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  • Mahogany by Hand

    Mahogany By Hand is Australia’s leading reproduction mahogany furniture wholesaler, custom furniture sellers, and experts in antique furniture

  • Meyda Lighting

    What began as a hobby evolved into America’s Premier decorative lighting manufacturing and importing company. Today Meyda Lighting continues to operate

  • Sturdy Brothers

    At Sturdy Brothers, we handcraft heirloom-quality waxed canvas and leather goods right here in the USA.

  • Zendrop


  • vidaXL

    dropshippingXL is a dropshipping supplier based in Venlo, the Netherlands. It is a dropshipping programme by vidaXL, an online retail giant that specialises in

  • My Depot

    MyDepot has been working with many of the leading factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, and of course China. Because of our long-term

  • Rockport Rope Doormats

    Rockport Rope door mats are functional,durable and provide classic elegance with low-maintenance.

  • Swingworks

    Swingworks, Playground Equipment Suppliers. Swingworks is a wholesale and retail distributor of high-quality playground equipment. We supply a full range

  • Warehouse Depot

    HOMEPRODUCTSINC.COM is a major independent retailer & installer of products and repair parts for most popular brands for home improvement. Whether

  • West Coast Furniture Group, Inc

    We believe that sleep has the power to change our lives. It is the path to feeling more fulfilled and finding a deeper connection to the beauty of life.

  • Geko Products Ltd.

    Geko Products is a family trade only wholesale supplier of Vanity Cases, Artificial Plants, Furniture, Trinket

  • Trinity International Industries

    TRINITY has established quality management systems that comply with the requirements of multiple international, federal, and industry standards. More

  • FEA Home

    If you’re searching for beautiful antiques, art, and vintage furnishings direct from Asia, FEA Home is where you’ll find them.

  • Stars From Mars

    WE START WITH YOUR VISION OF THE STARS. Then we design, engineer and schedule the install of your custom fibre optic starfields, along with optional celestial


All Dropshipping Suppliers FAQs, Answered

What is a dropshipping supplier?

A dropshipping supplier is a third-party that handles the inventory and shipping of products on behalf of the retailer / dropshipper. They fulfill orders by shipping products directly to customers after the customer has placed an order on the retailer's e-commerce store, and the retailer has made a payment to them, without being directly involved in the sales process.

How to find reliable suppliers for dropshipping?

Getting a reliable supplier starts with establishing a relationship with them. Reach out to the suppliers/manufacturers you want to source products from - you can do that through our directory directly!

Where can I find dropshipping suppliers in 2023?

You can search online or try in-person trade shows. Or, you can explore our database with all the filters to immediately find exactly the type of supplier you’re looking for.

How to find the best dropshipping suppliers?

To find the best dropshipping suppliers, start by researching suppliers and their track records by reading reviews. Reach out to the suppliers directly and start a line of communication. Look for suppliers who are communicative and responsive, who offer a wide range of high-quality products, competitive pricing, reliable shipping options, and good customer service. You can also join industry forums/groups, attend trade shows, and reach out to other dropshippers for recommendations.

What are the best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify?

Any supplier that provides integration with Shopify. The most popular choices are AliBaba, AliExpress, Spocket, and CJ Dropshipping.

How to find the right supplier for high-ticket products?

High-ticket items are products that have a large cost to purchase but are really valuable to the person buying. To find the right supplier, especially in a scenario where ordering a sample is costly, you will need to do extensive research and read reviews. Check out our in-depth reviews in the menu bar at the top.

What is the dropshipping supply chain?

The dropshipping supply chain starts at the manufacturing level, moves to the wholesaler who provides storage and marks up the price, and finally goes to the end consumer. While the dropshipper is the one that manages the sale, they are not handling the product directly. This is because in the dropshipping business model, the supply chain operates by enabling retailers to sell products without needing to keep inventory in stock.

How do dropshipping suppliers handle returns?

When handling returns, you typically need an RMA (return merchandise authorization) from your dropship supplier, which helps facilitate the return process for your customer. After the item is shipped back and received, the supplier will refund you, and then you can provide a refund to the customer.

How to spot a fake dropshipping supplier?

To identify fake dropshipping suppliers, be aware of “red flags” such as unrealistic promises of high profits, excessive upfront fees, lack of transparency about their products or processes, and poor communication and customer support. It's important to research the supplier, read reviews, and ask for sample products or references to ensure their legitimacy and reliability before engaging in a partnership.

How do I find a local dropshipping supplier?

To find a local dropshipping supplier, you can explore dropshipping directories (like ours), join online dropshipping supplier groups, and explore job boards like Upwork to connect with potential suppliers in your area.

Will dropshipping suppliers ship the products with my brand’s packaging?

Some dropshipping suppliers provide branding services when certain minimum purchase quantities are met. However, for entrepreneurs starting with smaller quantities, establishing their own brand can be challenging due to quantity restrictions. Conduct thorough research, reach out to suppliers, and inquire about their ability to accommodate your branding requests. Many suppliers will be willing to assist you in this regard.

How to build a healthy relationship with your dropshipping suppliers?

To establish a good relationship with your dropshipping supplier/s, you need to invest effort, respect and time. Ensure timely payments to your suppliers, regularly communicate and check in with them and maintain a friendly and respectful rapport with their representatives. Allow time for goods to be delivered, and address issues that arise promptly and work together with them to resolve them. These activities will over time build a stronger relationship with your supplier and ensure you can rely on them completely.

What is a dropshipping directory?

A dropshipping directory is a platform that holds a wide range of dropshipping suppliers. Just like in our directory, you can explore different types of suppliers by niche or location and contact suppliers directly to get additional information.

How do I contact a dropshipping supplier?

Contacting a dropship supplier is the same as reaching out to any other company in the retail supply chain. Many larger dropship suppliers have user-friendly websites where you can create an account and access their services. They also often provide dedicated customer support and sales channels, including phone representatives, with whom you can communicate directly. You can contact the suppliers you find in our directory directly from our platform.