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The Best Countries For Dropshipping To Target In 2024

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Before I dive into this guide on the best countries for dropshipping, here’s a hard fact that you can use to get more determined about succeeding.

You can still make a lot of money with the dropshipping business model. It’s not dead and it won’t be anytime soon.

Having said that, it really isn’t that important which countries you target. However, it would be a lie to say that some locations aren’t more profitable than others.

Identifying the best country for dropshipping depends on factors like the target audience, the products being sold, and the marketing plan. Additionally, considering high-ticket dropshipping can significantly impact your profitability.

As a result, here are the best countries to dropship to and increase your earnings.


Top 15 Best Countries for Dropshipping and Ecommerce Business

dropshipping countries to target

Dropshipping worldwide is the goal to reach more customers, however, it can be quite expensive to target every single country with your ads, especially if you’re on a budget.

Thus, some of the popular dropshipping countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and some European countries.

However, let’s discover the best 15 locations you can target to get more value for your ad money.

1. United States

eCommerce Market Size: $1,169 billion

Population: 336.58 Million

Online Shoppers: 111.2 million

GDP Per Capita: $65,150.00 USD

Don’t be surprised by this first country. The United States comes among the top competitors in many areas.

So, why is the United States one of the best countries for dropshipping?

The large population combined with the large percentage of online shoppers and the enormous market size are pretty solid reasons, many would say.

Almost every research result that has been analyzed predicts that these numbers are just going to keep growing as the years pass. So, chances are that targeting the United States will earn you more and more money in the near future.

As a result, if you’ve ever thought about starting a dropshipping business in the USA, now would be the time to start your ecommerce business.

Top shipping service providers in the US:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx

For instance, Amazon is the leading eCommerce platform in the United States, offering a vast range of products and services.

With its extensive reach and recognition, Amazon serves millions of American customers, making it a prime example of a successful online store in the country.

2. Switzerland

eCommerce Market Size: $16.51 billion

Population: 8.87 million

Online Shoppers: 5 million

GDP Per Capita: $90,778.00 USD

When it comes to dropshipping in Europe, Switzerland is an amazing choice, especially for high-ticket dropshipping. European countries such as Switzerland are prominent in the dropshipping market.

Switzerland may be significantly smaller than the US in terms of population, but its people are known for living luxurious lifestyles with high standards.

They also make a lot of money per capita, meaning the majority has plenty to spend online. Luxury brands are particularly popular in Switzerland, making it a profitable niche for dropshipping.

What’s even more intriguing is that more than half its population are already regular online shoppers, meaning it won’t take a lot of effort to make a sale.

One last thing, if you decide to dropship to Switzerland, it would be a great idea to take advantage of dropshipping suppliers in Europe to save on costs and shipping times.

Top shipping service providers in Switzerland:

  • Die Post
  • DPD
  • DHL

For example, Digitec Galaxus is a popular Swiss eCommerce site that specializes in electronics, home goods, and lifestyle products.

Known for its high-quality offerings and customer service, Digitec Galaxus stands out as a top choice for online shoppers in Switzerland.

3. United Kingdom

eCommerce Market Size: US$143.09 billion

Population: 69.196 million

Online Shoppers: 59 million

GDP Per Capita: $47,753.00 USD

The UK is actually the fourth largest eCommerce market in the world. The reason it’s at number three on this list is that it performs better for dropshipping than other countries listed below.

A huge reason why the UK is one of the best countries for dropshipping is that it’s fairly easy to market there. You don’t have to translate your ads to other languages, you can easily create video ads using English narrators or actors, and so on.

Setting up an online store targeting the UK market can be highly profitable due to the country’s strong ecommerce infrastructure and the popularity of specific product categories like fashion.

In addition, there are countless high-quality and affordable UK dropshipping suppliers to contact and work with.

It gets especially easier if you’re based in Europe yourself, as you can learn the laws and avoid making any critical dropshipping mistakes.

Top shipping service providers in the UK:

  • Royal Mail
  • DPD
  • Hermes

For instance, ASOS is a major online fashion retailer in the United Kingdom, offering a wide variety of clothing and accessories.

