The 12 Best Dropshipping Gift Suppliers In The USA & UK


Ready to sell some gifts for quick cash? We found the best gift dropshipping suppliers in the USA and the best gift suppliers in the UK, specializing in all sorts of giftware – corporate gifts, holiday gifts, seasonal gifts, and special occasion gifts.

Check out every drop shipper before you make up your mind, and make sure to compare prices, shipping costs, and delivery time, as well as a range of products, before continuing.

What’s left for you is to find the best gift dropshipping suppliers and start selling products online.

List of the Best 12 Dropshipping Gift Suppliers

1. Eastwind Wholesale Gifts Distributors

Eastwind Wholesale Gift Distributors is based in Houston, Texas, and helps dropshippers by tracking their orders, history, billing, and shipping addresses.

They may do so themselves by accessing their personal accounts. From seasonal merchandise, and bulk buys, to different gifts for multiple occasions, EWGD provides shipping via UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

Shipping information and costs are provided on the website. For easier choosing, there are clearances and best sellers to browse for discounted products.

2. JDS Marketing

JDS Marketing and Sales, Inc., is a company specializing in wholesale personalized gifts, wedding gifts, and gifts by occasion.

Located in Medina, Minnesota, established in 1992, its wholesale drop shipping program offers high-quality gifts shipped globally.

There’s no MOQ (minimum order quantity), no initial investments, and you need to wait for 2-3 business days for orders to be processed. As usual, features include an image library, product description, price lists, and much more.

3. Givens & Company

Givens & Company is a California basket gifting company offering dropshipping services for U.S.-based resellers. Categories include various food baskets for all groups, on all occasions, including major holidays.

You can add ribbons with your company’s logo for minimum orders of 100 baskets. Available for sale both online and within brick & mortar stores.

Same-day shipping is available until 1 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Users are able to track shipments for better customer communication.

4. Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom is a U.K. dropshipping supplier and manufacturer of giftware, including bags, jewelry, fragrances, cosmetics, collectibles, kitchenware, soft furnishing, and many other products.

There are no minimum order requirements and delivery is free for orders of over £75. Currently, dropshippers are able to select from over 4000 products, selling either online or in physical stores.

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For all U.K. beginner dropshippers, it’s one of the best gift dropshipping suppliers in the country.

5. Bisket Basket Dropshipping

Bisket Basket Dropshipping is already into its second decade of selling giftware for all occasions. For new members, there’s a week’s trial without fees.

Paid dropshipping programs cost $20 and $220 per month, depending on how many sales you make during that period.

Users can choose from premium gifts, various pet gifts, seasonal (holiday) gifts and customizable presents for special events. It’s possible to change membership plans fast, due to larger order requests.

There are no minimum order requirements, whereas fast shipping is included, and users receive special discounts off SRP (suggested retail prices).

6. All Wrapped Up

All Wrapped Up has grown over the years. From a small garage business back in 1990, they’ve become one of the largest gifting companies in the U.S.

You can find all sorts of gifts here, along with specialty boxes, including nested, stackable, and tiered tower boxes.

As for their drop ship program, there are tons of offers ranging from $20 to $100 per gift. Note: All boxes contain foods and various sweets.

7. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is a famous Georgia dropshipper of sweet foods, famous for its amazing taste and packaging.

Find more food dropshipping suppliers and product ideas.

Featured in famous magazines, and mentioned by famous cooks, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen offers all sorts of gifting for many occasions, corporate gifting included.

Choosing products is fairly easy and although limited, ultimately, you won’t need that many choices. Standard shipping is included, free of charge.

Express shipping options are charged $10 for arrival in two business days and $20 per item if you wish them to be shipped by the next business day.

8. Printed Mint

This dropshipping and wholesale supplier provides printing and fulfillment services for all gift resellers. It also has the option of integrating within Etsy, for great opportunities.

Printed Mint is one of the very few branded dropshipping solutions in the U.S., that has seen success over the years.

They have existed for over 5 years, and are praised for their excellent communication and dedication with drop shippers.

If you’re having some great ideas about gifts, why not start something on your own? Maybe it’s the next best thing!

9. Regent Products

Regent products are one of the best gift dropshipping suppliers, because it’s located in the U.S., and offers a variety of categories.

With ‘speed order’ features, it’s fast to shop and is divided into several seasons such as Christmas, spring and summer, Easter, Halloween, and other major holidays. Find trending products you can sell around Christmas Festive Season.

For over 35 years, Regent Products Corp. has become of the leading suppliers in terms of general merchandise.

Selling seasonal toys, pet supplies, all sorts of giftware, kitchenware, and other products, dropshippers can choose to sell up to 5000 different items in 30 categories.

In case you’re interested in reselling large amounts of products, their warehouse is located in Chicago, near the O’Hare International Airport.

10. Great Arrivals

The company offers mainly corporate gifts such as unique baskets as well as anniversaries such as birthdays, ‘thank you’ events, and baby gifts.

This is a great opportunity for all dropshippers working closely with various companies to be able to sell corporate gifts because customers appreciate great food, drinks, and neatly-packed presents.

Its founders are actually women who left their corporate jobs to focus on their own businesses. Free shipping is available, anywhere in the U.S., and in some international countries.

Their mission is to promote happiness and creativity in each gift basket, no matter if it contains food, wine, or some sort of specialty.

11. Creative Collection

This traditional U.K. supplier takes care of literally every event available. You can see their products at birthdays, holidays, special events, and various parties.

Established in 1994, it’s a family-run business and is located in Langley Park, Durham. They only work during weekdays and will not reply during the weekend.

There are approximately 4000 items in their inventory at any given time, which is great news for beginner dropshippers. All prices are shown in single, multiple, and purchases made for bulk products.

12. Artisano Designs

Some readers will agree that Artisano Designs is unique in every way. In fact, it’s one of the best gift dropshipping suppliers on the list.

Why? Because some of their gifts include dipping plates, favor boxes, espresso cups, and other gourmet-designed favors. Each and every one of them fits the European market perfectly, although their warehouses are in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A., and Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

They currently ship within these two countries and it takes orders but a few days to arrive at the designated location. Partnering with Artisano Designs will bring all resellers benefits, unlike any other gift manufacturer and supplier.

Still, if you’d like to get rid of all the unnecessary issues with logistics and late shipments, dropshipping is a much better option.

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You can sell corporate gifts to companies via your reseller website, find the right audience, and create loyal customers, using any of these companies.

The opportunities are endless, so explore all suppliers and decide which one to go with, depending on who you’re planning as your audience.