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Dropshipping Product Research Tools: How To Find Winning Products In 2024?

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Finding products that will sell is the biggest competitive advantage a dropshipper can have. With the right dropshipping product research tools, you will find better products, minimize the risk of product failure, and increase the likelihood of selling a profitable product.

From trend analysis to market insights, I am unraveling the secrets behind each tool’s prowess. Ready to elevate your dropshipping game?

This guide will help you understand the product research process (which is quite simple actually) and more importantly dive into the differences and specs of the potential tools you would use to do product research.

Join me as I navigate the digital aisles and equip you with the tools to turn every product into a winner!
How to Do Product Research for Dropshipping? (Your First 3 Steps)

Product research for dropshipping is a fairly simple process. When you master it, you’ll be able to spot a winning product from miles away.


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How To Find Dropshipping Winning Products?

But if you’re just starting out, this simple step-by-step process will help you get started:

Step 1: Choose a Dropshipping Product Research Tool

The main advantage of using a dropshipping product research tool is saving time (and money) both in the short-run and long-run.

So step one is simply picking a tool to use. I will get into the extensive list and comparison in a bit, but here are a few of the top choices:

  1. Ecomhunt – learn how to use Ecomhunt
  2. Niche Scraper – learn how to use Niche Scraper
  3. Sell the Trend – learn how to use Sell the Trend
  4. Adserea – learn how to use Adserea
  5. Intelligynce- Check out my Intelligynce Review: Is This Shopify Spy Tools Still Useful?

👉 Check out WinningHunter Review: The Rising Winning Products Tool.

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Step 2: Choose products to research

After you’ve chosen a dropshipping product research, you need to open a few dozen tabs of the most attractive and appealing products you spot.

For example, let’s say you chose to use Ecomhunt. This is what you will see when you first start using this tool.👇

ecomhunt product research

From here, all you have to do is simply open every single product that instantly catches your eye in a new tab.

👉 Check out my Review: What Do You Need To Know Before Using It.

Don’t think about it, don’t analyze them, don’t look at their prices. Just go with your gut (or rather, eyes) and do this quickly and intuitively.

Look at the images, get a glimpse at its name, and immediately open it in a new tab if it seems interesting, appealing, exciting, etc.

Essentially, anything that would also make a consumer click to see more. Or even better, anything that might make someone say, “WOW, I NEED THIS NOW!”.

Essentially, a winning product will always fit in one of the following 4 categories:

1. high demand (solves a problem to many)
2. low competition (appears unique)
3. solves a problem / offers a solution
4. has a WOW factor (many people will click on it)

Intuitively, we all have a filter for these 4 in our minds (after all, we are consumers too). So doing step 2 quickly, just like a real consumer browsing the web would be the best strategy when starting out.

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Step 3: Research the Selling Potential for Your Top Picks

Now that you’ve selected a few products, here’s where things get a bit technical. Don’t worry, I will give you all the instructions you need to crush this final step.

So, researching how much potential a dropshipping product has (if it has any at all) is basically doing market research

Market research is simply gathering as much information as you can about a particular type of product, service, or even niche based on how well or poorly it’s done in the past.

In other words, it involves making an educated guess on whether a product will work or not once you start selling it.

Here you will find all it takes to learn and execute effective market research for dropshipping products:

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How To Find Winning Dropshipping Products Fast and Easy?

Here’s our simple process for researching the selling potential for dropshipping beginners.

1. Asking the right questions

First, you need to know what exactly to check for in the products you selected. Ask the following 4 questions.

At least one on them should be a YES to move on with the product research.

  • Is it a problem solver? (time/confidence)
  • Is it unique? (wow factor/not seen)
  • Is it a high-quality product? (good reviews)
  • Does the product have a good margin? ($20 profit minimum after cogs)

The product research tool should help you determine the answers to these questions easily. That’s their biggest advantage.

2. Check the marketability of the product

Second, you need to check the marketability of the product. In order to do this there are free and paid options.

➡️ The Free methods are:

  1. Fb ad library (for example, you can try typing: 50% off)
  2. TikTok (check #Tiktokmademebuyit)
  3. Aliexpress DS Center

From the free methods, the FB ad library is the best approach to see the marketability and competition. When you’re there, look for products that have multiple ads. However, if a product has no ads, that’s also not necessarily a bad sign. It means you will be bringing something unique to the market, and if the product gits in the WOW or problem solver criteria, it’s a sign you have a winner.