Renowned for its trendy and diverse selection, ASOS has become a go-to destination for fashion-conscious shoppers in the UK.

4. Australia

eCommerce Market Size: $32.3 Billion

Population: 27,829,520

Online Shoppers: 6.4 million

GDP Per Capita: $62,389.00 USD

The expansion of eCommerce in Australia is quite incredible. More and more shoppers are quickly getting used to buying everything they need online.

Thanks to its excellent logistics, relatively high GDP per capita, and the large number of online shoppers, Australia is definitely among the best countries to dropship to right now.

As a result of all that, starting your own dropshipping business in Australia is going to be an excellent opportunity for years to come, not just now. The sooner you start, the more you can earn in this target country.

Top shipping service providers in Australia:

  • Australia Post
  • Sendle
  • Toll

For example, Catch is an Australian online retailer that offers everything from fashion to electronics and homewares.

With its competitive pricing and wide product range, Catch has quickly become a favorite among Australian online shoppers.

5. Germany

eCommerce Market Size: US$112.82 billion

Population: 83.89 Million

Online Shoppers: 68 million

GDP Per Capita: $43,075

Germany is one of the largest and most lucrative eCommerce markets in Europe, making it an excellent country for dropshipping. The market size is impressive, and German consumers are known for their willingness to shop online.

Also, some of the key factors contributing to the success of dropshipping in Germany include a high internet penetration rate, a strong economy, and a preference for quality products.

Plus, if you consider dropshipping in Germany, some of the popular product categories include fashion, electronics, and home goods.

For instance, Zalando is a leading online fashion platform in Germany, offering a vast array of apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Known for its stylish and affordable options, Zalando attracts millions of German consumers looking for the latest fashion trends.

6. Canada

eCommerce Market Size: US$53,374.78 million.

Population: 40.31 million

Online Shoppers: 27 million

GDP Per Capita: $46.313.00 USD

If you want to start a successful dropshipping business in Canada, these stats certainly show why it’s one of the best countries for dropshipping today.

The eCommerce market in Canada piles up billions of dollars spent by customers. Millions of users are using the internet to buy everything from fashion items to groceries and so on. 

In addition, given that its population is over 38 million, finding your target dropshipping audience in Canada should be fairly easy.

Top shipping service providers in Canada:

  • Canada Post
  • UPS
  • FedEx

For example, Hudson’s Bay is a well-known Canadian department store chain with a strong online presence.

Offering a variety of products including fashion, home goods, and beauty products, Hudson’s Bay is a staple for Canadian shoppers.

7. New Zealand

eCommerce Market Size: $6.3 billion

Population: 5.24 million

Online Shoppers: 3,250,000

GDP Per Capita: $42,908.00 USD

You might wonder, “How can New Zealand be one of the best countries for dropshipping with such a small population?”

Let’s consider some other numbers. Despite having only 5 million people, New Zealanders spent over $4 billion in one year on online shopping. And that’s just about half of the population.

Think about the potential when even more people in New Zealand start shopping online.

Suppose you start a dropshipping business in New Zealand. With only 2.5 million people actively shopping online, you still have a huge market.

As online shopping grows, your business can easily tap into this expanding customer base, increasing your sales and profits significantly.

As a result, you should start your dropshipping business in New Zealand while it’s still not too saturated. But, even if it is, that doesn’t matter nearly as much as you may believe.

Top shipping service providers in New Zealand:

  • CourierPost
  • Peter Baker Transport
  • New Zealand Post

For instance, The Warehouse is a prominent New Zealand retailer known for its wide range of products, from clothing to electronics and home essentials.

The Warehouse’s comprehensive selection and competitive prices make it a popular choice among New Zealand consumers.

8. Sweden

eCommerce Market Size: US$15,124.11 million

Population: 10.91 Million

Online Shoppers: 8.1 million

GDP Per Capita: $55,039.00 USD

About 80% of the population in Sweden shops online. This alone says a lot in terms of Sweden being one of the best countries to dropship too. 

