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The Ultimate Guide: How to Use Google Trends for Dropshipping
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Wondering how to use Google Trends for your dropshipping business? This ultimate guide will teach you everything you need to know to make use of this tool.

The e-commerce world is dynamic and ever-changing. And as a dropshipping store owner, the last thing you need is a bad product positioning or a product that does not sell well.

Thus, this Google tool is an excellent way to gain a competitive edge and keep up with the latest industry trends is to keep an eye on what people are searching on Google.

So, before explaining how to use Google Trends for dropshipping, I would like to briefly describe what it is and how it works. Let’s start!


Offered by Google, Google Trends is an awesome tool that provides short- and long-term insight into what people from all over the world are searching on Google. In other words, it helps you find out what people are curious about.

As what people are searching for opens a telling window into what they are interested in and want to buy, Google Trends can be used within various fields, including e-commerce and dropshipping.

Fortunately, this tool is potent, highly versatile, and FREE. Thus, it is a must-have for any dropshipper like yourself trying to understand the market, identify a dropshipping niche, and find the best dropshipping products to sell.

In a nutshell, it may help your dropshipping business achieve its big dreams, without breaking the bank. But if you do not know how to use Google Trends for dropshipping, scroll down for more information on the topic.

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How Do Google Trends Work?

As I have already said, before teaching you how to use Google Trends for dropshipping, I want to help you understand how the tool works.

So, here are the main elements/features of Google Trends:

Interest over time

Google Trends records how interest in a topic has changed and shows it to you in graph form. This is the most important element of this tool: Tracking search interest over a given period of time.

Thus, you should enter a search term into the search box at the top of the tool to find out how the search volume has varied for that term over time.

So, let’s try it out for my coffee dropshipping business. And, let’s take a look at the graph produced by the search term “Coffee”.

As you can see, Google Trends tells you how interest in the search term “Coffee” has changed over time. You can change the time frame, including the “past hour”, “past 7 days”, “past 12 months”, “past 5 years”, etc.

Interest by region

If you want to learn how to use Google Trends for dropshipping, you must also understand that this tool shows you how search interest varies by location.

Thus, you can see search data for different countries or even some larger cities.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the map showing areas where the search term “Coffee” is the most popular. 👇

But what does this mean to you as a dropshipper? Well, the graph above helps you understand the specific areas/countries where the search interest for “Coffee” is the highest. 

This can be beneficial if you want to market your products to customers in a certain area. But I will explore this topic more deeply later in this article.

Related topics and related queries

Related topics and related queries can give you some related ideas for dropshipping niches, products, and brands.

The first option, i.e., the Related Topics, can help you find out what related topics people, who searched for your search term, may also be interested in.

However, the second option, i.e., the Related Queries, can give you some insight into what specific search terms or phrases people used when they searched for your term. 👇

How To Use Google Trends For Dropshipping?

In essence, this tool enables you to better understand what people are interested in and curious about, in real-time. But you can utilize this information to do the following things for your dropshipping business:

1. Identify a dropshipping niche

One of the first and most important steps in starting a dropshipping business is picking a niche.

So, of course, you can run a general dropshipping store and sell products across many different categories. However, focusing on a single dropshipping niche lets you focus on a specific audience.

Thus, this way you cab offer the best products that will entice your potential customers.

Selecting a dropshipping niche can be a tricky process. But with Google Trends, you can check the popularity of a specific dropshipping niche.

So, simply put, with it, you can see whether people are searching for products in that specific niche or category.

Let us give an example to illustrate my point. Thhis, I will do a little research for my women clothing store.

The data shows that there has been a healthy amount of search interest globally for the niche “women’s clothing” over the last 5 years. This may be a good indicator that this is a profitable dropshipping niche.  

Now, let’s make a comparison between the niche “women’s clothing” and the niche “kids’ clothing” just to see which one is more popular.

As is evident from the graph above, the “women’s clothing” niche is a bit more popular than the “kids’ clothing” one.

Practical tips on how to use Google Trends for dropshipping:

  • Start quite broad and use the filter “All Categories” to extract a topic for further exploration.
  • Do a general search with an umbrella keyword that pertains to the industry you, as a dropshipper, are interested in.
  • Once you have analyzed your keyword, use the comparison filter to make a comparison between two or more keywords.

2. Find the best products to sell

Finding the best products for dropshipping with Google Trends is also possible.

Product research is incredibly important for your dropshipping business. Finding the right products to sell can take too much time. Also, not to mention the fact that most of the dropshipping product research tools have to be paid for.

Fortunately, Google Trends is a 100% free tool for finding trending products to sell online and spotting seasonal trends.

Let’s say that you are looking to enter the women’s fashion market in the US. Thus, let’s exlore the popularity of sleeveless dress by using Google Trends.

As you can see, if you choose to sell sleeveless dresses through your dropshipping store, you are likely to deal with seasonal demands.

Why? Because the demand for this product is higher during the summer months, like May, June, and July.

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Practical tips on how to use Google Trends for dropshipping:

  • Examine search volumes for a specific product within a defined time frame and in a specific country. These filters can help you clearly see whether the search volume is increasing or declining in a particular region within a defined time frame.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to seasonal spikes and take advantage of them. You may need alternative products in the “drought” months.
  • Use the “Related Topics” feature mentioned above. That way, you can find amazing product suggestions and expand your product offerings.

