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Peeksta Review: Finding Best Selling Products Online
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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Are you a dropshipper navigating the vast sea of product options, desperately seeking the winning ticket to dropshipping success? Look no further than my Peeksta Review.

This might just be your golden ticket! In this blog, I dive deep into the world of Peeksta, the brainchild of the Ecom King himself, and explore how this powerhouse tool can revolutionize your dropshipping game. 

From uncovering winning products and analyzing Facebook and TikTok ads to delving into the secrets of successful stores, Peeksta is armed with features that make product research a breeze. 

So, buckle up, and let’s explore if Peeksta truly lives up to its royal reputation in the world of dropshipping! πŸ‘€πŸš€


What is Peeksta?

peeksta review

Peeksta is a super helpful assistant for dropshippers running online stores, especially those in dropshipping. It’s a special tool that helps e-commerce folks find the best products to sell.

Peeksta comes packed with features that help you make smart choices based on data, saving you time and giving you a leg up on the competition.

 And guess what? The brain behind this cool tool is none other than The Ecom King, a super successful British entrepreneur in the online shopping world.

Quick Peeksta Review


The best

  • Loads of Stuff to Explore
  • Totally Affordable
  • Hot Picks
  • Awesome Store ExplorerAwesome Store Explorer
  • Easy to Use

The worst

  • Some Tools Aren’t That Useful
  • Slow Customer Support

Starting from

  • Free plan; Peeksta Starter Plan – $19.99 per month; Peeksta Advanced Plan – $49.99 per month; Peeksta Premium Plan – $99.99 per month

How Does Peeksta Work?

Wondering how Peeksta does its magic? Well, it uses algorithms and data crunching to tell you what’s hot and what’s not.

It basically makes finding awesome products a piece of cake, so you can focus on selling the good stuff.


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Peeksta Review: Key Features

1. Winning Products

winning products

 Peksta makes the whole process of discovering products effortlessly a lot easier. Thus, they are adding new winning products to their list every day. Moreover, you can sort products, by category, price, and the number of orders.

Furthermore, Peeksta stands out from other platforms by offering filters specifically designed for products featured in Facebook and TikTok ads. These filters can be easily accessed with a few scrolls.

Moreover, you gain access to information on costs, profit margins, selling prices, and target markets for ad campaigns.

peeksta review

Also, you can access suppliers and benefit from analytics provided by AliExpress, a leading supplier.

Plus, you can rest assured that Peeksta’s dedicated team has carefully selected products to ensure you don’t waste money on underperforming 

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Facebook Ads Spy (Product Spy)

facebook ads

Peeksta’s Product Spy is a useful tool for keeping an eye on Facebook ads, especially for advertising purposes.

To sift through the heaps of data and occasional not-so-great products, it’s strongly advised to make good use of the filters and sorting options they provide, So, you can filter them by keywords, country, language, video-only ads, etc. Also, you can sort them based on last seen ads, most views, most commented, most liked, or shared ads.

While this tool is handy for finding top dropshipping products, its real strength lies in analyzing the competition.

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TikTok Spy

tiktok spy

TikTok Explorer is a fantastic ad spy tool tailored specifically for TikTok ads. However, unlike the Facebook Ads Spy tool, this tool has fewer sorting and filtering options.

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Therefore, you can dig into the most popular ads for analysis and inspiration by sorting them from oldest to newest. Also, you can sort them by a certain period. For example, you can check on the trending products in the past 30 days.

Additionally, sorting ads from newest to oldest lets you spot trending dropshipping products currently undergoing testing. Thus, if your dropshipping business relies on TikTok ads, this tool is undoubtedly your go-to choice.

Moreover, what I also want to add in this Peeksta Review is that, just lit the TikTok Ads Spy, and Facebook Ads Spy, this app provides spying on ads on Pinterest. πŸ‘‡

peeksta review

Facebook Audience Builder

peeksta review

This Peeksta tool enables you to find the most relevant audience for your dropshipping brand. In fact, the Audience Builder covers popular categories like beauty, bodybuilding, camping, and more. Within each category, you can explore various customer interests, making it easier to launch and check your products with Facebook ads.