When it comes to dropshipping in Sweden, studies have repeatedly shown that the most successful niche is fashion. However, this doesn’t mean that you must start a clothing dropshipping store. Many other niches will do. For example, you should consider dropshipping hats.

Do your research, see what the majority of the audience likes, and how much they spend, and research the buying process in Sweden.

Then, you’ll know exactly who to target and what type of dropshipping marketing strategy to incorporate.

Top shipping service providers in Sweden:

  • PostNord
  • Budbee Home Delivery
  • DHL

For example, IKEA is renowned for its affordable and stylish home furnishings.

As a popular choice among Swedish online shoppers, IKEA offers a wide range of products that cater to various home needs, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

9. Spain

eCommerce Market Size: $US$28,665 Million

Population: 47.98 Million

Online Shoppers: 4.6 million

GDP Per Capita: $28,515.00 USD

Spain is near the top ten largest markets for eCommerce and it shows hard signs of growth in the coming years.

It’s definitely safe to say that starting a dropshipping business in Spain is a great idea now more than ever. 

The top-performing niches and stores in Spain seem to be related to electronics and PC components, however, fashion is also not a bad niche to dive into as well.

The country has a large population of which the vast majority shops online. Its GDP per capita may not be too impressive, but what’s great here is that Spanish people have been known to overlook slightly longer shipping times.

Top shipping service providers in Spain:

  • Correos
  • SEUR
  • UPS

For instance, BigBuy is a leading eCommerce and dropshipping platform in Spain, offering a wide variety of products ranging from electronics to home goods and fashion.

BigBuy’s extensive product catalog and efficient logistics make it a preferred choice for Spanish consumers and dropshippers alike.

10. Norway

eCommerce Market Size: US$11,757.24 million.

Population: 5.54 million

Online Shoppers: 5.19 million

GDP Per Capita: $81,237.00 USD

A huge reason behind the impressive eCommerce success in Norway is that each online shopper spends an average of $2800 per year on online shopping.

Considering the country’s small population, this is still impressive and presents a great opportunity for European sellers. This alone doesn’t make it one of the best countries for dropshipping, though.

Norway also features an incredible 97% of users who have access to the internet. This is almost the entire population. Online spending is sure to increase when each of those users starts shopping online regularly.

Top shipping service providers in Norway:

  • PostNord
  • Posten
  • Bring

For example, Elkjøp is one of the largest electronics retailers in Norway, offering a wide range of consumer electronics and appliances.

With its extensive selection and reliable service, Elkjøp is a top destination for Norwegian online shoppers.

11. Italy

eCommerce Market Size: $26 billion

Population: 58.68 million

Online Shoppers: 50.78 million

GDP Per Capita: $38,925.89

Italy has long been known for luxury, tradition, and quality art. There are countless opportunities for starting your own dropshipping business in Italy and enjoying rewarding profits.

The eCommerce market in Italy is showing slow but sure signs of growth over the upcoming years.

This is a great sign to safely establish a worthwhile eCommerce brand in Italy and rest assured knowing that you have millions of potential buyers to target.

Top shipping service providers in Italy:

  • Bartolini
  • Poste Italiane
  • SDA

For instance, Yoox is an online fashion retailer based in Italy, known for its designer clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Yoox’s focus on high-end fashion and unique pieces makes it a favorite among Italian consumers seeking luxury items.

12. The Netherlands

eCommerce Market Size: $6.3 trillion

Population: 18 million

Online Shoppers: 16.8 million

GDP Per Capita: $65,194.93

With an eCommerce industry worth over $20 billion dollars and close to 14 million online shoppers to target, another exceptional country to dropship to is the Netherlands. 

According to research from recent years, a few popular dropshipping niches you can take advantage of in the Netherlands are health & beauty, fashion, home decor, and consumer electronics. 

Top shipping service providers in the Netherlands:

  • PostNL
  • DHL
  • UPS

For example, is a leading online retailer in the Netherlands, offering a wide variety of products including books, electronics, and toys.’s extensive range and user-friendly platform make it a popular choice for Dutch shoppers.

