10 High-Converting Shopify Landing Page Examples


How hard is it to keep a website visitor interested before they get bored and leave?

According to some research done, it only takes 10 to 20 seconds before an average visitor will leave your website.

This points to the same idea that you must have a Shopify landing page that keeps your visitors interested. It is all because a landing page is more targeted and aims to make you take action, fairly different from the average website.

Shopify is great in helping you to start your dropshipping business, but when it comes to launching a customized landing page, it gets difficult.

You can try Shopify for free for 14 days. Needles to say, on this comprehensive guide you can learn how to create a high-converting ecommerce landing page.

Let’s not wait any longer and see some high converting Shopify landing page examples.

What Is a Shopify Landing Page?

A Shopify landing page is a specific page on your site that you aim to drive traffic to. This can be anything like an ebook, product, bundles, webinar signup, etc.

Shopify wasn’t initially built for creating landing pages, although there are always solutions to this. You can use a landing page builder that is integrated with Shopify itself. Or, you can choose to run tests yourself to see what works for your new landing pages.

Why Do You Need a Shopify Landing Page?

It is a key part of a sales funnel. It is the journey from when your customer first sees your ad on your site, all the way to when they purchase.

Here are a few main reasons why you need a Shopify landing page:

  • Return on investment – landing pages built with marketing campaigns offer high ROI for all the incoming traffic. If the ads you setup take customers to your site while they were searching for the exact product you are offering on your landing page, there are high chances they will buy the product from you.
  • Target specific – you can have several personalized landing pages that target specific customer segments. The headlines, CTA button, and images should all fulfill the buyer persona of your target audience. The more you connect with your audience, the longer they will stay.
  • Easy setup – landing page builders on the Shopify app make it easy for you to setup a landing page. This is much easier than seting it up from scratch.

What Are the Types of Shopify Landing Pages?

Shopify landing pages are built in 1 out of 4 ways:

1. Landing Page Builder

If you want to quickly build a landing page on Shopify, all you have to do is go to the Shopify app store.

Once you are on the app store, type the keyword “Landing page builder” and you will get a list full of free page builders.

Look at the ratings and how many people have rated the app. As of now, PageFly and Shogun are the most recommended.

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Also, get the buyer’s guide for Shopify Apps and make the best decision for your store.

2. Turn Product Collections Into Landing Pages

All of the Shopify themes support product collections. If you know who you are directing to your landing pages, then you can also customize them to fit your visitor’s preferences.

If you are confused about creating collection pages, Shopify gives you instructions that you can follow on their site.

The major benefits of using a product collection are:

  • Reduces your store’s friction.
  • Makes designing and writing more simple.
  • Reduces the distance between you and the “add to cart” button.

3. Create A Shopify Landing Page Template

Whenever you create a new template with Shopify, you can build custom landing pages on your Shopify store and connect any page to the traffic it is receiving.

A Shopify theme changes the way your store looks and even the features it has. Keep in mind that you will need a template in order to turn your theme into a page.

Before you install your theme, take a look if it is sectioned or non-sectioned. Sectioned themes are created more recently and contain separate blocks that are called “sections”.

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4. Use a Third-Party Software

Third-party software allows you to incorporate any webpage into your store. Third-party software is much more expensive than incorporating a Shopify landing page builder from its own app store. They also require some technical work when setting up your analytics account.

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Two popular third-party software you can use are:

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4 Shopify Landing Page Examples

Are you thinking of how your Shopify landing page should look like? Well, here are a few examples:

1. Beardbrand

Beardbrand is a great Shopify landing page that gives you a great first impression, having conversions as a priority. The way Beardbrand is so good at conversions is the way it uses a quiz to segment its users and provide recommendations. Once you finish the quiz, they’ll let you know what you need to buy!

beardbrand product page example

2. Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter can also be called the longer sales letter style landing page. It only has one product available and that is cat litter. It is easy for Pretty Litter to show how good their product is and how clean it is.

In this guide, you can learn why and how to build your first one product dropshipping store.

They show you many ways on how you can save money in the long term, the benefits of the product, advocacy from vets, etc. If you want to say goodbye to that cat litter smell, then pretty litter shows you how.

3. Some Pretty SEO

Some Pretty SEO isn’t really into the dropshipping business, but it does sell a book. The best thing about the page is that it puts all your focus on how high-quality the book image is. You can even get a free preview, which they used as a CTA.

They love to showcase their top-notch quality photos on social media too, where many times users will make a purchase from there.

some pretty seo landing page example


Thread is another great example for showing us what high-quality conversions are. They sell clothes, with USP being the automated personal styling recommender to its customers.

When you enter the home page of the thread, they will ask you if you want to complete a quiz. The quiz says “Dress better in 3 minutes”, so they can learn all about your dressing style and recommend you styles you should look for.

What is more persuasive than this? Everything is simple and clear, conversions of pure quality.

thread best landing pages on shopify

Tips on Creating a High Converting Shopify Landing Page

Many may think that a Shopify landing page is only about having a nice Shopify theme or design, but that isn’t true at all. Conversions all depend on the copywriting done on landing pages, similar to what we mentioned in the examples above.

Here are a few tips to take into consideration what to do and what to write for your landing page on Shopify:

  • Be niche specific. Find products to source from CJ Dropshipping.
  • Try to add value from the few words you write.
  • Use a persuasive CTA (call-to-action), not just “sign up”, “subscribe”, etc.
  • Show your reviews, ratings.
  • Offer free trials, return policies, guarentees.
  • Show them the benefits they will recieve.
  • Make your landing page mobile-friendly.
  • Don’t make long quizes, they will reduce attention-spans

Your copy will always convert once you see what your audience needs, and then you have to persuade them to take action.

5 Different Types of Shopify Product Pages

Let’s take a look at 5 different types of product pages on Shopify and how they create product detail pages:

1. Master & Dynamic

The only words that will come to your mind when visiting this site are elegant or luxury. The high-quality photos with headphones make you wonder what the headphones would actually sound like if you bought them. Nothing gets as neat as this.

master & dynamic example

2. Studio Neat

Studio Neat topped it off with its long-form product pages, all of which include product photos, videos, and more guides for customers who are looking to improve their shopping experience.

The moment you visit the page, you’ll start seeing a simple and neat design that will urge you to see what the site is all about.

studio neat ecommerce landing page

Scroll down the page and you’ll see different product categories with a white background. The design layout makes everything look simple when scrolling through the site.

product pages examples

3. Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair sells hair extensions, where most of its customers are women. The product itself has many different variants, where customers will go through a journey to see which variety suits them best.

How do they do this? They take you through a quiz that asks you style-related questions. Right after, they will start recommending which type of hair extension is for you.

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luxy hair landing page example

4. United By Blue

If it is someone who cares about the cleanliness of our oceans and waterways, it is United By Blue. They are on a mission to remove all the trash from all oceans and waterways around the world.

Take a look at the website, and scroll down, you’ll see that all their products are built with materials that are better for the planet.

For every product you purchase on their site, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways across the world!

united by blue landing page example

5. Johnny Cupcakes

They call themselves “the world’s first t-shirt bakery”. Johnny Cupcakes has been featured in TEDx, Forbes, and many other places. They highlight that everything they sell is freshly baked.

The site shows its high-quality product photography, and how fun their photo and animation designs look like.

Even if you decide to purchase, the checkout process is fast and doesn’t rush you. It’ll stay on the right side, reminding you that you can purchase anytime you feel ready!

johnny cupcakes homepage best practices


After reading this article, we hope you now know what you have to do. We provided as many examples as we could so you can achieve a high converting Shopify landing page.

You can always check out more examples from our free store directory