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Dropship Art: How To Sell Art Online Without Competition?
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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Do you want to dropship art but wondering whether is a good idea?

First off, selling art online can be a challenging endeavor, especially when faced with intense competition from other artists. However, there is a unique approach that can help you sell your art without facing direct competition.

So, with the right dropshipping products, reliable dropshipping suppliers, and the right marketing tactics you can build a successful dropship art empire.

In this article, I will explore how dropship art works, and provide you with valuable tips on how to successfully sell your art online without the burden of competition. So, let’s start!


Why Dropship Art Online? The Global Market Stats

The global art market is growing at a rapid pace, presenting a lucrative opportunity for dropshipping art supplies. According to recent statistics, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.4%, the projected revenue for the global art market in 2024 would be approximately $761.48 billion.

What’s more, the dropship art business offers high-profit margins as there is no need to invest in bulk inventory or storage space. Plus, with the dropshipping business model, you only pay for the products once an order is placed, reducing your overhead costs significantly.

Also, leading countries in the global dropship art market are the United States, China, and the United Kingdom. These countries have a strong demand for art products and boast a large number of art lovers and collectors. So, you have a large customer base.

Not only that, but you have a lot of dropshipping niches to tap into, like art paintings, canvases, frames, wall stickers, vintage posters, and many more. So, let’s discuss this in more detail.

11 Products To Focus On When You Dropship Art

When it comes to dropshipping art, there is a wide range of products you can focus on to attract customers and boost your sales.

From art prints to canvas prints and everything in between, there are numerous options to cater to different customer needs. In this article, I will highlight 11 key products that you should consider when dropshipping art.

1. Art paintings

dropship art

When it comes to dropshipping art paintings, there are several types that can be offered, including original artworks, prints, and reproductions. Each of these options holds significance in the art market and has its own unique appeal to customers.

Original artworks are one-of-a-kind pieces created by professional artists. Prints, on the other hand, are reproductions of original art. They allow for wider accessibility and affordability, making art more accessible to a larger audience. Also, the reproductions are mass-produced copies of original artworks and are often more affordable than prints

Also, the price range for art paintings can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the artist’s reputation, the size of the painting, the medium used, and the demand for the artist’s work. Art paintings can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. Also, the profit margins range between 50-60%.

 Plus, based on Google Trends results, these products are constantly in high demand, and the interest over time is rising. πŸ‘‡

However, regardless of the type of art painting being drop shipped, print quality is of utmost importance. Customers expect sharp details, accurate colors, and clarity in their purchased artwork. 

2. Canvases

dropship art

When it comes to dropship art, canvases play a vital role in delivering exceptional artwork to customers. With a wide range of sizes, materials, and features available, you have a lot to offer. Plus, you can even build a one-product store only by dropshipping canvas.

These products supplier prices range between $3-14, and the market price is around $10-36. So, the profit margins are around 50-70%.

Also, based on Google Trends results, the demand for these products is expected to grow even more in the next few months. πŸ‘‡

3. Frames

photo frame

When it comes to dropship art prints online, frames play a crucial role in not only protecting the artwork but also enhancing its presentation. So, yes, it is like an “essential” in this industry. 

Not just that, but as a dropshipper, you have various options to offer because frames differ in size, material, style, etc.

So, whether it’s a classic wooden frame, a sleek metal frame, or a contemporary acrylic frame, the choice of frame can greatly impact how the art print is perceived by potential buyers. And, you should make sure to have it all!

Also, the supplier prices for these products range between $4-37, and the market prices are around $12-94. Therefore, you can gain profit margins of around 60-66%.

Plus, based on Google Trends results, there’s constantly high demand for these products.πŸ‘‡

4. Art markers

art marker

Art markers are an essential tool in the art industry, used by artists to create vibrant and detailed artworks. And, when you dropship art, you have various types to offer, including alcohol-based and water-based markers. Also, there are different colors, pigments, etc. Plus, these products are mostly sold in bulk.

What’s more, the supplier prices are around $5-35, and the market prices range between $13-89. So, this leaves you with profit margins of around 50-60%.

Also, consider that popular brands of art markers that are favored by professional artists include Copic, Prismacolor, and Winsor & Newton. These brands are known for their high-quality pigment and vast color selection, allowing artists to achieve stunning and vivid results in their artwork. 

