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16 Best Marketing Apps On Shopify In 2024
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You probably know that in this ecommerce and dropshipping world, sales without marketing are just like a cat without its mew! 😸

You probably wouldn’t make sales if you don’t advertise your products with a well-established marketing strategy. How would customers know about you? 🤔

Moreover, equally important is the constant monitoring of marketing results and the continuous improvement and upgrade of your marketing strategy.

“A customer is always right!”. He/she has needs and wants, that change constantly. So, believe it or not, you can read their minds simply by analyzing how they interact with your dropshipping business and content.

This is why we provide you with a list of the 16 Best Marketing Apps on Shopify. This is not just a list, but a detailed overview of each marketing app.

So, need any “Marketing” help? Let’s find the solution!

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Best Marketing Apps on Shopify

In this article, we provide you with a detailed overview of the 16 Best Marketing Apps on Shopify. 

However, on our website, we have an overview of more than 500 other Shopify Marketing Apps. We highly recommend you check them out!

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1. Product Reviews is a Shopify app for collecting and displaying star ratings and reviews for your items and dropshipping store.

Also, you can increase conversion rate, organic traffic, and customer engagement with user-generated content.

Furthermore, you can take a look at demo store version.

Key features

 Judge me provides you with:

  • Product reviews in Google Shopping in order to increase conversion rates and CTR.
  • Use of social evidence such as photo reviews and videos.
  • Coupons to encourage reviews.
  • Product reviews using  videos, images, and text
  • Observe Carousel 
  • Floating Reviews Tab, All Reviews Page
  • Share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.
  • Product review groups and cross-shop syndication
  • SEO Snippets Rich 

Thus, want to learn more? Check it out here.


Also, there are two pricing plans offered by Judge me.👇 pricing plans

Customer reviews

This marketing app is rated 5-star⭐️, with more than 21,117 reviews. Thus, the majority of comments talk about the amazing experience users had with the features.

Also, you can read them all here.

2. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox is among the most popular marketing applications on the Shopify App Store.

Moreover, the app generates revenue and is an excellent method to drive word of mouth and repeat purchases through photo and video review incentives and referred discounts.

You may collect additional reviews, pictures, and videos, as well as create gorgeous presentations that highlight your business.

best marketing apps on shopify

Key features

  • Genuine product reviews with the use of intelligent and personalized review request emails
  • Eye-catching widgets for displaying joyful customer content.
  • Increase WOM and repetitive purchases with photo and video review incentives, and discounts
  • Widgets for site-wide referrals
  • One-sided/two-sided incentives 
  • Increase brand awareness with social media and Google Shopping.
  • Simple installation and 24/7 support
  • A content delivery network (CDN) to offer all scripts and pictures in milliseconds 
  • Import reviews from any source
  • Customization and branding (defined email timing, widget colors, design, font, size, etc.)
  • Inline SEO

Also, there are a lot of other features that Loox provides.

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Loox offers three pricing plans:

loox pricing

Customer reviews

Thus, this Shopify marketing app is 4.9-star rated, with around 15,569 reviews.

3. Booster SEO and Image optimizer

The Booster SEO & Image optimizer is a Shopify marketing app that helps your dropshipping store to follow Google best practices when it comes to technical SEO.  

Furthermore, this app is an amazing optimizer for images. Moreover, it improves page load speed and SEO scores with its automated compression engine.

Also, Booster SEO & Image Optimizer provides customers with an excellent experience. Hence, they offer them 24/7 US-based Live chat support. There are no bots included, but a chat with a real person.

Key features

  • Using ALT-tag optimized images to increase your image search traffic
  • Check out if your meta tags are appropriate and optimized for ranking and conversion.
  • Weekly SEO Health Reports sent to you
  • Monitor and automatically redirect broken links that are harming your SEO and conversion rates 
  • AutoPilot option for resolving SEO problems based on user-defined rules.
  • Reduce the file size of your photographs significantly using their image compression engine
  • Ensuring URL’s design and functionality by URL Keyword Optimization tool
  • Builds, manage, and publishes your sitemap to Google automatically to ensure that every page is indexed and crawled by Google.


