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The 10 Best Print-On-Demand Dropshipping Suppliers


How to find the best print-on-demand companies to work with?

Having to choose the best print-on-demand dropshipping companies to work with requires a lot of research.

To save precious time, we did all the work for you and found the best print-on-demand dropshipping suppliers for your business.

Before you dive in, learn more about the concept of Reverse Dropshipping.

All these companies will design, produce, pack, and ship your products, so have a look at what they offer.

print on demand companies

1. Printful

Who they are and what they do

One of the oldest print-on-demand companies, Printful is a great option for both beginner and expert dropshippers.

They’ve invested over $37 million in printing equipment thus far. Moreover, they’ve sold merchandise worth over $500 million, and counting. The company has over 1000 employees, spread across three continents, in Europe, as well as Latin and North America.

The company has earned a reputation as an expensive print-on-demand service, because of the low profit margins. To avoid this, you can sell merchandise at higher prices, with it being of higher quality.


Unlike most print-on-demand companies, Printful has a built-in mockups generator for all drop shippers, to quickly go through the designs and start selling as soon as possible.

More importantly, they have integrated with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, for easier market penetration. Sample orders are discounted, with the percentage standing at twenty percent.

Pricing & Shipping

It’s amazing how fast Printful can pack, ship, and deliver the orders. It takes between 2-5 working days for them to ship any order to Mexico, the U.S., and Europe.

IF you’d like to know more about their shipping speeds and pricing, you can easily find it on the Printful shipping map.

As for shipping costs, standard shipping to the U.S. begins at $3.99 and varies, depending on discounted rates, as well as location.

It’s worth mentioning that they don’t charge any monthly or startup fees, except for when an order is made.

print on demand companies

2. Teelaunch

Who they are and what they do

Unlike most print-on-demand companies, Teelaunch is unique on many days. First and foremost, it’s recommended for anyone with a great business idea, or entrepreneurs trying to start their own brand.

Overall, Teelaunch is great for those looking to sell high-quality products at great rates. Profit margins vary, depending on the product you’re trying to market.


You can find various printing options for all sorts of products, including laser engraving on tech and accessories, as well as printing to all sorts of garments.

In fact, you can print logos and brands on so many products, such as BlueTooth speakers, mugs, water bottles, pet bowls, smartphone cases, and other product ideas and categories.

To see more on what you can print your brand, check out their products list and costs, where you’ll find tons of useful information.

Pricing & Shipping

Teelaunch takes time to produce its items. It takes them 3-6 working days, after which they check, pack, and ship the products worldwide. Fortunately, they have warehouses in the U.K., the U.S., and Canada.

print on demand companies

3. T-Pop

Who they are and what they do

This print-on-demand company is located in France, Europe, and offers access to more markets, due to it being located close to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Their focus is put on direct-to-garment services for cotton clothing, as well as dye sublimation printing for the more complex materials, such as polyester.

Who can take advantage of T-Pop’s services? Literally anyone willing to sell in Europe, since there are tons of marketplaces available for grabs.


T-Pop offers some unique features, such as white label dropshipping, with fully customized packing, printing, and packaging.

If you’re more on the eco-friendly side, the company has a ‘zero plastic’ policy, so all their packages are 100% made by recycled paper.

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Pricing & Shipping

Using T-Pop, what can you put your brand or logo on?

Basically, they have the printing technology for lots of items, such as apparel, mugs, cushions, baby products, bags, and other business ideas.

They use suppliers that are focused on creating equal opportunities for every worker, which shows how responsible they are towards labor and the environment.

As for shipping, it takes them 2-4 business days before the orders are shipped and packed throughout France. As for customers within Europe, they will ship all orders between 3-7 working days.

Finally, for worldwide orders, your customers can expect them to arrive within 5-10 days.

print on demand companies

4. AOP+ Easy Print on Demand

Who they are and what they do

First and foremost, you don’t need to pay any subscription fees to use AOP+’s services. As for the company, AOP+ Print-On-Demand focuses more on all-over-print products.

