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Beauty Products To Sell Online: Top 15 Beauty Products For Dropshipping
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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Are you willing to sell beauty products online? Smart move!

Analyzing the beauty industry, it can be noticed that the sales of all beauty products are growing faster and faster in the last period. Globally, the industry is strong and only growing. In fact, Beauty & Personal Care market in 2024 will reach $645.78 billion.

The beauty and cosmetics niche is an excellent category to choose from for your dropshipping business, with an insane amount of trendy products to choose from. Hair care, skincare, cosmetics, perfumes, and tools or beauty accessories are examples of products.

Because of the wide range, you have to choose from, there’s no problem for you to make a well-driven niche store. So, are you interested? Let’s dive into more details!


How To Start Dropshipping Beauty Products?

Firstly, I will share with you my step-by-step guide on how to start selling beauty products.

Step 1 – Choosing The Right Beauty Dropshipping Products 

Trends are changing the future of beauty products, so following them may be a good idea.

This year, the most revenue is generated by face creams, face masks, hydrating and chemical-peel-like masks, moisturizers, and overnight rejuvenating treatments

Also, another trend that steals a lot of customers’ attention is that hundreds of different beauty companies are constantly attempting to convert solid makeup items into liquid makeup. Plus, whenever product you choose they all have repetitive buying behavior.

However, if you are looking for the winning products, I recommend you do in-depth market research and collect valuable insights before diving into it.

So, Here’s an easy way to get started: go to Google Trends, enter each product keyword, and see what people are searching for.

This provides useful information as you can identify products that are in high demand. It also helps you decide which products to include in your specialized store. Give it a try! 👇

Now, there are many great tools to help you find your successful products. For example, I use Minea to discover my winning products.

This tool helps me find profitable products by keeping an eye on social media advertisements. This way, I can understand what products are currently popular.

More importantly, you should follow Instagram and TikTok influencers because your customers do that too! Thus, this way you can get valuable information about what’s trending.

My recommendation:

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Step 2 – Find Dropshipping Suppliers

For your dropshipping beauty products business, it’s beneficial to have multiple suppliers instead of relying on just one. Hence, this helps in case you run out of stock for a product, as you can find similar items from different suppliers.

Having more suppliers also means access to a wider range of products, especially those that might be available only from a few sources.

Broadening to more suppliers also allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors, as many of them are dropshipping from a single supplier.

Or let’s make it simple, broadening to multiple suppliers will help your business have much more to offer, which may result in increasing your monthly sales and gaining more profits.

If you have difficulties finding relevant and trustworthy suppliers can assist you in your search, from their broad supplier base. 👇

Step 3 – Create Your Dropshipping Store

Now, you may have beauty products to sell, but your store is the place where you are going to showcase them. So, consider this as very important.

Thankfully, nowadays you have various ways to build a website. You can hire a professional and let him do all the work. But remember, it is expensive.

Next, if you have coding skills, time, and effort, you can always choose to build your website from scratch, using an Open Source system like WordPress. Lastly, you can simply use website builders and save your precious time.

Luckily, there are various website builders available, and Shopify stands out as a popular choice.

It’s well-liked for its simple interface, a range of appealing themes (some free and some paid), and features you can customize.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop editor, building and tweaking your store is a breeze.

💡 Tip: Learn How To Set Up Your First Store On Shopify [No.1 Beginners Guide]

Step 4 – Promote Your Beauty Products

Thus, sales without marketing is a no-go. So, you can have the best beauty products to sell. But if you don’t tell your users they are on the market, it can all be for nothing.

Therefore, you have various digital marketing strategies to use, like search engine optimization (SEO)social media marketingemail marketing, paid advertising, etc.

Next, you can boost your sales by implementing marketing strategies like cross-selling and up-selling, referral programs, etc.

Plus, I suggest you include video marketing and show your dropshipping products in a visually engaging way.

Also,  Facebook adsInstagram ads, and TikTok ads can reach your target audience by considering demographics, interests, and behavior.

Top 15 Beauty Products For Dropshipping

 If you are planning to jump into this niche, we are more than happy to help you with your choice of dropshipping beauty products. Let’s go!

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1. Magnetic Lashes


Rise, Rise, Rise !!! This is the first word popping up when we think about the magnetic lashes market. Do you even use Instagram search or beauty bloggers’ trends? Magnetic lashes are everywhere!