Thus, Facebook doesn’t share data on interests, making searching for new ones tricky. On the other hand, Peeksta tackles this ongoing challenge that has been causing concern for the past few years.

The introduction of this feature has provided a solution. So, with its tools, you can find your target audience, reach them more efficiently, and increase conversions.

Therefore, if you have a specific product in mind but lack info about your target audience, simply enter the product name as a keyword, and the tool generates the right audience. It’s a practical solution that takes the stress out of reaching your target audience.

Video Ad Generator

peeksta review

Peeksta comes with a bunch of AI features, including the video maker. This fantastic tool lets you effortlessly create eye-catching video ads.

Thus, you simply need to share the images you want, pick from a selection of free-to-use music, and kick off the video creation process. Next thing you know, you’ll have a ready-to-go video ad that can be saved and added to your product page, as well as easily shared on different social media platforms.

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Thumbnail Ad Generator

peeksta review

 With this Peeksta feature, making thumbnails is a breeze now. Thus, you just need to upload your pictures, pick a style, and let the AI take care of the rest.

This way, you can create eye-catching and fancy thumbnail images for your store’s products without needing a designer’s assistance.

Product Explorer

product explorer

Peeksta lets you discover winning products for your next product launch by checking out successful businesses.

So, with the Product Explorer tool, you get a list of the upcoming winning products and links from the stores selling the products. Also, you can narrow down your search results using their filters like, sales, price, income, keywords, etc.

Thus, once you click on a specific product, you will be redirected to their product page. Hence, here you can check on its pricing, features, product description, etc.

By following their strategies, you can improve your chances of success. This powerful tool gives you the ability to stay ahead of competitors and explore new opportunities for significant growth.

Store Explorer

peeksta review

And, this is one of the best features I will discuss in this Peeksta Review.

The Store Explorer feature lets you discover popular stores and explore their best-selling products is made easy with this incredible tool. Hence, this feature lets you step into their world and quickly gain valuable insights.

So, with the Store Explorer, you can check on each store’s offerings, monitor website traffic, and gain valuable insights into their daily order volume.

store explorer

Moreover, this tool goes the extra mile by providing links to suppliers for each product. This added feature allows you to delve deeper into the sourcing details of various successful stores, expanding your knowledge and opportunities in the process.

Furthermore, what I want to point out in this Peeksta Review is its Track Stores feature, which goes together with the Store Explorer. 

track shopify stores

This tool, helps you track Shopify stores, and their performance by simply adding their URL. Thus, you will get information like store income, status, products, etc.

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➑ PPC Insights

ad competitors

Next on my Peeksta Review, is another valuable tool. With this Peeksta tool, you can gain a competitive edge by uncovering valuable insights on paid keywords used by competitors in Google AdWords.

Thus, you can analyze ad strategies, discover competitors, and access Google Ads history. 

This enables you to optimize your campaigns, refine keyword targeting, and make data-driven decisions for maximum ROI.



I always talk about how dropshipping suppliers can even make or break your dropshipping business. And, in this Peeksta Review, I will confirm the same thing.

Peeksta also understands the importance of suppliers in the whole dropshipping business model scheme. Therefore, it places a strong emphasis on suppliers and finding products. 

With this feature, you can check out various suppliers and look into what products they have, how much they cost, and what people think about them.

Unfortunately, you can only search for suppliers from CJDropshipping and AliExpress using this tool, and it doesn’t include Zendrop, which is a significant drawback for me.

Nevertheless, this feature makes it easy to handle and simplifies the process of finding products, ensuring access to quality items for dropshipping businesses. If you’ve already identified a profitable product to sell, Peeksta can be a helpful tool for discovering the best suppliers to meet your needs.

Peeksta Videos 

peeksta videos

So, in this Peeksta Review, I want to mention one more valuable feature you have at your disposal. However, I am separating it from the other ones since this is a completely separate service from the Peeksta features package. 

Thus, instead of finding winning products, they create awesome video ads for dropshipping.

So, you can look for winning products on the main site and then head to Peeksta Videos to get top-notch ads made for Facebook and TikTok. 