These are usually more profitable, so you can expect the profit margins to be higher. Who is it for? Given the ease of access and clean user interface, it can create a person’s idea into a lucrative business.

Both beginner and experienced entrepreneurs tend to use AOP’s printing services.


What does AOP+ offer that other print-on-demand companies don’t? Well, they offer discounts of up to 10% off, and you can make it as custom as it gets.

For example, packaging stickers, custom branding solutions, and custom packagings are also available.

Some of these, however, come with some of their paid subscriptions.

Pricing & Shipping

Since we mentioned paid subscriptions, AOP+ offers a few monthly plans for every user. The first one is free and offers no discount. The second one costs $11.99 per month and offers a 5% discount on all prices.

Lastly, the most expensive plan costs $19.99 per month and offers an additional 5% discount, up to a total of 10% on all orders. As for shipping, it takes 3-5 business days for regular orders and 7-10 days for all-over prints.

Shipping costs vary, depending on the type of product, location, etc.

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5. Lulu Xpress

Who they are and what they do

Lulu Xpress is a print-on-demand company, part of Lulu, a famous online self-publishing book company. They do not print apparel and accessories, but rather focus on comic books, magazines, books, and calendars.

Every talented author, comedian, or creative illustrator can monetize their abilities with Lulu, creating and selling their works on Amazon and similar marketplaces.


As we just mentioned, anyone with a creative mind can use Lulu to create their ideas into business. Then, they can easily sell the products on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and even Lulu’s own marketplace.

Moreover, they can be bought as e-books, saving time and money on shipping in the process.

Pricing & Shipping

Luckily for everyone, they ship between 3-5 working days, to over 150 countries around the world.

To make sure customers don’t wait too long for their items to arrive, Lulu Xpress has opened up establishments in Europe, the U.S., and Canada.

If you’re wondering about the prices, it’s hard to determine any price, so it all depends on what you’re trying to publish.

print on demand companies

6. JetPrint: Print on Demand

Who they are and what they do

JetPrint is a watch print-on-demand dropshipping company perfect for those looking to design and sell their own custom watch brand.

Besides being unique in this category, they’ve recently expanded their services within other niches, such as phone cases and accessories, as well as home decor.


Besides offering dropshippers to create their watch brands, it’s important that JetPrint provides last-minute modifications before they start the printing procedure. As usual, you will be allowed to create mockups to use in your online store. You can even print different watch types, of different materials, colors, and even straps.

Pricing & Shipping

It’s worth mentioning that the average time to produce and print the watches takes around 3-5 working days.

According to the site, the shipping is free and available worldwide, however, it takes 14-20 working days.

As an option, they also offer a $15 express shipping which should decrease the time to between 5-9 working days.

print on demand companies

7. Printify

Who they are and what they do

Printify is a bit different than the other print-on-demand companies on this list. In a way, it gives dropshippers the much-needed access to hundreds of print-on-demand companies, located worldwide.

This gives more options for product printing, materials, pricing flexibility, etc.

You can print brands and logos on clothing and accessories, home & living, AOP clothing, eco-friendly products, as well as seasonal bestsellers.

To find out more about what they offer, check out Printify’s product catalog.


The features are pretty much the same as the rest of the print-on-demand copmanies on this list. You’ll get the mockup generator, integration with Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and other marketplaces.

One thing you need to pay attention to is the 20% discount on all products, available with the premium plan. It’s why this plan is the most popular option to choose when starting out with Printify.

Most importantly, you’ll make more profits using the discount on every order.

Pricing & Shipping

Printify offers 3 subscription plans, free, premium, and enterprise. The first one is perfect for beginners and allows selling on up to 5 stores per account.

The premium plan costs $29/month and if you’re already a growing drop shipper, you can create and connect up to 10 stores per account.

The enterprise always offers the most features, since it’s the most expensive, per agreement with the company.

As for shipping partnerships and services, they work with the most popular ones such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others.

Since they work with various print providers, it’s best that you check each supplier’s shipping rates, usually ranging between $3-8 per product.

print on demand companies


Who they are and what they do

SPOD is a Shopify app, part of SpreadShirt. It’s one of the Internet’s largest free design libraries.

