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Dropship Automation Software: 12 Best Dropshipping Software To Automate Your Store
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A highly rewarding thing about dropshipping is that you can automate a lot of processes regarding your store using dropship automation software.

Let’s say that you want to automate your dropshipping order fulfillment. Well, you can!

Want to automate email marketing campaigns? You can!

Want to use dropship automation software and never have to spend countless hours doing manual eCommerce accounting? Well, guess what, you can!

Let’s explore some of the best automation software for dropshipping and find out what you can gain by implementing it in your store.

But first…

What Is Dropship Automation Software?

For those new to eCommerce or dropshipping specifically, automated dropshipping is simply using a program or service that does the hard work for you regarding several eCommerce operations. 

This could easily include auto-fulfilling orders, managing your day-to-day finances, automatic product importing, and the list goes on.

So, for example, let’s say that you don’t want to look at spreadsheets all day and input all the information manually.

Well, you can install a simple piece of software and have it do all the work for you – every day, all day.


How to Choose the Right Dropship Automation Software?

It’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is think about what process you don’t want to do all day, every single day.

Then, simply pick the tool or program to do all that work for you.

That’s all there is to know regarding how to choose the right dropship automation software for your business. 

Then, once you find a process you hate doing every day, like fulfilling orders 24/7, simply find a program that seems affordable for you and start using it.

Price often varies with these tools but that is usually based on what types of extra features they provide. If you find some features to be super helpful, then it’s worth paying the extra dollars if it benefits you highly. 

Otherwise, just stick with the most affordable one that meets your basic needs.

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Best Dropship Automation Software – 12 Top Picks

It’s finally time, let’s choose which dropship automation software is going to prove most beneficial for the majority of dropshipping stores out there. 

These top picks have almost everything that any dropshipper will be looking for.

As a result, chances are high that at least one of these is going to be super helpful for your business.

1. Flxpoint

flxpoint dropshipping automation software

We’ll start with Flxpoint, a dropship automation software that’s ideal for eCommerce brands, retailers, and wholesalers. 

As they would describe it, Flxpoint is an enterprise eCommerce operations platform that offers mid-market pricing.

It’s a web-based SaaS that has 24/7 support and some very helpful resources to teach you how to use the platform.

Regarding automation, Flxpoint can handle all the hard work for you regarding order management, data integrations, and more.

Check our detailed Flxpoint review (features, integrations, support, testing, etc).

Flxpoint Pros & Cons

✔️Affordable pricing compared to all the great features you get

✔️They offer countless use cases to see how the platform works

✔️The platform helps solve some of the biggest eCommerce challenges

✔️Perfect for multi-channel sellers

✔️The platform is relatively easy to use

✔️Excellent customer service

❌It’s only available on the cloud

❌No free trial

❌No free plans

How Can Flxpoint Help You?

  • Easy supplier data integrations
  • Automated product information management
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-channel listing management
  • Distributed order management
  • Vendor onboarding
  • Invoice & accounting automation

Flxpoint Pricing

If you want to learn about FlxPoint pricing, you need to request a quote.

2. Brightpearl

brightpearl platform

This next dropship automation software is designed for retailers currently trading $1M or higher. It can also be ideal for those who plan to reach this milestone within the next few months. 

Brightpearl can centralize and automate almost your entire eCommerce or dropshipping business.

Their range of automation services spans from simple order management to accounting, POS, supplier management, and much more.

The platform is available as a web-based SaaS, for Desktop, Mac, and even for iPad as well. They offer help through email, their own forum, a dedicated knowledge base, phone support, 24/7 live rep, and chat. 

In addition, you can learn everything about using the Brightpearl platform via in-person training, webinars, live online training, documentation, and video tutorials.

Brightpearl Pros & Cons

✔️They ensure successful implementation

✔️The software is available for Windows, Mac, and Mobile

✔️They offer exceptional flexibility

✔️Each plan is custom-tailored to fit the user’s needs

✔️The automation is superior

✔️Remarkable customer service

✔️They are certified partners with most of the biggest eCommerce platforms

❌No clear pricing plans

❌There is no free trial

How Can Brightpearl Help You?

  • Tightly integrates with all of your sales channels
  • Centralizes and automates all critical post-purchase operations
  • Offers real-time forecasting and accurate reporting
  • Delivers next-level unique customer experiences
  • Offers excellent scaling opportunities and solutions
  • Easily connects with other 3rd party management tools

Brightpearl Pricing

There are no official pricing plans with Brightpearl. Instead, you first have to talk with one of their experts and a price will be determined after you state your needs, requirements, and goals.

3. Cin7

Another great dropshipping automation software worth using is Cin7. 

