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11 Best China Dropshipping Suppliers [General & Niche Dropshippers]
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The best thing you can do as a beginner dropshipper with little money is to work with Chinese dropshipping suppliers.

Why? 🤔

A few reasons include insanely high-profit margins, ridiculously large product catalogs, and lots of branding opportunities that let you establish your own personal brand with ease.

And, more on that is below. 

A piece of expert advice for starting a dropshipping store I wish I had gotten back in the day was to find high-quality, reliable suppliers.

Knowing what to focus on beforehand is crucial if you don’t want to waste time or money. So, that’s exactly why I’m giving you this list of reliable Chinese dropshipping suppliers in 2024.

Hence, this will ensure your business is in good hands and that you don’t spend your entire dropshipping budget instantly.So, let’s start.


Why Choose China Dropshipping Suppliers?

Among the main reasons why you should work with Chinese dropshipping suppliers is the low product costs.

However, that’s just a piece of the puzzle, as there are many other benefits that outweigh the disadvantages.

Let’s see what they are!

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✅ Potential for High-Profit Margins

We all know that manufacturing labor costs in China can get quite cheap. As a result, you’re able to buy your products for extremely affordable prices and then sell them for significantly more money.

Hence, let’s say you establish a reputable brand with those same products. Your profit margins can skyrocket and increase your earnings by staggering amounts.

That’s a huge “if”, but it’s most definitely not impossible.

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✅ Global Shipping with Decent Rates

Dropshipping suppliers from China commonly offer worldwide shipping. 

Where it’s likely for USA dropshipping suppliers to ship only to US customers, Chinese dropship suppliers are much more diverse.Thus, in this simple overview, you can learn the basics of dropshipping from China to the USA.

In addition, depending on the carrier service you choose, shipping rates can get quite cheap.

✅ Sell Almost Any Product You Can Imagine

It’s highly unlikely that you will find US or EU dropshipping suppliers that have more variety in products compared to most Chinese dropshipping suppliers. 

Also, thanks to high-speed production and affordable labor, China excels in manufacturing lots of products fast.

As a result, most suppliers are fully stocked with your favorite products for years to come. 

Because of this, it’s hard to go out of stock with most dropshipping suppliers from China.

✅ Great Product Quality

The stereotype of poor Chinese product quality is coming to an end. At this time, Chinese manufacturers rely on sophisticated technology to create long-lasting products at exceptional 


This is why Chinese dropshipping suppliers are able to make so many products, so fast, and at such affordable rates. Also, it’s untrue that these products are not of good quality. 

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Sure, there will always be some manufacturers that make terrible products.

However, we aim to teach you how to avoid those suppliers and work only with reliable, reputable, and high-quality ones.

These are the only types of suppliers you’re going to see in the best Chinese dropshipping suppliers list below.

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers in China?

You can find the best Chinese dropshipping suppliers by simply doing your research on the top few candidates that you find.

Once you see a few suppliers that you like, you then have to investigate and learn about their pricing, shipping rates, delivery times, policies, etc.

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Here are a few steps to make the job easier for you:

1. Scout the Market

First, you need to see what options you have. That’s exactly what you can find in our list of best Chinese dropshipping suppliers below. Not all of these options will work for you, but they’re worth exploring. 

You can select a few that appeal to you and move on with the following steps.

2. Start the Research

Start with the first supplier on your list and search online or on their website for the following:

  • Contact information
  • Business License
  • Any certifications
  • Company address
  • Ownership status and proof

If everything falls into place, move on to step three.

3. Contact the Supplier

It is always an excellent idea to establish a relationship with the supplier before you start doing business. This is one of the best dropshipping tips I can give you.

When you contact the supplier, you should ask the following questions:

  • Do you have minimum order requirements?
  • Are there any monthly fees or charges for your services?
  • Do you sell to the general public?

If the answer is “Yes” to most of these questions, then you should move on to the next supplier on your list.

