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Dropship Toys: The 9 Best Toy Dropshipping Suppliers
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If you’re already gaining an advantage by dropshipping within multiple categories, why not try to dropship toys? You can try your luck with some toy dropshipping suppliers.

And not just any suppliers, but the very best ones found online! You can find them mostly in the US. and the UK, and the products they offer are far better than those of the majority of Chinese suppliers.

Why entering this niche? Why dropshipping toys? Because they’re easy to sell, have low to medium profit margins, and you can choose between several suppliers of the highest quality.

We’ve compiled a list of ones we believe are good enough for you to expand with. If you have any other suggestions and experiences, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll add them to the list.


Top 9 Toy Dropshipping Suppliers

1. Die Cast Toys Dropshipping Supplier

If you’re into diecast model cars and trucks, these guys have a huge selection of brand-name toys, of the highest quality.

Private label shipping is available, and the inventory is large enough to sell hundreds of model cars on a daily basis. Upon registering, you’ll be notified of how standard shipping costs are included n the prices.

At any given time, there are around 4,000 products in their warehouse. They encourage all dropshippers to sell on Amazon or eBay, as well as use their own personal stores.

There’s an additional 5% off the wholesale price for every order placed at a U.S. address, i.e. any of the 48 states.

2. Dropship Town

Although they are not primarily dropshipping toys only, the ‘Toys & Hobbies’ category of Dropship Town is pretty big, where product selection counts over 5000 products.

You can find walkie-talkies, RC model vehicles and kits, games, die-cast, toy vehicles, and other toys to dropship.

Blind dropshipping is what they do, meaning customers won’t know who’s the actual sender of the toys. As for subscriptions, the basic package costs $29.99/month, while the more advanced package will cost you $69.99/month.

The latter will provide any beginner dropshipper with a ‘Ready2launch’ website, including an SSL certificate, free organic SEO, and hosting.

If you’re not sure about selling with Dropship Town, you can always start a 7-day free trial without having to insert credit card information.

3. Kimmy Shop

Apart from selling products in different categories, Kimmy Shop always focuses on encouraging dropshippers into reselling toys.

From RC cars and model toys to action figures and dolls, board games, and puzzles, they have more than a thousand toy products to choose from.

Moreover, they support several charities and donate part of their profits to non-profit organizations such as Montreal’s Children’s Hospital, Sun Youth, and Light A Dream.

They have warehouses in New York and Dollard-des-Ormeaux in Quebec, Canada. Since they don’t charge any shipping fees, there is a nominal monthly subscription fee of just $15/month.

In case you want to try it out first, there’s a 14-day trial available, which is a great thing. When registering for the first time, all resellers will be introduced with discounted prices of the entire catalog, on all items, worth 15%).

4. Trimex Toys Dropshipping Supplier

A specialized wholesaler and dropshipping supplier of toys, Trimex is based in the U.K. and is one of the country’s largest suppliers in the industry.

Here, dropshippers can find RC toys, inflatables, seasonal toys, drones, helicopters, various sets, and many other toys to resell.

Working since 2002, they have warehouses in Manchester, London, and one abroad – in Ireland. They work with retail chain stores, wholesalers, and dropshippers.

To contact them, it’s best you send them an email about reselling opportunities. They currently operate within the U.K., so all orders placed on a national level are free of charge while delivering to Ireland will require a £20 fee.

Overall, if you’re looking to sell within the country, it’s a great way of earning a side income.

5. Stortz

Canadian toys dropshipping suppliers are probably the most active on the market. Such is the case with Stortz Inc, and its award-winning, innovative toys.

Most products are made in Canada and some in the U.S., while Stortz is famous for its quality and great service.

As for products (toys), resellers can find everything, ranging from eco-friendly toys, to educational and puzzle games, giftware, sensory toys, and other great products.

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As for brands, you can find toys made by Lego, Scentco, Bioserie Toys, Boinks, and other famous brands.

6. AZ Importer

When it comes to dropship toys, everything electronic and R/C is available at AZ Importer. This California-based toy dropshipping supplier is among the best companies on the West Coast.

As an exclusive partner of Inventory Source, they have developed every aspect of making dropshipping as smooth as possible for all resellers.

For all existing website owners, with the help of their partner, all items can be uploaded with regular live updates on prices, inventory, etc.

AZ Importer has been around for almost two decades, and have recently completed their 300.000th order, which is quite the achievement.

To use Inventory Source’s software for product management, users have to pay either $99 or $150 per month, depending on the package.

7. Brybelly

Brybelly is a toy dropshipping supplier based in the U.S. state of Indiana. They sell hundreds of games and toys from various manufacturers, most of which are produced nationwide.

Between educational, branded, and sports toys, you can find tons of brands and different product categories, in case you want to expand the store.

The company provides all products with images and descriptions and works only with blind dropshipping as if you’re selling the products.

Furthermore, you can dropship toys seasonal, both during the summer and winter, with various editions available.

Overall, it’s a decent toy dropshipping supplier with a site that’s easy to navigate through. If you’re interested, feel free to visit their website.

8. Big Buy

With Big Buy, dropshippers can sell in 24 European languages, with native speakers translating the catalogs for them.

They can also sell on AliExpress, Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, and other online marketplaces (Read: Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace). Moreover, they can use Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, or even WooCommerce (WordPress-based plugin) for better integration.

The winner of many prestigious awards, Big Buy collaborates with over 2700 brands and functions as a huge marketplace.

As for pricing, it costs around $880 (€790) to buy a license for reselling their inventory, no matter if you choose the entire catalog or a specific category.

9. Sunrise Wholesale

When you visit Sunrise Wholesale, there are tons of categories to choose from, including toys and games.

Between regular games and toys, dropshippers can also sell nightlights, scientific toys, and video games. The ever-popular laser tag for kids is available as a 4-pack.

It’s well worth noting that they currently have a limited choice of toys. However, their inventory changes constantly, so be on the lookout for any new toys to dropship.

Users can try using their services for 7 days for free, and try selling over 15,000 awesome products in different categories.

It’s allowed to sell on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, or a custom online shop.



Depending on where you’d like to start selling, these toys dropshipping suppliers are more than enough, to begin with.

Some include subscription fees, while others offer lower profit margins in exchange for a free membership. If you’re willing to spend more on your dropshipping business, you might as well plan strategically.

For example, you can invest in membership fees, improved marketing, and a personal online store, in order to start selling immediately and without a fuss.

Also, make sure to pay attention to seasonal toys, such as the ones we gift for Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, popular events (Marvel & DC toys), etc.

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Kids love toys, but it’s up to the adults to take care of payments, so make sure your profits are in place, as should be their expenditure on toys.