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Tidio Reviews: Is This The Best ChatBot For Ecommerce Stores?

This Tidio Reviews can help you install, manage and increase your customer's satisfaction with live chat, chatbots, and visitor tracking.

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Martin is an agency owner and SaaS projects maker. His work is featured in the leading ecommerce brands, magazines and podcasts. Talks about Marketing, Business Development, and Growth Hacking!
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CO-founder at Dropshipping.com

Make no mistake, installing a chatbot and live chat for your dropshipping store is crucial.

Why? 🤔

Well, you first have to realize the importance of great customer service for dropshipping. Luckily, this highlight of what countless Tidio reviews are saying can open your eyes and guide you towards becoming a better dropshipper.

So, sit back, grab a drink, and learn a few great tips in this Tidio chat review on how it can help you boost sales by keeping all your visitors happy as a clam.

What Is Tidio?

tidio reviews

Tidio is a live chat software that can help you easily communicate with visitors and answer all of their questions. 

However, that’s not nearly all it can do. 

For the sake of keeping things simple, here are all the main benefits you can enjoy when using Tidio: 

✅ A simple chatbot for eCommerce

✅ Visitor profiles that let you save their contact details

✅ Easy integration with major eCommerce platforms

✅ Automated responses for FAQs

✅ Simple lead capture forms

✅ Live visitor feeds 

✅ The ability to share promotional offers directly

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How Are Thousands of Tidio Reviews Rating It?

live chat and chatbots

According to countless Tidio reviews left on several different platforms online, you can see for yourself that the vast majority of users are loving the Tidio live chat software and all of its features. 

You can confirm this by reading as many Tidio reviews as you can on some of the most popular software rating sites online, including:

  • Capterra: 4.8 rating from 222 Tidio reviews
  • G2: 4.7 rating from 926 Tidio reviews
  • Shopify: 4.8 rating from 1422 Tidio live chat reviews

Although, what you won’t find in a regular Tidio chat review is that the company itself urges users to try the free version of their live chat software before thinking about any reviews. 

Having said that, why not? 🤔

It’s free, it’s easy to install, and it’s the best way to find out whether it can suit your site.

Tidio Chat Review – Main Features

Let’s dive in a bit deeper and find out all the features and benefits that the Tidio chatbot for eCommerce has to offer. 

Trust me, it’s not just a simple chat that sends automated messages to visitors. 

There’s much more to it!

Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

With Tidio’s software, you can see what all of your visitors are doing on your site in real-time.

You may be asking, “Why is that important?”

Well, thanks to this feature, you can see what they’re looking for and reach out with a perfectly crafted offer instantly. By doing so, you increase your chances of making a sale.

Integrate All Your Email Inboxes

This simple, yet extremely helpful feature lets you manage all your leads and information with ease. 

By syncing all your different email inboxes that have collected all sorts of leads, you can avoid chaos, prevent stress, and stop wasting your time.

Instagram & Messenger Integration

Allow visitors to get instant and helpful responses on social media platforms like Instagram and the Facebook Messenger app.

As a result, you can double your conversion rates thanks to a few simple clicks and almost no time wasted at all.

Tidio Multichannel Tool

The multichannel tool syncs all of your live chat inboxes and messages to one dashboard, letting you respond to everyone on one screen and in no time.

This may be the most helpful feature you’ll see countless Tidio reviews praising all the time. 

Customize Your Chatbot

Tidio lets you create your own custom chatbot for eCommerce from scratch and you can also use any of the many pre-made chatbot templates. 

This isn’t as important as other features but it lets your chatbot align perfectly with your website’s look.

Conversational AI Chatbot for eCommerce

When your dropshipping store starts growing, you can do two things to facilitate customer support with Tidio:

  • You can prepare automated conversations for your customers, or…
  • You can let Tidio and its Artificial Intelligence technology handle the conversation for you

Tidio Pros and Cons

In order to be prepared for Tidio to the fullest, here’s a list of the benefits and few drawbacks you can expect when using this live chat software.


✅ It’s a very easy-to-use platform

✅ It integrates easily and with many eCommerce platforms

✅ You can use it for free

✅ The paid plans are still relatively affordable

✅ Onboarding new operators is very simple

✅ Friendly and helpful customer support


❌ Growth reports aren’t all that impressive

❌ Could use better control over each operator

How to Install Tidio Live Chat Software on Your Website?

