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Socks Dropshipping Suppliers: How To Dropship Socks For Profit

Free list of the best socks dropshipping suppliers and a mini-guide on what works best in this niche. Browse, learn, and start making money!

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Martin is an agency owner and SaaS projects maker. His work is featured in the leading ecommerce brands, magazines and podcasts. Talks about Marketing, Business Development, and Growth Hacking!
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CO-founder at Dropshipping.com

A huge reason why well-designed socks dropshipping stores can succeed is that all of us wear socks. 

It’s a product that has huge demand, can be branded, and offers different models to choose from.

As a result, you should take advantage of this dropshipping suppliers list and learn how to dropship socks online.

Are Socks Good for Dropshipping?

dropshipping socks

Of course, why wouldn’t they be? Starting a socks dropshipping store offers plenty of opportunities to make money and enjoy the process.

For example, you can design your store any way you wish, you can import countless varieties of socks with different colors, shapes, themes, and so much more. 

In addition, you can also design your own socks, brand them, and instantly double your dropshipping conversion rate.

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How to Dropship Custom Socks?

All you need to dropship socks with your own custom designs are white-label dropshipping suppliers, a simple online store, and a platform to promote your product.

Let’s go over each step and show you how to complete this process.

For the first step, you can do one of two things. 

First, you can choose between two of the most popular print-on-demand services out there, Printful or Printify. Or, secondly, you can use any of the other socks dropshipping suppliers we’ve listed below.

Then, the process is quite simple from here. 

All you have to do is design your socks and display them in your store. When a customer buys a pair, you send the design to your supplier, they print it and send it straight to the customer.

That’s it!

List of Top 10 Socks Dropshipping Suppliers

dropship socks

Let’s get into the list of the best dropshipping suppliers of socks. Below you can also find out whether these suppliers ship worldwide, how much they charge, what is their average order processing time, where they are located, and so on.

Brands Gateway

Brands Gateway is a premium dropshipping supplier from where you can source high-quality socks and all other types of apparel from top brands. 

Their inventory includes brands such as Gucci, Balmain, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Cavalli, and many others.

Right now, the best-selling socks to source from Brands Gateway are their Dolce and Gabbana Blue Cotton socks.

InkAddict Apparel

InkAddict Apparel is a dropshipping supplier based in the United States. They sell their own branded clothing and accessories. 

However, dropshippers can benefit from cheaper prices if they choose to partner with the brand.

InkAddict Apparel’s best-selling product is the InkAddict Black Socks.


BigBuy is an enormous dropshipping supplier base and a premium vetted supplier at Dropshipping.com.

If you want to dropship socks in bulk then BigBuy is the supplier to go with. 

The best-selling socks at BigBuy are the Black Compression Socks.

Care Apparel

This is a dropshipping supplier that’s based in the US and ships only within the United States as well. They do not offer worldwide shipping.

Care Apparel does not have a long list of socks to choose from. However, what they do offer are exceptional quality and a classic design.

The current best-selling product at Care Apparel is their White Crew Socks.

Spiral Direct

Spiral Direct is based in the US and ships worldwide. It may take a while to process the order but shipping isn’t too long overall.

You’ll find some of the most unique socks to dropship with this supplier. All of them feature a darker design with unique images. Overall, goth fans seem to be a great target audience for these socks.

Spiral Direct’s current best-selling socks are the Draconis Unisex Printed Socks.


Contrado is an ideal choice if you want to dropship custom socks. On top of having many pre-made designs, you can also use their platform to easily design your own socks.

This is a company that ships worldwide and will quickly deliver your product to your customers.

The best-selling socks from their pre-made designs are currently the Cosmos Milky Way Socks.

Brands Distribution

Brands Distribution supplies dropshippers with various goods, including a wide variety of unique socks. 

The company ships worldwide and features relatively affordable wholesale prices on all of its items. 

Currently, the top-selling socks to dropship from Brands Distribution are the Harmont & Blaine socks.


Printful lets you design, print, and dropship custom socks quickly and with a streamlined process.

If you lack inspiration, they also have plenty of examples, presets, and different models to choose from, so you can always create unique works.

The most sold and highest reviewed socks on Printful are their Black Foot Sublimated Socks.

Alpha Broder

This socks dropshipping supplier offers elegant and very comfortable socks ranging in various sizes, colors, and models.

It’s a dropshipping supplier that ships only within the US and has relatively fast shipping times, which is a huge plus. 

Their best-selling pair of socks are currently A4 Multi Sport Tube Socks.

Pink Blue India

Pink Blue India offers some of the most unique and colorful kids and baby socks out there.

If you have a kids apparel & shoes dropshipping store, then it’s a great opportunity to source and dropship socks with this supplier. 

The current top-selling model of socks is their Polka Dot Long socks.

Bonus Wholesale Dropship Socks Suppliers

In order to support our dropshipping community and help everyone succeed faster, we decided to include a few more socks dropshipping suppliers that you might find quite useful.

The Socks Factory

If you want a really long list of socks to choose from, The Socks Factory is the place to go. 

This entire dropshipping supplier is dedicated to helping dropshippers always have enough stock of socks in their store.

They offer many different types of socks and they also feature quite a wide variety of brands as well. 

  • Location: USA
  • Contact info: 828-328-5207


Many don’t know this but Nordstrom has a dropship program and partnership with several dropshipping companies to help sellers earn money by selling their products.

If you apply for this program, you get cheaper wholesale prices, better shipping, and more benefits for your online store.

Nordstorm’s list of different socks to choose from is incredible, featuring everything from casual socks, themed socks, kids socks, baby socks, ankle socks, and so much more.

If you want variety, Nordstrom is a must-try socks dropshipping supplier.

  • Location: USA
  • Contact info: 00 1 319-846-4140

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The suppliers on this list will be enough for you to get started with your socks dropshipping store and to keep you going for quite a while. 

With most of them, you get plenty of beginner-friendly prices and plenty of opportunities to scale, even dropship socks in bulk if it comes to it.

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