Google Ads for Dropshipping Stores: A Beginners Guide In 2021

You may be asking yourself if Google Ads is the right choice for your dropshipping store?

It can be difficult to know at the beginning which advertising platform you should go with in order to excel in your dropshipping business. Although, each of them have their pros and cons in between each other.

Google Ads may or may not be the right fit for you, but, we hope you’ll find the right answer after you read this article.

What Is Google Ads and how do they work?

Google Ads is an advertising platform created by Google itself that allows users to display paid ads across their website. The ads can be video ads or just plain website ads.

Google Ads mainly runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, meaning that every time someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay for each click. Every ad has a different PPC rate, depending on how competitive the keyword is.

In social media ads, you usually pay per impression, but social media ads differ a lot from Google Ads.

Why Is Google Ads Important for Dropshipping? 

When people are searching for something to buy, they will usually try to search on Google first. Whenever the buyer is searching for something on Google, the buyer will see a bunch of ads displayed to them.

By setting up ads on Google, you can reach up to 90% of internet users across the globe and have a much better conversion rate.

Many are wondering whether they should use Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but it is important to use both of them.

Google Ads are great for reaching all internet users and Facebook Ads are great for reaching its own users. It is great to use both in your marketing strategy.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads

There are many good reasons you should use Google Ads. Here are 8 reasons why you should them:

High ROI

Because Google has a great global reach, it can bring you customers who are already in your sales-funnel. These customers are already ready to buy, and take action once they see your ad on the search newtwork.

You can set up many ads, but when you are setting up them up in the wrong advertising platform, they can just be endless money pits!

Leads and Customers

Increased leads are when a customer chooses to subscribe to a mailing list or to be sent through a query later on.

On Google Ads, you have the conversion tracking feature that is used particularly for conversions. It records a sale even if it doesn’t happen on the first visit to your website.

In case you decide to let Google’s AI take control of the bidding, Google has the CPA (Cost Per Action) that is specifically used for trying to increase your sales and leads. It is best to use once you reach over 40 sales in a month. This way, Google will have enough conversion data and will bid automatically per click based on sale conversions.

Higher Quality Traffic

High conversion rates mean higher-quality traffic. Traffic from Google Ads will increase the overall quality of visitors to your dropshipping store. The reason is that the ads that are shown to these users are because they are personalized. Google Ads will always try to search for the niche you are targeting.

Keep in mind that Google Ads is more helpful to those dropshipping stores that have a business that has some market presence. It is difficult to use the platform if you start from zero, so we don’t recommend that.

For a beginning, it is a good idea to start with Facebook Ads and then continue on to Google Ads.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Once you start scaling your dropshipping business online, Google Ads representatives will start to contact you for business purposes. They will be showing you tips & tricks you can use to provide better and more specific ads for your niche.

Although, be careful! Sometimes Google Ads only does this to make you spend more money on ads, so you will have to see for yourself if it is worth it or not.

Advanced Analytics

Google Ads has a great analytic programs. They provide you with in-depth information on how your ad is performing, how much is the CPC, conversion rate, PPC, revenue, and so much more.

Competition Insights

Google Ads has a planner installed into it called “Google Keyword Planner“. The Google Keyword Planner allows you to select the location (country, city) you are trying to target and to see which keywords are the most and least competitive in your niche.

For example, you are targeting the dropshipping business, so you want to research dropshipping keywords. Keywords will let you know if the competition is high, average, or low. The lower the better, unless your dropshipping store already has a high market presence.

discover new keywords on google ads

Here are some results of dropshipping keywords in the United States market. As you can see below, the competition is medium so that is a great keyword to go with. It also shows you the total page bid (low range & high range).

using google ads while dropshipping


What we love about Google Ads is the personalization they allow you to use when setting up ads. Google Ads will scan and learn more about your Shopify landing page. It will check what niche your website is in and recommend a set of keywords before setting an ad up. If you want to get more expert tips for your next best ecommerce landing page, follow the guide.

Once you choose which country you want to set ads up in and Google will give you an estimation on how many people you can reach with the ad based on your budget.

Flexible Budget Control 

Many complain about Google Ads being confusing with budget control because you can’t ever fully delete a campaign but only pause it.

We will show you exactly how to control your budget. First, go into settings, then billing & payments.

settings on google ads

After you go into billing and payments, you go to settings and you will see the “how you pay” option. If you don’t want Google Ads to constantly make you pay for every single click, switch to manual payments. 

Manual payments allow you to enter the amount of money you want to spend on ads. The minimum bid is $10. If you choose automatic payments, then, the way you are charged will always run based on the amount of clicks you get.

What Type of Google Ads Are There? 

