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What Is ShopPay And How To Use It As A Shopify Seller

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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What is Shoppay? Well, it is one magical tool that can help you achieve all of your goals.

As a Shopify seller, you are always looking for ways to save time, increase dropshipping sales, convert more people, do great marketing and customer support, and a lot more!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what is Shoppay, how it works, how to use it, its features & more. Let’s start!


What Is Shoppay?

Shoppay is a mobile payment and marketing platform designed specifically for Shopify sellers. It allows customers to pay for their purchases using their mobile devices.

Moreover, Shoppay also integrates with your Shopify store, providing a suite of marketing and customer engagement tools to help you grow your dropshipping business.

Thus, with Shoppay, you can create custom loyalty programs, send offers and promotions, and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Moreover, you can also use Shoppay to track customer behavior and get valuable insights that can help you optimize your marketing and sales strategies.

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How Does Shoppay Work?

In a nutshell, Shoppay works by integrating with your Shopify store and providing a mobile payment gateway for your customers.

So, when your customer makes a purchase using Shoppay, the payment is processed through their mobile device. Then, the transaction is recorded in your Shopify store.

Also, you can activate or deactivate Shoppay in your Shopify account settings. This gives you full control over the customer experience.

What’s more, Shoppay encrypts and safely stores customer payment data, which is only accessible to you (as a seller) once a customer places an order.

Also, your customers can securely save their payment information, email, shipping, and billing details in one convenient location. So, they don’t have to waste time filling out the same information every time they visit your store.

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Who Is Shoppay For?

Shoppay is for all Shopify sellers and dropshippers who are looking for ways to increase sales, improve customer engagement, and improve their payment processing.

In fact, It’s particularly useful for businesses that have a significant mobile presence, as Shoppay provides a seamless mobile payment experience for customers.

How To Use Shoppay As A Shopify Seller?

Now, let’s explain step-by-step how to start using Shoppay. In fact, it only takes a few minutes like setting up any other payment option. And there you go! Let’s get you through our process! 👇

Step 1 – Set up Shop Pay to Shopify

First, log in to your Shopify account, and navigate to Settings > Payments. Next, once you enter the Payments section, you will see a blue button ” Manage” in the right upper corner. Click on it. 👇

So, once you are at the “Payments” section, scroll down to this page, and click “Visit Shopify App Store”. 👇

Once you are at the Shopify App Store, type in “Shop Channel“. Next, click on “Add App”. 👇

Also, to install the app you can go this way: navigate to “Sales Channels”, then click on the “+” icon, and a new window will pop up. 👇

Now, once you review all the permissions, and privacy settings listed, click on “Add Sales Channel”. 👇

As of this moment, Shop Pay is added to your Sales Channel. Next, click on “ Review in settings”. 👇

Here you can manage all of the app settings, such as payment, checkout, shopping settings, etc. 👇

However, the most important thing to do here is to set up your shopping requirements. Once you do that, you will now realize that Shopping is enabled, and you can continue your journey with Shoppay. 👇

Step 2 – Customize your Shoppay store

Now, go back to your Shopify dashboard, and click on Shop > Preview > Customize Shop Store. 👇

Furthermore, here you can add your logo, and cover image, write a description, social media links, contact, etc. 👇

Step 3 – Set up and Review Performance

What’s more, you can also set up and review your Shopify Installments, Post-purchase offers, Shop performance, etc. 👇

You can also review specific information about sales, orders, users, impressions, etc.

Now, let’s review, how this actually looks. 👇

Furthermore, when a customer reaches your checkout page, they’ll see a purple button labeled “Express checkout.” This button is displayed alongside other popular payment options like PayPal and Google Pay.

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Also, if your customers choose to check out with Shop Pay and have already entered their payment and shipping information, they’ll have the option to save that information for future purchases.

This means that the next time they shop with you, they can complete their transaction with minimal effort.

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What is Shoppay Review: Key Features

Shoppay Installments

Shop Pay offers customers the ultimate flexibility in payment options, thanks to its Installments feature. This feature allows customers to choose between paying in full at checkout or splitting their purchase into regular payments, both online and in-store.