Another way you can use Facebook to do research is to check high-performing stores to see what they are selling (dropshippers or not). If you spot a product that fits the criteria we mentioned, it might be a good fit for you too. YOu can play with the margins and see if you can offer a better deal, and essentially use the exposure they’ve gained to divert their potential customers to you.

There are also a few Paid methods for conducting market research. These are product research tools that offer additional features to help you do this. This also makes them really good product research tools that will save you even more time and give you a greater competitive advantage.

➡️ Paid methods (our top 2 choices):

Minea (see our full Minea review)

Adserea (Adserea review)

If you’re using Minea, search for ads that have recently done well in the past month for the USA and bring them to the EU. Make sure they have likes, shares, and positive comments from people like “just ordered” or “can’t wait for mine to come”.

In summary

That’s essentially the process for dropshipping product research. As you can see, there are tools, free and paid that can help you in the process. The process might seem like a lot if you’ve never done it before (especially because you are still relying on yourself as well as the tools). But just like with anything, when you do it a few times, it will become second nature and you will establish your own process for finding high-potential products to dropship.

Finally, you have to know that even with the best tools and years of experience, dropshipping is a big testing game. What might sell for others, might not sell for you. There are many factors that will determine your success that go beyond the products.

Some of them incloode marketing, season, store maturity and reviews, target audience, location, and price. As an example, let’s look at price. If a well-known store sells a given product for X amount, and you offer it for less, the other store might still sell a lot more because they have trust. This isn’t a rule however, and the opposite does happen most of the time (you selling more because you’ve got a better price), but depending on the product itself, as well as the other factors mentioned above, you might not be able to do that.

If you are a new dropshipper, developing your marketing skills is a must. Check out our beginner guides on Facebook Marketing, Tik Tok Marketing and How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for your dropshipping store.

The ability to spot winning products that will sell in your store comes with time and experience. However, with a good product research tool, you will be able to flatten the learning curve and get there much faster.

To help you get started with even more clarity, here is a list of the top 18 dropshipping product research tools in 2024:

19 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools in 2024

There are the most popular Dropshipping Product Research tools in 2024, and a short overview of their features, main benefits and drawbacks:

1. WinningHunter

WinningHunter is a dynamic tool aimed at e-commerce entrepreneurs, especially useful for dropshippers.

It utilizes sophisticated AI technology to provide deep insights into trending products and effective advertising strategies across platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

Main Advantages:

  • Extensive Product Database: Access to a broad range of products, allowing users to discover trending and profitable items.
  • Comprehensive E-commerce Tool: Offers more than just product research; it includes ad spying, sales tracking, and ad copy generation.
  • Advanced AI Capabilities: Employs powerful AI to streamline product searches and generate ad content efficiently.

Main Disadvantages:

  • Limited Free Trial: Provides only a 3-day free trial, which may be insufficient to fully assess all its features.
  • Complex Interface: New users might find the platform challenging to navigate initially.

Key Features:

  • Facebook and TikTok Ads Insights: Spy on active ads and filter by various criteria to understand what’s working in the market.
  • Sales Tracker: Monitor real-time sales data from Shopify stores with high accuracy.
  • AI-powered Ad Copy Generation: Quickly generate compelling ad copies using AI, enhancing marketing efforts.
  • Product Research: Identify profitable products using detailed insights on sales trends, customer reviews, and pricing history.
  • Advanced Filtering: Dive deep into data with extensive filtering options to focus precisely on needed information.

Pricing: WinningHunter offers a tiered pricing structure:

  • Basic Plan: €49/month, suitable for beginners with access to essential features and limited store tracking.
  • Standard Plan: €79/month, includes additional features and store tracking capabilities.
  • Premium Plan: €249/month, provides comprehensive access to all features for scaling businesses.

Each plan comes with a 3-day free trial, allowing users to explore the platform’s capabilities before committing.

2. Sell The Trend

Sell the Trend is a massive platform with a smart and powerful AI that knows which dropshipping products work and which don’t.

find winning products

Main Advantages:

  • It includes millions of products to choose from;
  • It can help with much more than just researching dropshipping products;
  • It has one of the most powerful AI systems for this sort of work.

Main Disadvantages: The platform is not available for free, but there is a 7-day free trial.

