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Best Things To Resell – Make Extra Profits By Reselling Products
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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Welcome to the world of reselling! If you’re on a quest to find the best things to resell and make extra profits, you’re at the right place.

Reselling products can be an exciting way to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit while making some good money on the side.

But here’s the catch – not all items are created equal when it comes to resale value. The key is in identifying profitable items that will fetch you a nice return on your investment.


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What is Reselling?

Reselling is about buying low and selling high. When you spot an item at a bargain price, you purchase it and then sell it at a higher price to make a profit.

It’s a simple concept but requires a keen eye for profitable products, knowledge of your market, and effective sales tactics.

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Why Reselling Market Is So Attractive?

The reselling market is huge and expanding day by day. From vintage finds to brand-new items, there’s a buyer for just about everything.

Moreover, this market size is expected to reach $64 billion by 2024.

And, thanks to the internet, we now have platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy that have made it incredibly easy for anyone to start their own reselling business.

For example, right at this moment, there are over 3.3 Million reselling products on eBay. So, you can easily find the best things to resell.👇

High Demand Categories: The Key To Making Profits

The burning question here is how do we go about finding these hidden gems that will make our reselling game strong? What are those specific product categories that promise high profit margins?

Consider Chris Casseday, for example. Following his passion for sneakers and selling them online for many years, he started 513 Kicks. Being a big fan of Michael Jordan, he noticed that people wanted unique sports shoes, so he turned his hobby into a business.

With over 21 years of experience in the sneaker world, Chris made 513 Kicks into a thriving online store, making around $2,000 in profit each month.

Stay tuned as we dive deep into this topic, help you uncover some of the best things to resell, and give you actionable advice on how to make extra profits by reselling products.

The Benefits of Reselling as a Side Hustle

One might wonder, “Why dive into reselling?” Well, let’s clarify that with the perks it brings when it comes to the best things to resell.

As a side hustle, reselling is a flexible, low-risk venture that can be tailored to fit your schedule and your interests.

✅ Financial Cushion

One prime advantage is creating an extra stream of income that acts as a financial cushion. The profits from reselling can be funneled into your savings or an emergency fund, providing financial security in uncertain times.

Consider this: You bought several designer purses at a clearance sale for $50 each and managed to sell them for $200 each. That’s $150 profit per purse! This additional income can build up over time, creating a significant financial buffer.

✅ Becoming Debt-Free

Debt-free living through reselling? Absolutely! The extra income generated by reselling can be directed towards paying off debts faster.

Thus, whether it’s student loans, credit card debt, or personal loans, every dollar earned from reselling is one less dollar owed.

📝 Note: While reselling has immense benefits, success doesn’t come overnight. It takes patience, research, and most importantly, persistence. But don’t fret; the next sections will guide you through finding profitable items to kickstart your reselling journey.


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Mastering the Art of Bargain Hunting for Profitable Reselling Opportunities

Becoming a savvy bargain hunter goes beyond just finding occasional discounted items; it’s about developing skills that can lead to significant profits in the reselling world.

Therefore, here are some strategies to uncover those hidden gems:

🔸 Research Before You Shop

Before heading out, familiarize yourself with popular items and their typical prices in the market.

This knowledge will come in handy when you’re scanning through potential treasures at thrift stores or garage sales.

For example, I personally use product research tools to get insights about winning products, their profit margins, sales, etc. Plus, I get information about my main competitors.

So, the tool I recommend to you is Minea.

🔸 Timing Is Key

Also, to increase your chances of finding great deals, visit thrift stores and garage sales early for a wider selection or go late for better discounts.

So, towards the end of the day, some sellers may reduce prices to clear out their remaining items.

🔸 Thoroughly Inspect Items

When inspecting potential purchases, pay attention to quality and condition.

Thus, while minor wear and tear might be acceptable, significant damage can greatly decrease an item’s resale value.

For example, for electronics, always test them before buying!