Minimum order requirements mean that you can’t let your dropshipping customers purchase only one piece of your product. However, most of the time, they will only want one piece. So, this is a huge red flag.

Monthly fees aren’t a common thing to see with a reliable supplier. If you find a Chinese dropshipping supplier asking for any type of subscription fee it is best to avoid them.

General public access to the supplier’s products is probably the worst one on this list. If a supplier sells to the general public, it means that countless others are getting the product for the same price as you. Avoid working with these types of suppliers.

4. Assess and Decide

A few important takeaways you should remember after doing all of these steps are the following:

  • Avoid suppliers that are hard to contact or that don’t respond quickly
  • Find out if they have drop fees and how much they are
  • Only work with suppliers who don’t have a minimum order quantity
  • Review their product pricing and see if you can pull off decent profit margins
  • Read their Return Policy and check for red flags
  • Always find out about their shipping and delivery times

11 Best Chinese Dropshipping Suppliers

It’s finally time to see the list.

Here are a few high-quality and reliable dropshipping suppliers from China that you can consider working with.

6 Best General Dropshipping Suppliers from China

We’ll start off with a few general suppliers who have a wide variety of different products. 

These types of suppliers work with all types of stores and there’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find many products you’ll love.


sunsky china supplier

Sunsky is a massive wholesale and dropshipping supplier from China. You can quickly get overwhelmed by their selection and quantity of products. 

The website features everything from smartphones to toys, decorations, clothing, and tons more. It’s among the best general Chinese dropshipping suppliers you can find.

Why is Sunsky a great choice?

  • Massive selection of products from reputable brands
  • No minimum order quantity requirements
  • Acceptable prices
  • They have international warehouses, in China, Europe, the USA, and the UK
  • Stunning reviews
  • Custom invoices and unbranded packaging
  • Easy Shopify integration
  • Access to great discounts


At Shewin, their commitment revolves around catering exclusively to the USA market. Thus, they specialize in offering high-quality, trendsetting wholesale clothing and services, making it possible for aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of owning a stunning online boutique.

Also, their extensive collection encompasses a diverse array of women’s southern wholesale clothing, including everything from tops, dresses, bottoms, sets, occasion-specific attire, footwear, bags, ACCS, to plus-size clothing, all at remarkably affordable prices.

Hence, what makes Shewin stand out?

  • Nestled in Quanzhou, China—tracing back to the historic Silk Road—is their headquarters.
  • Their impressive factory spans over 5,000 square meters, and they’ve fostered partnerships with over 100 esteemed supply chain collaborators.
  • Since their establishment in 2019, Shewin’s online presence has thrived for 5 years, during which they’ve diligently processed nearly 100,000 orders.
  • This unwavering commitment to quality has earned them an exceptional rating of 4.9 on both Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Now, let’s talk convenience and affordability. Shewin ensures an accessible entry point, allowing orders to start from just $39 (with support for open pack and no MOQ for dropshipping). Moreover, all sizes align with USA sizing standards. Every product undergoes rigorous quality inspections—three rounds, to be exact—before leaving their premises. And for those tight on warehouse space, they provide free dropshipping services, along with options for OEM & ODM.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a reliable partner for your wholesale clothing venture, Shewin is the name to remember. What’s more, their dedication to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction truly sets them apart. Explore their offerings and elevate your retail experience today!


quarkscm dropshipping suppliers

QuarkSCM is among the best Chinese dropshipping suppliers for those who don’t have PayPal in their country.

Why? Because QuarkSCM supports payments from Payoneer in addition to PayPal.

Also, aside from that, QuarkSCM offers hundreds of thousands of products to choose from that belong to countless categories and niches.

Moreover, almost all countries get up-to-date tracking numbers and the prices on the majority of products are affordable.

So, why is QuarkSCM a great choice?