Interested in using other free methods to find what to sell online? Here are 5 free ways to find winning dropshipping products.  

3. Target a certain country when promoting your dropshipping business

It is as clear as day that dropshipping stores are operated online. This means that your customers can be based anywhere in the world (if your dropshipping suppliers are willing to ship there, of course.)

But just because you can have global customers doesn’t mean that you do not have to assess the regional trends for your niche or product.

By using Google Trends, you can do so and understand where (in which countries) there is a huge spike in searches for your product.

That way, you can find a new market for your product and focus on that market when promoting your business.

Let’s go back to our “sleeveless dress” example and see what the world thinks about sleeveless dresses.

According to my search results, Columbia, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana, to name a few, are the counties with the highest volume of searches for sleeveless dresses.

Practical tips on how to use Google Trends for dropshipping:

  • Just click on a region to get more details on the search volume in that region. This allows you to see a list of subregions or even cities ranked based on the popularity of your search term.

4. Improve your SEO and content marketing strategies

You should also learn how to use Google Trends for your dropshipping business to improve your SEO and content marketing strategies. This will ultimately drive traffic to your site.

Namely, keyword search volume refers to how many times people typed a term into the search box of Google within a set time frame.

But why does this matter? Well, with Google Trends, you can enter a keyword phrase and check its popularity. And if the relevant keyword has high search volume, you may consider adding it to your product description or a blog post.  

As a dropshipper, you want the keywords on your site to be relevant to what people are searching for so they are more likely to find your product and content among Google search results.

Take the term “lipsticks”, for example. According to Google Trends, the search volume for the term “lipstick” is trending upward, which means that it may be a good product to sell.

But you need to find the keywords that go with this query. Using Google Trends, scroll down to see the “Related Topics” and “Related Queries” to optimize the use of related keywords.

Practical tips on how to use Google Trends for dropshipping:

  • Compare the search volume for the best keywords for your business and blog using the comparison filter. That way, you can find the most searched keyword.
  • Spot trending topics. All you need to do is to select “Trending Searches” on the Home Page of Google Trends and browse daily and real-time search trends. Also, you can search by country. Here is what all this looks like:

Though Google’s top-trending searches often include celebrity news, you will also find some trending topics related to your specific industry.

And you may want to use that information as a source of inspiration for coming up with topics to write about and generating keywords to use.


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Google Trends Compared To other Dropshipping Research Tools

Google Trends is a great tool for finding trending products and popular keywords. It allows you to take a look at the big picture of your industry and market and identify general consumer behavior.

Still, if you want to find more specific and accurate information, it is recommended to use it in combination with other tools.

For instance, SEMrush is an excellent tool for doing keyword research. It is a bit expensive. But it is definitely good value for money.

Another great tool for this purpose is Ahrefs. It is a pricey option, as well. However, it is also a very powerful tool.

When it comes to finding what to sell, you can use one of the best dropshipping product research tools like Sell the Trend, Niche Scraper, Ecomhunt, etc.

Check my full Niche Scraper Review.

Discover my full Ecomhunt Review.

Check out my full Sell The Trend Review.

Again, use one of these tools together with Google Trends for the best results.

Google Trends FAQs

1. What are the limitations of Google Trends when using it for dropshipping research?

Google Trends provides valuable insights into trends and the relative popularity of search terms, which is instrumental for dropshipping research.

However, its limitations stem from the lack of absolute search volume data, reliance solely on Google search data, and a focus on search terms without delving into consumer intent.

These limitations can make it challenging for dropshippers to gauge the exact market size or understand the full scope of consumer behavior and motivations behind certain search trends.

Consequently, while Google Trends is a powerful tool for identifying trends, it should be used in conjunction with other market research methods to obtain a comprehensive view of the market.

2. How can one integrate Google Trends data with other analytics tools for a more comprehensive market analysis?

Integrating Google Trends with other analytics tools, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, and social media analytics platforms, can significantly enhance market analysis.

This approach involves using Google Trends to spot emerging trends and then applying tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs for deeper keyword research, competitive analysis, and SEO planning.

Social media analytics can add another layer of insight into consumer sentiment and trends not yet captured by search data.

By cross-referencing and analyzing data from these various sources, dropshipping businesses can develop a more nuanced understanding of the market, identify opportunities, and craft strategies that are informed by a broad spectrum of consumer behavior insights.

3. Are there specific case studies or success stories of dropshipping businesses that have significantly benefited from using Google Trends?

While detailed case studies may not be widely available, numerous dropshipping entrepreneurs have shared how Google Trends has been pivotal in identifying niche products and market opportunities before they became saturated.

Early identification of trends, such as an uptick in interest in eco-friendly products or health supplements, enabled these entrepreneurs to position their dropshipping stores advantageously in the market.

Others have leveraged Google Trends for understanding seasonal demand, allowing them to optimize inventory and marketing strategies in alignment with consumer interest peaks.

These success stories underscore the utility of Google Trends in uncovering market opportunities, timing market entry, and tailoring marketing efforts, all of which can contribute to the success and growth of a dropshipping business.



To summarize, Google Trends is a potent tool that helps you obtain data. TYhus, you can find data regarding the popularity of search terms across different regions over a given period of time.

And you have probably heard that this tool is useful for dropshipping store owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

But if you do not know how to use Google Trends for dropshipping properly, you will not be able to take full advantage of its powerful features. This is the reason why I have decided to write this article.