15 Ways to Double Your Dropshipping Conversion Rate On Your Store


The dropshipping conversion rate is one of the most important things dropshippers should focus on.

That’s a fact for every business selling online. But when it comes to e-commerce stores, conversion rate metrics are essentials.

Simply: Our sales volume depends on our dropshipping store conversion rates, right?

Although, that is why we are here. Here are x ways to double your dropshipping conversion rate in 2021:

What Are E-commerce Conversion Rates? 

The conversion rate is the percentage out of all visitors who buy on your website. For example, if you have 100 visitors and 20 buys from it, then your conversion rate would be 20%. It is a whole simple idea, to sell more to the same number of overall visitors!

Any conversion rate from 3% and over is considered to be good. That would be 3 sales per 100 visitors. It may sound easy, but when you lack technique, it definitely isn’t easy.

Why Is The Dropshipping Conversion Rate Important?

Because they reflect how your overall business is performing. If you have a low conversion rate, then that means something is wrong with the way you promote. There can be other dropshipping stores that are targeting the same niche as you but at the same time are doing better than you.

Familiriaze yourself with the risks of dropshipping before we dive in.

This is the magic of conversion rates, they can easily tell you if you are on the right path or not.

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15 Ways How to Improve Your Dropshipping Conversion Rates

1. Optimize Site UX Design (Main Page)

New visitors are always with 2 minds whether they should continue buying at a new store they just visited or not.

To solve this issue, you have to make sure your Shopify Landing Page has the correct design. Website design is very important and is a great way of improving simplicity and increasing customer trust.

  • Choose the right theme – it only takes a few seconds before anybody forms an opinion about your site.
  • Live chat – always use this as a direct way to communicate with any newer customers who are unaware of your site.
  • Security – show full trust and users that their payment is secure and not a scam. It is always difficult for users to trust you at the beginning.

2. Use High-Quality Images

Images are considered to be one of the most attractive features of a website. Instead of having a bunch of long boring text on your website, photos are exactly what makes things simple and speak a thousand words. The more images you have, the more likely you will convert.

You may be asking what kind of images to use, it is simple. Use images that define your product, and don’t use any basic type or low-quality ones, use the highest quality.

You can even try shooting some photos at certain areas with your product, and use them on your website. Images that are shown with product usage are just as interesting.

dropshipping conversion rate improvement in 2021

3. Product Reviews

If you want to easily build trust, then just try to form good relationships with your customers and make them write good reviews about you. Other than images, product reviews are very crucial to get that golden ticket to converting high sales.

The very main reason product reviews increase conversions is because they lower anxiety in the customer. They will say that someone else bought off your site and was satisfied. People will always feel better when others were also satisfied.

4. Product Descriptions 

Always avoid writing short product descriptions. According to some research done, it showed that bad product descriptions were one of the main reasons people return their carts. It is all because customers might be fooled into thinking they are buying something they need but might end up being something else.

Nothing will destroy your conversion rates faster than a lack of product descriptions or low detail product descriptions. You want to get into some deep details when describing your products in order to increase your dropshipping conversion rate.

5. Bundles

You link one product to another. Over time, when someone becomes a loyal customer, they may end up buying more things. This will increase conversion rates as when they will see one thing is linked to another, it’ll appear worth it to them and maybe even cheaper.

Bundles can be another good way of also looking unique. Not every dropshipping store offers many bundles all the time so this is your chance to show that you are different.

6. Discounts

converting more customers via dropshipping store

Not really always a good idea to do, but from time to time, it can always be good to use discounts as a way of increasing buying rates. If you both combine bundles and discounts together, the conversion rates without a doubt will go up.

Nobody likes full prices, so when you put an expensive product at a discount, then you will definitely see customers feel the urge to buy. They will know that the discount is limited, and that is where the urge is created.

You can also try using famous discount holidays as an advantage, like Black Friday, Christmas, and many more holidays. Avoid not putting up discounts during this period, because almost all dropshipping stores do. The only thing you will be doing is hurting your dropshipping conversion rate.

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7. Fast Delivery/Free Shipping

What customers hate the most out of order is most likely waiting too long for a product and paying shipping costs. You can lose many sales if your shipping cost seems too high or even if you have a long delivery time. Your conversion rates will just go to another store and most likely never come back.