13. France

eCommerce Market Size: US$73,502.98 million

Population: 66.02 million

Online Shoppers: 59.94 million

GDP Per Capita: $48,222.64

Another country with a pretty solid GDP per capita is France. What’s even more worthwhile here is that this country also gives you access to millions and millions of potential customers to target. 

A few of the most popular niches you can start within France include clothing, electronics, and shoes. In addition to this, skincare and hair care products also seem to sell well in France.

Lastly, maybe the main reason France is one of the best countries for dropshipping is that it’s also one of the top 10 largest eCommerce markets in the world.

Top shipping service providers in France:

  • La Poste
  • Chronopost
  • Mondial Relay

For instance, Cdiscount is one of France’s largest eCommerce sites, offering a wide range of products from electronics to home goods and fashion.

Known for its competitive prices and extensive selection, Cdiscount is a preferred destination for French consumers.

14. United Arab Emirates

eCommerce Market Size: US$6,097.11 million

Population: 10.24 million

Online Shoppers: 9.38 million

GDP Per Capita: $49.113.00 USD

UAE is also among the best countries to dropship to when it comes to high-ticket dropshipping. 

The population there may not be very large, but if you target the right people you can make quite rewarding profits.

Some of the best niches you could focus your store around include luxury clothing, electronics, expensive watches or jewelry, and similar.

Tip: If you’re curious about dropshipping luxury brands, check out these tips on how to find luxury dropshipping suppliers.

Top shipping service providers in UAE:

  • Kuehne + Nagel
  • Choice International
  • UA Logistics

Also, Namshi is another popular online store in the UAE, specializing in fashion and beauty products.

Namshi is well-regarded for its trendy offerings and efficient delivery service, making it a go-to choice for fashion-conscious shoppers in the region.

15. Japan

eCommerce Market Size: $135,666 Million

Population: 124 million

Online Shoppers: 102.5 million

GDP Per Capita: $34,554.92

Last, but definitely not least, Japan is also among the top 10 biggest eCommerce markets in the world. The opportunities for starting and scaling a dropshipping store are endless.

 However, there’s one minor drawback – the language barrier.

On the other hand, if you overcome that obstacle, you can enjoy some hefty profits should you decide to start a niche dropshipping store selling clothing, toys, electronics, and personal care products.

Top shipping service providers in Japan:

  • Yamato
  • Sagawa Express
  • Japan Post

For instance, Rakuten is a major Japanese eCommerce platform offering a vast range of products, including electronics, fashion, and home goods.

Rakuten’s comprehensive selection and reliable service make it a top choice for Japanese online shoppers.


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5 Worst Countries for Dropshipping Due to Market Saturation

worst countries for dropshipping

In case some of the 15 best countries for dropshipping above don’t suit your style, here’s a list of the five worst dropshipping countries you should definitely avoid. 

Dropshipping to any of these countries will almost always result in wasted efforts and money.

For your sake, avoid them at all costs.

1. China

Obviously, most people’s first choice would be China. But why is China so bad for dropshipping?

Well, it’s quite difficult to earn sustainable profits from Chinese customers given that the majority is already used to buying the same products for cheaper.

In addition, given that most of these products are made in China, people already get them with incredibly fast shipping times.

So, unless you can establish a reputable brand in China that leaves customers begging to buy, dropshipping to China will not be good for business.

2. India

India would have been a wonderful country for dropshipping if it weren’t for the way people buy and pay for products there. 

In India, the vast majority of people pay with COD (Cash on Delivery). 

It’s quite a shame because India could have easily been one of the best countries for dropshipping, as it currently has 1.4 billion inhabitants.

On the other hand, things can definitely get better when more users start paying for their shopping online with credit cards, PayPal, and similar methods.

3. South Africa

South Africans are record-breakers when it comes to spending little to no money shopping online. 

The average South African resident will pay no more than $200 on eCommerce purchases yearly. 😱

As a result, you’d be wasting your budget setting your dropshipping target location to Africa.

