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Billo Review: The Best UGC Video Marketplace For Dropshippers
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CO-founder at Dropshipping.com
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Looking for a secret weapon to level up your social selling game? Look no further than Billo. Here’s a full Billo Review for you.

This is a marketplace for short-form videos and original user-generated content (UGC). With more than 3,000 creators in the United States, Billo can connect you with talented video producers to showcase your brand and products in the best light possible.

So, if you want to boost your dropshipping sales, or improve conversion rates, you got your hands full.

Now, take your notes, because I am starting my FULL Billo Review!


Quick Billo Review

First, for our busy dropshippers, here’s a quick Billo Review!πŸ‘‡


The best

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Customizable video features
  • Access to a large pool of video creators
  • Full Content Ownership

The worst

  • Slow customer service
  • Your products need to be given away

Starting from

  • Launch -$500 for 6 videos; Grow- $1000 for 15 videos; Scale – $2,500 for 40 videos

Now, let’s get to my in-depth Billo Review.

What is Billo?

Billo is the secret weapon for dropshipping businesses seeking to up their social selling game.

In fact, it is a marketplace for original UGC or short-form videos that you can use for your marketing, product page, or any other content needs.

Moreover, they have more than 3000 creators in the United States. Thus, it connects you with video creators that produce customized videos that showcase your brand in the best possible light.

So, from unboxing and testimonials to 360 views and how-to videos, Billo offers a variety of formats that can be shared across:

What’s more, they make videos about each dropshipping niche you are in. Whether you want, health and beauty, clothing, or maybe home decor, they are here!

Plus, Billo lets you check on the progress of tasks and say yes or no to a creator’s request. This gives you control over the video-making process.

Why Use Short-Form Videos For Your Dropshipping Business?

First, short-form videos are incredibly versatile, which allows you to deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience.

So, whether you’re looking to showcase your product, explain a complex idea, or simply engage your audience with a fun, lighthearted message, short-form videos can do it all.

Another key benefit of using short-form videos is their shareability. With the rise of social media, sharing content has become easier than ever before.

Thus, by creating short-form videos that are both informative and entertaining, you can encourage your audience to share your content with their friends and followers, significantly increasing your reach and exposure.

Finally, short-form videos are also incredibly effective at humanizing your brand. Therefore, by featuring real people in your videos and showing the personality and culture of your company, you can build trust and connection with your audience.

In fact, it is more likely that they will engage with your brand and ultimately become customers.

Now, let’s see what Billo can do for you in this matter.


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How Does Billo Work?

In this part of the Billo Review, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use the Billo App. And, believe us, this is everything you need to know in order to start!πŸ‘‡

Step 1 – Register to Billo App

First and foremost, if you want to start using Billo, you must register. So, go to their website, then click the upper right button “Get Started”.

Next, you will be led to another page, where you can create an account.πŸ‘‡

Step 2 – Create a Task

So the first thing you’ll have to do is to create what they call a task. In fact, once logged in, all you have to do is click on the “Get video” button. This is the task that you have to create.

Step 3 – Create New Product

Next, a window will pop up where you can create a product. First, choose a physical or a digital one. Then, add a link.

What’s more, they usually scan your website for these details, like an image or description, but you can also add it manually if it doesn’t work with digital products.

Step 4 – Set up Video Characteristics

Next, you can choose the video type. Billo offers several video types like video ads, testimonials, reviews, how-to’s, unboxing videos, etc.πŸ‘‡

Next, choose the video quality. They have two options: basic and premium. Once you make a choice for quality, you need to choose the duration.

Also, you can choose how long the video should be up to 15, 30, or 60 seconds. However, this affects the pricing you will be charged.

In addition, basic creators are making videos on their smartphones in a home environment, while premium creators have 4K cameras, better lightning-neutral backgrounds and they have more experience as well.

Next is the video placement. Billo allows you to actually choose a platform on where you’re planning to use the videos. And based on that, they give you the right format for that particular platform.

