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SourcinBox Review: Solution For Sourcing Products From China?
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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing
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Dive into the realm of online commerce with SourcinBox – but is it truly the ultimate solution for sourcing products from China? Let’s reveal all the pros & cons in this SourcinBox Review.

Established in 2015 by a diverse team hailing from various backgrounds, SourcinBox boasts a fascinating array of tools designed to simplify the lives of online sellers, particularly those navigating the vast market of Chinese products.

Picture this: effortless product discovery, seamless shipping, meticulous quality checks, and streamlined logistics, all bundled into one sleek online platform. Intrigued?

 Let’s embark on an exploration of SourcinBox and unravel the secrets behind its allure.


What Is SourcinBox?

Sourcinbox started back in 2015 with a bunch of folks from different backgrounds like online selling, trading stuff internationally, web stuff, and making software. They’re based in Hangzhou, China.

So, Sourcinbox is this cool online system that helps out people who sell stuff online, especially if they get things from China. It’s all about making it simple to get and send out orders.

They’ve got a bunch of handy tools to make running an online store smoother, like a way to buy everything in one spot, automatic orders, and keeping track of what you’ve got in stock.

Plus, they’ve got this awesome platform where you can find products, order them, see where they are when they’re on their way, and keep an eye on what you’ve got left all in one spot. It’s pretty neat!

Quick SourcinBox Review


The best

  • SourcinBox App
  • Flexibility
  • Fast Processing
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Competitive Pricing

The worst

  • No Barrier of entry
  • Lack of Transparency on Product Source
  • No Inventory Guarantees
  • Shipping Weight Estimations
  • No Payment Credit

Starting from

  • Dropshipping platform is free- no monthly subscription; They only bill you for the total product price and the shipping cost of each order.

Who Can Use SourcinBox?

This tool is perfect for dropshippers and online business owners who are managing their store using Shopify, WooCommerce, or selling stuff on eBay, Amazon, or any other online market.

Now on my SourcinBox Review, let’s see how it actually works.

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How Does SourcinBox Work?

First things first, you need to connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store with SourcinBox.  After that, browse their categories to snag those winning products. Once you’ve found what you like, import them straight to your store.

Then, the SourcinBox team jumps in—they’ll buy the products for your orders, double-check the quality, pack ’em up, and ship ’em out fast to your customers. That way, you can keep your focus on other parts of your dropshipping biz.

So, with SourcinBox, importing products and pics to your store is a breeze. Orders from your store get synced to SourcinBox, where you can handle and order them all in one go.

SourcinBox Review: Key Features

🔸 Sourcing

So, Sourcinbox links up with suppliers in China to help you get products at really good prices. They’ve got a whole team of experts who’ll hunt down the best deals and quality for the stuff you want to sell.

When you’re on the Sourcinbox dashboard, you can type in keywords or browse through categories to find what you’re after. Once you spot something you like, you’ve got the option to either stick it in your store or place an order.

And hey, if you’re not sure what you want but know the kind of stuff you’re aiming to sell, Sourcinbox has this cool feature called “Product Trending” that shows you what’s hot right now.

Just remember, Sourcinbox acts as the go-between here, so any haggling over prices goes through them.

🔸 Warehousing

When you order stuff from a supplier, Sourcinbox steps in and handles everything, keeping your goods safe in their 4000 square meter warehouse.

Now, a lot of similar services charge for storage, or they might give you some free storage but only for a limited time.

But Sourcinbox? They’re different.

They give all their customers free storage forever. Yep, no time limits. As long as you’re using their services, your inventory stays put for free.

And get this: you can even stash products in their warehouse before you’ve even got a customer lined up.

It’s a smart move that cuts down on the time it takes to get orders out and keeps your customers happy.

🔸 Order Fulfillment

Orders get sorted out within 24 hours if you’ve got preordered products that are already in their warehouse.  However, without preordered goods, it might take 3-5 days.

And here’s the best part: Once they’ve sorted your orders, tracking numbers are automatically synced to your store.

🔸 Quality Checks

Next in this SourcinBox review, I will discuss a really important matter when it comes to dropshipping.

Sourcinbox hooks you up with a sweet deal: free quality checks for all the goods sitting in their warehouse.

Here’s how it goes down: When your stuff rolls into Sourcinbox’s warehouse, their quality squad gets to work. They go through each and every product to make sure it’s up to snuff according to your standards.

Now, if something doesn’t cut, Sourcinbox has your back. They’ll either send it back to the supplier or help you find a replacement.

And get this: You don’t pay extra for this quality check—it’s included in the storage fee. It’s a real bonus, especially if you’re new to sourcing stuff from China.

🔸 Private Labeling

Sourcinbox offers a service to help you establish your brand identity by private labeling your products with your own brand name and logo.

This is an effective strategy for differentiating your business and fostering brand loyalty.

So,  as ecommerce merchants achieve consistent sales, many seek to develop their own private label businesses.

Furthermore, with Sourcinbox, you gain access to a team of skilled designers who can assist you in creating your brand logo and packaging.

Additionally, they provide support for custom inserts, a proven method for enhancing customer loyalty.

Also, Sourcinbox offers tailored cards and labels to help you attract and retain more loyal customers.

