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Wholesale Blades is the ultimate destination of all wholesalers and drop shippers dealing in steel and cutlery products as we bring the best variety of top-notch knives, airsoft guns, outdoor gear, cosplay weapons, self-defense weapons, Ninja weapons and so much more at highly competitive wholesale rates.
Wholesale Blades is a very well known wholesaler and we have been providing best and top quality products to our customers for thirteen years at very reasonable rates. We also offer the fastest shipping of one business day as well which keeps our customers happy. We strive to provide the best services and top-quality products to our customers at the lowest possible rates so that our customers can have the best experience with us and they keep coming back for more.

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Ordering for the first time from these guys, my expectations were high and they again exceeded them! The customer service was excellent and the shipping was fast too. I will definitely order again in the future.

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Quick Details

  • Company is based in US
  • Average processing time of 1-3 days
  • Most likely a dropshippers
  • Cost range of products is $20 - $50
  • Shipping Cost: free

Quick Details

  • Website: https://www.wholesaleblades.com/
  • Contact Page: https://www.wholesaleblades.com/
  • Supplier Location: US
  • Supplier Address: 3161 State Rd STE H Bensalem, PA 19020
  • Phone Number: 18772864139
  • Email: sales@wholesaleblades.com

Shipping Locaiton


Product Cost

$20 - $50


This supplier has not been verified therefore we recommend being cautious.