If strip lashes were a thing back in 2019/2020, magnetic lashes are a thing now in 2024 still! 

This product is like a cherry on top of your dropshipping business. With high-profit margins from 40-60%, with costs varying from $6-15, and market price from $15-25

Your target audience is women, mostly around 18-24 years old. Following online sales of this product, most of the customers are from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. 

2. Hair Growth Oil


Hair growth products have been on the market for a long time and continue to sell well today. Dropshippers can offer their customers affordable prices because they have good profit margins that are around 60-80%

When selling hair growth products, it’s a good idea to start looking at the ingredients, because that is the first thing customers do! 

Mostly wanted ingredients are Mountain ebony stem, Pudina oil, Kusumbhi oil, Neem bark, Biotin, Panthenol, Lactic acid, Soybean extract, Vitamin E, and Peppermint oil.

The target audience for this product is men and women, market saturation is competitive and you are dealing with repetitive buyers.

3. Makeup Brushes


 Maybe you are asking yourself why are brushes even here? But did you know that brushes can even make or break makeup? Well, most people know that, and that’s the reason why they are one of the best dropshipping products.

There is a variety of brushes you can sell:

  • Concealer brushes
  • Powder brushes
  • Foundation brushes
  • Eye shadow blending brushes
  • Flat eye shadow brushes
  • Highlighting brushes, etc.

If you consider selling makeup brushes you should pay attention to some makeup rules and trends.

A good brush is long-lasting evenly distributes pigment and blends seamlessly without irritating or patching the skin.  

This product has great profit margins, which are around 63-85%. You can check out some prices and margins in our dropshipping product category

Quality is very important to customers, so what is important for you as a dropshipper, is to find suppliers you will trust. has a great base of suppliers and can help you!

Some of the best-rated suppliers for makeup brushes are EPROLO, Nordstrom, DR. HC, Beauty Joint, CoLour Zone, Blanka Brand – POD cosmetic, etc. 

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The target market for makeup brushes consists mostly of women and even girls from 15-55 years old, market saturation is competitive, and you have repetitive buyers. 

4. Makeup Sponge Blender


Sponge blenders are currently a craze. Once freebies that came with purchased makeup, they are now one of the best-selling makeup items! There is no makeup tutorial or professional makeup done without the use of a sponge blender.  

The best-selling sponge blender today is the 3-in-1 sponge. They are ideal because they have three distinct surfaces for applying and blending powders, creams, and liquids.

The target audience for this product is mostly women who do their makeup daily and makeup professionals. Market saturation is very competitive, but you are dealing with repeat buyers. 

SBelle,, Suprabeauty, Nordstrom, and CoLour Zone are some of the best dropshipping suppliers. 

5. Face Rollers


We are looking at another HOT trend of this year- a face massage roller! The face rollers market has grown rapidly. So, if you are a drop shipper willing to sell face rollers, it might be a smart move!

Facial rollers are typically used in conjunction with a facial oil, serum, or moisturizer to assist the tool in gliding across the skin.

This means that this product may have an impact on your business by increasing sales of other products! 

Most of the customers who demand facial rollers are women, but this product is popular among men too since it helps men pattern baldness. North American online market dominates among others. 

The profit margins of this product are higher than 50%, and market prices vary from $2- 300. 

6. Facial Moisturizer


As previously stated, at-home treatments are more popular than ever. Because of the social media networks Instagram and Tiktok, the popularity of skincare products and home treatments peaked in 2022.

People are becoming more aware of the benefits of moisturizing, which has resulted in the growth of this product type’s market.

You can sell moisturizers for every skin type:

  • Moisturizers for dry And Problematic Skin Types 
  • Combination of Skin Type
  • Oily And Acne-Prone Skin Type

Also, they come in different types like:

  • Lotions
  • Gels 
  • Creams
  • Ointments 

As you can see, even if you are selling only moisturizers, you have a broad range of products that you can dropship to your customers through your website.

The target audience is mostly women aged between 25-34 and 35-44 years old and is characterized as repeat buyers

Moisturizer keyword average search is high, reaching 60,500 searches per month. The most searchable keywords are connected to the keyword moisturizer hydrating and moisturizer cerave.