  • You can make payments with Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer
  • Impressive product images
  • Up-to-date tracking numbers
  • Constant discounts on many products for registered users
  • Integrates with many major eCommerce platforms
  • You get free shipping if you buy larger quantities of products
  • Neutral packaging


dhgate suppliers

DHgate has, perhaps, the largest product catalog yet from this list of best Chinese dropshipping suppliers. 

With close to 22 million products to choose from, it’s highly unlikely that you won’t find what you’re looking for here.

What’s more, with DHgate, you get buyer protection and amazing dropshipping returns and refund policy that takes care of any defective or damaged products that you’ve delivered.

In addition, you can make secure payments using PayPal, credit cards, wire transfers, and similar methods.

Lastly, DHgate ships your products to over 200 countries and even has products stored in US and EU warehouses for faster and cheaper delivery.

On a similar note, explore the best countries to target when dropshipping.

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Why is DHgate a great choice?

  • Global delivery that takes between 3 and 15 working days max
  • More than half of all DHgate products are available in the US and EU warehouses
  • Easy integration with Shopify and eBay
  • DHgate supports 14 languages for easy communication


udroppy chinese suppliers

uDroppy is similar to CJ dropshipping in terms of all the automation services they provide.

However, they also give you access to lots of trustworthy Chinese suppliers to source your products.

So, if you want general Chinese dropshipping suppliers that have countless products at their disposal, uDroppy can hook you up with close to 1000 suppliers to contact and work with.

Thus, they offer a ridiculously large variety of products you can choose from. This gives you a lot of freedom to find the perfect product with acceptable margins.

Why is uDroppy a great choice?

  • It’s easy to establish a relationship with a supplier
  • uDroppy can handle the order fulfillment process and other operations
  • They offer custom packaging
  • The platform offers a service that provides full dropshipping automation
  • You get access to hundreds of quality suppliers


banggood dropshipping suppliers

Banggood gives you access to over a million products sourced from hundreds of different dropshipping suppliers from China.

Thus, they even have dozens of warehouses overseas to ensure speedy delivery and affordable shipping rates on some products.

Hence, why is Banggood a great choice?

  • You can integrate supplier data with Shopify and other major eCommerce platforms
  • The platform supports over 20 languages for easy communication
  • Easily create custom shipping invoices
  • It’s effortless to navigate through all the products
  • Enormous product catalog


chinadevision china dropshipping suppliers

Chinavasion is a diverse platform that features a large collection of reputable brands. They have warehouses in the EU and US to ensure more convenient delivery.

And, Chinavasion is currently among the most popular Chinese dropshipping suppliers on the market.

Also, an impressive benefit that comes with Chinavasion is the 3-month quality guarantee on all their products.

This allows you to use this guarantee for your own store and significantly drive up those sales.

So, why is Chinavasion a great choice?

  • English dropshipping customer service that is available 24/7
  • Professional images and descriptions for all products
  • Every product comes with a quality guarantee
  • Access to custom shipping invoices
  • You can gain special discounts as you order more from them

5 Best Niche Chinese Dropshipping Suppliers

General Chinese dropshipping suppliers are great for finding winning dropshipping products but what if you want to start a branded niche store

Fear not, as the following dropshipping suppliers from China are packed with cool, unique, novelty products that belong to a particular niche.

Wholesale7 (Clothing)

wholesale7 dropshipping

If you want to sell modern and high-quality clothes that you can buy at affordable prices, then you definitely need to check out Wholesale7.

Moreover, they are Chinese dropshipping suppliers that exclusively sell clothing.

So, you can choose from different categories within this niche, including shoes, bags, men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and more.

If you want to start a dropshipping clothing business, Wholesale7 is a great supplier to work with. And, if you want to browse and find more worldwide options, check my ultimate list of the 80 best dropship clothing suppliers.

Why is Wholesale7 a great choice?