🔸 Negotiate with Confidence

Don’t be afraid to negotiate at garage sales and flea markets. Bartering is expected in these places, so politely haggle for a better price if you think it’s reasonable.

🔸 Tap into Online Marketplaces

Take advantage of online platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, where you can find discounted products.

Thus, look out for local listings that don’t require shipping, as this can help increase your profit margin.

Remember: patience and persistence are key here. With each discovery, you’ll improve your ability to identify undervalued items that have the potential to bring in substantial profits.

Exploring Profitable Niches in the Reselling Market

1. Vintage Items and Luxury Brands

There’s gold in old, and there’s definitely value in luxury.

Vintage items – from clothing to furniture and home decor – have a dedicated fan base willing to pay top dollar for unique pieces. Thus, reselling these allows you to tap into a market that appreciates the quality and charm of items from yesteryears.

Luxury brands represent another hot topic in the reselling game. So, for example, a well-preserved Louis Vuitton bag or a classic Rolex watch can fetch a handsome price, as consumers seek these high-end items without the steep retail costs.

Moreover, based on what I’ve learned, you might want to consider reselling through Brands Gateway. They offer items from more than 100 top brands like Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Plus, BrandsGateway isn’t your typical dropshipping and wholesale provider. It’s an active B2B luxury fashion hub that’s changing how retailers and makers work together. Thus, the platform has the best things to resell.

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2. Collectible Toys, Musical Instruments, and Sporting Goods

If yoy are looking for the best things to resell I have good stuff right here!

Collectible toys aren’t just for kids. In fact, adults too are drawn to nostalgia-inducing items such as action figures or limited-edition LEGO sets, making this niche one to consider.

Likewise, musical instruments and sporting goods have their own loyal customers. So, these are some of the best things to resell.

Whether it’s a guitar from a discontinued line or a rare baseball card, these items can deliver solid returns.

3. Exercise Equipment

No wasted time at the “best things to resell” department! The fitness trend is on the rise with more people prioritizing health and wellness.

As such, the market for exercise equipment resale is growing.

So, from dumbbells to treadmills, consumers are looking for affordable options to set up their home gyms. Capitalizing on this trend could lead to promising profits in your reselling venture.

For example, reselling sneakers is a great option as well. These products’ market size is expected to reach $13.37 billion in 2024. Also, sneakers are in high demand.

For instance, let’s take a look at a particular Nike shoe, like the Nike Air Max. According to Google Trends, there’s a massive demand and interest in these products! And trust me, this pattern holds true for the best things to resell. 👇

Capitalizing on Specific Product Categories for Reselling Success

🔸 Exploring the World of Secondhand Apparel

The category of secondhand apparel is a goldmine in the resale industry.

It encompasses everything from vintage clothing to branded fashion accessories, catering to the constant demand for stylish yet affordable options.

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For example, Etsy even has a whole category on its website about used items. So, here you can find one of the best things to resell when it comes to this matter.

🔸 Tapping into the Potential of Books and Household Items

Books and household items present a wide array of inventory choices that appeal to various consumers.

So, ranging from rare books to gently used furniture, these products have the potential to generate decent profits and are one of the best things to resell.

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🔸 Unleashing Profit Potential with Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

Kitchen appliances and gadgets are always hot commodities. Whether it’s a high-end blender or an antique toaster, these items offer significant profit margins.

Moreover, popular kitchen tools that home cooks can’t resist are also worth considering.

🔸 Seizing Opportunities in the Tools Market

With the increase in DIY projects, there’s a growing demand for tools among both enthusiasts and professionals. Thus, this makes them one of the best things to resell.

So, offering good quality tools at competitive prices within this niche can lead to profitable sales.

🔸 Riding the Wave of Electronics Reselling

Last but not least, electronics provide a lucrative opportunity due to constant upgrades and high demand. Plus, are one of the best things to resell.

Spotting popular brands and models in good condition can result in successful reselling ventures.