Key Features:

  • Sell The Trend SHOPS
  • Product Explorer
  • Store Automation
  • NEXUS Product Research
  • 1-Click Push to Store
  • Supplier Database
  • Automated Order Fulfillment
  • Marketing Tools

You can try Sell The Trend for free and upgrade to get all the features for $39.97 USD/mo.

Check this video where our partners at Sell The Trend drop value bombs on the most effective ways to start with dropship product research:

3. Minea

Minea is the most sophisticated tool for finding winning products and advertisements.

First, Minea builds and offers the greatest collection of ecommerce ads for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok ads.

Second, it is a tool for tracking product placements made by influencers across 30+ markets on all major social media channels.

And last, Minea provides information and a detailed overview of the largest online stores.

Main Advantages:

  • A huge database of winning products
  • Ease in finding winning products
  • Information from almost all social media platforms
  • Up-to-date with the latest products
  • It is affordable compared to other ad spy tools

Main Disadvantages:

  • Only for a single user
  • Not the easiest tool for dropshipping beginners

Key Features:

  • Minea allows you to discover the best ads of the moment on any platform.
  • Detailed analysis of all dropshipping store’s advertising strategies and results.
  • You can spy on your competitor’s creatives, and marketing angles and learn from their mistakes.
  • Stay up to date with the latest marketing campaigns of the biggest brands.
  • You can explore the best strategies for influencer marketing
💡Try Minea For Free

When you are ready to upgrade your plan, you can pick between three main packages: Starter – $49/mo, Premium – $99/mo, and Business-$399/mo.

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Check the video from Minea’s Premium course hosted inside our community.

4. Adserea

Adserea combines everything you need to build your dropshipping business. From high-quality products, ad copies, descriptions, ads, and insights to store spy features, this tool covers everything.

adserea product research

Despite the easy-to-use dashboard and user-friendly navigation menus, Adserea stands out with its innovative features.

Instead of you spending hundreds of dollars on separate tools, with Adserea you can simply:

  • Access to thousands of high-converting products
  • 2 high-converting products every day
  • Use the Facebook audience search engine to prepare your campaigns

Here’s the list of all features Adserea can offer under the all-in-one package:

  • Daily Winning Products
  • Winning Product Analytics
  • Hand-Picked Winning Products
  • Live Products Spy
  • Store Finder
  • Store Analyzer
  • Audience Builder
  • Adserea BONUS features
  • TikTok Spy Tool

Moving forward, with every winning product you get a large amount of precise data to fuel your product-picking decision. Here’s what Adsersa provides for every product:

  • Cost price
  • Sale price
  • Gross Profit
  • Profit margin
  • Number of suppliers
  • Number of vendors
  • Number of stores selling the product
  • Strength index
  • Engagement analysis (engagement, marketing, audience insights)
  • Videos from product usage (on TikTok)
  • Sales Analysis
  • Competition Analysis

Adserea has three pricing plans, starting at $19.95, each of which has different features available. Take a look at the pricing plans!

5. Zik Analytics

Zik Analytics is a comprehensive tool designed to help dropshippers find winning products and optimize their businesses for success.

Main Advantages:

  • Extensive product database with millions of products to choose from, ensuring a wide range of options.
  • Advanced market research and data analysis capabilities, allowing users to identify profitable niches and trends.
  • Powerful product research features that provide detailed insights into product performance, competition, and sales potential.
  • Integration with popular e-commerce platforms, making it easy to import and manage products directly within your store.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced dropshippers.

Main Disadvantages:

  • Zik Analytics requires a subscription for full access to all features and resources.
  • Limited trial period, after which a subscription fee is required to continue using the tool.

Key Features:

  • Product Database: Explore a vast selection of products across different categories and niches.
  • Sales Analytics: Access detailed data and metrics to evaluate the performance and potential profitability of products.
  • Competition Analysis: Analyze competitor stores, pricing strategies, and marketing tactics to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Niche Research: Identify emerging trends and profitable niches to target for your dropshipping business.
  • Listing Optimization: Optimize your product listings for improved visibility and conversion rates.
  • Price Monitoring: Track pricing changes and market trends to adjust your pricing strategy accordingly.

Zik Analytics offers a 7-day trial for users to test the platform which costs $1. After the trial period, the subscription fee starts at $14.99 per month, providing access to the features eligible for that plan and ongoing support.

Integrate Zik Analytics into your dropshipping business today and unlock the potential for finding winning products and maximizing your profits. 

