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How To Convert Asian Size Chart to US Size for Dropshipping
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Wondering why you need to convert the Asian size chart to US sizes for your dropshipping store? If you’re sourcing products from Asian countries, you may have noticed that their sizing system is different from that of the US.

It can be a challenge to convert Asian sizes to US sizes, but it’s an essential step to ensure customer satisfaction. However, if you want to succeed in dropshipping, you need to provide accurate sizing information to your customers.

In this article, I will show you how to convert Asian sizes to US sizes, so you can sell products with confidence and avoid customer complaints. Therefore, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide and offer tips to make the process easier. Let’s get started!


Why Is Size Conversion Important For Online Sellers?

asian size chart

As a dropshipper, one thing I know for sure is that managing customer expectations is crucial to the success of my business.

Furthermore, one key aspect in achieving this is offering accurate information about sizing, especially when catering to an international market. So, by providing precise details on size conversion, we can ensure that customers have the best shopping experience and avoid the hassle of returns.

What’s more, putting up clear size charts in our dropshipping stores can also help decrease the abandoned cart rate.

Also, by offering a visual representation of size differences and ranges, customers can make more informed decisions about their purchases.

Take for example the ASOS marketplace, which has comprehensive size charts available on its website. Hence, they provide a clear size chart for each type of product. In addition, I will choose to check on the women’s dress size chart.πŸ‘‡

asian size chart

This not only helps manage customer expectations but also streamlines operations and ultimately leads to better business growth.

On the other hand, for instance, I am a big Zara fan! But, the thing that mostly bothers me is that there’s no size chart. Of course, they do have a size guide in their app. However, it gets frustrating when I have to move around multiple steps and see which size suits me. Instead of looking at one organized size chart.

Therefore, by providing accurate information and clear size charts, we can guarantee our customers a seamless shopping experience and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Asian Size To US Size – Conversion Charts

As someone who loves online shopping, I know the frustration of receiving a clothing item that doesn’t fit properly. So, I can feel my customer’s frustration. Therefore, I thought of a way to decrease this frustration. 

Plus, this is especially true when shopping from Asian retailers, as their sizing charts can differ greatly from what we’re used to in the US. However, with the help of Asian size to US size conversion charts, these discrepancies can be easily navigated.

Therefore, I’ll be discussing the importance of understanding and utilizing these conversion charts when dropshipping clothing from Asian suppliers.

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πŸ”Έ Differences In Asian size charts vs US size charts

When it comes to clothing sizes, it’s important to remember that different countries have different measurement systems. In the case of Asian countries, their sizing often runs smaller than US sizing. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as differences in body types and cultural preferences, etc.

πŸ”Έ Usage of Asian size charts to US size conversion chart

When dropshipping clothing from Asian suppliers, it’s important to consult their sizing charts and compare them to your country’s measurements.

Thus, these charts typically have columns for the bust, waist, hip, and sometimes even height and weight. So, to convert an Asian size to a US size, simply find your measurements on the chart and see which size corresponds to the US size you typically wear. 

For instance, when I shop, I always compare these columns of Asian size charts. Hence, my US size is 38, which means my Asia suitable size is 48.πŸ‘‡

EU size

Also, it’s always better to be on the side of caution and go for a slightly larger size if you’re unsure.

πŸ”Έ Common Mistakes To Avoid

A common mistake when using conversion charts is assuming that the size you typically wear in US clothing will translate directly to the Asian size. Hence, this is not always the case, as the sizing can vary from brand to brand.

For instance, this AliExpress seller, points out to the customers, how to take care of this issue.πŸ‘‡

aliexpress size

It’s also important to remember that conversion charts provide a rough estimate, and actual sizing may vary based on individual preferences and body types.

For instance, I already mentioned Zara. They do not use size charts, but instead, they have size guides.πŸ‘‡

zara size guide

So, if you are patient enough to go through all these steps you can check on specific measures based on your body type.πŸ‘‡

select figure

πŸ”Έ Ensure That This Is A Good Fit

Furthermore, what I personally always do is read customer reviews and see if they found the sizing to be accurate.