Step 5 – Set up Editing Services

Once you choose the video characteristics, next you can specify the editing services. In fact, these are optional but are done by their motion graphics team and you can add them on top of what you would like to receive specifically.πŸ‘‡

Once you make that choice, you can also request pictures if you need to. Also, you can write a description of how you would like your photos to look.πŸ‘‡

Step 6 – Set up Creator Criteria

Next, you need to set up creator criteria, based on gender, age, and some other preferences, like for example, someone who can film in a car or has a pet, etc.πŸ‘‡

However, keep in mind that all of the creators are from the United States. So, the products will be shipped there.

Step 7 – Choose the Number of Videos

The next step requires choosing the number of videos you would like to receive. What this means is if you choose three videos will get them done by three different creators, but the task will be the same.

Thus, the format, duration, quality, and other choices will apply to all of the videos.

So, if you want to change anything, maybe have one premium video and a few basics, you can change the amount and make multiple tasks once you do this step.

Step 8 – Create a Scenario

The next step is actually creating a scenario. So it can either go with creative mode or it can go the regular mode and add some details.

Here you can mention the specifics you want the creators to include in the video, like unboxing the product or mentioning free shipping.πŸ‘‡

Next, you can add multiple mentions or anything you want the creator to highlight in the video.πŸ‘‡

Once you approve the task, it will go active in a day. Afterward, once the task is active, creators will supply it in a day or two.

Next, since you approve the creators, you will have to ship the product to their house, but they get to keep it. Also, they have seven days to make the video.

After it is made, you can approve it or request edits, but keep in mind that you cannot ask for anything new or extra that was not initially mentioned.

You can request an edit like the ones in the picture above. But once you do make a choice or you approve the final version that you get, you basically get to download the video.

Now, let’s get some more information about Billo!

Billo Review: Key Features

πŸ”Έ Ease of Use

Billo is easy to use, even if you have no prior experience working with creators. The platform’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive, making it easy to select a creator and start a project.

What’s more, the platform also provides a project dashboard where you can communicate with the creator, track the project’s progress, and provide feedback.

πŸ”Έ Affordable Content

Billo offers straightforward packages that will save you time, and more importantly – money.

If you compare it with the cost of hiring someone to do the content in-house or working with a video creation agency – using Billo is a way more cost-effective option.

Thus, this UGC app provides with

  • TikTok videos
  • How-to-videos
  • Video testimonials
  • Honest reviews
  • 360 showcase videos
  • Unboxing videos, and many more!

Plus, even if you compare their prices to other UGC Apps, the advantage is on their side.

πŸ”Έ No Subscriptions/Pay-As-You-Go

Billo’s pricing model is simple and straightforward. You only pay for the content you get, and there are no subscriptions required. This makes it easy to manage your content production costs and ensures that you’re only paying for what you need.

πŸ”Έ Lifetime Content Rights

When you use Billo to create content, you own the rights to that content for life. This means that you can use the content on your dropshipping store, social media, and other marketing channels without worrying about copyright issues.

πŸ”Έ Custom Video Parameters

Billo makes it easy to create custom videos that meet your specific needs.

Thus, you can choose the video’s length, format, and style, and the creator will produce a video that meets your requirements. This ensures that the content you receive is tailored to your brand and your audience.

πŸ”Έ Access to over 3000 Creators in the US

Billo provides access to a vast network of creators in the US. This means that you can find a creator who specializes in your niche and has experience creating content that resonates with your audience.

So, with over 3000 creators, you’re sure to find someone who can help you achieve your content goals.

πŸ”Έ You Choose the Creator

Billo allows you to choose the creator you want to work with. You can browse the creator’s portfolio, read their reviews, and select the creator that best matches your needs.

In fact, this gives you control over the content creation process and ensures that you’re working with someone who understands your brand and your audience.

πŸ”Έ Photo Offering

Billo’s creators can also provide high-quality photos that you can use on your dropshipping store, social media, and other marketing channels.

Hence, this saves you time and money compared to hiring a photographer or sourcing images from stock photo websites.

So, this helps you build a branded dropshipping business, and stand out of the crowd.

πŸ”Έ Additional Video Editing

Billo’s Motion Graphics team can also provide additional video editing services, such as adding captions or music to your video.

