Free List of Home Decor Wholesale Suppliers in the USA


Our list of the best home decor wholesale suppliers in the USA is a must-read for anyone interested in starting a home décor business.

But before we go any further, we want you to better understand the US home décor market. So, let’s get started.

People buy home décor because they want to make their homes look great. They simply love the art of designing the internal and external parts of a house.

However, it is not only the aesthetic qualities of home décor that make many homeowners purchase such goods.

Home décor can also affect one’s physical and mental well-being since a home represents an extension of one’s identity.

In a nutshell, the desire to rearrange one’s surroundings arises from the need to express individuality, increase comfort, and enjoy aesthetic pleasure.

And when it comes to the US home décor market size, Americans spent US$169 billion on home décor in 2019.

The value of the home décor market in the country is expected to reach US$202 billion in 2024. So, you, as an online merchant, should feel optimistic about sales in years to come.

Home Decor Wholesale Suppliers USA

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Fortunately, there are many great home decor wholesale suppliers in the United States that you can work with. Also, you can check the best European Dropshipping suppliers in different categories.

And we must admit that narrowing this list down to just 11 wasn’t that easy. However, we hope we have something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the list.

1. Koehler Home Decor

koehler home decor supplier

Koehler Home Décor is one of the best home decor wholesale suppliers in the USA.

In addition, it specializes in distributing high-quality home décor items, including decorative home accessories, gifts, seasonal decorations, and more.

The supplier also offers dropshipping services. But to start dropshipping with Koehler Home Décor, you must register for an account and provide proof that you are a registered dropshipping business.

Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. This means that if you choose this company as your supplier, your customers will get their orders within a short period of time.

In brief, this is an established, reputable supplier of stunning home décor items that are sure to wow your customers.

2. Tortuga Outdoor

tortuga outdoor wholesale

As its name suggests, Tortuga Outdoor offers outdoor décor items. And this is also one of the best home decor wholesale suppliers.

But as mentioned above, it provides its customers with top-notch weather-resistant outdoor patio furniture.

Every single piece from its collection was designed with aesthetics and durability in mind.

By working with this supplier, you can help your customers nail their outdoor décor, no matter if they have an expansive backyard or a small patio.

However, another important thing you need to know about Tortuga Outdoor is that it ships the majority of its products in the same week they are ordered. And it takes up to two weeks after an item is shipped to reach the final destination.

3. White Lotus Home

white lotus home decor

At White Lotus Home, they strive to educate the world on the importance of living in a healthier home. So, the reasons for this company offering organic and natural products are totally understandable.

To be more specific, the company has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality natural products since 1981. Headquartered in New Jersey, it sells organic and natural bedding, mattresses, pillows, toppers, and more. All the products offered by While Lotus Home are handmade in the USA.

Luckily, thanks to its wholesale and dropshipping program, you can start your own online green and organic business.

That way, you can earn a living as well as help save the Earth. And the best thing about its dropshipping program is that with it, you can take advantage of FREE shipping within the contiguous United States.

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4. Nearly Natural

nearly natural wholesale suppliers

Home decor wholesale suppliers like Nearly Natural are your one-stop destination for faux greenery.

Moreover, experienced horticulturists use the finest materials to create Nearly Natural’s items. And these items express a unique artistic vision inspired by nature.

With over 75 years in the artificial plant industry, Nearly Natural offers FREE shipping to the continental United States.

So, if helping your customers decorate their home, office, or outdoor space with nature-inspired artificial trees, plans, and flowers sounds like a great idea, check out Nearly Natural’s wholesale and dropshipping program.

5. Harbor Mill Candles

home decor dropshipping suppliers

Located in Roswell, Georgia, this is one of the best home decor wholesale suppliers in the USA, distributing private label candles, home scents, and skincare.

Moreover, it is a family-owned business with over two decades of experience in the candle industry. Over the years, the company has had the pleasure of creating incredible candles in a wide variety of styles.

