Free List Of The Top 80 Dropship Clothing Suppliers Worldwide


Starting a dropshipping niche store can be extremely rewarding, but it’s important to note that this business model is subject to harsh competition. 

While there are no exact market share statistics as far as the ecommerce industry goes, it’s reasonable to assume that sites similar to yours already exist – and these competitors are likely all quite established and stable at this point, considering the global reach of ecommerce in general.

That’s why there are a few key things you should consider when starting your own dropshipping clothing business to distinguish yourself from the competition. 

What to consider when choosing dropship clothing suppliers?

As a beginner dropshipper you probably already have a lot of questions on your mind before taking the first step. That is completely fine, every business owner goes through this process.

We are here to help you find the answers to 3 key questions:

  1. What type of clothing items should I dropship?
  2. Will my business generate good profit?
  3. How should I supply my store?

Just starting out your dropshipping journey? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to get all the info on kicking off your business.

What type of clothing items should you dropship?

In the clothes dropshipping niche, one of the key factors of success is the quality of the products you offer. The best approach here is to go with a variety of winning clothing products, making sure that they are high in quality and currently popular.

Make sure to check out current trend statistics for a better understanding of which clothing products to dropship. Or, if you are already after mens fashion, check our mens fashion dropship guide and top suppliers list.

Will your business generate good profit?

In order to be successful in this fast-moving business, it is of most importance to be able to adapt.

Adjust your perspective and strategies to the trends and technology advances. It means a constant improvement to your dropshipping services, not just updating and refreshing your product portfolio.

To stay on top of the game, top dropshipping store owners aspire to achieve an automated dropshipping experience. This means working with a supplier that ensures dropshipping automation. 

How should I supply my store?

Acquiring winning products to sell in your dropshipping store is not worth much if your supplier isn’t reliable, trustworthy, and experienced.

A good dropshipping clothing supplier offers you support every step of the way, with the help of their service, you don’t have to deal with fulfillment duties on your own.

Characteristics of top-notch suppliers: 

  • Superior service and support
  • Catalog of thousands of products
  • Fast delivery
  • Convenient return policy

When choosing a supplier, there is a big temptation to go with cheaper products.

Have in mind that sourcing products from unreliable suppliers might cause you many issues. You can risk spending money on low-quality products, dealing with copyright issues, or experiencing bad communication. 

Suppliers that are trustworthy and reliable will offer you authentic products, customer support, assurance, and more.

With their help, you don’t have to worry about handling all the sale and fulfillment duties on your own, and you can focus on building a successful dropshipping business. 

It’s worth noting that many successful dropshipping store owners decide to dive into the industry of selling designer clothes because of the high-profit margins.

First on the list of the best dropship clothing suppliers is BrandsGateway.

Trusted by numerous B2B registered users, it’s considered the largest B2B online marketplace for dropshipping luxury brands.

To help you choose your dropshipping clothing supplier more easily, we have tested and hand-picked a list of 80 of the best dropship clothing suppliers for you, along with their services and offerings.

This list will help you decide in which direction you want to grow your business.

80 Best Dropship Clothing Suppliers In 2022

Final thoughts

There are a lot of helpful resources where you can learn how to plan, set up, and scale your dropshipping clothing store.

In this ultimate list, we managed to cover the second and maybe the most important part – to find your supplier. And the only thing that sets us apart from the other lists like this is we are not featuring only the biggest and most well-established suppliers, that everyone else is using.

On our Supplier Directory (besides the clothing niche) you can find trusted and reliable suppliers from the US, EU, AU, and the UK with fast shipping and a unique pallet of products. Browse and find yours in seconds!