7. Hot-Air Hair Brushes


As people struggled to get hairstylist appointments during COVID, this popular 2-in-1 item that saves time and money became a thing in 2024. Customers are crazy about it!

Hot-air hair brushes are among the most popular items. Types of hot-air brushes you can dropship are:

  • Hot-air brush for wet hair
  • Hot-air brush for dry hair
  • Barrel brush that volumizes dry or wet hair.

And you know what? All of them are selling well! They are easy to use, don’t require any special hairstylist skills, and are less damaging and faster than traditional straightening irons.

The target audience of this market is mostly women and is characterized by one-time buyers.

If you choose to sell this product online, you should consider describing its features very well to customers.

Also, choose your suppliers wisely, because not all of them deliver quality! You should consider Alibaba and Amazon, which supply these products very well. 

8. Hair Extensions


Any braid, bun, or ponytail can be made more voluminous and intricate by adding volume, length, or a pop of color. Hair extensions instantly enhance the beauty and excitement of any hairstyle.

These products are selling like crazy, whether for everyday use, special occasions, or beauty salons. If you consider selling this item, we recommend you offer a variety of colors, styles, lengths, and types, so you can deliver added value to your customers. 

Costs for supplying hair extensions vary from $6-105, and market prices are around $16- 270. This results in profit margins higher than 60%

9. Skin Cleanser


As skincare became one of the most important things in 2024, the demand for skin cleansers has rapidly grown. For a long time, skin cleansers have been one of the top-list best-selling products on Amazon. 

Today both, men and women demand this product. However, women aged between 25-44 years old are still the target audience. 

Cleansers’ market size will be $12.22 billion by 2027.  It is a very profitable niche for dropshipping. Its costs vary from 7 to 14 dollars and sale prices go from 15 to 65 dollars. This led dropshippers to profit margins from 53% to 78%, which is high!

10. Face Masks


Face masks are great additions to any skincare routine to target specific skin care concerns. Masks can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of pores—while providing a relaxing, spa-like experience at home.

One of the masks that are the best-selling today are :

  • Masks containing hyaluronic acid 
  • Gel face masks 
  • Exfoliating masks  
  • Black face masks

If you are willing to dropship face masks, our advice is to carefully choose suppliers, because quality matters! Some popular dropshipping suppliers are Nordstrom, Beauty Joint, Alibaba, BigBuy, Bestfulfill, etc. 

11. Luminous dewy foundation


As I look ahead to 2024 fashion trends, the look of no-makeup makeup is most desirable. As a result, offering a product that assists customers in accomplishing this could be one of your best dropshipping products.

Combining a face moisturizer with a luminous dewy foundation will provide minimal coverage but a glowing finish. 

The target audience for this product is mostly women between the age of 25-44 years old, and the market is characterized by repeat buyers. 

Prices of dewy foundation vary from $6.50 – $65. 

It is very important to describe this product very well, including information about ingredients, what skin type it is, its color, some special features, etc. 

12. All Day Waterproof Volume Mascara 

Mascara, as one of the essentials of everyday makeup, is used to lengthen and thicken eyelashes. Today, the best dropshipping mascaras are Waterproof mascara, which contains less water in its materials, allowing it to resist tears, rain, and sweat. 

Supplier prices for waterproof mascara are around $5- 10, and the selling prices are around $12-25. And, dear dropshippers, this leads you to profit margins higher than 60%, which is fascinating for this type of product! 

The target audience for this product is women between the ages of 18-24 and 25-44. The region with the highest demand is Asia-Pacific, followed by North America

13. Gel Nail Polish Kit


As the number of women who care about their nail aesthetic has grown, so have the sales of manicure and pedicure products.

So, if you have any doubt about whether to add a gel nail polish kit to your online store, we recommend you do it ASAP.

There are a variety of dropshippers that already do it, and all of them are making good profits.

Gel nails come in a variety of colors and patterns, and this gives you a wide range of products to dropship.

People also decorate their nails with jewels and flakes. This means that you have a variety of options to expand your business as the key to success is splendid options. 

One of the most popular suppliers of gel nails are Candied Nails, Alibaba, Made-in-China, etc. 

Selling prices for gel nail kits vary from 2.50 to 50 dollars. 

14. Tanning serum


Customers follow the trends set by influencers! The tanning serum is yet another product added to our top dropshipping beauty products.