6. Ecomhunt

On top of being one of the cleanest and most effective dropshipping product research tools, Ecomhunt is also packed with tons of resources for new dropshippers to learn how to effectively find winning products.

ecomhunt review

Main Advantages:

  • Ecomhunt offers incredible analytics and stats about each and every product on the platform;
  • It gives you very useful info about certain Facebook ads, has a reasonable pricing plan, it features a special Winners Club where top sellers enjoy various perks.

Main Disadvantages:

  • You can’t use the free version for too long.
  • It also features a lot of restrictions unless you’re on the paid plan, which is understandable.

Key Features:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Finding trending products
  • Uncover benefits, angles, and targeting
  • Pinpoint and deconstruct winning stores

While the free plan gives you access to only 2 detailed products per day, the paid plan costs $29/mo and you can try it by clicking here.

7. AliShark

As the name suggests, AliShark is the ultimate dropshipping product research tool if you’re sourcing from AliExpress. 

alishark product research

Main Advantages:

  • Features an advanced filtering system that shows you what you’re looking for;
  • It is constantly updated and has a massive database;
  • It offers highly relevant information on all products.

Main Disadvantages: There aren’t too many resources on how to properly use this tool.

Key Features:

  • Large and constantly updated database
  • Great product details
  • Excellent filtering
  • Real-time data scraping

You can explore AliShark Premium for just $20/mo.

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8. DropiSpy

DropiSpy is an excellent product research tool for both beginners and more experienced users. It’s easy to use, it’s very effective and also has a free plan.

dropispy product research

Main Advantages:

  • The tool has an expanding database of millions of dropshipping ads to help you find winning products;
  • It offers extremely helpful customer support;
  • It’s one of the rare dropshipping product research tools that offer real-time data.

Main Disadvantages:

The premium plan isn’t the cheapest out there;

The free plan itself is great up to a certain point until you need access to more of its unique features.

Key Features:

  • Huge product database
  • Very competitive price
  • A multitude of real-time data
  • Best Dropshipping stores ranking

Here you can see what DropiSpy has to offer by visiting the free plan. On the other side, the paid option will cost you 29.90 USD/mo.

9. Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper lets you spy on other stores and their ads in addition to helping you find trending and winning dropshipping products at any given time.

niche scraper

Main Advantages:

  • There’s no limit to how many products it can scan through AliExpress and Shopify;
  • It’s extremely easy to integrate with Shopify stores; it makes video ads for you;
  • Niche Scraper is ideal for complete beginners.

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Main Disadvantages: The free plan is basically useless for someone who is serious about dropshipping.

Key Features:

  • Handpicked database of 100+ products
  • Real-time product scraper
  • Spy on successful dropshipping stores
  • Detailed product analytics
  • Links to top AliExpress sellers
  • Import unlimited winning products

You can use Niche Scraper for free or upgrade to $49.95 USD/mo. Explore it here.

10. FindNiche

The next dropshipping product research tool on the list is called FindNiche.

findniche tool

It can take the guesswork out of your product research if you are planning on dropshipping on AliExpress or Shopify.

However, the only drawback of this tool is that you cannot filter by “dropshipping” like with some other tools mentioned above. Despite that, it is still popular among dropshippers.

Also, monthly pricing plans for this tool start at $9/month.

11. SaleSource

One of the most complete options available for finding profitable products, SaleSource is an all-in-one research tool.

SaleSource ecommerce

What do I mean when I say “an all-in-one product research tool”? By using SaleSource, you can find best-selling products, top-rated dropshipping suppliers, competitor data, and more in just one dashboard.

Furthermore, the tool is in sync with Shopify, so with SaleSource, you may create your online empire on Shopify. Also, you can use it for analyzing products to sell on AliExpress.

Monthly pricing plans:

  • Starter- $89/ Month
  • Professional- $98/ Month
  • Advanced- $399 / Month
  • Elite- $999/ Month

12. Intelligynce

This is a comprehensive hunt tool that enables you to do in-depth research and extract the best and in-demand products.

Intelligynce ecom research

Additionally, it helps you analyze millions of items across hundreds of Shopify stores. With Intelligynce, you can also search for products selling on AliExpress, Amazon, and other marketplaces.

Pricing plans:

  • Monthly option – $39 per month;
  • Annual option – $79 per year;
  • Lifetime option – You can get a lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $99.

13. Jungle Scout

Whether you are a new or an already established Amazon dropshipper, you should not overlook this dropshipping product research tool.