Thus, there are three pricing plans👇

Customer reviews

SEO builder and image Optimizer has an overall rating of 4.9⭐️. Thus, the majority of comments listed in the Shopify app store lead to positive customer experience and satisfaction.

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4. Smart SEO

Smart SEO is one of the best marketing apps on Shopify that helps your dropshipping store to reach a high rank in SERPs.

Also, it helps dropshipping businesses by optimizing their photos, generating SEO tags, fixing broken links, etc.

Moreover, Smart SEO provides a 7-day trial to users, and it helps you drive more organic traffic to your website.

Key features

  • Image Optimization
  • Generate meta tags
  • Multi-language support
  • Generate image alt tags
  • JSON-LD Structured Data
  • Sitemap Support
  • Automatically detects and fixes broken links or pages on your website
  • Remove Microdata


Furthermore, Smart SEO has four pricing plans👇

smart seo pricing

Customer reviews

Hence, Smart SEO is a ⭐️4.9-starred app, with nearly 1000 positive reviews and comments, the majority of them 5-starred! 

5. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo is an email marketing and SMS app that allows you to manage your messages to customers and visitors more efficiently.

Thus , this app allows your dropshipping business complete control over customers’ data and interactions.  Also, you can convert consumer transactions into profitable long-term connections, and observe what causes a visitor to click, bounce, or purchase.

best marketing apps on shopify

Klaviyo’s email and SMS templates may also be used to automate tailored notifications such as price decrease alerts, friendly cart reminders, and just-in-time suggestions.

Key features

  • Sync all your data with one click
  • Built-in  customizable automation (for example, welcoming emails, birthday wishes, etc)
  • Segmentation ( helps you boost engagement)
  • Pre-built reports
  • Benchmarking


Moreover, Klaviyo offers three pricing plans:

Customer reviews

Klaviyo is rated with 4⭐️, with over 1800 reviews from customers. Thus, most of the comments share a positive experience with this marketing app, which you can read here.

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing and automation tool that is used by millions of entrepreneurs worldwide to improve their brand – and their business.

Mailchimp’s attractive, precision-targeted emails, expert insights, and powerful marketing CRM offer you everything you need to expand your business, whether you’re just starting out or already operating a profitable business.

mailchimp marketing app on shopify

Key features

  • Customized automation with Mailchimp’s Customer Journey Builder or from the collection of pre-built journeys.
  • Flexible templates and AI-generated custom designs
  • Advanced personalization and segments
  • Brand and content studio
  • A/B testing
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • Social advertising and organic posting
  • Digital retargeting ads
  • Pop-up forms and landing pages


Moreover, Mailchimp offers four pricing plans to customers. Thus, check them out below!👇

Customer reviews

Mailchimp is ⭐️ 3.5 starred, but most of the comments describe a good experience while using the app.

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7. Social Proof- The Urgency App

Social Proof is a perfect marketing app for effective user acquisition. Instead of searching for yourself, this app provides you with all the needed information about customers’ engagement with your product, the product’s stock, by using a widget, etc.

Also, the simple procedure that you go through is entering the text for the widget, choosing the settings of the values display, choosing a product, and configuring the widget design.

social proof marketing app on shopify

Key features

Thus, this app motivates customers to buy, by displaying info about the “high number of visitors that search this product”, or “low stock inventory”.

  • Bulk changes in minutes
  • Fully customizable widget
  • Emoji usage
  • No manual theme modifications.
  • Mobile-friendly app
  • 24/7 support


Moreover, Social Proof offers a 14-day free trial and two pricing plans. So, take a look!👇

social proof reviews

Customer reviews

Social proof is rated with 4.8, with the majority of comments with satisfactory and positive user experience. Hence, you can check all the comments here.

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8. Cozy AntiTheft

With a few easy clicks, Cozy AntiTheft protects your store’s content, photos, and texts from theft. Moreover, it disables key browser functionalities, making it difficult for a scammer to steal your data.

Key features

  • Disable Right Click – disabling right-click opens a stealing window. As a result, users are unable to copy the material or save the photos.
  • Disable Drag Drop – it inhibits picture theft using a common drag-and-drop method.
  • Disable Keyboard Shortcuts – prevents customers from copying material via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Responsive app –  compatible with both desktop and mobile devices!