Also, the pricing for a single video ad is $30.99, and it is pretty affordable. Also, check out the other pricing options.πŸ‘‡

videos pricing

Basically, if you want to try something new for your ads, Peeksta Videos is a good choice without breaking the bank.

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Peeksta Review: Pricing

First things first, the platform offers three pricing options, starting at $19.99/month. Also, there’s a free forever plan.

➑ Peeksta Starter Plan – $19.99 per month

This plan is ideal for beginners or those on a tight budget. Hence, it comes with features like an AI Content Generator, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, tracking for up to 10 Shopify stores, Audience Builder, and more. Also, you have up to 10 product searches per day and 30 store searches per day. 

➑ Peeksta Advanced Plan – $49.99 per month

This one is designed for serious dropshippers needing advanced features and higher limits. It covers everything in the Starter plan, plus tracking for up to 30 Shopify stores, increased limits for Store Research and PPC Insights, and extra AI Content Generator credits.

When it comes to product and store searches, they are unlimited.

➑ Peeksta Premium Plan – $99.99 per month

This is the most complete plan Peeksta offers. It includes all the Advanced plan features, plus tracking for up to 100 Shopify stores, research on unlimited products, and expanded limits for PPC Insights and AI Content Generator.

Peeksta Pros & Cons

Next in my Peeksta Review, I will discuss its pros and cons, so you can decide whether is a good choice for you.

Loads of Stuff to Explore

Totally Affordable

Hot Picks

Awesome Store Explorer

Easy to Use

Some Tools Aren’t That Useful

Slow Customer Support


βœ… Loads of Stuff to Explore

Peeksta’s got a bunch of things to check out. And, it is perfect for dropshipping. Thus, they cover Facebook ads, TikTok ads, Suppliers, Shopify stores, and more.

βœ… Totally Affordable

For just 20 bucks a month for Peeksta, you won’t need to break the bank. It’s a smart pick if you’re just starting and don’t want to splurge all your cash on product research.

βœ… Hot Picks

Peeksta’s got some real winners in its collection. They say some products are bound to do well in 2024. Plus, it’s loaded with tools for marketing, like making video ads from social media stuff. Great for newbies like me.

βœ… Awesome Store Explorer

The Store Explorer is like a secret weapon. It shows you what successful stores are doing, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Super handy for getting the hang of things.

βœ… Easy to Use

Peeksta’s interface is made for beginners. It’s simple and easy to figure out. No need to spend days learning the ropesβ€”I could jump right in and start using it.


Now on this Peeksta Review, it is time for the not-so-great stuff:

❌ Some Tools Aren’t That Useful

They’ve got a bunch of tools, but not all of them are winners. Also, some are not really helpful.

❌ Slow Customer Support

I didn’t have to contact support, but most of the customer reviews I read are about its customer service. In fact, they claim that it’s a bit slow from others. Response times might not be the quickest.

Peeksta Alternatives

Next in my Peeksta Review, I will mention some of its alternatives. So, if you are not finding Peeksta as your best match, you can consider these ones.

Sell The Trend

sell the trend

Sell The Trend is a must-have tool using smart technology to find winning products.

In a nutshell, it provides a variety of popular products, all-in-one dropshipping automation, a strong marketing toolkit, and more.

Excitingly, they’ve introduced Sell The Trend Shops, a clever feature guaranteeing a full set-up dropshipping store in just 5 minutes.

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➑ Standout Features

Explore trending products effortlessly with features like:

  • Product Explorers, 
  • The NEXUS, 
  • Store Intelligence, 
  • Marketing Tools, 
  • Store Automation Software,
  •  USA Shipping, 
  • Success Academy, 
  • Tutorials, 
  • Facebook Course
  • Custom Stores.

➑ Pricing

Choose from two plans starting at $35.97/month. Plus, enjoy a 7 Day Free Trial.



Adserea is the second alternative I want to discuss in this Peeksta Review.

Thus it is a great tool for dropshippers. When you use this platform, you get access to a bunch of useful features like checking out trending products, creating appealing ads, writing product descriptions, importing products effortlessly, and getting insights and new info for any niche.

