High Ticket Dropshipping: Best Product Categories To Sell

How to win at high ticket dropshipping? There is a golden rule in this business, and it’s to find “high volume, low cost” products to resell, for low-profit margins.

However, when it comes to “low volume, high cost” dropshipping, otherwise known as high ticket dropshipping, not many decide to try it out.

This market has huge opportunities, while you won’t find many competitors that actually succeed.

Before we dive deep, Learn How To Find The Best Dropshipping Niche for Your Business in 2021.

What is high ticket dropshipping?

The simplest definition of high ticket dropshipping products is ‘selling low-volume expensive products at high prices. Most of these dropshippers are experienced and earn really big profits throughout the year.

They switch between multiple high ticket product categories by checking out which ones are currently trending. They usually use Google Trends to achieve this.

Basically, anything priced over a few hundred dollars can be sold for larger profit margins. That’s what high ticket dropshipping products are all about. The higher the price, the higher the profit margin.

You can sell a yacht for $200.000, although the original price was $150.000. You’ve just made $50.000 from a yacht sale. A more realistic example is to sell branded jewelry, such as watches and necklaces, or designer clothing.

You can sell a designer dress for $1500, earning $500 in the process. And that’s just by making one sale.

So, you now know the difference between selling a $5 T-shirt and a $500 T-shirt. This leads us to the next question.

high-ticket dropshipping

How can you find high ticket dropshipping products?

First off, you need to check every supplier out there, willing to sell high-priced products. Then, they’ll probably have tons of filters on the side, while you’re browsing the products.

If you can, select only the most expensive products, filter them by typing in over $500 if needed. But, even if you want to do this, where would you find such suppliers?

Google won’t be of much assistance, but perhaps Dropshipping will. We handpicked only the best high ticket dropshipping suppliers out there, separated by category.

Here you can check our ultimate overview on Sell The Trend Tool.

Let’s have a look at them all. This is guaranteed to help you find the perfect products to resell for high-profit margins.

The Best High Ticket Dropshipping Product Categories

Eager to find out which product categories are the most profitable this year? Consider using the category that suits you best, because even an inch of extra incentive will add to your success.

In other words, if you’re inspired and motivated within a certain category, this could prove to be a winning formula for your online business. Without further ado, here’s the list.

1. Automotive equipment

Car parts and equipment have always been expensive. Engines can cost up to several thousands of dollars, and the smaller parts up to a few hundred.

Discounts off retail prices are large, which enables resellers to earn decent cash with the local car repair shops. It’s one of the most decent industries with fast-expendable products, and it’s highly demanded at all times.

Preferred supplier: Keystone Automotive Parts

2. Home appliances

No matter if you need to replace your old fridge or have just moved in and you need a new one, it’ll cost you. People buy home appliances every year because new gadgets come out all the time and they’re essential with chores around the house.

What better way to make high profits than to sell kitchen appliances, as well as home entertainment electronics. There are hundreds of gadgets to choose from, with profits ranging between $100-1000, sometimes even more. It’s a great opportunity for every electronics reseller.

Preferred supplier: B&F System

3. Electronics

Selling electronics is ever-popular since we all use them. It’s estimated that over 5 billion people use mobile devices, over half of these being smartphones.

Thus, people need adapters, cables, headphones, accessories, and other types of electronics, to function in this modern world. You can even resell karaoke machines, home theaters, TVs, universal remotes, projectors and screens, and much more.

Preferred supplier: Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise

4. Branded clothing

One of the most profitable categories on the list is dropshipping branded clothes. They’re easy to sell because the trends keep changing and people want to dress up for the occasion.

In other words, clothing is always considered an “expendable” category because the products tend to wear off after a while. Most importantly, the profits you can earn vary between $50-2500 per order.

Believe it or not, people sell fashion dresses from a famous brand for thousands of dollars. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll sell 20 of these in a month, but you can still earn anywhere between $5000-20000 if you really put your mind to it.

Preferred supplier: BrandsGateway

5. Bicycles

Bicycles of all makes are always in demand. They promote a healthy lifestyle, save you gas money, and a lot of time getting to work.

No matter if it’s a mountain bike, a road bike, a BMX, a commuting bike, or any other type, they do cost money.

Are you already getting the idea? Yes, you can dropship bicycles for decent profits. They can range from $200, up to $5000.

The more expensive ones are, of course, harder to sell, but with the right advertising, you can make a lot in a month.

Preferred supplier: Dutch Bicycle Wholesale

6. Boat Accessories

Reselling boat accessories is an extremely rare job, as not many dropshippers know about it. It might take a few weeks, months maybe, to familiarize yourself with boat accessories.

However, once you figure out the prices and functions of each part and accessory, you can start making calculations.

Choose between safety equipment, ropes and cordages, cabin equipment, plumbing, navigation, electrical, engine parts, and other accessories.

Preferred supplier: Nova Argonautica

7. Jewelry

Reselling jewelry is common among high ticket dropshipping experts, although most dropshippers tend to sell “the cheap stuff”.

Selling gold and silver jewelry, however, is a completely different league. There’s no need to explain how much you can profit from these products.

By selling but a few grams of fashion jewelry and accessories, you can make thousands of dollars. Problem is, you need to find buyers for this stuff.

Preferred Supplier: GND Atlanta

The Botom Line

Becoming a Dropshipper isn’t an easy task. Selling high ticket dropshipping products is making the journey even harder. But we got you covered on every point of making your dream come true.

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