What else is to be known about SPOD? While some suppliers offer print-on-demand for a variety of products, these guys offer bigger profits.

To make it sound more appealing, we’ll just mention that all of their orders are shipped within 2 business days, much quicker than their competitors.


It’s free to install via Shopify’s app store, there are 50.000 free designs to be printed on over 110 products of your choice, and the prices are lower compared to other suppliers.

You can literally sell thousands of design t-shirts in your store with SPOD. Shopify user reviews show a score of around 4.5/5 stars, according to around 400 users.

Here you can check our ultimate TeePublic review (t-shirt print-on-demand).

Pricing & Shipping

At least half of their products are packed and shipped within 24 hours. At the same time, the quality of printing or the product won’t change, because their factories are located in the U.S. and Europe.

They are able to react fast and deliver the end product much quicker than most print-on-demand companies.

Other than that, SPOD is free to download and use via Shopify.

print on demand companies

9. Apliiq Dropship

Who they are and what they do

If you’re really willing to make it in the clothing industry and build an empire, Apliiq is the company for you.

Located in L.A., and highly popular among dropshippers and creative resellers, Apliiq lets you design amazing streetwear, from top to bottom.

Design your own clothes, start a clothing line, and dropship worldwide, to over 150 countries.


They offer complete customization of clothing and accessories, from custom labels, patches, pocket tees, beanies, screen and digital printing, embroidery, and much more.

It works with either Shopify or WooCommerce and is recommended for fashion enthusiasts willing to show their creativity.

They also offer bulk discounts, for people selling at events and brick-and-mortar stores.

Pricing & Shipping

Apliiq Dropship uses USPS to ship the products worldwide. Basically, it’s weight-based shipping, and it starts at $3.99 within the U.S.

If you’re willing to sell abroad, it’s best to check out their guide to setting up international rates for dropshipping. For orders over $100 in the U.S., shipping is free.

Tracking information is available via emails, but they won’t be responsible for any extra expenses with customs, import dropshipping taxes, etc., concerning international customers. It takes up to 7 business days for production to be complete.

print on demand companies

10. CustomCat

Who they are and what they do

The last on our list, CustomCat has a team of 600 people to keep things in motion. More importantly, there are over 10.000 product SKUs available to drop shippers.

As for the experience, the company has shipped over 20 million products since its inception.

Who is it for? With one of the biggest product catalogs, CustomCat means business. They will offer hundreds of products ready for logos and brands.


Is there anything different with CustomCat, compared to other print-on-demand companies? Besides the direct-to-garment, 3D dye diffusion, and custom embroidery, you’ll get some great prices.

If you decide to subscribe to their $30/month plan, they will show you the secrets of the trade. For example, premium subscribers can pay as low as $7 for a t-shirt, or $3.50 for coffee mugs.

Pricing & Shipping

CustomCat is praised for its fast shipping, which is ready to ship at an average of 48-72 hours. It takes them another 24 hours to 7 weekdays for shipping within the U.S., and 4-15 working days for global orders.

How much does CustomCat charge for shipping? For U.S. orders, they apply a $4.99 fee for the first product, and if the order consists of two or more products, it will cost you an additional $1.50 per item.

On the other hand, international shipping costs more, at $7.50 per product, and $5.95 for every additional piece.

How to find the best print-on-demand companies for your store?

Like all the other dropshipping processes, print-on-demand is also considered a business opportunity that is less risky, to begin with.

Find out What are the risks of dropshipping and how to avoid them.

You can start visualizing your brand, apparel, logo, embroidery, and then contact any of the suppliers on the list.

You need to first find out what it is you’re trying to sell, define the type of audience for it, and find someone reliable to produce it for you.

Once you define what you want to sell, find at least two print-on-demand dropshipping suppliers, and compare prices and shipping times. See how they will react to what you have in mind, and if you’re on the same page, they’re the right supplier for you.

Here you can learn how to choose the best dropshipping suppliers for your store.

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