Additionally, make sure to take your own measurements accurately and compare them to the retailer’s size chart.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach out to the retailer’s customer service for advice on sizing or fit. In fact, if you were buying from my dropshipping store, I would be more than glad to help you out.

Now let’s see the Asian size charts compared to all others! 

Women’s Asian Sizes to US Sizes

When it comes to women’s Asian sizes, there can be a bit of confusion around how these compare to US sizes. Thus, that’s where an Asian size chart can come in handy.

Hence, this chart typically includes measurements for the bust, waist, hip, and sometimes height and weight.

It’s worth noting that men’s and women’s size conversions can be different, so it’s important to use a chart specifically designed for women’s Asian sizes. So, here’s the chart.

πŸ’‘ I will put various size measurement parameters so you can compare them with your country no matter where you are from.

EU StandardXXS
China160-165 /84-86165-170 /88-90167-172 /92-96168-173 /98-102170-176 /106-110

Women’s shoe size conversion

EU Standard353637383940414243

For example, a women’s size small in Asia may not necessarily convert to a size small in the US. In fact, a small in Asia could be closer to a size extra small or even a size XXS in the US.

Men’s Asian Sizes to US Sizes

With the help of an Asian size chart, it is possible to convert Asian sizes to equivalent US sizes. But how does the conversion process work?

Using the chart provided, it’s important to know that Chinese sizes typically run smaller than the corresponding US sizes, so it’s important to choose one size larger.

In contrast, Japanese sizes are usually larger than the corresponding US sizes, so it’s advisable to choose one size smaller. Lastly, Korean sizes tend to be similar to US sizes, so opting for your true size is often the best choice.➑ Men’s Clothing

EU StandardXXS
China/165/ 88-90170/ 96-98175/ 108-110180/ 118-122185/ 126-130   
Japan/5-7 91113151719

➑ Men’s shoe size conversion

Standard EU Sizing3839404142434445464748

Kid’s Asian Sizes to US Sizes

When it comes to buying clothes for kids, Asian sizes for children can be significantly different from US sizes. Also, the Asian size chart is an essential tool for identifying the correct size to purchase.

For instance, my niece, who is Japanese, wears a size 110 in Japan, which is equivalent to a US size 6. Hence, this example highlights the differences in sizes between Asia and the US, emphasizing the need to use a conversion chart.

➑ Boys Sizes


➑ Girls Sizes


However, the most important factor in ensuring the right size is ordering or listing the height, chest, and waist

Tips for Converting Asian Size to US Size in Your Store

When working in a store that carries items from different countries, sizing can become complicated. Also, one common example of this is the difference between Asian and US sizes.

Therefore, I will share some tips on how to effectively convert Asian sizes to US sizes in your store. So, let’s dive in!

1. Converting Asian Sizes to US Sizes With Suppliers

When working with suppliers who manufacture and distribute products with Asian sizing, it’s important to have a clear understanding of how to convert those sizes to US sizes. Hence, this can help ensure that customers receive the correct size and are satisfied with their purchase.

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To do this, it’s also important to communicate with suppliers and obtain a sizing chart for all the products they offer. This will provide a standard reference point when determining the appropriate US size for each product.

By obtaining this information, you can also tabulate or chart the sizing information for customer accessibility and ensure a positive shopping experience. 

For instance, I really like the GymShark size chart. In fact, it is a size guide where customers can add their parameters and find the best fit.πŸ‘‡

asian size chart

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Overall, investing the time in obtaining and understanding an Asian size chart can greatly benefit your business and customer satisfaction.

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2. Converting Asian Sizes to US Sizes In Your Store

When it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction in my online store, accurate sizing is essential. Also, to display sizing charts, I use size conversion apps like Size Chart – Clothes Fit Guide to make it easier for our customers to convert Asian sizes to US sizes.

Size chart app

I love using this app because, first, it is affordable. Hence, you can use it for free. In addition, for more advanced features it only costs $7.99/month.

Furthermore, with its intuitive user interface, this tool provides a seamless platform tailored to your needs, empowering you to effortlessly craft size charts. So, to enhance convenience, a plethora of templates are at your disposal, streamlining the entire process.

I have also included a sizing chart for each product listed in MY store to make it easier for my customers to find the correct size.