Not only that, but Adserea also gives you pre-written descriptions, video ads, audience suggestions, ad content, competition stats, and trend analytics for each product.

Plus, they provide ready-to-import files for Shopify. And if that’s not enough, they’ve got a Facebook audience search engine to help you target specific groups.

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➑ Standout Features

  • Daily Winning Products
  • Winning Product Analytics
  • Hand-Picked Winning Products
  • Live Products Spy
  • Store Finder
  • Store Analyzer
  • Audience Builder
  • Adserea BONUS features

➑ Pricing

Adserea offers three pricing options, and the cost depends on how many months you subscribe. So, if you go for a monthly subscription, it’s $19.95/month. But if you choose a 6-month plan, it drops to $14.99/month, and so on.



Minea really stands out when it comes to finding popular products and ads. It’s become super popular among dropshippers, marketers, and influencers because it’s easy to use, works on different social media sites, and doesn’t break the bank.

One cool thing about Minea is its ad spy featureβ€”it’s the best out there for dropshipping tools. Plus, it has a huge collection of ads from Facebook, Pinterest, and Minea TikTok, making it the ultimate tool for spying on ads.

And if you’re into tracking product placements by influencers on Instagram and Snapchat, Minea has you covered in over 30 markets.

πŸ‘‰ Read my Minea Review: Find Winning Products & Spy On Ads For Free.

➑ Here are some key features:

  • Minea Products
  • Minea Facebook & Instagram Ad Spy
  • Minea Influencer Marketing
  • Minea TikTok Ad Spy
  • Minea Pinterest Ad Spy
  • Minea Shops

➑ Pricing 

When it comes to pricing, Minea has both free and paid plans, starting at just $49 per month.

FAQs about Peeksta

Lastly, in my Peeksta Review, I will answer the most frequently asked questions by dropshippers.

1. What Is Peeksta?

Peeksta is a handy tool for dropshipping product research. It’s software crafted to help online business owners find the best items to sell.

2. How does Peeksta work?

Peeksta uses smart algorithms and data analysis to give you insights into what products are hot and profitable. It makes finding good products easier by simplifying the whole research process.

3. Is Peeksta good for beginners?

Absolutely! Peeksta is easy to use and made for entrepreneurs at any level. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, Peeksta’s features are user-friendly for everyone.

4. Can Peeksta save me time on research?

Yes! One of the main perks of Peeksta is that it makes product research faster. You can quickly spot top-selling products, saving you a bunch of time and effort.

5. How often does Peeksta get new info?

Peeksta gets regular updates to keep you in the loop with the latest trends and product data. This way, your research is always based on the most recent info.

6. Can I stop using Peeksta whenever I want?

Yes, you’re free to cancel your subscription anytime. Peeksta gets that businesses change, so you can manage your subscription to fit your needs.

7. Is Peeksta worth trying out?

Absolutely. Peeksta is a trustworthy business, and using its product research tools is a safe bet.

8. Is there a free trial for Peeksta?

Nope, Peeksta doesn’t offer a free trial.

9. What’s Peeksta’s refund policy?

You can return Peeksta products within 3 days of buying them.

10. How do I cancel my Peeksta subscription?

Just message support@peeksta.com, and they’ll handle the cancellation in about 3 business days.

11. How much does Peeksta cost?

The monthly plan for Peeksta is $19.99.

12. Who’s Peeksta Founder?

Peeksta’s founder is Kamil Sattar, also known as Ecom King.



In conclusion, in my opinion, Peeksta is your real friend when it comes to dropshipping. It offers a treasure trove of features designed to elevate your e-commerce journey. From pinpointing winning products to dissecting competitors’ ad strategies, Peeksta provides a comprehensive toolkit for success.

Moreover, its user-friendly interface, coupled with affordable pricing plans, makes it an attractive option for both beginners and seasoned dropshippers

While the absence of a free trial and some tools falling short of expectations are notable drawbacks, Peeksta’s strengths outweigh these concerns. 

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of dropshipping, Peeksta stands ready to be your strategic companion, unlocking opportunities and streamlining your path to success. 

So, take advantage of the Peeksta review, collect your information, and make an informed decision about whether is a good option for you!

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