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13 Best Furniture Dropshipping Suppliers In the USA
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Without wasting any time on shipping and delivery, every reseller is eager to find the best furniture dropshipping suppliers in the USA.

Understandably, it requires but a few days to deliver and shipping costs are probably lower if you compare them with European furniture dropshipping suppliers.

However, how can you find the best dropshippers in one place?

We made a list of the best dropshipping companies specialized in furniture and home decor, which might actually become the next best supplier for your brick & mortar or e-commerce store.

Let’s have a look at the best dropshipping suppliers.


Best Furniture Dropshipping Suppliers In The USA

1. Ashcroft Furniture

Ashcroft Furniture is a furniture supplier that specializes in modern and contemporary furniture. They sell everything from sofas, chairs and tables to beds and TV stands, which range from mid-level goods to high-end furniture.

They have an impeccable track record, great customer service and offer their products at a competitive price so you can make as much as 50% in sales margins.

Check out our detailed review of Ashcroft Furniture, including reviews by customers and dropshippers.

2. Prepac Manufacturing Ltd.

Prepac Manufacturing is a successful U.S. designer, manufacturer, and dropshipper of Ready-To-Assemble home furniture.

Their inventory is available for shipping within 2 business days.

In addition, their most famous categories include Bedroom Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Media Storage, Audio-Video Furniture, Entryway Furniture, and Utility Storage.

3. Zuo Modern

Zuo Modern is well-known furniture and home decor US dropshipping supplier.

The company has grown into an international brand with offices across the globe serving the retail, hospitality, restaurant, and design industry, it maintains its small company attitude.

They successfully collaborate with over 200 employees and celebrate each milestone with everyone who works with them. Zuo Modern is a family and they care for each customer as part of the family.

4. Wholesale Interiors

This is a Chicago-based furniture manufacturer and supplier, with over a decade of experience in the manufacturing business.

They employ, train, and retain only the finest craftspeople in the upholstered furniture trade. Our state-of-the-art factory utilizes the best of old-world craftsmanship and design efficiency.

As soon as your order is placed it is scheduled for production. Our staff of experienced frame carpenters, seamstresses, and upholsterers works together to complete your furniture order within an approximately 11 week

5. VIG Furniture

VIG Furniture, Inc. is a wholesaler of fine home furnishings from around the world. We represent the best furniture manufacturers, many of them on an exclusive basis.

VIG Furniture Inc. offers mid to high-end contemporary, modern, transitional and classic Italian home furnishings that are recognized for their innovative design, high quality, functionality, and, above all, competitive pricing.

6. Trevco Inc.

For the past 10 years, Trevco has been developing its technology platform that allows e-retailers to submit orders to Trevco, available for drop ship, for all kinds of LICENSED merchandise such as Apparel, Home products, Smart Phone Cases, Accessories, Prints, and more.

Trevco is the leading technology and e-commerce platform in the Licensed Industry with the rights to over 400 of the leading licensed properties.

7. Furniture Pipeline

Furniture Pipeline is a veteran in the ready-to-assemble furniture industry.

Dropshipping and wholesaling furniture are what they’ve been doing for the past few decades.

So, no matter if you’re selling online or have a physical (brick & mortar) store, they will easily dropship lightweight packaged furniture to your location.

All products are partially assembled, but the whole assembly process is incredibly easy.

8. HomeRoots

Based in New Jersey, HomeRoots is a B2B online shopping marketplace for home decor and furniture.

Dropshipping automation is easy, there are tons of products and product categories to choose from, and logistics won’t be any concern, especially fast delivery.

Resellers are welcome to select furniture for the house, lighting, home decor, bed & bath, outdoor furniture, and kitchen and dining sets and accessories.

Furthermore, customers benefit from the 3PL logistics services it offers, which alleviates the typical challenges of logistics, which include warehousing and distribution.

9. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Homestore Furniture is an American dropshipping manufacturer and supplier of home and outdoor furniture, home decor, rugs, lighting, and other home accessories.

They often hold nationwide events with huge discounts, some even up to 60% off.

Dropshippers enjoy up to 20% additional discounts upon registration. Also, they can get exclusive access to more features, without purchase minimums, pre-assembled before shipping using express shipping.

10. Bedding Dropship

Bedding Dropship was established in 2006, as part of the Dolce Mela decorative duvet cover sets.

Since then, they’ve grown to serve hundreds of e-commerce stores for unique bedding and bath accessories.

Moreover, with a warehouse in Edison, New Jersey, the company offers free and fast shipping without delays, during peak seasons.

They provide shipment tracking numbers to each customer. This, so that they know where their package is located at any given time.

Product choosing is limited to bedding sets, decorative vases, and window treatments. However, with the right customers, it’s a very profitable business, especially for brick & mortar stores.

11. Copeland Furniture

The Copeland Furniture store has a huge selection of amazing bedroom, home office, living room, and dining furniture collections.

In fact, they are one of the largest furniture dropshipping suppliers in the USA, serving thousands of stores nationwide.

Copeland uses Vermont-quality woods for all its products, ensuring high quality from local sources.

12. SafeRacks

If you’re looking for a family-owned, veteran-owned American furniture supplier, SafeRacks is the place for you.

Located on the U.S. West Coast, in California, the company is known for swift shipping and delivery. Additionally, they offer a great variety of furniture for literally all rooms in the house.

Furthermore, you can choose between garage cabinets and shelving, sports equipment storage, office furniture, accessories, wall trax, and other types of furniture for creating practical space around your home.

With a lifetime warranty and trusted by over 1 million customers, SafeRacks normally ships between 3-5 working days. Furthermore, customers get tracking IDs within 24 hours of purchase.

13. FastFurnishings

FastFurnishings is a U.S. wholesale and dropshipping supplier of backyard and home furniture. Not to mention, they have over 3000 home furnishing products to sell on eBay or personal websites.

You can choose between the bedroom, living room, dining, office, bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor furniture, as well as lighting accessories.



Either way, you see it, furniture dropshipping consists of bulky products.

It’s the main reason why all of these companies have huge warehouses with prepared logistics and support, for fast shipping.

Thus, you shouldn’t worry about anything but finding buyers ready to equip their homes with new furniture.

Finally, we hope this list of furniture dropshipping suppliers in the USA helped you find a good supplier for your online shop. Good luck dropshipping!

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