Don’t be afraid to remove the shipping costs and to speed up deliveries. It’ll definitely be worth it instead of losing many customers, leading to losing lots of profit along with it. A good indicator for increasing your dropshipping conversion rate.

ecommerce transactions for dropshippers

8. Many Payment Methods

The more payment options you add, the more comfortable your customers will feel. That is because across countries worldwide, everybody has different payment methods.

Having many alternatives available will give freedom to many users around the world as someone may firmly rely on PayPal, Payoneer, a credit card, or someone else may rely on Bitcoin and many different paying methods.

Familiarize yourself with the dropshipping taxess and payment methods before you start your Dropshipping Journey.

When you only have a few payment methods available, then many users might run away from you, increasing your abandoned cart rate and lowering your conversion rates by a huge amount.

9. Email Campaign Offers

You wouldn’t imagine how much email campaigns can increase conversions. They are a great way of personalizing with your customer and sending special offers just for them.

Even for newcomers, you can send personalized new emails that contain an ebook, a special offer, or even free guides to your products.

Email campaign offers are even better when you have frequent visits from a customer. It is all because you can use website cookies to track what they are viewing more and then send them personalized emails on what to purchase.

There are many dropshipping sites that will send offers to their customers every month, either a discount, or anything else. This is the key to increasing the dropshipping conversion rate.

Find relevant Shopify Dropshipping Apps that can help you increase your conversion rates.

10. Gifts After Purchase

Everyone loves gifts because they don’t have to pay a dime for them. Gifts are one of the most interesting things you can add or give your customer once they buy from you. It can also be one of the main reasons you create loyal customers.

The best gifts you can offer are the ones that are in your niche, and also those that are personalized with your customer’s purchase. This increases loyalty, even more, when a customer gets a gift that is similar to what they purchase.

Find the best Gift Dropshipping Suppliers and products to sell.

11. Have a Specific Niche 

Conversion rates a highly affected when you decide what niche to target. If you’re targeting the wrong niche, then there are many things that can’t help you no matter what you try to do.

Find out what products are the most demanded in the market, and go with those. See if they have a good selling rate or not. If not, then don’t waste your time trying to sell something that isn’t demanded.

You can follow any steps, but what isn’t in demand will never increase conversion rates. People will always run to buy what they want, and if that is your product, then you chose the right niche.

12. Be Responsive

If someone finds something unclear when they try buying something from you, being unresponsive is the last thing you want to do. Make your contact information simple and easy to find. Many dropshipping stores try to only use FAQs as a way to answer questions, but it doesn’t always work that way.

Most customers might have many questions that aren’t on the FAQ page, and when they can’t find the question, they will just get angry and leave. That is why you want to mention as much contact information as possible. Be there for your customers at all times. This will highly impact your conversion rates.

13. Return Policies

dropshipping payments processors

Return policies are a good way of increasing comfort in the buyer. Once they see that you have a return policy, they have more trust and feel more comfortable in buying a product.

Always avoid selling products without a return policy on your dropshipping store. It makes your dropshipping store look more like a scam, makes it harder to build trust, and also can plunge your dropshipping conversion rate.

14. Video Marketing

Also another way you can use your products to market and build brand awareness. As we mentioned in many articles before, using the help of video or social media influencers can greatly help build your brand awareness. Once you get to this point, trust will be easily won.

Dropshipping conversion rates go up once your brand awareness is high. They will see that there is something good behind your products because an influencer is in them!

15. Use Referral Programs 

Many people underestimate the power of referral programs. Referral programs are the same as the power of word of mouth. It is like when your friends recommend you to visit a new bar or to go somewhere. You most likely will feel better about visiting that place.

Once referrals start to come into play, you will see that they will start multiplying. You may even try giving a gift, discount, coupon, or something else if someone does a referral. Some examples can include: a $50 gift card, a 10% coupon, a free item, a premium plan subscription, etc.

When you start giving something, you will for sure get something in return. Many dropshipping businesses do this in order to increase their dropshipping conversion rate.

Increase Your Dropshipping Conversion Rate

This was the ultimate guide to improving your conversion rate. We showed you what we realized was the most practical and which gives the best results when you are focused on increasing your dropshipping conversion rate.

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