Dropshipping in Malaysia: 10 Free & Best Drop Shipping Suppliers


Let’s talk about the best dropshipping suppliers in Malaysia, without having to pay monthly fees. But first, we’ll talk about dropshipping in Malaysia, opportunities, and market size, equally important to resellers. Most importantly, however, you’ll learn some tips and tricks about how to dropship in Malaysia.

Dropshipping E-Commerce In Malaysia

With a population of over 32 million, Malaysia is a great market to start dropshipping. How come? Well, its economy is fast-growing and the IT infrastructure is already set.

In fact, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most developed cities in Asia, thus many IT companies and corporations have set up HQs there.

Currently, over 80% of the population has active access to the Internet. More importantly, 25 million Malaysians actively use social media, while 24 million of them access them via smartphones.

According to Export, there are over 40 million monthly mobile subscriptions, which counts over 1 subscription per smartphone. It just goes to show the amount of shopping power Malaysians have in terms of buying online.

In a country with a predominantly Muslim population, men are more prone to online shopping than women.

Another fun fact states that Malaysians living in the eastern part of the country are more likely to buy products online, compared to the rest of Malaysia’s population.

What really matters to drop shippers and dropshipping suppliers in Malaysia is that almost two-thirds of its residents will purchase a product at least once in 30 days.

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Out of these 59% online shoppers, 80% will use their smartphones to do so. Like in any other country, when Malaysians shop online, they will definitely check the best wholesale suppliers. Learn the process of How To Find Suppliers or Manufacturers for your product.

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What Are The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In Malaysia?

Let’s name some of the best and free (no member fees) dropshipping suppliers in Malaysia. Here they are.

1. Sweet Home Planet

From home and body accessories to electronics and toys, Sweet Home Planet provides dropshippers with the best deals for all ages and genders.

You need to register first and send your email via WhatsApp so that the owners can set dropshipping prices for you.

Contact: jegadesh.simadere@gmail.com.my
Address: No.19, Jalan Emas 2, Taman Emas, Batu 30, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor

2. Heartbeat

These guys sell personalized gifts and offer 50% profit margins per product sold. You can resell tons of their gifts, such as casings, glass frames, pill cases, cushions, mugs, t-shirts, keychains, coasters, and much more. Here, you can explore more dropshipping hat suppliers.

They offer multiple payment methods and collaborate with CimbBank, Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC, and others.

Contact: order@HeartBeat.my
Address: No. 30, First Floor, Jalan Tiara 4, Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor D.E. (Near by Jusco, Bukit Raja)

3. Kime

The recipient of multiple Asian E-commerce awards, Kime, is considered one of Malaysia’s top dropshipping fashion dropshipping suppliers.

You can find featured, best-selling products, as well as special offers, to dropship via their reselling program. They sell all sorts of clothing, including modern and hijab clothing, for all women.

Contact: pusatpakaiankime@gmail.com
Address: 12A, Jalan Laman Intan, Bandar Baru Teluk Intan, Teluk Intan, Perak

4. Asogo

Specialized in bikes and bike accessories, Asogo is one of the few dropshipping suppliers in this niche. This provides dropshippers with more profits, given the fact bicycles cost more than most other products.

They use multiple online payment methods, including Cimb Clicks, Alliance Bank, RHB Bank, and others.

Contact: support@asogo.com
Address: Lot 2757, Jalan Raja Nong, Taman Sentosa, 41200 Klang, Selangor

5. Summerglitz

Yet another fashion clothing dropshipping supplier from Malaysia, Summerglitz offers a wide range of wardrobe essentials for women of all ages.

There are profits to be made from all the maternity clothes, party dresses, formalwear, and clothing for any other occasion. They welcome dropshippers, wholesalers, and other resellers at any time.

They are also in the Jewelry Dropshipping Products Market.

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Contact: sales@summerglitz.com.my
Address: E-10-1, Putra Walk, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

6. SaveValue2u

Without a doubt, this wholesaler and dropshipping supplier is one of the best in Malaysia, offering products in several categories.

They’ve got special prices on certain products, some of which can be very profitable. For increased sales, the company has integrated its inventory within Shopee and Lazada, Malaysia’s biggest e-commerce platforms, similar to Amazon and eBay.