Cin7 significantly facilitates omnichannel selling, automates workflows, manages inventory, and brings many other crucial features into a single platform. 

Aside from handling countless eCommerce operations easily, Cin7 also makes it quite cost-effective. It supports over 700 integrations and its pricing plans start as low as only $299. 

Overall, this eCommerce automation software is ideal for sellers who are looking to grow, add more sales channels, expand to new markets, and do it all cost-effectively.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a one-product dropshipping store with hundreds of orders daily. Well, Cin7 can easily handle all the order fulfillment for you. 

Cin7 Pros & Cons

✔️The software is available on all platforms

✔️They have well-established customer support

✔️Excellent training material on how to use the software

✔️A highly customizable experience

✔️Tons of available integrations

✔️It’s cloud-based, so you can access the software from anywhere

✔️Free-trial available

❌ Semi-frequent updates prevent you from using Cin7 from time to time

❌ There is no free version available

How Can Cin7 Help You?

  • Inventory management
  • Detailed reports and forecasting
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Production management
  • Easily streamlines your workflows
  • Cam optimizes many operations
  • Improves financial tracking and visibility

Cin7 Pricing

The Cin7 dropship automation software comes with four different monthly pricing plans.

  • Standard – $349/month
  • Pro– $599/month
  • Advanced – $999/month
  • Omni– Custom pricing

4. Dsco

dropship automation dsco

Dsco is dropshipping automation software that was acquired by CommerceHub in 2020. It offers all sorts of helpful services that can help you manage and grow your business. 

It is designed mainly to help dropshippers more easily manage their business, especially operations regarding shipping and delivery.

Also, the platform doesn’t offer that many services, but the features that it does include can help you manage your business.

Given that Dsco specializes in dropshipping, it’s definitely a dropship automation software worth checking out.

Dsco Pros & Cons

✔️It’s a web-based platform that is easy to access and use

✔️Specializes in helping dropshipping businesses

✔️Comprehensive analytics dashboard

✔️Features a great knowledge base to learn from

❌There is no free trial or free version of this dropship automation software

❌The customer support isn’t great

How Can Dsco Help You?

  • It can fully automate and manage your orders
  • You will get detailed reporting and analytics
  • Offers excellent shipment tracking

Dsco Pricing

Unfortunately, no pricing information is available publicly about the Dsco dropshipping automation software. You can view their prices upon request only.

5. Duoplane

duoplance dropshipping automation

Whether it’s accounting automation, automated order routing, complete order management, or anything in between, Duoplane is a dropship automation software that can get it done.

Duoplane is a really clean platform that’s easy to use and offers quite a long list of dropshipping automation services.

Moreover, the platform also allows you to centralize and manage everything regardless of which store platforms or sales channels you use.

They also manage dropshipping returns, customize packaging slips, and keep everything in sync. 

On top of all that, Duoplane is available on the cloud, as well as for both Windows and Mac.

Their support is decent and there’s plenty of information to learn how to use this dropshipping automation software.

Duoplane Pros & Cons

✔️You can start a free trial

✔️Great support

✔️You can pay annually and save some money

✔️There are no cancelation fees and you can cancel anytime

✔️It also has a free version that limits the features you can use

✔️Integrates with major platforms like Shopify, Amazon, etc.

❌The platform isn’t available on mobile

How Can Duoplane Help You?

  • Streamlines your order management
  • Keeps all vendors in sync
  • Gives you detailed reports on how your business is doing
  • Automates accounting
  • Helps you manage a larger catalog

Duoplane Pricing

There are four monthly plans to choose from with the Duoplane eCommerce automation software. Thus, if you choose to pay annually, it’s cheaper. Here’s how much each plan costs:

  • Standard – $299
  • Professional – $599
  • Premium – $1199
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

6. Onport

Onport is an automation software for dropshipping that heavily focuses on ease of use and efficiency. It’s a platform that can fully automate a multi-vendor store and streamline most operations.

Ideally, Onport is a great choice for larger stores with many products.

However, their services can help both small start-ups and multi-million dollar enterprises as well. There’s hardly a limit to Onport features and benefits.

Onport is not the cheapest dropship automation software but it’s quite efficient and lives up to its promises.

The platform integrates with countless sales channels and it’s easy to use.

Most of the time, that’s all sellers are looking for when it comes to eCommerce automation software.

Onport Pros & Cons

✔️There is a free trial available to try

✔️Countless accounting and shipping integrations

✔️Includes a long list of features and services

✔️ t’s very easy to use

✔️It is easy to scale your business with Jetti

❌Not the most affordable option on this list

❌There’s no free version to use

❌Doesn’t have the best customer service

❌It may not be cheap for smaller businesses

How Can Onport Help You?