Each of these categories holds its own potential within the thriving reselling market. So when you’re out searching for items to sell, keep these product categories in mind. You never know when you might come across your next big find!

Tapping into Lucrative Markets: Baby Gear, Toys, and Vinyl Records

🔸 Baby Gear and Toys: Meeting the Needs of Growing Families

Parents understand well that baby gear and toys are must-have items that quickly lose their usefulness as kids grow up. This creates a thriving market for second-hand products in these categories. Smart resellers can take advantage of this by offering top-notch, well-maintained baby gear and toys at attractive prices.

The demand for these items remains steady; after all, there’s always a new mom or dad looking to make their money go further without compromising on quality for their little ones.

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🔸 Vinyl Records: Riding the Wave of Analog Resurgence

The vinyl record industry has seen an incredible comeback, attracting both nostalgic collectors and audiophiles who swear by the unmatched sound quality of analog recordings. Vinyl records have become highly sought-after items with certain editions selling for impressive amounts.

To tap into this market:

  1. Identify popular genres: Classic rock, jazz, and limited-edition releases are some of the favorites among collectors.
  2. Look for in-demand records: Original pressings and rare releases tend to fetch higher prices.
  3. Stay updated: Keep track of discussions and communities dedicated to vinyl records to stay informed about trends and valuable discoveries.

By understanding what appeals to buyers and having a keen eye for valuable finds, you can turn old records into substantial profits.

Maximizing Profits: Sourcing, Pricing, and Selling Your Resell Items

To make sure your reselling side hustle becomes successful, it’s important to understand the numbers.

Thus, the amount of profit you make can either make or break your business, and it all starts with effective sourcing.

🔸 Sourcing Your Inventory

When looking for things to sell, keep these things in mind:

1. Always Be Prepared to Negotiate

No matter where you’re buying from, whether it’s online or at a flea market, there’s usually room to negotiate prices down. So, if you want to get the best things to resell, prepare yourself.

2. Look for Opportunities to Buy in Bulk

Sometimes, suppliers will offer discounts if you buy a large quantity of their products. This can help increase your profit per item.

For example, AutoDS is a great tool for sourcing inventory. Thus, they seamlessly integrate with the biggest platforms and marketplaces like Shopify, Amazon, AliExpess, eBay, etc.

🔸 Pricing Your Items

Once you have a good amount of items ready to sell, the next step is setting the right price. Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Understand the Market

Research and find out how much similar items are being sold for. This will give you an idea of what price range to aim for.

2. Be Flexible with Your Prices

Don’t be afraid to change your prices based on factors like demand, seasonality, and how much inventory you have left.

💡 Tip: Learn How To Price Dropshipping Products: A Guide For Beginners.

🔸 Selling Your Items

Lastly, think about where you want to sell your items. Here are some options:

1. Online Marketplaces

Platforms like eBay and Amazon are well-known places to sell things online.

For example, Amazon has a huge number of users, which means your reselling products listings get a lot of attention. Plus, you can use Amazon FBA for easy shipping and handling of orders.

However, to start selling on Amazon, you’ll have to create a seller account.

But the sign-up process is a bit involved, and you’ll need to give:

  • Your tax details
  • Phone number
  • Bank account number
  • Bank routing number
  • Credit card information
  • A valid ID issued by the government

But don’t forget about smaller websites that focus on specific types of products.

2. Social Media

Use platforms like Instagram or Facebook Marketplace to create interest in your best things to resell.

For instance, the great thing about the Facebook Marketplace is that you can easily buy, sell, or trade a variety of items with people in your area.

You can also search for specific things, narrow down results by location or category, and chat directly with sellers or buyers using Facebook Messenger.

Plus, the platform offers excellent options for targeted advertisements.

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3. Create Your Own Website

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, consider making your own website where people can buy directly from you.

For example, I prefer using using website builders, like Shopify or WooCommerce. Also, I prefer using Shopify because it’s easy to use and has lots of nice-looking themes you can choose from, some for free and others you can buy.