Jungle Scout selling on amazon

Technically, it is an all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. By using it, you can extract rank, sales volume, and estimated revenue.

Apart from product research, the tool comes with many other incredible features to help you increase your Amazon sales. One of its features is the comprehensive supplier database.

Monthly pricing plans:

  • Basic – Validate your product ideas with the browser extension for $29;
  • Suite – Find new products and effectively manage your Amazon store for $49;
  • Professional – This plan is perfect for experienced online vendors who need more advanced features. And it costs $84.

14. is a product research tool that scans thousands of hand-picked products on AliExpress. product ideas

Approximately 350,000 dropshippers from around the globe use ThieveCo. Sure, you can also use it to see what is trending on AliExpress.

Plus, you no longer have to waste your time analyzing current and future trends on AliExpress because this tool will do that for you!

Monthly pricing plans:

  • Free – Browse products for free.
  • Dropship – This is the most popular monthly pricing plan among dropshippers and it costs only $15.
  • Pro – Get access to all the basic features, plus pre-release product access and premium product content for $49.

15. Pexda

pexda winning products hunt

With its tagline “Stop wasting money on bad products,” Pexda is similar to the previous product research tools on the list. But the pricing may be a little up compared to the rest.

Pexda offers 3 pricing plans to meet your needs. The standard plan starts from $14.95 per month, with a $1.95 for 14 days to test out the tool, and 3 days delay on new winning products.

The premium plan costs $24.95 per month and the ultimate plan costs $99.95 per month. 

The key features that this product research tool provides include 24/7 support, access to unlimited products daily, Facebook Ad/AliExpress/Amazon/eBay reports, an auto hunt tool, etc.

16. DropshipSpy

As its name suggests, Dropship Spy is a product research tool for analyzing winning and promising products for dropshipping.

DropshipSpy dropship tool

Thanks to its Shopify store integration, you can import your chosen products to your Shopify store.

Also, the tool provides many other features, including Store Spy, Facebook Ad Spy, Instagram influencer database & research tool, etc.

Pricing plans:

Regarding pricing, Dropship Spy offers only one plan for $39 per month with unlimited access to the hottest products and features.

17. Product Whale  

Product Whale  

ProductWhale is one of the oldest tools for solving product research problems. They are well established in terms of providing real winning products across various industries.

And of course, with all the add-ons Product Whale can offer a wide range of spy tools that you can use to make informed decisions.

With Product Whale you can:

– Find winning products for your dropshipping business on Aliexpress and other main marketplaces.

– Explore the best converting social ads, without wasting your ad budget by blindly experimenting and aiming for sales in dark.

– With their daily updated and manually curated list of trending products you will always find only bestsellers for your store.

– You always have detailed metrics on your competitors (best-selling products, country of origin, and Alexa rank)

– You can use big data (like Silicon Valley) startups to growth hack your store and revenue.

All of this is for just $16 per month. No upsells, no extra packages.

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18. Trend Rocket  

trend rocket

Created by the influential eCommerce entrepreneur Davie Fogarty (founder of The Oodie), this tool Rocks. It’s basically a product research tool for dropshipping since we are including it in this list, but it can offer way more features, that’s for sure.

Trend Rocket is a powerful DTC intelligence tool that makes it easy to find, manufacture, and sell the right (dropshipping) products.

Read more: DTC Marketing Examples & Strategies for dropshippers.

The main Trend Rocket features: 

  • Finding and Creating Trending Brands
  • Search Database of Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • Full Analytics
  • Trend Viability Report

This tool offers two pricing plans: Basic-$49/month, and Pro- $99/month

19. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is more than a Product Research tool – it can help you to get ahead of the trend before your competitors are even aware of it. 

Exploding Topics

Key Features and Pros

  • You can easily identify trending topics and dropshipping products within various categories.
  • Easy-to-use interface, pure design, and only the important data displayed.

Tool Cons

  • Short of analytic capacities due to a higher focus on the keyword.
  • Lack of analytics data – the tool is not dropshipping dedicated, so it’s not showing detailed product data as the other tools explained above.
  • You can only get Search Volume for any keyword and topic growth rate.

7 Best Product Research Extensions for Your Shopify Store

Now, let’s list some of the best extensions for dropshipping product research out there. 

Note that some of them were listed above as general product research tools. Here, I will focus on those that have Browser Extensions so you can do your product research with ease.