Furthermore, based on Google Trends results, the product demand is high, but it looks like it is pretty unstable in certain periods. However, it is expected to grow. πŸ‘‡

5. Pencils


And, here’s another dropship art product that comes in bulk, but also sells as one-piece. From the classic graphite pencil to vibrant colored pencils, providing high-quality options allows artists to find the perfect tool for their creations. 

Also, the price range for pencils for drawing can vary depending on factors such as brand, quality, and type of pencil. On average, basic drawing pencils can range from $0.5 to $5 per pencil. Higher-quality and specialized pencils, such as graphite or charcoal pencils, can range from $5 to $20 per pencil.

 Generally, the profit margin for selling pencils can range from 20% to 50%, but this can vary significantly depending on the specific business and market conditions.

Also, as I expected, Google Trends results show high demand constantly. So, you won’t regret adding this dropship art product to your store. πŸ‘‡

6. Vintage posters

vintage art

Vintage posters have a timeless appeal that continues to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike. These iconic pieces of art hold immense significance in the dropship art market, with their unique and nostalgic charm.

For online art businesses, dropshipping vintage posters can be a profitable venture. The product costs range between $2.5-21, while the market prices are between $6-53. So, you can earn profit margins of around 50-60%.

Also, vintage posters come in various themes and genres, making them suitable for a wide range of art lovers. So, based on Google Trends results, these products are constantly in high demand. 

7. Wall stickers

dropship art

When it comes to dropshipping wall stickers, there are various types and sizes available for customers to choose from. From small decals to larger mural-sized stickers, there is something for every home decor need.

So, supplier prices for these products range between $1-18, while the market prices range between $5-46. Also, the profit margins are around 50-60%.

Also, these products are in high demand, and based on Google Trends results, the interest over time rises.

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8. Paint brushes

paint brush

There are various types of brushes to choose from, such as round brushes, flat brushes, and fan brushes, each serving its purpose in different art mediums. Plus, you can buy them in bulk, or as a single piece. 

Also, the supplier prices range between $5-20, while the market prices are around $12-51. So, the profit margins are between 50-60%.

Also, when selecting paint brushes, there are key factors to consider. πŸ‘‡

The bristle material is crucial, as it affects the texture and application of the paint. Natural bristles, like hog hair, are ideal for oil-based paints, while synthetic bristles are better suited for water-based mediums.

The shape of the brush also plays a role in the type of strokes and effects you can achieve. Flat brushes are perfect for broad, even strokes, while round brushes allow for more precision and detail. Finally, the size of the brush will depend on the scale of your artwork.

And, there’s no perfect timing to dropship paint brushes, because it is perfect all the time. In addition, Google Trends results confirm that these products are always of high consumer interest.  πŸ‘‡

9. Easels


When it comes to dropshipping art supplies, easels are an essential item for artists. There are various types of easels that can be dropshipped, including tabletop easels, tripod easels, and adjustable easels.

Whether it’s a tabletop easel for small-scale art or a tripod easel for larger projects, dropshipping easels can cater to the diverse needs of artists and offer them the convenience of having their art supplies delivered right to their doorstep.

Also, these products supplier prices range between $4-45, and the market prices are between $11-115. Hence, the profit margins range between 50% to 60%.

Also, based on Google Trends, the demand for these products is constantly high, but it reaches its highest between the months of October-January. πŸ‘‡

10. Figurines & Miniatures

dropship art

Figurines & Miniatures are highly sought after by art enthusiasts, as they offer a unique and collectible form of artistic expression.

These small and intricate objects can range from sculptures and statues to detailed dioramas and even tiny replicas of famous landmarks. So, you have a lot to offer.

Also, the supplier prices for these products range between $2-65, and the market prices are around $6-163. Hence, the profit margins are around 60%.

 The art market has seen steady popularity and demand for these items. Plus, based on Google Trends, the products’ interest over time rises.

11. Watercolor paint


When it comes to dropshipping watercolor paint, there are various types and sizes available. These include pans, tubes, and liquid watercolors. And, each type has its own advantages and can cater to different preferences and techniques.

Also, the sizes of watercolor paint also vary, ranging from small half-pans to large tubes.

Generally, watercolor paints can range from around $5 to $50 or more, with individual tubes or pans of paint being on the lower end of the price range and larger sets or professional-grade paints being on the higher end.

Profit margins for watercolor paint can also vary depending on various factors such as production costs, distribution channels, and brand positioning.  However,  they are typically around 30-50% for dropshippers.