And if you are looking for a description of how this company generally operates, here it is – Harbor Mill Candles gives the highest level of product and customer service at competitive pricing to everyone.

So, why not invite your customers to enjoy the aromatic experiences of Harbor Mill Candles just like Jameel D. Nolan, the owner of Harbor Mill Candles, does?

6. Cooper Classics

Cooper Classics wholesale

With decades of experience selling wall clocks and mirrors, Cooper Classics has become one of the most popular home decor wholesale suppliers in the USA specializing in wall décor.

Furthermore, its office and warehouse facilities are based in Rocky Mount, Virginia. But its permanent showroom is located in High Point. Sure, the company’s partner factories are based throughout the world.

Also, Cooper Classics is successful at delivering outstanding customer service.

7. Garden Decor Accents

Garden Decor Accents  wholesale suppliers

Garden Decor Accents’ website seems a bit outdated. Still, the company offers an enchanting selection of decorative garden accents.

On the site, you can find everything from garden statues and fountains to outdoor garden furniture and planters.

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But why did we put this company on our list of home decor wholesale suppliers in the USA? We did so because it is a great wholesaler and dropshipping supplier of garden décor, based in California, the United States. 

Yeah, Garden Decor Accents offers dropshipping services and ships to the contiguous United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. And an order typically takes 1-2 days for processing and 3-7 business days for shipping.

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8. Just Vision It

just vision it home

Just Vision It is not a typical wholesale or dropshipping supplier of home décor like the above-mentioned home decor wholesale suppliers.

This US-based company is a custom manufacturer that creates private label products, such as apparel, accessories, home décor, etc. It offers a variety of services, including private label dropshipping.   

At Just Vision It, they offer a full line of outstanding home décor pieces ranging from rugs and shower curtains to comforters and customized products. Plus, they claim to be able to help you realize your imagination.  

And believe it or not, Just Vision It usually makes custom home décor items within 3-7 business days. This means that if you work with this supplier, your customers will not have to wait too long for their items to arrive. 

9. Oilo

olio home decor wholesale suppliers

Annalisa Thomas, the founder of Oilo, started the business about 12 years ago selling quality nurseries, kids, and home décor.

Despite her modest beginnings, her company today sells to businesses spanning six continents. Plus, Oilo offers free shipping on orders over $45 within the contiguous United States only. Bear in mind that the company does not offer free shipping on furniture.

When it comes to its shipping times, all in-stock products ship within 2 business days. And at Oilo, you can find everything from wall art and gifts to bedding and furniture.

10. Birddog Lighting

bird dog wholesale suppliers

This is another great company on our list of home decor wholesale suppliers in the USA.

Established in 2002, Birddog Lighting is a US-based supplier of high-quality rope lights, LED strip lights, holiday lights & décor, etc. On the site, you can find 2,000+ premium lighting items at unbeatable prices.

Also, at Birddog Lighting, they provide friendly, timely service, keeping the needs of their customers at the forefront of every interaction. In short, they deliver fabulous lighting products and top-notch customer service.

11. H&J Closeouts

h&j liquidators and closeouts

With over three decades of experience in the closeout industry, this is one of the home decor wholesale suppliers in the USA that prides itself in providing high-quality products at extremely low prices.

If you join its dropshipping program, you can add thousands of products to your online store without having to keep any inventory.

Long story short, if you decide to work with this wholesale/dropshipping/liquidation company, you can choose from its vast selection of products, including home décor and houseware items.

Just sign up to get access to its product feed.

The bottom line

Without home décor items, our homes would look generic, predictable, and boring.

However, with something as simple as a new decorative pillow or a wooden wall clock, we can add the finishing touches to our space so that it can feel fresh and look beautiful.

What’s more, the outside of a house is just as important as the inside. That’s why we included a few companies offering outdoor décor on our list of the best home decor wholesale suppliers in the USA.

And if you are looking for the best home décor dropshipping suppliers in the USA, we hope this article can help you create your perfect supply chain.