By the on this list, you can choose product research extensions based on their features, pricing, and the overall benefits that you get.

1. Ecomhunt

ecomhunt chrome extension

Ecomhunt is a simple dropshipping product research tool that lets you use an even simpler and more effective Chrome extension.

ecomhunt features

Once you learn how to use Ecomhunt and its extension, you will be able to quickly browse through winning dropshipping product posts on Facebook.

However, that’s not all this tool has to offer. The Ecomhunt extension also lets you spy on other Shopify dropshipping stores. 

All you have to do is visit the store of your choice and activate the extension. Then, it will show you what their best-selling products are, what Shopify apps they’re using, info about their suppliers, and much more.

Here, you can explore our ultimate list of the 10 best Shopify Tools for dropshipping stores

Ecomhunt Extension Main Features:

  • Scan through viral dropshipping posts on FB
  • Scan through the most successful dropshipping ads on FB
  • Spy on Shopify dropshipping stores

Ecomhunt Pricing:

ecomhunt pricing

👉 Check out my ShopHunter Review: A Competitor Spying Tool For Shopify Stores.

2. Ali Insider

aliinsider chrome extension

Ali Insider specializes in facilitating AliExpress dropshipping by scanning through the platform’s massive data in an instant. Not only that, but it also shows you crucial data you wouldn’t be able to get access to otherwise.

It’s one of the most useful product research extensions given that there are countless products to choose from on AliExpress.

This extension has over 30.000 users and has gotten mainly positive reviews. 

That’s totally understandable given that it has so much value to offer. 

For example, Ali Insider takes AliExpress and turns it into a waterfall of critical sales data. 

It tells you how well each product is doing. It shows daily sales statistics, when a product was first added to AliExpress, logistics information, supplier information, even competitor analytics, and so much more. 

Ali Insider Extension Main Features:

Ali Insider Pricing:

You can use the Ali Insider product research extension for free without having to create an account. In addition, they offer one more plan that costs $19.95 per month.

The main differences between the free Ali Insider plan and the paid plan are a few limitations on how many AliExpress products you can look at and analyze.

3. Oberlo

Oberlo is another dropshipping tool that is exclusive to AliExpress and Shopify. It connects the two platforms and makes it easier to import countless products.

However, that’s not all Oberlo can do. Another helpful perk that this dropshipping extension offers is elegantly displaying product information on the search page of AliExpress.

Important News: Oberlo is shutting down! Here are the best Oberlo Alternatives. Check our personal favorite and start selling in 5 minutes with an all-in-one platform.

oberlo product research extension

Once you find a product you think will sell well, all you have to do is hover over the product listing and click on the blue “Add to Oberlo” button that pops up.

Oberlo Extension Main Features:

  • One-click product importing
  • Bulk product importing and editing
  • Displays important product information

Oberlo Pricing:

Using the Oberlo product research extension for your dropshipping store is completely free.

4. Koala Inspector

koala inspector product research

Koala Inspector is a dropshipping store spy extension that already has over 90.000 users taking advantage of its features. 

Once you’ve installed the Koala Inspector Chrome extension, you can visit any Shopify store and activate it.

Then, it instantly shows you crucial data such as their ad campaigns that are bringing in the most sales, their most successful products, supplier data, which Shopify theme they’re using, and more.

Koala Inspector Extension Main Features:

  • View other stores’ product information
  • Look at supplier data
  • Analyze their Shopify store’s structure
  • See how many monthly visitors they have

Koala Inspector Pricing:

koala inspector pricing

5. Sale Source

solesource chrome extension

Sale Source can scan AliExpress product pages and any store for important details and insights that you can leverage. It’s a similar platform to Koala Inspector with a few changes here and there.

For example, Sale Source has an elegant dashboard that displays the status of countless products and seller scores that let you know which suppliers are reliable so that you can avoid getting more dropshipping returns.

In addition, the platform offers a free trial and you can even book a demo to see how it performs. It has over 65,000 users and is now compatible with eBay and WooCommerce stores in addition to Shopify.

Sale Source Main Features:

  • Shopify merchant research
  • Product research and data analysis
  • Shopify app analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Search for and download product images and videos

💡 Tip: Check out the Top 11 AI Image Generators To Boost Your Visuals.

Sale Source Pricing:

6. Thieve

thieve dropshipping products

Thieve is another AliExpress product research extension that you can use to find better products to sell. 