Based on Google Trends, the products are in high demand. πŸ‘‡

 Also, some well-known suppliers in the market include Winsor & Newton, M. Graham & Co., and Daniel Smith. These brands are renowned for their commitment to quality, ensuring that your customers receive exceptional watercolor paints for their artistic endeavors.

Who Are the Main Suppliers of Art?

When it comes to finding the perfect art supplies and wall art, there are several main brands that offer a wide range of options.

These distributors not only provide a variety of art supplies but also offer an extensive selection of wall art to suit all tastes and preferences. 

 Winsor & Newton

dropship art

Winsor & Newton is a popular art brand that sells a wide range of art supplies, including paints (oil, watercolor, acrylic), brushes, canvases, papers, and other accessories. They are known for their high-quality products and are favored by professional artists.


faber castell

Faber-Castell is a well-known art brand that specializes in high-quality pencils, pens, markers, and other drawing tools. They also offer a range of art sets and accessories for artists of all skill levels.


Liquitex is a popular art brand that focuses on acrylic paints and mediums. They offer a variety of acrylic paints in different formats (tubes, jars, markers) and a range of mediums for various techniques and effects.


dropship art

Copic is a renowned art brand famous for its alcohol-based markers. They are highly regarded by illustrators and designers for their vibrant colors, blending capabilities, and refillable nature. Copic markers are known for their long-lasting quality.


dropship art

Prismacolor is a well-known art brand that specializes in colored pencils. They offer a wide range of colored pencils in various sets and individual colors, known for their vibrant pigments and smooth application.


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What Platforms Can I Use to Dropship Art?

When it comes to dropshipping art, there are several platforms you can use to streamline your business and connect with potential customers.



One such platform is Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform that allows you to create a professional online store. With its user-friendly interface and customizable themes, Shopify makes it easy to showcase and sell your art.

What’s more, this platform integrates with various dropship art suppliers, which means that you can integrate your store with their platform. 

In fact, Shopify is the winner when it comes to providing customization options for building your store, and integrations with apps if you want to automate your dropshipping business, and keep it running. 

Also, when it comes to pricing, the platform offers a 14-day free trial, and three main pricing plans, starting at $32/month.

shopify pricing plans

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Online Marketplaces

Another option is to leverage online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. These platforms have a large customer base and are known for their robust search functionality, making it easier for potential buyers to discover and purchase your art.

In my opinion, Etsy might be the best choice for the dropship art niche. This platform has a dedicated focus on handmade and unique arts and crafts, making it the perfect platform for artists and artisans to showcase their products.

etsy dropshipping

Also, it has a large and active community of buyers specifically interested in arts and crafts. So, many buyers specifically choose Etsy because they trust that they will find high-quality and authentic arts and crafts. This reputation can help dropshippers build trust with potential customers and establish themselves as reliable sellers in the arts and crafts niche.

Also, when it comes to pricing, Etsy also offers three plans. However, one of them is FREE. Moreover, the pricing starts at $10. Also, all Etsy pricing plans require dropshippers to pay fees, starting from 20 cents.

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In addition to these platforms, you can also consider using AliExpress, which is a popular option for sourcing art products at competitive prices. With its wide range of product categories, AliExpress allows you to find unique and interesting art pieces to offer to your customers.



 BigCartel is an e-commerce platform designed specifically for artists and creative entrepreneurs. It provides a user-friendly and customizable platform for artists to showcase and sell their artwork online.

Hence, this platform allows artists to set up their own online store to display and sell their art. So, if you are one of them, you can simply upload high-quality images of your artwork, provide detailed descriptions and pricing, and customize the overall look and feel of their store to match their brand.

What’s more, the platform also provides various tools and features to help artists manage their inventory, process orders, and handle shipping.

Also, BigCartel offers various customization options, allowing you to create a unique and visually appealing online store that reflects their artistic style. This helps to establish a strong brand presence and enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

When it comes to pricing, BigCerwl offers one free plan, and two pricing plans starting at $9.99/month.

bigcartel pricing

How to Build an Online Art Dropshipping Business On Autopilot?

Building a dropship art business is not an easy breeze. Of course, you must give some time and effort to be successful. However, with the right tactics and tools you can do it with a blink of an eye. Therefore, I will show you my process for starting a dropshipping art business. So, let’s dive in!

πŸ”Έ Choose A Dropship Art Niche

Find the specific category of dropship art products you wish to sell. Will your focus be on a single product store, or are you interested in dropshipping a range of art products? 