Installing Tidio on any platform and website requires a very similar approach. All you have to do is search for it in your panel’s apps or plugins section and simply click on Install.

That’s all there is to it! It’s the same with BigCommerce, Ecwid, and any of the thousands of Shopify dropshipping apps out there.

Then, if you want to uninstall Tidio, you simply find it in your platform’s apps section and click Uninstall.

Tidio Customer Support

Tidio’s massive help center offers detailed information and instructions on everything you need to set up and use their live chat software.

You can get clear, step-by-step instructions on everything from installing the tool, customizing it, setting up all the integrations, and much more.

At the end of the day, if you still have any questions, you can contact Tidio directly and request assistance.

Ironically, you can use the chatbot pop-up on their homepage to message them 24/5 or contact Tidio directly at support@tidio.net and expect a response within 24 hours.

Tidio’s Live Chat Software Integrations

Tidio integrates with a lot of eCommerce platforms. To be more precise, here’s the full list of every platform that integrates with the Tidio live chat software:

  • Shopify
  • Prestashop
  • OpenCart
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Magento
  • Jimdo
  • Joomla
  • Webydo
  • Drupal
  • 3dcart
  • WooCommerce
  • Ecwid
  • Site123
  • Panierdachat
  • WordPress

4 Ways Tidio Can Boost Sales on Your Dropshipping Store

tidio review

Based on thousands of Tidio reviews and the tool’s performance, here is how this revolutionary live chat software can help boost your store’s sales.

  1. Prevent Cart Abandonment

You can stop more than half of your customers from abandoning their carts by instantly sending them a message with a personalized discount.

  1. Welcome Messages

You can boost sales by offering each new visitor a personal discount code to entice them to make a purchase.

  1. Prevent Visitors from Leaving

When a visitor is about to hit the X on the browser tab you can send an automatic message that can help convince them to stay a little longer and hopefully purchase something.

  1. Offer Gifts to Returning Visitors

Tidio keeps track of everyone who has visited your store. As a result, you can send automatic messages to returning visitors with gifts, a welcome back message, or similar.

Tidio Pricing

tidio pricing

Tidio offers three pricing plans, starting from a free plan up to $39 per month.

Free Plan: $0/Month (3 operators max)

  • Unlimited messages with 100 unique visitors per month
  • Access to Desktop and Mobile apps
  • Visitor information
  • 3rd party apps integration
  • JavaScript API

Chatbots Plan: $39/Month (3 operators max)

  • Everything from the Free Plan
  • Unlimited unique visitors per month
  • Unlimited active chatbots
  • Chatbot templates
  • Zapier integration
  • Custom chatbot editor

Communicator Plan: $15/Month (unlimited operators / $15 per operator)

  • Everything from the Free Plan
  • Live typing
  • Live visitor monitoring
  • Write notes for each visitor
  • Edit limitations for each operator

From what countless Tidio reviews have stated, the majority of users seem to be perfectly fine with the free plan. However, when your business starts growing you may need to upgrade your Tidio pricing plan.

Tidio Reviews & Customer Success Stories

If you’re unsure whether Tidio is the right live chat software for your dropshipping store, they’ve also featured tons of case studies highlighting the benefits that come with using this tool.

These case studies serve two great purposes:

  1. They help you realize that a tool like Tidio chat is crucial for success in any business
  2. They reassure us all to believe in the future of dropshipping and all the potential it holds

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Tidio Reviews – Final Verdict

Given that Tidio is completely free to use, you can definitely try out the tool even if it had all negative reviews. At the end of the day, you’re still risking nothing. 

Fortunately, almost all Tidio reviews online are majorly positive and entice all dropshippers to take advantage of this live chat software. 

Furthermore, this Tidio chat review has shown you every benefit and feature your dropshipping store can enjoy with it. 

As a result, you have the green light 🚦 to try and use Tidio from now on.

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Martin is an agency owner and SaaS projects maker. His work is featured in the leading ecommerce brands, magazines and podcasts. Talks about Marketing, Business Development, and Growth Hacking!