And, the result is? Well, your final product is polished and professional and meets your specific needs.

πŸ”Έ No Extra Contracting with Creators Required

When you use Billo, there’s no need to sign separate contracts with the creators. Billo handles all the legal aspects of the content creation process, including contracts and licenses.

So, you can relax and focus on other important parts of your dropshipping business. Billo got your back!

The next topic on our Billo Review is pricing. Let’s skip to this important part.πŸ‘‡

Billo Review: Pricing

First, Billo offers three pricing plans officially posted on their website, starting at $500 for 6 videos.

However, as soon as I entered their dashboard, here’s what I got. The charges you are going to pay usually depend on several factors, like video length, quality, additional add-ons, etc. So, for a clearer view, check this out!πŸ‘‡

Thus, here’s the pricing I got for choosing the most basic options.πŸ‘‡

Billo Review: Customer Reviews

It’s not just us talking about how Billo is the BEST choice. And, if you are not quite sure yet let’s see what customers think about it.

First, on Trustpilot, this app has a 4.2/5- stars rating, with over 78% of users rating it with 5⭐

Not just that, but from 388 user comments, 77% are positive ones, talking about the excellent experience they got from Billo.πŸ‘‡

What’s more, there are various success stories shared by business owners on their page, talking about how Billo helps them boost their businesses.πŸ‘‡

Hence, as you scroll down, you will see that all these owners are from different dropshipping niches. So, this speaks a lot about whether Billo is for you! Which it is! Because there isn’t a niche that it can’t specialize in.

In addition, if you check for Billo ratings and customer reviews on other software platforms, like Getapp, you will see that it actually has a better rating higher than 4.5/5 stars.

Billo Review: Pros & Cons

User-friendly dashboard

Customizable video features

Access to a large pool of video creators

Full Content Ownership

Slow Customer Service

Your products need to be given away

βœ… Pros

➑ User-friendly dashboard

Billo offers a simple and intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for managers to monitor creators, tasks, and processes.

➑ Customizable video features

Furthermore, one of the most significant benefits of Billo is its customizable video features.

In fact, you can define video type, duration, and format, and choose from a variety of add-ons like subtitles, call-outs, music, CTAs, and motion graphics. Hence, this level of customization enables you to create unique videos that stand out from the crowd.

➑ Access to a large pool of video creators

Need help creating high-quality videos? Billo’s got you covered with access to a large pool of talented video creators who can assist you in creating content quickly and efficiently.

➑ Full Content Ownership

Lastly, this means that the video only includes your branding, like logo, colors, etc.

Also, once the video is in your hands, you get yourself a unique and personalized promotion. Thus, this way you can differ from the competitors.

❌ Cons

➑ Slow customer service

It can take up to 5 days or a week for the team to reply to your request. Also, the video delivery also might take longer, depending on the creator.

➑ Your products need to be given away

If you want creators to make personalized videos with your dropshipping products, of course, you must send the products to them. And, this might be one of the cons because you get to give your products for free, and never have them returned.

How Can You Become Billo Creator?

If you are a creative dropshipper who wants to make your videos by using Billo, I must say you can do it pretty easily. And, this is something I will talk about in this Billo Review.

Simply, follow these few steps.πŸ‘‡

  • Download the Billo app. With thousands of brands looking for video creators like you, this app is your ticket to getting noticed in the industry.
  • Pitch your talent. Once you’ve downloaded the app, upload a 30-second video that showcases your skills in front of the camera. This will give potential clients a taste of what you can do, and help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Pick a task. Billo offers hundreds of tasks every day, ranging from unboxing and testimonials to how-to videos and more. Choose a task that fits your skillset and start creating!
  • Get rewards. As you complete tasks and build your portfolio, you’ll start earning rewards and building your reputation as a top-notch video creator.


To sum it all up, Billo is a unique and efficient marketplace that connects dropshippers with UGC creators in the United States.

It offers a wide range of video formats that can be shared on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Amazon, TikTok, and YouTube.

So, this app provides you with control over the video-making process. Also, it assures you of improved marketing tactics, increased conversions, and sales. And who doesn’t want that? So, I suggest you try Billo NOW!

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