Google has 4 types of ads that you can use. All of them can be used in the same platform:

  1. Search Engine – basic ads that display on the search engine. Probably the most expensive type of ad since you are being charged per click. The pay-per-click (PPC) cost all depends on how competitive a keyword is. You can always find the cost on Google Keyword Planner that is incorporated with Google Ads.
  2. Video – Done through Google Ads but are mostly for YouTube users. YouTube users can earn money through the Google Ad platform that pays them per click. The minimum requirements are 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.
  3. Display network – Google’s display network is claimed to reach over 90% of all the internet users worldwide. Display ads will show up on banners/boxers on a website. They are usually positioned at the top or side of a website. These type of ads are cheaper but at the same time might not be the same as the ads shown on the search engine.
  4. Shopping – Ads displayed when you are looking for something to buy and type the keyword on the Google search engine.  For example “car parts”, if you are advertising a car part, it will show at the top of the page. Although, you have to keep in mind that every product you list has to first be approved by Google.

google search ads for dropshipping stores

Pros and Cons of Google Ads 

Every platform has their good and bad side. Here are the pros of Google Ads:

  • Traffic – Like we mentioned before, Google ads can target up to 90% of active users on the internet. Because of its personalization and high reach, you can get very high quality traffic. These visitors can later turn into conversions and maybe even long-term customers.
  • Analytics – What we love about Google Ads is its analytics plugin. It shows you everything you need to know regarding your clicks, cost-per-click, impressions, revenue and so much more.
  • Automation – Google knows everything, especially when they are tracking all the data you are searching for. The automation system is so smart that it will always inform you the best locations, keywords, and audience to target. The more sales you get, the better information it’ll give you.

We mentioned the good things about Google Ads, now, let’s take a look at what are the downsides:

  • CPC – many keywords on Google have click per costs, so sometimes you might pay lots of money and not get the results you want. It takes a lot of research and testing to perfect this.
  • No Delete option – When you setup a campaign, you can’t delete it. This is a HUGE downside. Many complain about it, but Google Ads only allows you to pause the campaign. If you don’t pay attention to your automatic payments, your cash will burn faster than you can imagine.

Getting Started With Google Ads for Dropshipping

Here are a few steps you should take to get fully started with your Google Ads account for dropshipping:

Create a Google Account 

To be part of Google Ads, you need to have a Google Account. If you don’t have an account, don’t worry, you can sign up here.

Google Ads Platform – Setting up a Campaign

After you sign up, you can head over to Google Ads or just type it on the search engine.

Before you set up any ad, Google will ask you some personalized business questions so they can help you setup better ads. On the first page, Google will ask if you want to promote your website or Business profile? They will also recommend you a few tips what you should do if you choose either of the options.

Right after this part, Google will ask you for your business name and website address when you hit “next”

google ads search console

After you write your website details, you will need to write the ad. It should have 3 headlines and 2 descriptions. The ads should not exceed 90 characters in the description and 30 characters in the headline.

After you are done writing the ad, Google Ads will show you some keyword recommendations that are related to your business. Google is really good in finding the right keywords so you should follow their recommendations. They assume that best results are reached when you keep the keyword range anywhere from 7-10, but that isn’t always true.

At the end, you will have to choose the countries or country you are going to target. Then, Google will show you how much your potential reach can be with the balance and country or countries you are targeting.

adding keywords on google

Create a Keyword Plan 

As we mentioned above, go to Google Keyword Planner and search up keyword competition in the country you are targeting. Keep in mind that not every country has the same searches and the same competition. For example, if you target dropshipping products as a keyword, it may be competitive in 1 country and not in the other.

For every keyword you search for, make sure to look at the click-per-cost (CPC). The higher the CPC, the more you will have to pay per click.

Check the amount of traffic a keyword gets, if its competitions is average or low and gets great traffic, then just go for it!

keywords overview for dropshipping

Setting Up a Keyword Plan 

Setting up a keyword plan is always important if you want customers to find you whenever you display ads. You want to keep your traffic high-quality and niche specific, or else you will just get traffic with low conversions.

Try to search for as many similar words as you can, or even use the Google Keyword tool, SEMrush, or even similar keywords that display at the top spots whenever you write a keyword on Google Search.

These tools will give you similar keywords whenever you type one in, but of course always stick to the similar ones and don’t try to write keywords that are starting to get out of your niche.

Before you write that plan, take into consideration your market presenceWhere do you stand in the market? Your market presence will determine what kind of keywords to target.

SEMrush gives you the search volume of a keyword and the exact percentage of keyword difficulty in the country you are targeting. Compared to your website, you will be able to find what keyword fits your dropshipping store.

Can You Succeed With Google Ads While Dropshipping?

People are seeing ads more than ever with Google Ads and spending less on conversions.

Without a doubt, you can succeed with Google Ads while dropshipping. The personalization and traffic quality is at top level.

Like no other ad platform, Google Ads gives you great control over your budget spending and the analytic monitoring of your ads.

So with the many benefits on your side, there isn’t a reason why you wouldn’t succeed.

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