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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Hi there, and welcome to the official guide for the University where you’ll learn everything there is to know about it.

If you’re reading this post, then it’s very likely you’re looking for a way to achieve financial freedom with dropshipping. You want to take advantage of how easy and simple this business model is and the fact that it requires almost no investment upfront. Seriously, we’re talking pennies in comparison to many other businesses that require thousands of dollars to start.

So, let’s begin by explaining what this actually is. Then, you’ll find out how you will benefit by joining and staying with us for at least a few months. Then, we’ll move on to how to use all the content, tools, resources, features, and contacts inside.

Lastly, you’ll discover how to proceed after completing all the lessons. There is a lot to do, so let’s get started. 


Before We Begin

If you’re serious about dropshipping and achieving financial freedom with it, you will read this guide from start to finish and hopefully notice all the benefits and advantages you will gain from this community.

If you’re someone who can’t even bother to read the whole thing and are only looking for a quick way to make money, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. 

You will quickly realize that making money online isn’t that quick and easy. 

It might be if you’re lucky, but no one will advise you to gamble everything on luck.


What Is the University?

The University is a place where like-minded people can gather, learn, talk, and do everything dropshipping. It’s where you’ll finally learn and do the necessary steps to start your store and actually make money.

A Place to Learn

First of all, this is not a course designed to make you buy it and then be left doing all the work by yourself. It’s not created to let you end up more confused than before. 

The lessons inside aren’t generic. They aren’t confusing as well. Instead, everything is designed in a step-by-step process where you’re shown what to do and then you just go ahead and do it.

An Exclusive Community

Second, University is also an exclusive community where you get much more than just lessons on everything dropshipping.

Obviously, you will be able to talk with tons of other like-minded people. You get to share ideas, ask for solutions, and help others solve problems as well.

Then, you will also have access to expert dropshipping mentors, company owners, and other contacts that can assist you in building your business and achieving success.

Finally, you will have the privilege of attending live online events, talks, AMAs, and much more. Some of these will happen on a weekly basis, while others will be monthly. Most importantly, they will all be FREE for all of our exclusive members.

Also, you will always be able to ask community admins and moderators questions on anything that is unclear regarding the platform or the program.

The Ultimate Dropshipping Resource Center

Probably one of the most exciting benefits you will get is our resource center. When you join University, you will get access to all of our resources, tools, and directories that we’ve invested thousands of hours to collect.

I need you to really think about this one. Think of another place where you get all of this for less than what it costs you to go out for ONE night and drink while still being bored out of your mind.

Here’s a little taste of what you’re getting:

  • Dropshipping supplier directories
  • Product directories
  • Trending products
  • eCommerce apps
  • Store spy tools
  • Official tools
  • Premium guides
  • Coupons for third-party platforms

The Platform

First of all, the Official University is divided into two Tiers for now.

There will be more Tiers with extra perks, tools, resources, and much more in the future. But for now, for beginners, this is more than enough.

Tier 1 (What you get)

  • Complete introduction and understanding of dropshipping
  • Beginner-level lessons (all you need to start making $$$)
  • Exclusive and premium dropshipping tools and resources
  • A step-by-step process toward your first sale
  • The perfect dropshipping platform for beginners 
  • Dropshipping ads credit giveaways

Tier 2

  • Advanced lessons on every single aspect of dropshipping
  • Lessons, tutorials, AMAs with some of the biggest brands in dropshipping (BigBuy, AutoDS, etc…)
  • The knowledge and mindset to scaling beyond six figures
  • Weekly and monthly events filled with valuable lessons from CEOs, Founders, and many more highly skilled people

How It Works

After joining, you will be directed to the official platform where you will get access to all the resources, lessons, members, tutors, and so much more. The platform itself is on the domain, so it will be difficult for anyone to get scammed.

Once you’re in, look at the left side of the page and you will see a room called 🚨Start Here

Click on that and read the content inside. From there, you will learn what the next steps are and exactly how to proceed.

Basically, the general structure of the entire Tier 1 section is like this:

  • You join
  • Unlock the first lessons
  • Finish the first category of lessons
  • Move on to the next category of lessons
  • Finish all the Tier 1 lessons categories
  • Start doing everything we teach you step-by-step
  • Make your first sale
  • Get access to Tier 2 of the platform

Speaking of Tier 2, let’s explain a bit more about that as well.

When it comes to Tier 2 of this community, the value that you are getting at least triples.

Tier 1 merely introduces you to dropshipping and shows you the methods that you’ll use to start selling online. 

Tier 2, on the other hand, takes the entire process to a whole other level where you learn about the following:

  • Sourcing more affordable products from more reliable suppliers
  • Leveraging 3PLs to significantly reduce your costs and shipping times
  • Everything about dropshipping taxes (one of the most important topics)
  • Dropshipping marketing and all the ways to effectively advertise your business
  • How to automate your stores so that you don’t have to work as much

What’s even better is that this list will constantly be expanding without ever forcing you to pay more. This amount of value is hard to come by these days, especially for the dropshipping industry. 



Q: Do I need to go through the lessons in order?

A: You’re not obligated to go through them in order. No one will punish you if you don’t. However, it’s recommended to go through the initial Tier 1 lessons in order because it will help you learn faster and build your store step by step.

Q: How do I navigate through the lessons and rooms?

A: You can access everything our community has to offer from the navigation panel on the left side. This applies both to mobile and desktop versions of the platform.

Q: How can I get access to Tier 2 of the program?

A: You can get access to Tier 2 only when you’ve been approved. Furthermore, you can get approved once you make your first sale or when we have determined you’re ready.

Q: How do I ask for help inside the community?

A: Asking for help with anything regarding your learning or your dropshipping store is extremely easy in our community. Simply log in to your account and click on the 🤝Ask For Help room from the navigation panel on the left sidebar. From there, click on New Post, type in your question in the Title section, and then share more information in the text body below if needed.

Q: How do I message other community members in a private chat?

A: Desktop: Look at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the Messages icon. Type in the name of the person you want to message. Then, type in your message in the box below.

     Mobile: Click on the 💬button from the bottom-right corner of the app. Choose the person you want to message by clicking the button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Q: How do I stay up to date with any news or new features?

A: If you want to receive notifications from particular lessons or rooms, all you have to do is hit the Join Space button at the top right corner of every room. This will allow you to get notifications of anything new that happens in that room.

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