It’s used by nearly half a million members and offers a wide range of different tools you can benefit from.

For example, the Thieve product research extension lets you know which suppliers are best to work with, which products will sell well, it lets you search with images, determine the trustworthiness of a product and supplier, and so much more.

Thieve Extension Main Features:

  • Audience demographics
  • Profitability audit
  • Spy on Shopify stores
  • Find sellers with better prices 
  • Help with creating high-converting dropshipping pages
  • Logo removal tool

Thieve Pricing:

This tool lets you try their service completely free for a while. However, after the trial period, you have to choose between two of their paid monthly plans. 

This includes:

  • $29 per month
  • $99 per month

7. Shopify Hunt

shopify hunt product research extension

Shopify Hunt is a tool created by the popular product research tool company Find Niche. It’s a free Chrome extension that you can use to spy on Shopify dropshipping competitors. 

The tool immediately recognizes which stores are created on Shopify and which aren’t. Then, it displays a list of crucial data that you can use to either imitate or beat your competitors.

The extension itself is free but you can also choose to subscribe to one of their paid plans.  This way, you will get access to even more data and other extremely beneficial features.

Shopify Hunt Extension Main Features:

  • View product information 
  • Automatically detect Shopify stores
  • A great product filtering system
  • Easily import and export CSV files

Shopify Hunt Pricing:

It’s a free extension that you can use to spy on some of the biggest Shopify stores out there. 

There are also a few paid planes that remove product listing limits and offer access to more features.

shopify hunt pricing

What Do You Need To Consider When Using A Paid Dropshipping Product Research Tool?

In most cases, it’s not about whether you need to go the freeway or use a paid tool, what product research tool to use, or what metrics to follow, but it’s who to trust as a beginner!

Here I share a few tips and things you need to take into consideration when validating a product idea (on open channels or via paid tools):

How much does the product cost (the price you need to pay to your supplier).

A recommended price to sell the product at (what’s the average retail price of the product).

Your profit margin (meaning the money you get to put in your pocket).

How many orders the supplier of this product has shipped out (The demand and the reliability of the supplier).

Total sales that this product has accumulated for others so far (market projections and profitability of the product).

How many suppliers are selling the same product (other options to consider for sourcing the product).

How many dropshipping stores have imported the product (your real competitors).

The rating of the product is based on a few insights you will see in your chosen tool (applicable only if you use a product research tool).

Check our ultimate guide: What Does Shipped Mean In Dropshipping?

Why Using Tools Can Help You Find Winning Dropshipping Products?

You may not have realized it until now, but the most successful dropshipping businesses understand how to use product research tools to make meaningful decisions, particularly when it comes to product sourcing and growing their business.

Actually, you should consider incorporating a product research tool right away since it may assist you in the following ways:

Examine various marketplaces

Scanning the global marketplaces might help you generate fresh product ideas to offer in your own dropshipping store and in your regional market. The more information you can gather on a product and its performance across several marketplaces, the better. Product data is important to successful dropshipping companies because it allows them to make intelligent choices about whether or not to offer a specific product in a given location.

Search several product options at once

For good reason, many dropshipping business owners devote a significant amount of effort to product sourcing.  Finding outstanding items is critical if you want to operate a successful dropshipping business. However, this procedure might be time-consuming. Therefore a  dropshipping product research tool may help you construct extensive lists of products that are worth researching by allowing you to scan many products at once.

Analyze your competitors

Product research tools allow you to go through hundreds of products to see which ones are generally popular, available and selling. These insights can assist you to avoid wasting a large portion of your money on needless purchases. You may also see what your competitors are offering, their ratings, the number of reviews they have, and other important information.

Define profits and costs clearly

Another important feature of a product research tool is the estimation of your costs and profits. Products that have high selling prices may appear attractive at first,  particularly if you can generate a fair gross profit on sales. However, you must also consider your costs.

What’s more, product research tools help you save money by using one all-around tool. Not just that, these tools contain info about Facebook ads, targeting, competition, videos, and more!

Furthermore, you can import products easily since your product research tool is integrated with the eCommerce platform you use. Also, you constantly have up-to-date information about product prices, so you won’t have to check it out manually.

And guess what? These amazing tools contain information about each market’s trending products based on order rates.

Dropshipping Product Research – Main Criteria Summarized

Here are 5 things you must remember from this guide on how to do product research for dropshipping stores. These criteria will significantly increase your chances of being more successful.

