshipping email marketing tool:

  • Purchase follow up
  • Professional email templates
  • Unsubscribed follow-ups
  • Confirmation emails
  • Automatic emails
  • Track ROI
  • Auto-sync
  • Fast email creation
  • Promotional emails


NotifyVisitors is a fantastic email marketing tool for Shopify store owners. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and extremely useful in growing your store and increasing sales. 

Use NotifyVisitors to capture the email addresses of visitors to your shop, then use their email marketing tool to send out email campaigns promoting discounts, products, or services, ultimately driving more conversions and customers to your store.

Additionally, keep track of who opened or clicked on emails through advanced analytics so you can see what works best for email campaigns, which keeps improving the effectiveness of these email campaigns over time.

Advanced segmentation to target the right audience with the right message at the right time to boost the effectiveness of your email campaign.


Dropshipping Email Marketing – What’s Next?

We gave you a full guide on how you can use the best marketing tools out there for your dropshipping email marketing e-commerce store.

Before you do anything, you want to make sure you read how to integrate Shopify with the email marketing tool and what to look out for.

It all depends on your store which will dictate which software tool to use.

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