In fact, you’d be much better dropshipping worldwide than targeting just South Africa.

4. Indonesia

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Which country has the highest fraud eCommerce rates”, your answer would still be Indonesia.

More than one-third of all eCommerce transactions in Indonesia are considered fraudulent transactions.

Having said that, no one in their right mind would ever target this country for their dropshipping store.

You’d be wasting your time, money, and risk getting your bank accounts frozen as well.

5. Russia

The main reason Russia is among the worst countries for dropshipping is that its residents are quite familiar with AliExpress and even dropshipping. 

It would be difficult to create a branded dropshipping store in Russia and convince people to buy.

You can confirm this by visiting AliExpress and noticing that so many products are filled with Russian reviews. 

How to Use Location-Based Marketing for Your Dropshipping Store Effectively?

No matter how you go about it, it all comes down to doing your customer research. Once you have a clear vision of who and where your customer is, you can effectively target your ideal audience and increase sales significantly.

Using 3PL providers can also enhance your dropshipping operations by offering faster delivery times, reduced costs, and scalability, which ultimately boosts customer satisfaction and profits.

Here are a few tips:

Facebook Ads

With Facebook ads, you shouldn’t only focus on which location you target. In order to make sure you get the most out of ads, you need to focus on people’s interests, age, sex, and which platforms they use as well.

It won’t matter if you target all the best countries for dropshipping from this list, if you don’t get all of these things right you won’t get great results.

The best way to do this is through testing. You can make assumptions, and you can do your research, but until you test you will never know for sure.

In order to estimate your costs, here is the average CPC (cost per click) on Facebook per country from the list above:

  1. United States: $1.09
  2. Switzerland: $0.89
  3. United Kingdom: $1.04
  4. Australia: $1.50
  5. Germany: $0.65
  6. Canada: $0.60
  7. New Zealand: $0.76
  8. Sweden: $0.60
  9. Spain: $0.31
  10. Norway: $0.32
  11. Italy: $0.23
  12. The Netherlands: $0.56
  13. France: $0.48
  14. United Arab Emirates: $0.40
  15. Japan: $1.30

Here’s what I do.

For instance, I personally use the Meta ads library to search for ad inspiration, competitor analysis, and target audience analytics.

Hence, in the Meta ad Library Search section, start by selecting a location and then choose an ad category. If a specific category doesn’t apply, opt for “All Ads.” Enter a keyword to help narrow down relevant ads.

After setting your location, proceed to pick an ad category. You have several options, such as “All Ads,” “Issues, Elections, or Politics,” “Properties,” and other sensitive categories.

For most searches, I recommend choosing “All Ads” to gain a comprehensive view.

When you’re ready to explore the Facebook Ads Library, you can either enter the name of the brand or company you’re interested in or input specific keywords related to the product or service you’re looking for.

This feature of the Meta Ads Library is particularly valuable for marketers aiming to understand the competitive landscape.

For instance, if you’re investigating ads for a new fitness product, you can search for relevant keywords to observe the types of ads competitors are running and the strategies they employ.

Google Ads

With Google ads, once you’ve determined the ideal location for your dropshipping ads, you need to focus heavily on writing your offer.

Also, when doing Google ads for dropshipping, you need to carefully review how much the CPC is for each keyword you target based on location.

Here are some rough averages for shopping ads CPC (cost per click) for all 15 of the best countries for dropshipping above:

  1. United States: $0.66
  2. Switzerland: $0.92
  3. United Kingdom: $1.67
  4. Australia: $2.62
  5. Germany: $1.24
  6. Canada: $1.95
  7. New Zealand: $1.68
  8. Sweden: $1.60
  9. Spain: $1.22
  10. Norway: $2.36
  11. Italy: $0.92
  12. The Netherlands: $1.89
  13. France: $1.98
  14. United Arab Emirates: $1.30
  15. Japan: $1.49


Hopefully, this list of some of the worst and best countries for dropshipping operations will make it easier to find your target audience.

Remember to also do your own research and decide for yourself whether a specific country is ideal for your particular business.

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