This could be paintings, prints, sculptures, or any other form of art that you are passionate about and believe has a market demand. 

For instance, if I want to check on some product demand or interest over time, I use Google Trends. Hence, let’s say I want to dropship wall art. So, what I do is type in the keyword, and get results. πŸ‘‡

By narrowing down your niche, you can effectively specify your marketing efforts and distinguish yourself from competitors.

For instance, I personally use Minea to help me find my winning products. This tool assists me in identifying profitable products by monitoring advertisements on social media. This allows me to gain insights into the most popular purchases.


πŸ”Έ Source Your Dropship Art Products

The next step is very important, or I personally take it very seriously since I don’t want to deal with dropshipping scams and lose money.

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So, I suggest you find artists or suppliers who create or provide the type of art you want to sell from reliable sources.  Also, once you find them establish partnerships or agreements with them to ensure a steady supply of inventory.

For example, I consistently discover valuable information in the Dropshipping.com supplier directory. They offer a free directory of over 2000 trustworthy suppliers for you to choose from.

dropshipping suppliers

This directory allows me to refine your search according to my specific dropshipping niche, supplier location, shipping costs, and other criteria.

Moreover, I have access to valuable information about each supplier’s pricing, order processing time, minimum order quantity (MOQ), warehouse location, product range, and additional details.

πŸ”Έ Set Up Your Dropship Art Store

Next, it is essential to create your dropshipping store. And, it is crucial to ensure that your landing pages are visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Fortunately, there are numerous website builders available nowadays. However, in my opinion, Shopify is the top choice for dropshippers. 

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As I already mentioned above, the platform has a user-friendly interface and offers a wide range of visually appealing themes, both paid and free, for your dropshipping store. Plus, it has an impressive array of customizable features.

customize templates

Plus, their drag-and-drop editor allows you to effortlessly create and modify your store.

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Moreover, Shopify seamlessly integrates with various dropshipping apps. So, you can make sure your business will be completely automated in its supply chain processes.

πŸ”Έ Implement Marketing Strategies

There are various digital marketing techniques you can use to drive traffic to your online store.

For starters, I suggest you include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising.

Next, you can boost your sales by implementing marketing strategies like cross-selling and up-selling, providing discount codes, referral programs, etc.

Plus, I suggest you include video marketing in your dropshipping marketing strategy. Through videos, you can show your dropshipping products in a visually engaging way. Also, you can present to customers how to use the products, its features, benefits, and more.


So many ways to find winning products when dropshipping, but this one makes things easier for sure! #adspyminea #dropshippingdotcom #ecommerce #productresearch #dropshipping

♬ Sunshine – WIRA

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Also, I advise you to automate these marketing efforts using tools. For instance, you can check on the 16 Best Marketing Apps On Shopify

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πŸ”Έ Streamline Customer Support

Delivering great customer support is very important. In fact, customers want to be heard, and they are not very patient. So, when dropshipping, you must make sure to deliver 24/7 great customer support.

Plus, you should also think about offering various communication channels, like email, social media, phone calls, chatbots, etc.

I suggest you think about implementing an automated customer support system using chatbots or pre-written email templates to handle common inquiries or issues. This will help provide timely responses to customers without the need for constant manual intervention.

For instance, I am using the Tidio which helps me to easily interact with my visitors and answer all of their questions. πŸ‘‡


Plus, it integrates with Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and it syncs all your different email inboxes.

How Profitable Is Dropship Art Business In 2024?

As I already mentioned above, the global art market grows at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.4%, with projected revenue for 2024 at approximately $761.48 billion.

Also, the size of the worldwide online art market it is projected to achieve $23.79 Billion by 2030. So, this shows that the dropship art business shows great promise for profitability.

Additionally, the global online art market is experiencing significant growth, providing a vast customer base for dropship art businesses to tap into. So, Google Trends data further shows a consistent interest in art, indicating a strong market for selling art prints.

With these factors in play, the dropship art business is poised for success and profitability in 2024.



The global art market is growing rapidly, presenting a lucrative opportunity for dropshipping art supplies.

Plus, the dropship art offers high-profit margins and reduces overhead costs, and you get to choose between bulk or one-piece product orders. Also, you have a lot to offer,  such as art paintings, canvases, frames, and more, providing a wide range of products to focus on.

In this article, I provided you with the Top 11 Dropship Art products, the best brands, and a guide to start dropshipping arts. So, get your info & Start.

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