What Are the Most Common Pitfalls and Mistakes in Dropshipping?


Even the most seasoned online store owners commit dropshipping mistakes.

One of the main reasons why most dropshippers struggle with their businesses is simply because they do not know how to start and run a dropshipping business — the RIGHT way!

Another reason is that they are not careful enough. And they fail to realize or anticipate that the road ahead will be filled with bumps and humps.

In fact, being an online reseller and founding a successful dropshipping business is hard. It is a long and difficult road.

But, fortunately, many dropshipping mistakes are entirely avoidable.

To help you steer clear of at least some of them, we have put together the most common dropshipping mistakes.

And no, we do not want to make you feel anxious and indecisive or get defensive when it comes to making mistakes.

We just want to make you aware that many dropshipping mistakes can be avoided if you are careful enough. So, now, we will discuss the mistakes to avoid when dropshipping and how to do that.

dropshipping mistakes

7 common dropshipping mistakes and how to avoid them

  1. Choosing the wrong niche

Unluckily, many dropshipping entrepreneurs fail because of picking the wrong niche. But to prevent that, there are a couple of things to consider when you are choosing a niche for your dropshipping business:

  • Do not select a niche that’s too broad

Many aspiring dropshipping entrepreneurs tend to go into a broad niche, believing they will capture a big market. But the truth is, the more specific the niche, the better.

By narrowing down your niche, you will be able to determine who your target audience is and focus on satisfying their specific needs.

  • Figure out if there is a market for it

Being passionate about a certain niche is not enough (we wish it were!). You must ensure there is a need for it; otherwise, your activity will be a hobby, never growing into a profitable online business.

For this purpose, you can use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

Obviously, choosing the wrong niche is one of the mistakes to avoid when dropshipping.

  1. Having a lack of patience and persistence

Many dropshippers expect fast results for minimal effort. Oftentimes, this is the reason for their failure.

However, you must work hard to build a successful dropshipping business. In case you want to earn $1 million in a month, then entering the dropshipping industry is not something you should be pursuing.

Remember that you must practice patience. And understand that you must wait some time to see results. So, be patient, keep moving forward, and success will follow.

  1. Selecting the wrong platform

One of the most common dropshipping mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they are using the wrong platform for their dropshipping stores.

But with so many e-commerce platforms being available, how do you select the right one – and not the wrong one? The good news is that there are a few essential features to look for when selecting an e-commerce platform for your dropshipping store.

Firstly, choose a platform that’s easy to navigate and simple to use if you are not tech-savvy.

Secondly, pick a platform with multiple payment gateways to process the payments in your store.

Thirdly, the platform you choose should offer flexible pricing. Try to get the best for your budget.

Finally, decide on the plugins that will work best for you and make sure that all of them are easily integrated into one platform.

Customers love a smooth, seamless online shopping experience. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are providing just that by using the right e-commerce platform.

  1. Working with the wrong dropshipping supplier

This is also one of the mistakes to avoid when dropshipping. As we have already said, running a successful dropshipping business is hard. But why is it so?

Having to rely on dropshipping suppliers for order fulfillment is only part of the problem.

For instance, if your customer complains about the shipping time, refunds, or order processing, you cannot easily address and fix the problem. You cannot do so as it is not your supply chain.

In short, working with the wrong dropshipping supplier can contribute to an increase in customer complaints and return requests, eventually ruining your brand image.

That’s why you should work with a legitimate, reliable supplier. But how do you know if a dropshipping supplier is reliable? You can find out that by doing your own research.

Here are the things to look for in a reliable dropshipping supplier:

  • A physical location (Any reliable dropshipping supplier should have a physical address for their warehouse);
  • A good reputation and a long history (Avoid working with a brand-new supplier who has no reputation at all);
  • Positive online reviews, including a good reputation for product quality and quick delivery;
  • Relevant contact information (Any trustworthy supplier should have a phone number, e-mail, etc. on their website. How can you get in touch with them when a problem arises if there is no relevant contact information on their website?).
  1. Not developing a proper marketing strategy

High competition is another part of the problem. In other words, it is what makes dropshipping difficult.

Many dropshippers “forget” that the competition in the dropshipping industry is intense. As a result, they tend to underestimate the importance of a proper marketing strategy for their dropshipping businesses.

And this is one of the most common dropshipping mistakes.

As you can see, not developing a proper marketing strategy is one of the mistakes to avoid when dropshipping.

The right marketing strategy should help your business reach its goals through digital marketing tactics, including:

  1. Not delivering excellent customer service

Not only will you deal with high competition, but your customers will also have high expectations. This means that failing to provide great customer service is one of the mistakes to avoid when dropshipping.

Specifically, as a dropshipping business owner, it is not your responsibility to do certain things (no physical location, inventory, warehouse, shipping, and fulfillment). But what should you do to stand out from your competition? The answer is simple – market your store and provide great customer service.

Unsurprisingly, providing great customer service makes customers feel important and appreciated. And everyone wants to feel that way, right? So, put your customers first. And this will result in more sales and business growth.

  1. Not setting attainable goals

 Many new online store owners are enraptured by their “big idea” and, therefore, they make dropshipping mistakes.

However, you need to set realistic and attainable short- and long-term goals in order to achieve them successfully. Approach your business with rational thoughts, carefully assessing every step you need to take to reach your goals.

You should not set a goal by saying something like, “I want to make $2 million annually.” Try to be as realistic as you can and ensure your goals are clear and well-defined.

Final thoughts – Will you try to avoid these Dropshipping Mistakes?

These are the most common dropshipping mistakes made by new online merchants. Furthermore, to ensure your business thrives, these are the mistakes to avoid when dropshipping.

Let us ask you something: Do you want to run your own business and be in control of how you spend your time? If the answer is yes, remember this:

Even if you make one of these dropshipping mistakes, try to learn your lesson out of it. Do not give up! After all, only those who are brave enough will succeed.