Also, here are my other top picks for size chart apps:

Plus, I also include measurements corresponding to different body measurements, such as height, arm length, bust size, waist, etc. By providing thorough product page information, our customers can ensure that they are purchasing the correct size and have a happy customer experience.

In addition to relying on size conversion apps and providing detailed measurements on product pages, I also use Asian size charts to ensure that we are providing accurate sizing guidelines.

So, I think that it is a MUST to display the Asian size chart alongside the US size chart. Hence, this allows my customers to make accurate size conversions and eliminates any confusion between different size measurement systems.

3. Making your charts as clear as possible

To make my charts as clear as possible, I ensure that my size chart matches the products I sell and cater to customers of different regions like Asia, the UK, and the US.

➑ One key element of a clear size chart is including different sizing options like small, medium, and large, as well as different measurements such as length, weight, waist size, age, gender, and body size. We strive to include all relevant information for each product to help our customers find the perfect fit.

➑ In addition to providing a detailed size chart, it’s important to ensure that the chart is easy to understand for customers of different backgrounds and languages. That’s why we make sure to include international sizing options and an Asian size chart alongside our US and UK size charts.

➑ To make our size chart even clearer, we also list the actual measurements of the garment or shoe, rather than just relying on general size classifications. This makes it easy for customers to compare the size charts to their own measurements and choose the correct size.

For instance, I always find AliExpress product size charts helpful. Not just that they use different metrics to present them, but also provide additional info to consider.πŸ‘‡

different size

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By including all relevant information and catering to customers from different regions and backgrounds, I aim to provide a positive customer experience.


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FAQ – Asian Size Chart Conversion

Should I sell one-size-fits-all clothing or multiple sizes?

I recommend selling multiple sizes instead of just offering one-size-fits-all clothing. Also, not everyone has the same body type, and it’s important to offer a range of sizes to accommodate different individuals.

This will also increase the likelihood of customer satisfaction, as they will be able to find a garment that fits them perfectly. Additionally, offering a variety of sizes can cater to a wider range of target audiences, thus potentially increasing your sales and revenue.

How does Asian Size compare to US size in general?

In my experience, Asian sizing tends to run smaller than US sizing

For example, an XL shirt in Asia may fit like a medium in the US. A key difference in measurements is the waist – Asian sizing tends to have a slimmer waist measurement compared to US sizing.

Another area of difference is in the sleeve length measurement. Asian sizes often have shorter sleeve lengths compared to US sizes, which can be challenging for those with longer arms.

What is Asian size XL in US size?

When it comes to Asian size XL, the conversion to US size can be a bit tricky. The conversion can vary depending on whether you are referring to men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing. Moreover, the type of garment can also affect the conversion. 

For instance, Asian XL sizes are approximately equal to US large sizes.

What is the US size Large in Asian size?

In general, a US size Large would translate to an Asian size XL or XXL. However, it’s always best to refer to the specific sizing charts provided by the clothing brand or online store to ensure an accurate fit. A

How can I convert Asian size to European size?

Here are some tips about converting Asian sizes to EU sizes: 

  • Take your body measurements. Measure your chest/bust, waist, and hips using a measuring tape. Also, note down the measurements in centimeters.
  • Refer to brand-specific size charts. Look for the brand you’re interested in and check their size chart. Some brands may include specific measurements, while others may provide a comparison between different sizing systems (including Asian and European).
  • Consider the general differences. Asian sizes tend to run smaller compared to European sizes. For example, an Asian size “M” might be closer to a European size “S” or even “XS.” It’s important to keep this in mind while choosing your size.
  • Check on customer reviews. People often mention if a particular item runs small or large, which can give you a better idea of how the sizes align.


As dropshippers, we must understand the importance of accurate sizing for customer satisfaction.

Asia offers great opportunities for dropshipping businesses with affordable prices and unique products, but the sizing chart may differ from the US standard. However, it is crucial to use a size conversion chart along with measuring the actual product before listing it on our e-commerce store.

Hence, this way, we can avoid wrong-size orders, unhappy customers, and returns. By employing these sizing guidelines, we can boost sales and create a reputation for our brand as reliable and trustworthy. Let’s not overlook the potential in the Asian market, and use these tips to start dropshipping from Asia with confidence.

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