Best Marketing Practices for Your Online Dropshipping Store


It is easy to open a dropshipping business and to sell products online. Although, what isn’t easy is to keep up with the ever-changing dropshipping marketing practices.

Developing the best Marketing strategy for your business can be challenging, but also “smooth” when you know what to do.

Here are some of the best dropshipping marketing practices for your online dropshipping store: 

Build Trust 

You can’t become successful and lack trust from your consumers. Consumers will always buy from companies they trust.

It is the same as when you are trying to buy a product from Amazon, or Alibaba. You will always feel more comfortable when you trust the brand. 

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It isn’t easy to be trusted at the beginning, but the best thing you can do is to ask your satisfied customers to give you good reviews and ratings.

If you have at least 5 or 10 good reviews, that will start to multiply. People will trust you more, and guess what? Your dropshipping store’s growth will skyrocket!

Get Personalized

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When your customers feel like they are part of your dropshipping business, they will always have good words to say about your online store.

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool and it is one of the main reasons many businesses grew from a few customers to thousands or millions!

Some examples of personalization include personalized emails with first names, quick responses, special offers, asking how satisfied the customer is, etc. 

Facebook/Instagram Ads

If you don’t have Facebook & Instagram ads running on your site, you’re not following the top-rated dropshipping marketing practices.

These 2 social media platforms are one of the best for marketing your online dropshipping store. It’s because many purchases are made through these apps. 

If you listen to one of the best marketers around the world, they will always tell you that even your website visitors will increase the most through your social media marketing

Facebook offers great engagement rates and options to sell. It is because Facebook allows you to directly post links on your post descriptions.

You can start marketing a product or write a blog about it, where the link can directly redirect people to your website. 

Facebook’s paid ads allow you to reach a huge amount of people. The reach you can get on Facebook with paid ads is one of the best out there. That means – your dropshipping business will go global!

dropshipping marketing practices

Instagram also offers great marketing tools for your dropshipping store. You can include a “shop now” button, as many younger people use Instagram to purchase items online.

The one issue about Instagram is that you can’t post a link in the photo description as you do on Facebook. 

The reach of Instagram is great once you get a few likes and comments. Then, you can do some paid ads and your reach might get just as good as it is on Facebook!

Placing Ads 

According to Neil Patel, almost all your visitors won’t buy on their first visit to your website. This is quite a challenge but there is always a solution to this.

Placing ads on other websites such as partner websites you work with, supplies, etc, were the most effective ways to convert. 

This is also what I mentioned above about social media marketing. The paid banner ads you place will most likely generate more revenue than just a first visit to your website. Ads placed on other websites as well are a great chance to increase your purchases. 

People will buy more when they see an ad than when they visit your website for the first time.

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Content Marketing

Many online dropshipping stores worldwide fail at one thing, and that is producing content (writing blogs). Writing blogs can be very helpful because they also build trust between the consumer and the retailer. It may help your customers better understand your product and your services. 

Another benefit of writing blogs is that you can increase your SEO. That means that through writing blogs your dropshipping store will also get more exposure since your SEO is increasing. You can check out our other blog on how to increase your SEO at our website

Maybe you think this is too much work, that is why you can always hire a blogger to do this work for you. As of now, LinkedIn is a great way of trying to find freelance writers to write the content for you. Maybe you will be paying them some cash but they are also the golden ticket to your brand awareness!

Focus on Your Niche

We wrote an entire blog on this, you can check it out here. There is rarely any dropshipping business that focuses on many niches. Even when they do, they won’t be as successful. 

If you logically think about it, you can’t be an expert in many niches. That is why you want to focus on just one. You will get a better personalization with your customers and will know what they want. It is hard to find your customer’s needs when you target so many niches. 

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Even when Amazon first started its online dropshipping store, they were selling books only.  

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Email Marketing

Since we mentioned before that your first visitors will almost always not buy from your website, it is important we get something off of them. That is their email address. Sending the many visitors who left an email of your products can be your one-way ticket to success in your dropshipping store. 

Your visitors like books, you send them an email offer about books, or maybe some other product they like. Maybe you want to offer new visitors a coupon code, a discount, voucher code, etc. It will make a difference compared to not emailing them. 

This doesn’t just count for new visitors but also for those who are already part of your online business. Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. If you don’t use email campaigns, your marketing will ultimately fail. 

Include Purchase Promotions 

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to include some promotions for your loyal users. Some examples would be “buy one- get one with a discount”, special offers, discounts, coupon codes, vouchers, a free month of monthly subscriptions, a gift, etc. 

You don’t want to always seem like all you are doing is just to make the customer’s money. You want to seem like you care about them. Everybody feels good when they are treated well and treated like they are part of your dropshipping store “family”. 

Service Quality 

You can try any strategy but if you lack quality, everyone will run away. Make sure that all your products are of the maximum quality. Customers will always be satisfied when they buy something off your online store and know that your quality is at the maximum level. 

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Quality can also be considered by offering personalized packaging and products. The best quality is when you know your customer just like they know themselves. 

Google Ads

Google ads, or also considered Pay-per-click Marketing (PPC) is a great way to increase your website traffic from Google itself. If you include some catchy headlines that can grab a customer’s attention right away, your visitors can skyrocket.

Google doesn’t like small investments, so whenever you want to invest in Google ads, you need to make sure it is over $100. If your headlines/offers are attention driving, you can also reach many people and a great conversion rate. 


LinkedIn is one of the best social media to reach many people organically. LinkedIn as of now is the king of organic growth. If you are an influencer on LinkedIn or have really good engaging content through your page, your dropshipping sales can increase fairly quickly.

There are many dropshippers who are actually using LinkedIn more than other social media platforms to increase their sales. 

Even when you do Paid Ads on LinkedIn, you can reach much more people with a higher search intent than on any other platform. 

Video Marketing

I don’t know what product you want to promote but some products do really well with video marketing. 

They aren’t difficult to do since you already have Youtube and Tiktok. If you go viral on either, you will reach millions in days. 

dropshipping marketing practices

Not all dropshipping stores can be successful with video marketing, but many of them can. Some product niches that could do good are: 

  • Car parts
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Health products
  • Home decor
  • Tools
  • Shampoos
  • Clothes 

Website Clarity 

What many dropshippers fail to do is to provide an online store with a simple, well-structured design. On one of our blogs, we also mentioned that SEO increases when the website is simple and has to use fewer codes.

Nothing will make your customers leave faster than having to spend too much time trying to find what to buy. A lot of people aren’t always free, so what you want to do is to avoid making your website complicated. Add direct links, direct purchases, simple navigation, sub-categories, categories, etc. The longer it takes to buy, the faster people will leave your site.

Are you going to follow our best dropshipping marketing practices?

Nobody ever said it is easy to do the marketing in a dropshipping store. Although, we want to give you ideas on what has worked for us so that you can also be successful!

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