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However, Shop Pay Installments are available for orders over $50 USD, including discounts, shipping, and taxes. What’s more, it gives customers two options:

  • With Shop Pay, you can choose to pay for your stuff all at once during checkout or spread the cost over time. If you’re spending between $50 and $17,500, you might want to check out Shop Pay Installments to make the most of your budget.
  • Depending on how much you’re spending, there are two ways to pay in installments. For orders between $50 and $999.99, you can divide your purchase into four interest-free payments every two weeks. No extra charges, interest rates, or late fees apply, and your credit score stays the same.
  • If your order falls between $150 and $17,500, you can split the cost into monthly payments. While there are no late fees for monthly payments, there will be interest fees. Applying won’t impact your credit score, but not keeping up with payments might.

The best part? There’s no impact on the customer’s credit score to apply.

For example, let’s say a customer wants to order an $800 item. In this case, they can choose to split the payment into 12 monthly installments of $72.21 at 15% APR or opt for 4 interest-free payments of $200 every 2 weeks.

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Cart Filler

When it comes to online shopping, convenience is key. And that’s where Shop Pay Cart Filler comes in.

By storing customers’ payment information in a secure, encrypted format, Shop Pay eliminates the need to manually enter billing details every time a customer wants to buy something from your dropshipping store.

So, with just a single click of the “Buy Now” button, Shop Pay auto-fills the checkout form with the necessary information.

But that’s not all. Shop Pay recognizes customers’ profiles automatically, so they don’t even have to remember their login info or search through emails for order proofs.

Checkout Page Customization

Of course, Shop Pay does not leave you without customization options. So, you can customize your checkout page content and layout to showcase your dropshipping store.

Thus, you can add branding elements, contact info, and more. Shop Pay makes sure that your brand experience extends to your checkout page.

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Also, you can pick and choose what you want your customers to see, including shipping and pickup options, product recommendations, or past orders.

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Shoppay Marketing Automation

Shop Pay also offers marketing automation features, allowing you to set up automated messages and more to drive conversions.

Hence, some of the marketing automation options are:

  • Shipment tracking notifications with links to other products
  • New arrival messages
  • Hot deals
  • Trending product notifications
  • Post-purchase offers to bring customers back

Thus, whether it’s before, during, or after the purchase, Shop Pay’s checkout modules allow for plenty of marketing automation.

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Dedicated Buttons

One of Shop Pay’s unique features is the dedicated button, which provides added convenience for both the dropshippers and the customer.

In fact, it’s easy to recognize and you can place it directly on your checkout page. What’s more, you can add it to social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

However, it’s important to note that your online store needs to be hosted on Shopify to use the Shop Pay button on your storefront.

Returns and Customer Support

Even though Shop Pay does not have a direct connection with any dropshipping store, still it detects where the customers buy at the moment and directs them to any available online resources, FAQs, and customer support links offered by that dropshipping store.

So, this means that customers can quickly and easily chat with you as a seller, request a return, or even view their shipping policy, all within the convenience of the Shop Pay app.

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Performance Tracking

With this Shop Pay feature, you can track your sales and see how efficient they are. What’s more, this feature provides information on things like how quickly people buy products, how many people actually buy from your dropshipping store, and how long it takes for orders to arrive.

This data can help you improve your sales process and make customers happier.

In fact, both you and your customers get messages about orders. So, as the seller, you get messages when orders are processed, shipped, and delivered.

On the other hand, customers get updates about their order’s status and shipping information. This helps build trust between the two parties.

Shoppay Mobile App

Shop Pay offers a mobile app that lets you do business anytime, anywhere. This is particularly useful for dropshippers who don’t have the luxury of tapping away at their computers all day.

So, this way you can access all of the features listed above from your phone or tablet.

What Is Shoppay Review: Pricing

Shoppay is completely free to install and use. However, in order to use it, you must subscribe to any of Shopify’s pricing plans. Therefore, Shopify pricing starts at $32/month. Check out the other two. 👇

Also, here you can check out our FULL Review of Shopify Pricing Plans, and see which one is best for you.