Thus, this amazing app is FREE to use. 🤩

Customer reviews

From 770 user reviews, 735 are 5-starred! This gives the app an overall rating of⭐️ 4.9, which is fascinating. Moreover, the majority of review comments share an excellent experience. Also, wanna read them? Click here

9. AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

Aftership is a Shopify marketing app that offers a smooth post-purchase experience to increase consumer loyalty and sales.

Hence, it is an All-in-1 shipment tracking app that provides you with branded tracking and order lookup, shipment notification and protection, boosting sales, etc.

aftership marketing app on shopify

Key features

  • Monitor all shipments at once
  • Auto import  your tracking number
  • Shipment trace
  • Keeping customers informed and up-to-date
  • Shipment tracking link for customers and notifications via email and SMS
  • Provides branded experience (customize tracking page with your logo, store URL, etc)
  • Secure pages with AfterShip Protection
  • Quick claims approval
  • A high percentage of claims paid quickly
  • Loss and damage coverage and porch piracy
  • Estimate loss recovery with an ROI calculator
  • 24/7 resolution status visibility
  • Analyze shipments


Aftership offers four pricing plans: Free, Essential, Essential Plus, and Pro. It also has a 7-day free trial.

Customer reviews

Aftership overall rating is 4.7⭐️, with the majority of customers 5-star reviews and comments.

10. POWr

POWR is a one-of-a-kind suite of various plugins designed to help you increase conversions, engage your visitors, gain more followers, collect data, and support your customers.

Thus, POWR operates on every website-building platform and any device, and with only one clock you can get a variety of plugins that will help you boost your dropshipping business. 

powr ecommerce solutions

Key features

Plugins that POWR offers are:

  • Form Builder- You can create any type of form and customize it
  • Social Feed – Get more likes and followers
  • Countdown Timer – Creates an urgency sense for driving sales or conversions
  • Media Gallery– Gives you articles, videos, images, etc.
  • Popup– Captures contacts and promotes offers
  • Multi Slider – engages visitors via slideshow photos, videos, banners
  • PayPal buttons – get paid with Paypal
  • Tab– help visitors navigate your site
  • Hit counter-track and display visits for all website pages
  • Social Media Icons
  • Job boards
  • Chat
  • FAQ

Also, wanna learn more about each plugin? Be free to do it on the Shopify app store, or Powr’s website.


POWR offers four pricing plans: Free, Starter, Pro, and Business.👇

powr pricing plans

Learn more about each plan here.

Customer reviews

All POWR plugins are rated differently. The rating varies from 3.7 to 4.9⭐️, which is good! You can observe each plugin here.

11. Instafeed- Instagram Feed

Instafeed is an official Instagram app, with which you can display shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify store.

This marketing app focuses on customer journeys that increase sales and eliminate features that distract customers.

Instafeed helps your dropshipping business by keeping your store content fresh, creating social proof, showing customer care, expanding the reach of Instagram visitors to your dropshipping store, etc.

Key features

  • All themes and devices are supported.
  • Fully configurable – customize the feed title, spacing between posts, and layout, Intafeed best suggestions, etc. 
  • Lightweight – Does not provide a slow-down page speed 
  • Display posts in a grid or slider format
  • Link Instagram posts or launch a pop-up window straight on your store
  • Displays the number of likes on each post 
  • Create shoppable Instagram feeds by tagging several goods in your photos. 
  • Make Reels
  • Use hashtags to filter your posts 
  • Multiple Instagram feeds can be published 


Instafeed offers four pricing plans. Take a look.👇

Customer reviews

The overall rating for this app is ⭐️ 4.9/5 – starred. The majority of customers give support for Instafeed referring to easy installation, and excellent technical and design support. 

12. Dsers- Aliexpress Dropshipping

DSers is designed for AliExpress dropshipping, but it integrates with Shopify too.

It is aimed at processing hundreds of orders at once, faster than ever before, and discovering new items and suppliers to sell more and profitably.