On top of that, Shopify lets you customize your store just how you like it. Once you’ve got your products, you can upload them to your online shop without any trouble.

And the best part? Shopify works smoothly with different ecommerce apps and tools, making it easy to automate your business’s supply chain.

By following these strategies for sourcing, pricing, and selling your resale items, you’ll be able to make the most out of your business.

Remember, every decision you make can affect how much money you make. So it’s important to always be thinking about ways to improve and grow.

Harnessing the reach and features of popular ecommerce platforms can significantly boost your reselling business.

Amazon and eBay stand as titans in this space, offering extensive customer bases and streamlined selling processes. Here’s how to make the most of these platforms:

How To Make the Most of Amazon and eBay for Reselling?

  • Maximize Exposure: Utilize the vast audience on these platforms. Optimize product listings with high-quality images and detailed descriptions incorporating SEO best practices.
  • Sales Impact: Take advantage of advertising tools provided by these platforms to increase product visibility and drive sales.

✅ Benefits of Selling on Amazon and eBay

  • Customer Trust: Both platforms have established trust with consumers, translating into higher conversion rates for sellers.
  • Sophisticated Infrastructure: They offer powerful logistics solutions like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) that can simplify shipping and handling for sellers.

❌ Limitations to Consider

  • Competition: High seller density means standing out can be challenging. Differentiation through unique offerings or superior customer service is key.
  • Fees: Be mindful of the fees associated with selling on these platforms, which can cut into profit margins.

By strategically leveraging popular ecommerce platforms, you can tap into a larger audience and streamline operations.

However, keep in mind the competition and fees involved, ensuring that your pricing strategy accounts for these factors.

With the right approach, Amazon and eBay can be invaluable allies in your reselling endeavors.

Building Your Own Brand: The Future of Reselling in Ecommerce

In the ever-changing world of reselling ecommerce, there’s a new trend that’s catching the eye of smart online entrepreneurs.

It’s no longer just about reselling – it’s about creating a brand.

Why Building a Brand Matters?

Instead of seeing your reselling business as a bunch of sales, consider it a chance to make a brand that stands out in the online market.

This way of thinking doesn’t just mean more money but also gives small businesses a chance to shine in the digital world.

The Rise of DIY Online Shops

Places like Shopify and Etsy have made it super easy to start an online shop and sell your own hand-picked goods.

You’re not just selling things – you’re telling stories, making friends, and giving shoppers a one-of-a-kind experience, all with your own special name.

From Reseller to Brand Builder: Is It Worth It?

But why go from regular reselling to making your own brand? Here are three big reasons to consider for the best things to resell:

  1. Stand Out: A strong brand can make you different from other sellers and keep customers coming back.
  2. Grow Big: The more people know your brand, the more money you can make. It lets you sell new things or reach new customers.
  3. Get Paid More: Stuff with brands on it often costs more than plain ones because people trust them more and think they’re better quality.

So, are you ready to take your reselling game up a notch? It might be time to stop thinking about selling stuff and start building an online empire instead.



Selecting the right items to resell, and tapping into the vast customer bases of platforms like Amazon and eBay, are essential steps in carving out a successful niche within the ecommerce realm.

The journey to reselling success is lined with opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs who are ready to leverage reselling tips and craft a robust ecommerce reselling strategy.

Tips for Reselling Success

  • Identify Profitable Items: Kickstart your venture by zeroing in on goods that promise high demand and attractive profit margins.
  • Leverage Marketplaces: Make the most of established online marketplaces to connect with a diverse audience and scale your operations.

Let’s not let hesitation turn into wasted time. Instead, embrace the wealth of resources at your fingertips—like—and energize your entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you’re eyeing a side hustle or envisioning a full-time enterprise, the path is well-lit for those ready to explore the dynamic world of ecommerce.

Remember, every success story begins with that first step. So why not make today the day you embark on your reselling journey?

Grab those opportunities, hustle smart, and watch as your efforts blossom into a thriving resale business.

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