People want to look tanned all the time, and makeup trends like contouring and baking have increased makeup sales. With the arrival of warmer weather, a bronzed look is quickly becoming the most popular.

The selling prices of tanning serums vary from $1.50 to 5 and are one of the best-rated items on Alibaba for this season.

Some of the brands that are best to dropship are Alba Botanica, Nature’s Gate, and Andalou Naturals

💡 Tip: Learn How to Sell Perfume Online via the Dropshipping Model.

15. SPF primer


Primers are fantastic because they are so versatile. With summer quickly approaching, using an SPF primer is a simple way to add a layer of sun protection to your daily routine. 

Some of the best-rated suppliers for SPF primers are Nordstrom, DR. HC, and CoLour Zone, 

The target market for SPF primer consists mostly of women aged between 25-44 years old, market saturation is competitive, and you have repetitive buyers. 

Supplier prices for this product range from $6-10, and selling prices are around $15-27. Profit margins are higher than 60%.

List Of The Top Beauty Suppliers For Dropshipping


AutoDS goes beyond being just a dropshipping supplier; it’s a cloud-based platform designed for managing various aspects of your dropshipping business.

This includes tracking supplier orders, handling communications, and facilitating order cancellations and returns for your stores. The platform offers a default template for quick replies and a dashboard to help you monitor your performance.

What sets AutoDS apart is its extensive supplier base, making sourcing simpler and safer.

With warehouses in China, AutoDS ensures faster shipping times and better product quality.

In the beauty niche, the platform provides access to hundreds of suppliers offering products ranging from $1 to $60, with shipping times priced between $2 and $10.

AutoDS also seamlessly integrates with globally recognized suppliers such as Amazon, AliExpress, Wayfair, CJDropshipping, and more.

It even allows collaboration with private suppliers, offering excellent customer service and faster shipping times.

DIA Naturals

DIA Naturals is a holistic beauty brand rooted in natural products, aiming to bring balance and spirituality to the body and mind.

Based in Katy, Texas, DIA Naturals was founded with a purpose – to infuse the human body with the healing essence of nature. Despite being based in the United States, they ship their products worldwide.

Their product costs range from $6 to $300, and they take pride in offering vegetarian and cruelty-free products.

Additionally, a portion of their profits is dedicated to supporting animal rescuers and African education funds.


BellaHair stands out as a premium wholesale supplier specializing in high-quality hair extensions with various textures.

They ensure swift shipping, handling it within 1 to 3 days. Their product costs range from $65 to $225.

To maintain uniqueness for their customers, BellaHair provides exclusive reselling options, setting their clients apart from any external competition.


For those prioritizing fast product delivery, this one is an ideal supplier.

This e-commerce supplier, based in Ithaca, New York, is known for its reliable and rapid shipping across a diverse range of products, including health and beauty items, jewelry, and consumer electronics.

Also, product costs vary from $15 to $150.

Doba focuses entirely on dropshipping, offering a platform to dropship over 2 million products from 170 carefully selected suppliers.

Their product range spans health and beauty, general merchandise, electronics, and more.

While checking Doba prices requires logging in, the platform allows a free one-month trial without the need for credit card information.


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Why Dropshipping Beauty Products Is the Right Choice?

Dropshipping beauty products may be the best option if you’re looking for a niche with a large number of highly demanded goods!

The beauty niche dropshipping is made up of everything that people use to improve their physical appearance: face masks, face creams, moisturizers, toners, make-up, wholesale hair extensions, makeup, facial massage rollers, etc.

These types of products are bought by everybody! That’s what is making them “timeless” goods with consistent demand over decades.

Therefore, the projected revenue for the global Beauty & Personal Care market in 2024 is approximately $645.78 billion.

So, instead of asking yourself if this is the right choice, you might be asking – what am I waiting for? 

By opening an online store in this niche, you are not only entering a market in recovery but also benefiting from a new trend.



Because the beauty industry is so extensive, new products are constantly emerging. So, if you are willing to dropship products from the beauty niche, we recommend you begin by researching what your main competitors are selling.

Then, Explore current trends and what beauty bloggers and influencers are saying. Act quickly! 

Some items will be seasonal, others may be longstanding. Take into consideration the list of Top 15 dropshipping beauty products to sell online and choose multiple suppliers instead of one. 

And our best advice, start NOW! 

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