This app offers a free plan to users, with 3000 product imports! 

dsers aliexpress dropshipping tool

Key features

  • Bulk orders. 
  • Integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix. 
  • PayPal order tracking service.
  • Chrome extension;
  • Shipping Method Pre-selection
  • Automated Address Fixing
  • Automated Tracking Number Sync
  • Find Trending Suppliers
  • Supplier optimizer
  • Split Product
  • Automated Order Status Updates


DSers has a free plan with some limitations, as well as a few premium options (beginning at $19.99 per month). You can read more about it on DSers website.

dsers pricing plans

Customer reviews

Dsers overall rating is ⭐️ 5/5. Customer reviews and comments share the best experience of using this app. 

13. Clever- Google Ads & Shopping

Clever Google Ads & Shopping is a Shopify marketing app, that helps dropshipping businesses grow in various aspects.

This app provides Google shopping feed and ads optimization. Google Adwords, implements conversion tags, etc.

clever ecommerce app

Key features

  • Google Shopping Feed management
  • Google Shopping Feed improvements
  • Google Shopping ads
  • Conversion Tracking Pixel
  • Google Adwords automation, and more.


Clever offers a 14-day free trial and four pricing plans.👇

clever pricing plans

Customer reviews

Clever overall rating is ⭐️4.5/5. Most of the customer reviews are 5-starred. Below you can read a few comments, or for more click here

14. Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing tool used by more than 70.000 eCommerce companies who want to grow sales.

This Shopify integration, pre-built automated workflows, and straightforward, no-code editing make it simple to get up and running without getting bogged down in the specifics.

omnisend shopify app

Key features

  • Emails for abandoned cart recovery
  • Emails sent following sales and orders
  • Abandonment of products and browsing
  • New subscribers support (welcome emails)
  • Customers who are likely to leave
  • Customer comments and product reviews
  • Send out eye-catching newsletters.
  • Increase the size of your email and SMS subscriber lists.
  • With sophisticated segmentation, you can improve your targeting.
  • Email, SMS, and push alerts should all be combined.
  • Examine your campaigns and customers.
  • Custom storefronts and a single integration API


Omnisend offers three pricing plans. Take a look below👇, and check here for more info.

omnisedn pricing shopify

Customer reviews

Furthermore, Omnisend has an overall rating of 4.7/5. Most of the reviews or 3910/4347 are 5-starred with positive user experience explained in comments.

15. PageFly Landing Page Builder

PageFly is unquestionably one of the best marketing apps on Shopify. No doubts!

You can publish high-quality pages and administer your site with confidence and control with PageFly.

This marketing tool offers a codeless page-building experience that is very simple.

best marketing apps on shopify

Key features

  • Build any type of page, such as a Landing page, product page, pricing page, FAQ, blog page, etc.
  • Reduce the time to launch a new store
  • Shorten development  time
  • Create page sections
  • Create custom elements with HTML, CSS, Liquid
  • Adapt the website for all marketing campaigns
  • Fast page loading
  • 24/7 support


There are three pricing plans and features included in it👇 For more info, check the pricing plans.

Customer reviews

PageFly is rated ⭐️ 4.9/5, with great customer reviews and comments, which you can read and benefit from!

16. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote is one of the best marketing apps on Shopify.

We’ve highlighted the UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing app, which may help you increase consumer loyalty through a reward program.

It is a one-stop, automated affiliate and influencer marketing solution that is quite beneficial nowadays. You may quickly create a professional affiliate program and approach potential affiliates.

Key features

  • Expand your affiliate network.
  • Empower affiliates.
  • Effective affiliate management
  • Monitor the performance
  • Enterprise solutions, including multi-stores and customized development.
  • Multi-language Support 
  • Connect to email services and subscription applications.
  • Sync affiliate contact information with Shopify customers.
  • Facebook pixels, Postback URL, API support


UpPromote has four pricing plans and a 14-day free trial. Check them out below!👇

Need more info, or maybe a plan comparison? Read here.

Customer reviews

This app is one of the best-rated on Shopify, with an overall rating of 4.9/5⭐️. If you want to read about customer experiences, click here


Wrapping the best marketing apps on Shopify

As you already know, marketing is one of the core processes of any dropshipping business. It helps dropshippers to deliver value to customers, by developing the best marketing strategy.

But, to build a marketing strategy, businesses go through a long path of analyzing and monitoring various aspects and customer interactions with the dropshipping business.

This is why we provided you with a list of 16 Best Marketing Apps on Shopify. Help yourself and choose the solution for your problems!

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