  • There are lots of products to choose from
  • High-quality photos of each product
  • The supplier accepts PayPal, Credit Cards, and Klarna
  • Decent delivery timers, no more than 30 days
  • Offers expedited shipping that can take up to 7 days max
  • Has a clear Privacy Policy
  • Each product features detailed descriptions
  • Great prices

NihaoJewelry (Jewelry)

Jewelry has always been a popular dropshipping niche with impressive margins and awesome branding opportunities. 

So, why not start dropshipping jewelry?

NihaoJewelry is a gold mine full of the most trending, unique, and well-designed jewelry pieces out there.

You can browse through different categories such as fine jewelry, fashion items, trending, watches, and more.

In addition, why is NihaoJewelry a great choice?

  • Features a diverse collection of modern jewelry
  • Outstanding prices that can convert to huge profit margins
  • NihaoJewelry has its own personal designers and manufacturing factories
  • Accepts various payment methods
  • Global shipping with relatively fast delivery times
  • You can download their own app for more convenience
  • Excellent support
  • Integrates with Shopify

Yoycol (Print-on-Demand)

yoycool dropshipping supplier from china

Yoycol is your best bet at starting a dropshipping print-on-demand store with high-quality and affordable Chinese dropshipping suppliers.

With Yoycol, you can choose from over 300 different products that you can print custom designs on.

Furthermore, the list includes anything from clothing, mugs, pet accessories, home decorations, and more.

What is more, their 3D mockup generator lets you create your designs and preview them on the actual product before they’re printed.

Thus, you can connect your Shopify, Etsy, or WooCommerce store with Yoycol and enjoy seamless order and fulfillment. Soon, BigCommerce will also be on this list.

So, why is Yoycol a great choice?

  • 24/7 reliable customer support
  • Affordable prices on PoD products
  • Yoycol is a certified Gold Plus Supplier by SGS
  • They accept lots of different payment methods
  • Decent monthly discounts 
  • Global delivery that doesn’t exceed 30 days and goes as low as 3 days
  • There are no order minimums
  • Their platform fulfills your products
  • Yoycol offers a return guarantee

GeekBuying (Consumer Electronics)

geekbuying china supplier

GeekBuying is a popular platform filled with Chinese dropshipping suppliers that have high-quality consumer electronic goods. 

Thus, the company has many warehouses that are scattered across very convenient locations, including China, Germany, Spain, Italy, the USA, and more.

However, product prices on GeekBuying aren’t going to be the usual $2 or $3.

Also, even though the products are more expensive, you can still get high margins as these are high-quality products that can be highly beneficial for the users who buy them. 

For example, they offer $50 smartwatches that you can easily price at around $100. Overall, the number of cool products with this supplier is simply insane.

Why is GeekBuying a great choice?

  • They offer global shipping
  • Great selection of supported payment methods
  • Some products come with free shipping
  • There are around a dozen support languages
  • They provide products from reputable brands

PetStoreInc (Pet Products)

petstore china suppliers

PetStoreInc offers the largest variety of pet products and suppliers you can choose from.

Hence, if you ever want to start a pet supplies dropshipping store, this is one of the best Chinese dropshipping suppliers to go with.

Aside from having tons of products waiting to be sold, you can also choose between ocean and air shipping.

Also, some orders have free shipping and the prices on all products can get quite affordable. 

⚠️ Note: Also, keep in mind that some (not all) products have a minimum order quantity with this supplier.

Still, this is a great supplier to work with because you can easily fill your dropshipping store with almost every pet product there is.

As a result, you can quickly brand your store as a reliable one that leaves no customer hanging.

So, why is PetStoreInc a great choice?

  • Enormous catalog of pet products and categories
  • Free shipping on some products
  • Decent product images
  • Acceptable prices 
  • Some products often have discounts
  • Fast customer support
  • Excellent refund and return policies

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Hopefully, this list of some of the best Chinese dropshipping suppliers will help you start and scale your dropshipping store.

Take the advice you’ve read here, find your ideal supplier from the list, and enjoy having reliable suppliers who always have your back.

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