  • Syncs your inventory 
  • Offers excellent order routing and syncing
  • Automates and calculates commission rates for all vendors
  • Manages returns
  • Onboards all vendors
  • Easily integrates with most platforms
  • Streamlines workflows

Onport Pricing

So, if you want to learn about Onport pricing, you must request a quote.

7. Linnworks

Linnworks is another centralization dropshipping automation software that can automate various aspects of the full dropshipping business model.

For example, if you sell products on Shopify, social media, and other platforms, Linnworks can take all of your crucial information and present it to you on a single dashboard. 

Basically, you can manage all of your stores and business via one single platform. 

However, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Linnworks also automates a lot of your business.

Also, the main benefit you get from using this dropship automation software is automated workflows, revenue growth, and tracking your business performance.

Linnworks Pros & Cons

✔️Excellent customer service

✔️They offer lots of resources to learn how to use the platform

✔️You can book a demo to see if you like the software

✔️Integrates with many sales channels

✔️It offers a remarkably vast list of services and features

❌Outdated interface

❌The software can sometimes be buggy or slow

How Can Linnworks Help You?

  • It automates the majority of eCommerce operations
  • The software manages just about everything regarding your store
  • Offers detailed insights about your business
  • Centralizes all of your sales channels and syncs data

Linnworks Pricing

Sadly, Linnworks hasn’t disclosed any information about their pricing plans. The only way to find out is by contacting them and talking about what features you’re looking for.

8. Listing Mirror

listing mirror management software

Listing Mirror’s eCommerce automation software is best for sellers who have Amazon stores. 

This platform and the team behind it automate some of the most time-consuming tasks in the eCommerce business.

Hence, this includes updating product listings, managing and changing prices, shipping delays, and much more. 

Listing Mirror can handle things on multiple marketplaces, meaning it’s a great choice if you sell on various channels.

The platform is also easy to use, customizable, and you can easily adjust it to your liking. 

Overall, Listing Mirror is a dropship automation software that basically lets you sell more and work less.

Listing Mirror Pros & Cons

✔️A versatile list of helpful features

✔️Integrates with most leading eCommerce marketplaces

✔️It offers a 14-day free trial

✔️Starts off with affordable monthly pricing plans

✔️The platform is very user friendly

✔️Customer support is easy to contact and is often very helpful

❌Not the best sales reports out there

How Can Listing Mirror Help You?

  • Helps you waste significantly less time managing your business
  • Automates and manages a large portion of eCommerce operations
  • Allows you to easily make bulk edits if you have a large store
  • Meets  and facilitates the most crucial multi-channel selling needs
  • It offers to do SEO dropshipping management for you
  • Offers custom solutions for some businesses

Listing Mirror Pricing

This dropship automation software comes with four monthly plans. You can choose to pay annually and reduce each plan’s total cost as well.

  • Starter- $99/month
  • Listing- $159/month
  • Inventory- $159/month
  • Full- $249/month

9. Orderhive

orderhive dropship automation

It’s not exactly a full-on dropshipping automation software but Orderhive can definitely help you manage your dropshipping store. 

Also, Orderhive is a platform intended more for sellers who need help managing inventory.

And, for anyone who doesn’t know how dropshipping works, this business isn’t based on the sellers holding any inventory whatsoever.

Even though it mainly helps sellers with managing their warehouses, Orderhive also offers many other services. 

For example, this dropship automation software can easily automate your daily eCommerce tasks, save you time, manage all orders, manage to ship, can even manage to manufacture.

Let’s say you want to learn how to find a supplier or manufacturer for your product. Well, Orderhive can help with that too.

It’s easy to integrate Orderhive into your Shopify store, Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, and countless other marketplaces.

Orderhive Pros & Cons

✔️The vast majority of Orderhive reviews are positive

✔️Offers a large knowledge base to help you grow your business

✔️Easily integrates with countless marketplaces and eCommerce platforms

✔️Outstanding customer service

✔️Available on the cloud, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS

✔️It is ridiculously cheap to start using Orderhive

✔️A free trial is available

✔️The list of features this software offers is impressive

❌Given that it’s a massive platform, it takes time to learn how to use it

❌The software can sometimes be a bit buggy

❌Costs can accumulate when adding extra features

How Can Orderhive Help You?

  • It’s an all-in-one software that manages almost everything
  • Automates and takes care of product listings
  • Helps with multi-channel selling
  • Offers excellent product manufacturing management and control
  • Helps take care of returns
  • It’s great for both small and large eCommerce businesses

Orderhive Pricing

However, if you want to learn the pricing options, you must request a demo.

10. Shipedge

shipedge fulfilment automation software

Shipedge offers a well-established automation software for dropshipping that knows exactly which pain points to target.

