5 Free Methods on How to Find Winning Dropshipping Products


find dropshipping products for free

How can I find my winning dropshipping product is the real question?

Researching and picking winning dropshipping products is indeed a difficult process when you focus too much on advanced product research methods.

You can succeed just by finding one winning product and doing that with free methods can be a game-changer for newbies in the dropshipping business!

Now, let’s dig in and help you find your winning dropshipping product.

What Is a Winning Dropshipping Product?

A winning dropshipping product is a product that sells really easily. When your target audience sees this product, they can’t wait to buy it. When you reach that point, then you can say you have a winning product.

Although, you have to know that not every single product will bring you winning results. There is plenty of competition on the market, and not every product can achieve the best results. What are the winning products for you?

Here’re are a few guides on how to find dropshipping winning products:

1. Amazon Best Sellers

Go into any category of Amazon’s products and you’ll find a bunch of best-selling products. You may ask what does Amazon have to do with this, but it is healthy way to look at what is trending on the market.

Keep in mind that Amazon updates its bestseller list every hour, yes, every hour!

Let’s take an example, you’re part of the book industry, and you are thinking about which books are profitable during this month. Just go on Amazon’s book category and you’ll find the books that are hot on the market. These products are considered the winning product.

You see all these products have great reviews and are fairly cheap. You may be wondering how on Earth could you sell these products and compete with Amazon? Well, the answer is you aren’t really competing with Amazon. You should avoid using the manufacturer’s product name and come up with your own name.

If you are using their name, then of course you can’t compete with a multi-billion dollar company like Amazon.

2. Google Trends 

Google Trends is a great way to keep up with all products that are hot on the market right now. If somebody knows what is trading on the market well, that definitely is Google.

Trending products always change on the market, but they don’t change their niche. You will always find a trending product in the niche you are targeting.

There are many entrepreneurs around the world who run a dropshipping stores but don’t even know what Google Trends is.

When you start selling a product that many aren’t advertising just yet, your product will be rare and winning until the competition gets to you.

Try to combine what you are doing, research products or niches that are shown to be profitable, and then you will find it easier to choose over products on Google Trends.

The platform has charts that show you how much their revenue rate is at the moment. If you see a product going up on the charts, then go ahead and start selling it!

3. Oberlo

Oberlo gives you direct access to data connected to AliExpress products. It helps you see which products are doing great in sales and which are lacking.

You have a time frame when those sales were done, kind of like Google Trends except without a chart.

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If you type in “Oberlo product search” on Google, it’ll redirect you to Oberlo’s dropshipping page. Once you visit the page, there is a “what to sell online” page that shows up. Here, you will find all tranding dropshipping products.

Each category you click, you will be presented with an article by Oberlo of winning products that are shown to be sold a lot.

Other than that, you can also just browse a bunch of keywords you are interested in on Oberlo. Oberlo will show you the ratings of those products.

You can sort the products based on their order count. That way you can distinguish which products got the most orders. It is simple and easy to use.

4. eBay Watch Count 

eBay Watch Count shows you what product you should be selling or better put, which product is the most popular on eBay. You can do this just by typing in keywords and eBay will display products.

The ones with the best product recommendations will include the most watchers. When you are more specific with your keyword, the number of watchers may be lower.

The number of watchers is higher when you specify a niche, for example, watches, windshield wipers, books, etc. That is how eBay Watch Count works.

While you view the product, you might see multiple photos and multiple products shown on the photo.

The photo above shows you clearly that when you visit the website, you can just go to “most-watched eBay items” and type the item you are looking for.

5. High Performing Ads

You read articles, newsfeeds, and product pages when you are interested in a product. When you are scrolling to see these ads, unless you are analyzing your competition I doubt you are focusing on the ad, but more on the productYou don’t care about the ad but just buying the product. That is the same with your audience.

If you want to see winning dropshipping products, view the ads that have high engagement rates, lots of likes, shares, or comments.

When someone wants to buy a product, they will try to figure out ways on how to buy it. Ads can show you a lot about winning products and they are everywhere. They can be on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc.

Once you start to see what works, you can focus on setting up the ad to deliver the message. Don’t forget that if you don’t know how to deliver a message, that can affect how you sell. Here are a few tips on how to set up a high performing ad:

  • Target the right audience
  • Post something attractive that won’t make your audience do too much research
  • Make your product unique (less available anywhere else)
  • Setup an offer your customers can’t refuse.

So, what you have to do is to keep your eye on Facebook and Instagram ads. One of the best top-performing stores manages to find the winning dropshipping product just by retargeting ads.

Try using various keywords to find these products on Facebook or Instagram. They will pop up, especially when they are highly searched for.

High-performing ads on social media might even pop up when you are using these keywords a lot. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms will recommend ads to you based on what you search for the most.

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What to Look For in Winning Dropshipping Products?

When you are researching for a product, we showed you where to research for it, but before you choose which product to sell, take into consideration that the product should have the following characteristics:

1. Unique

If your product is selling on another page but is found in many dropshipping stores, it’ll be that much more difficult to earn revenue through it.

Products that sell and are rarer, are the real winning products. By rare, I don’t mean a product that nobody wants, but that isn’t really found in many Shopify dropshipping stores.

2. Isn’t Against Ad Requirements

It may look obvious but you don’t know how many products actually go against ad requirements. It can be any product that contains adult content or tobacco products.

Make sure to check the following requirements by Facebook and Google.

3. The Product Solves a Problem

Ask yourself what kind of problem will the product you are advertising solve. Place yourself as the buyer and think as if you were interested in buying the product.

What will change if you buy this product? Is there any “wow” in this product? Don’t stop asking!

4. Make Unique Offers

Ok, let’s say your product is available on many dropshipping stores. Well, there is still another way to counter this.

Make some unique offer for every purchase made. Try including a discount, cheaper price than the rest, a coupon, a free item, or anything you may think of that seems unique.

It can be difficult to think of the following, but see what your best options are and test them when displaying ads.

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In this article we revealed our top 5 places to look for a winning dropshipping products. We also showed you what kind of practices you can use in order to find your nex product. Every practice will depend upon you and what kind of niche you are targeting.

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