What Is Shoppay Review: Pros & Cons

Mobile payment functionality

Loyalty program

Marketing and customer engagement tools

Detailed analytics and reporting

Higher order-to-checkout rate

Additional fees

Limited customization options

Limited availability in regions

✅ Pros

Mobile payment functionality

Shoppay provides a seamless mobile payment experience for customers, making it easy to complete transactions on the go. Thus, with the option to save customers’ personal info, this tool makes their checkout process faster and easier.

Loyalty program

Furthermore, their loyalty program is a powerful tool for building long-term customer relationships and increasing repeat business.

Marketing and customer engagement tools

Shoppay provides a suite of marketing and customer engagement tools to help you grow your business and improve customer satisfaction.

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Detailed analytics and reporting

Next, this Shopify app provides detailed analytics and reporting, giving you valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history.

Higher order-to-checkout rate

This Shopify tool reduces cart abandonment and boosts your dropshipping store conversions. This way, it helps you increase your dropshipping sales.

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❌ Cons

Additional fees

Shoppay charges additional fees on top of Shopify’s standard transaction fees. So, this might not be the most cost-effective option.

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Limited customization options

Shoppay’s customization options are somewhat limited, which may not be ideal for dropshippers with more complex needs.

Limited availability

Shoppay is currently only available in select regions, which may limit its usefulness for some businesses.

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Shoppay vs Shopify Payments

While Shopify Payments and Shop Pay are both payment processing services offered by Shopify, they serve different purposes.

➡ First, Shopify Payments is an integrated payment processing service that enables small businesses to accept credit cards and other payment methods after creating a Shopify account and turning on the feature. Shop Pay, on the other hand, is all about speeding up the payment process.

➡ Next, with Shop Pay, customers can save their credit card information and other crucial details, making the checkout process quicker and easier for future purchases. This feature is especially useful for customers who make multiple purchases from the same store.

However, it’s worth noting that Shop Pay relies on Shopify Payments or third-party providers to process transactions.

➡ Furthermore, Shopify Payments and Shop Pay both come with transaction fees. However, Shopify Payments can save you some money on fees and checkout solutions. Unlike Shop Pay, Shopify Payments doesn’t offer the option to save payment information for future use.

➡ One significant difference between the two services is the branding. Shopify Payments appears as an unbranded checkout option on your website, while Shop Pay comes with the iconic Shopify logo. Additionally, customers can use Shopify gift cards with Shop Pay, and it doesn’t require a shipping address if your checkout process doesn’t ask for one.

It’s important to note that Shop Pay doesn’t force customers to use it every time. They can always opt for the full checkout journey instead. By installing Shop Pay, you’re giving your customers another convenient purchasing option.

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Shoppay FAQs

Is Shoppay Safe?

Absolutely, yes! When it comes to data security, Shop Pay is a standout. It employs multiple layers of security to protect customer information, including end-to-end encryption, PCI compliance, and SMS text verification.

Are There Eligibility Requirements For Using Shoppay?

Yes, there are some eligibility requirements for using Shoppay:

  • Your dropshipping store needs to be on an active Basic subscription plan or higher
  • Your store needs to have Shopify Payments
  • Your dropshipping store needs to have Shop Pay enabled
  • Your first Shopify Payments transaction needs to be at least 90 days ago
  • You’re not using any password control, or page verification apps

Can I use Shoppay without a Shopify Store?

The answer is yes! The convenient accelerated checkout is available to dropshippers with Google, Facebook, and Instagram shops.

However, it’s important to note that using Shop Pay without Shopify means you won’t be able to take advantage of Shopify’s payment gateway, which waives transaction fees.

What is Shoppay code?

It’s a six-digit code sent to a customer’s phone during checkout to verify their identity. All your customer has to do is enter the code into the checkout screen and wait for Shop Pay to automatically fill in their payment details and process the transaction.



Shoppay is a mobile payment and marketing platform designed specifically for Shopify sellers.

With Shop Pay, customers can choose between paying in full at checkout or splitting their purchase into regular payments, both online and in-store, which offers the ultimate flexibility in payment options.

In summary, Shoppay is a magical tool that can help you achieve all your goals, from saving time to increasing sales and customer engagement.

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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