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10 Tips to Write Product Descriptions for Dropshipping Stores
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Martin is an agency owner and SaaS projects maker. His work is featured in the leading ecommerce brands, magazines and podcasts. Talks about Marketing, Business Development, and Growth Hacking!
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A well-written product description can help your buyers go through your sales funnel. Your store becomes more likely to convert casual browsers by adding originality and product benefits into your product description.

When creating product descriptions, however, most businesses make a common mistake: they include content that merely defines their products.

People are unable to appreciate a product’s unique value proposition or how it solves a frustrating problem, resulting in reduced conversions.

But before we dive into the topic, let’s unstuck those of you who are still not aware of the business of dropshipping, how it works and how you can benefit from it. If you are already familiar, feel free to skip the next to parts.



What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of retail business where the seller gets the order from the customers and delivers it to the customers, although the seller doesn’t keep the goods in stock. Now, this is something interesting for you.

Suppose, you are a good marketer and know the art of selling the products even without a face-to-face consultation. But the problem is that you are out of budget and can’t buy the stock. You can go for Dropshipping.

Here you don’t need to purchase and hold items in bulk and wait for the customers to buy your product.

Simply you have to create a page and sell the product of someone else from your reference. The amazing benefit of this business is that there is no risk involved.

Let’s make it simpler.

How to make Dropshipping business successful?

dropshipping success

Starting a dropshipping business is not a difficult task. You just need to learn the art of selling so you have to get a grip on your words. That means a person should have those words that can convince a buyer.

You need to write a healthy product description that can help deliver the message and force the audience to go for your product.

Several factors are needed to be considered while writing the product description. The only element that you have to focus on is that you should have a good collection of words.

We often see that the product is very interesting to see but you don’t get satisfied with the details that are added about the product. And also sometimes you make up your mind to buy the product immediately after reading the product description.

This is the art of using text and lines. You have to target the pain point of the customers and tell them how the product can be beneficial.

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What are product descriptions?

A product description is a textual description that you may include on your product’s page. This description can assist visitors to decide whether to buy the product or leave and never return to your store.

You will provide all of the information necessary for your visitors to comprehend your goods in this product description. Consider items like a sizing chart, product attributes, and box contents, among other things.

If you want to gain free traffic (SEO) to your dropshipping store, you’ll also need product descriptions. To have a greater chance of ranking your products in search engines like Google, you’ll need to provide information in your product descriptions.


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Tips to make the product description attractive

Here we are going to tell you some crucial factors that you need to remember while writing the explanation of your goods.

1. Study the product you are selling

The product that you are selling is not available in stock. That means you don’t have much idea about that item and what benefits it can provide to the consumers.

A seller needs to read all the properties of that specific good so he can have an idea of what he is going to discuss in the description.

It can also make it easy for you to clear the doubts of a buyer. Go to the official website of that company and read the extra services that it provides so you can add them to the description.

2. Make outlines before writing

Once you finish studying the features of that product, the next thing is to make the outlines so you can start writing the product description.

But wait a minute! Have you made the outlines of the description that you will write? You should have the entire content that you will write about the product.

For it, you have to make outlines of the benefits of that product. If you are not focusing on this point, you will definitely lose track and add some irrelevant lines in the description that are not even related to the item.

When you make a proper sketch before writing, it can make it easy for you to write the actual benefits of the product in the description.

3. Know your audience

One thing that must be remembered is that you should have an idea about your target audience. You should have an idea of what type of customers you have. Also, you need to know their age group, taste, gender, and income level.

If you don’t focus on this point, your content will be just a waste of time of your efforts and time. This is because you are not targeting the right audience that needs your product.

You must read the visitors and get to know what type of content they will like so you can give that direction to the description. 

4. Keep the description to the point and concise

Sometimes, we make a mistake in the marketing plans by increasing the description length. This is the point where you get half of your audience.

The product description is just a piece of small information that can give an overview of the product and its benefit in a short paragraph. If you start writing long lines about your product, then surely you are going to lose the interest of visitors.