Thus, the company started out selling goods online and then created this platform as a solution for countless other sellers across the world. 

Now, Shipedge offers dropshipping automation software that can take care of order management, supply chain operations, channel automation, routing, and much more.

Hence, it offers different plans and features for different businesses.

Moreover, even though it’s an ideal platform for dropshipping sellers, it also includes excellent plans for 3PLs and distribution businesses.

Also, Shipedge also offers unlimited users for their software, unlimited integrations, products, and excellent opportunities for growth.

Shipedge Pros & Cons

✔️Offers many features that help you scale your business

✔️Includes flexible plans based on what type of business you’re running

✔️Shipedge provides a very long list of services you can use

✔️Has decent support

✔️Provides a few methods that help you learn how to use the software

✔️The platform is easy to use and manage

❌It’s not available for iOS, Mac, or Windows OS

How Can Shipedge Help You?

  • Centralizes all your sales channels and operations
  • Automates most day-to-day eCommerce tasks
  • Connects and integrates with most leading sales platforms
  • Can handle packaging and returns for you

Shipedge Pricing 

The Shipedge automation software for dropshipping includes three different pricing plans but there’s no information on how much each one costs.

Thus, the only way to find out is to contact them and share what you’re looking for.

11. Extensiv

Extensiv offers yet another solution that brings all of your data, products, and everything else into one platform where you can manage it all.

It’s a powerful dropship automation software that can easily handle high-volume sellers.

It’s an ideal solution for more than just dropshippers, as Extensiv can manage brick and mortar stores, warehouses, and many of the most profitable online marketplaces to sell products.

Thus, the software also works hard to save you both time and money.

Moreover, you get constant POs, forecasts, cost-efficient shipping deals, automated processes, and various new opportunities for cutting costs.

Overall, sellers who use Shopify or any other Shopify alternatives can benefit from Extensiv the most, as it definitely makes running the business much easier.

Extensiv Pros & Cons

✔️Hundreds of positive reviews by users 

✔️Makes running your business more cost-efficient

✔️It’s available for all major platforms, including mobile

✔️It offers various training tutorials on using the software

✔️ Allows seamless integration with most major marketplaces and platforms

✔️Let’s you easily book a demo

✔️Customer service is splendid

❌Not the best user interface layout

❌Understanding how to use some features may require help

❌Even the cheapest package may be too expensive for some

How Can Extensiv Help You?

  • Manages all your orders
  • You receive detailed reports and analytics about your business
  • They manage all your suppliers
  • You get expert growth recommendations and opportunities
  • Gain access to many add-ons and tools for the benefit of your business
  • Proactive purchase order generation

Extensiv Pricing

Thus, the company hasn’t provided any information about pricing plans. However, they state that you can start for $1000 per month.

Obviously, the price tag can change based on which extra features you want to get access to. So, you better request a demo and find out about the prices.

12. Spark Shipping

dropship automation software - spark shipping

Our last, but surely not least, dropship automation software you can try out is Spark Shipping. 

Spark Shipping also specializes in streamlining several crucial dropshipping operations, including order tracking and management, fulfillments, managing all your product listings, managing suppliers, payments, and a lot more actually.

So, if you work with multiple suppliers, vendors, or product manufacturers, Spark Shipping can make it significantly easier to manage them all. 

Thus, this platform automates the order lifecycle, taking care of most operations for you.

Best of all, it also effortlessly integrates with your stores, regardless of whether they’re on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, or any other platform.

Spark Shipping Pros & Cons

✔️Saves you a lot of time doing boring day-to-day eCommerce tasks

✔️Isn’t a very expensive option

✔️It easily integrates with lots of vendors

✔️The platform is flexible and offers many useful features

✔️Very helpful customer service

❌There is no official training on how to use the platform

❌Some features take a bit of time to learn and are a hassle to use

❌It may take a bit of time to fully set up at first

How Can Spark Shipping Help You?

  • Fully automates the eCommerce order lifecycle
  • Automates uploading new products
  • Updates inventory and availability from supplier
  • Sends tracking updates
  • Offers detailed reports on almost everything

Spark Shipping Pricing

Furthermore, the Spark Shipping automation software for dropshipping offers four pricing packages. Thus, each one is paid monthly and you can also book a demo to test the waters.

  • Professional – $249
  • Premium – $499
  • Premium Plus – $999
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing


Choosing your favorite dropship automation software doesn’t have to be difficult. 

The only things you should keep in mind are your budget, the main features you’re looking for, and whether it’s easy to use.

Anything more than that is just personal preference. 

So, try not to think about it too much, just choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with and start scaling your business today.

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