Contact: savevalue@hotmail.com
Address: 60, Jalan LP 1a/5, Lestari Perdana, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

7. Little Kids

One of the few dropshipping suppliers selling maternity and baby clothing and accessories, Little Kids has already been a decade in the industry.

It’s free to join their dropshipping program, although it’s a niche-specific business, so it’s best to get acquainted with the market first before you make your next step.

Contact: little.kids.store@gmail.com
Address: 18, Jalan Bandar Rawang 12, Pusat Bandar Rawang, 48000 Rawang, Selangor

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How Can I Start A Dropshipping Business In Malaysia?

There are a couple of things drop shippers can do when they decide to dropship in Malaysia. We’ll name a few of them, just to get you started.

This doesn’t apply exclusively to this country’s dropshipping industry, but you can practice it anywhere you set your mind to.

Thus, what’s to know when starting an online drop shipping business in Malaysia? You’ll need to create a business plan, follow the steps, contact a few dropshipping suppliers, and make sure you’re recognized.

Below, you can see the few important segments of making your online business work.

1. Start a dropshipping business plan

It’s not just about creating a business plan and starting out. Think about it this way – what are you enthusiastic about? Do you often read about the latest smartphones or technology and gadgets? Are you a bike lover and go to work with it?

All these will help you if you’re already a fan of a dropshipping niche category. How? The answer is more than obvious.

Knowing more on the topic will help you get better prices from your supplier and improve your marketing skills, i.e. put yourself in the shoes of your customers, as well as many other benefits.

As for the dropshipping business plan, you will need to sit down, write any idea that comes on your mind, and define a budget.

Next, divide that budget between marketing, maintenance, and additional costs. However, none of these will matter if you don’t do proper research first. To help with this, we’ve already defined most of your audience at the beginning of the article.

You’ll already know the market size, mobile users, and other useful information. Start from there, and continue on researching.

If you’d like to sell smartphones, try to find how many of these mobile users have bought Samsung, iPhone, or Huawei smartphones in the past year or so.

Also, make sure to calculate profits if you plan on decreasing the prices to put your competitors out of business. This leads us to the next segment of the ‘How to dropship in Malaysia’ tutorial.

2. Choose a reliable supplier for dropshipping in Malaysia

How to find the perfect Malaysian supplier? Even though most of them will offer countless discounts, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the cheapest is the best.

Sure, you’d think it would earn you big profits, but think about it in the long run. For example, what if their customer support sucks?

Better yet, what if it takes 15 days for their orders to be shipped and delivered?

Be aware, your business might not last long, not to mention turning it into a brand.

Some Malaysian dropshipping suppliers are members of the eBAM (eBusiness Association Malaysia), which means they’re legally certified to practice online business.

Other indicators include e-commerce platform integration with Malaysia’s e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Zalora, and Lazada.

If any of these e-commerce marketplaces have allowed access to your wholesale drop shipping supplier’s inventory, it means they are good.

Generally speaking, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in Malaysia, your online store still needs an Asian-based supplier.

A good idea would be to conduct research on the neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Most importantly, however, you’ll need to find a supplier with great profit margins. Usually, you can find tons of them in Malaysia, but you’ll also need to check out the reviews.

This way, you’ll learn a good deal about the supplier, coming straight from a customer’s perspective.

3. Turn your online store into a brand

Most dropshippers forget one important thing. In order to bring their online store to the next level, they need to make it a brand somehow.

Most of them earn profits, so this important segment of dropshipping is being largely neglected.

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How to create a brand for your store and become an authority in the niche you’re selling? There are a few key points you need to follow, as indicated below.

– Offer great customer support and simplicity of purchase

– Be kind and polite at all times, because the customer is always right

– Include your customers in loyalty programs (discounts), to keep them coming back

– Offer multiple payment methods, to increase sales

– Include great product descriptions as well as clear images of products, not just stock images

– Create a logo, a slogan, and make it sound and look as original as possible

Summary – Dropshipping in Malaysia

Let’s review quickly. Find someone you can trust to deliver the products in perfect condition and in the promised period of time.

Make a brand out of your store in time, don’t rush it. Include multiple dropshipping suppliers, if needed, to increase your inventory and brands. But, before you do that, always start out with a plan and follow the guidelines.

We hope this article will help you find the perfect dropshipping and wholesale supplier in Malaysia, most of which offer free subscriptions, i.e. membership isn’t required.