All you need to do is, set the limit of description and add the most important features of the item. If you find it hard to control the word count, you can get help from a text counter.

This tool will tell the total words and characters along with keyword density in the content. Users can easily eliminate the lines that are not much important to be explained.

product descriptions for dropshipping stores

Writers benefit from this tool to keep the text limited and avoid irrelevant lines.

If the text limit gets crossed, they eliminate the ideas that are not much important to be discussed in their content.

And when it comes to product description, you must focus on this element as it can be beneficial in making the lines more attractive and clear for the audience.

5. Communicate like a friend

Professionally talking to the customers is a little awkward. It’s the same as two strangers having a discussion on a topic and feeling uncomfortable sharing ideas. 

You have to communicate with the readers in a way that can keep them engaged and help them understand your point of view.

Make your tone polite and friendly. Don’t just add the lines in the favour of your product. Instead, add some ideas that can be interesting for your audience.

6. Must add some humor to engage readers

Adding some funny lines in the content or using such headlines that can make people smile, is also a good trick for selling your product.

Let’s say you are going to sell a T-shirt that is for old people. You will tell them the features, like the shirt is comfortable and the stuff on the shirt is very good.

But you can also make it a little funny. What if you start it with writing a line, “Hello retired person”. This short line will make the buyer laugh and the chances of selling your product will increase.

Therefore, you must increase the engagement factors that can make your consumers happy and force them to buy the product.

7. Don’t make it complex

Never try to add lines that are very complex to understand. Some people have this problem that they add some less-common words in the content that are not understandable for everyone.

Like, you are adding the features of a mobile phone that is very simple. But you are using a complex term for the word “easy” and use its synonym “duck soup”.

Now, what is it? Have you ever heard this term before? If you use this text in the description, your reader will surely get confused and will leave your page instantly.

So, there is no need to use the complex ideas in the lines that can lead to diverting your customers to decrease your sales.

8. Play with the imaginations

Playing with the imagination means that you have to use such lines in the description that can let the customer think about your product.

Let’s take an example of a novel or a story where all you read the fictional stories. Although all the characters are not present in real life you still take them into your imagination.

The same is for your audience and you have to present the description of your product in such a way that a customer can imagine it in his hands.

9. Avoid grammar and semantic mistakes

One thing that you must remember is that the content should be free of errors. Avoid all grammatical mistakes that can lead to confusing a visitor.

Another element is that you add too many features of the product that are not even present. This is where you are making mistakes as you are misleading the customer.

You need to be honest with your audience and tell them the truth about the product. Otherwise, they will leave bad comments for your item and disturb your sales.

Keep away from such aspects while writing the product description and you are surely going to get a large number of customers for the product.

10. Make use of infographics

Infographics are an important element that can be handy in attracting more visitors. You may think that adding images will not be a relevant factor to the product description. But it is your misperception.

You can’t attract visitors without adding images. You have to show some pictures of the product as it can be a convincing element.

Also, the consumer can make images of what type of product they will get. So, make sure to provide them with some images of the product.

One thing that you need to remember is that pictures should be taken from a wide-angle as it gives an attractive look to the product.

Things to avoid in the product description

All the important points that must be followed while writing the product description are described here. But some factors should be avoided while explaining your product.

The most important element is that you should avoid complex terms that are not understandable for a common person.

Moreover, a seller should focus on the brand tone. That means he had to eliminate the lines that are negatively describing the product as it can leave a bad impact on the audience.


Bottom line

To make the online business successful, it is needed to get the skills of convincing someone with your words.

Here you don’t have a person on the opposite side of your table to which you have to talk.

You need to get the ideas in your writing that can be unique for a reader and can make his mind to buy your product without thinking about it for the second time.

Moreover, you don’t need to make the description too lengthy that can confuse a customer and he will divert back from your page.

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Martin is an agency owner and SaaS projects maker. His work is featured in the leading ecommerce brands, magazines and podcasts. Talks about Marketing, Business Development, and Growth Hacking!