  • The product must be unique
  • It must not be extremely saturated (it can be slightly saturated but not too much)
  • It’s ideal if it isn’t available in offline stores
  • It has to solve a problem or add tons of value to your customer
  • The product must have interesting features that will grab the attention of ads

If you are a new dropshipper, you might also want to check out my guides on The Best Categories And Suppliers For Dropshipping Beginners, The 21 Best Ecommerce Marketing Tools, or check out our own Product Directory where you can browse over 250 thousand products and compare margins for FREE.

How Experts Are Doing Dropshipping Product Research?

In this part, I go through some of the best case studies from top Ecom Entrepreneurs on how they use innovative tactics to find winning dropshipping products. Let’s explore them one by one.

👉 Discover the Top 11 Richest Dropshipping Store Owners In The World and learn their product research tactics.

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How To Do Market Research To Find What To Sell?

There are several steps that you can do in a sequence to effectively research your dropshipping product’s market.

At the end of your research, you will know ten times more about your product, what is its ideal target audience, how much you should price it, and whether or not it’s worth dropshipping it in the first place.

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Spy On Your Competition

The first step requires you to find out who your competitors are. You can do this by doing a simple Google search of your product or an extremely similar product to it.

For example, if you decide to sell this pet grooming hammock. 👇

pet grooming hammock

Your job now would be to search for “pet grooming hammock” on Google and see what types of results pop up. You will notice that most of the results will be from online stores, including Amazon.

Then, open a few of the top pages and start taking notes, such as:

After this, your job is going to be to try and beat as many of these criteria as possible. You can do this by finding better suppliers, negotiating better prices, building a much better online store, and so on.

Step 2: Research Your Target Audience

The next step of your dropshipping product research journey is to find out what type of audience likes to buy your product. If you get this right, you’ll be enjoying some well-deserved dropshipping profits pretty soon. 

So, here’s how to do some research on your ideal type of audience for any product.

Go on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media you can think of. Search relevant keywords and try to find out what type of people talk about stuff related to what you’re selling.

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You need to find out their fears, their desires, what they love, and what they hate, as much as you can. The more information you have about these people, the more your ads and offers will convert.

How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products with can help you find a winning dropshipping product in two ways. 

Initially, your best bet is to become a member and enjoy premium tips, insights, and more benefits such as:

  • Regular updates on the best dropshipping products
  • Access to all the best dropshipping suppliers in countless niches
  • Access to spy on the most successful online dropshipping stores 
  • Frequent advice from expert dropshippers

The second way is to use the free dropshipping guides and articles on everything dropshipping.

Our massive list includes hundreds of guides on everything a beginner, experienced, and advanced dropshipper will ever need. With this in mind, there’s nothing stopping you from starting today, even if you don’t have any budget whatsoever.


Dropshipping Product Research – FAQ

Your questions – answered.

How do I research a dropshipping product?

You have two options: Finding products for Free or using a paid software to find your winning product. We recommend starting with your market research, to find market gaps, trending topics, and unserved niches. After, you can utilize paid tools to filter and narrow down your trending products list.

What is the best dropshipping product research tool?

If you are on a budget, we recommend using: Facebook Ads Library, TikTok Search, Amazon and AliExpress Best Sellers or simply finding data on Google Trends. If you are lloking for a paid tools, our best picks are Minea and Adserea.

What dropshipping product is most successful?

It depends on many factors, including: your niche, your marketing and sales niche, your store, seasonality, competition, price range and your desired profit margins. But there are a few things you can spot a "winner" quickly: it has a WOW factor, it's unique, it solves a problem and ideally it's not available in offline stores.

What is the best product research tool for Shopify?

To find winning products for Shopify, we recommend installing these Product Research Extensions: Ecomhunt Ali Insider Koala Inspector Sale Source Thieve Shopify Hunt



Learning how to do product research for dropshipping might look like a big challenge but with some experience and the right tools, it’s not difficult at all.

Also, something to remember is that regardless of how many winning products you find, they all require testing. The product research tools simply help you save on the testing phase and the time it takes to validate a product’s marketability.

Product research tools are great for beginners, but they are actually very popular with seasoned dropshippers as well because they recognize their value in saving time and money while still helping them find the best products to sell.

We hope this guide as well as our lists were helpful to you and will accelerate your journey to success with the dropshipping business model. Good luck and keep learning!

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Get product ideas from our Winning Products Library

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