🔸 Product Photography

Sourcinbox provides a professional product photography service to showcase your products in the best light.

Keep in mind, that this service isn’t part of their standard package. You’ll receive a separate bill for it. But trust me, it’s a smart investment.

Professional product photos can really amp up your conversion rates and bring in more sales.

🔸 1-on-1 Customer Service

SourcingBox assigns you a customer manager specifically to help you with all matters. Also, the customer managers are fully competent and fluent in English communication.

Also, here in this SourcinBox review, I would like to add that the platform also has a private group on Facebook, where they communicate with their users on a daily basis, and share valuable insights about winning products, and other stuff about dorpshipping.

🔸 SourcinBox APP

The app is available on both Android and iOS and is well-designed and easy to use. Thus, you can easily keep track of their inventory, orders, and shipments while on the go.

Also, you can place bulk orders (up to 400), track your existing orders, and view your inventory status directly from the app.

Moreover, the app also supports multiple languages, which is great for international businesses

Thus, here are the key features that the SourcinBox app includes:

  • Automated Order Processing – New orders, tracking numbers, and reshipped orders are all automatically synced on the SourcinBox app.
  • ONE-CLICK Ordering – Place up to 400 orders in bulk with one click.
  • Merging & Splitting Orders – Their app allows you to merge your separated orders and ship them orders in one package, or split your large amount of order.
  • Downloading Invoices – You can either download invoices based on transaction or date of payment on the SourcinBox APP in order to make it more convenient and efficient for you to get invoices.
  • Multi-store management – Their app allows you to manage multiple stores at the same time.
  • Staff Accounts – You’ll be able to create staff accounts for your VA with limited operation permissions.
  • Customizable Shipping Rules – The app will select the right shipping option for each order according to the shipping rules that you set on the app.
  • After-Sale Track – By opening a ticket from the Shipped order list, you will easily manage all issues of each specific order.
  • Inventory Analysis – This app performs smart analysis on sales records to predict how much inventory you need to prepare for the following days.
  • Profit Reports – The SourcinBox app presents the business profit report of each connected store for your reference.

🔸 Integrations

SourcingBox integrates with various ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Shoplazza, Cartpanda, etc.

Plus, the platform has an app on the Shopify app store, so you can install and connect your store easily and start dropshipping.

🔸 POD service

Lastly, an intriguing feature highlighted in this SourcinBox Review is their print-on-demand service.

Here’s the lowdown: SourcinBox fine-tunes existing products to align with your private label specifications. This may involve tailoring product specifications, designs, materials, or other attributes to better reflect your brand’s identity and target audience.

SourcinBox collaborates with trusted manufacturers to source materials, oversee production, and maintain stringent quality standards. Additionally, they incorporate your branding elements onto both the product and its packaging, adhering precisely to your requirements.

With a diverse portfolio boasting over 1000 high-quality products such as clothing, jewelry, lighting, phone cases, and more.

Also, SourcinBox can fulfill your personalized orders within an average turnaround time of 72 hours, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

SourcinBox Review: Pricing

SourcinBox is a dropshipping platform that’s free, and it comes with some neat perks:

  • They hook you up with free product sourcing.
  • You get lower prices.
  • Shipping is super fast.
  • They even offer free warehousing.

And here’s the best part: You won’t have to pay any setup fees or monthly charges.

But here’s the deal: They only bill you for the total product price and the shipping cost of each order.

Everything else—like the SourcinBox app, quality control, and warehousing service—is totally free of charge.

How To Use SourcingBox When Dropshipping?

Now on this SourcinBox Review, let’s talk about how to use it with your Shopify store.

Step 1 – Create an Account

First things first, go to the SourcinBox website and click on the “Sign up” button.

Hence, enter your info like username, password, email address, etc., and create an account.

Once you are done, you can enter their dashboard. Thus, here you can see that they have an easy-to-use dashboard divided into multiple categories.

Step 2 – Connect Your Shopify Store

So, the first thing you need to do is connect your Shopify store to SourcingBox. Therefore, navigate to “Manage Stores”.

Now, choose Shopify, and click on the “Add your store now” button.

Thus, this will redirect you to the Shopify app store. So, you can easily install the app from your Shopify account.

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Step 3 – Find Products  You Want To Dropship

Next in this SourcinBox Review list, you would probably want to find your winning products and list these products in your store. So, let’s discuss it.

So, go to “Manage Products”, and click on “Marketplace”. From here, you can see all the available products on SourcinBox.

Thus, the platform has great filtering, so you can sort your search based on categories, prices, keywords, new arrivals, and more.

Next, once you’ve found your winning product, you can click on the product, and this will lead you to the product page.

From here, you can see information about the product, like price, variations, shipping times, and more.

What’s more, you can edit all product information from here before adding it to your Shopify Store. For that purpose, click on “Edit In Import list”.

Or you can navigate this through the “Import list” sub-category from their dashboard menu.

Also, what’s more interesting is that you can even choose variants you want to sell, and all other data like price, shipping costs, etc. 

Plus, you can also take their images and use them for showcasing the products to your store. Or, you can also add your own photos, or edit their existing photos.

Step 4 – Add Products To Your Shopify Store

Once you are done editing, you now import products to your Shopify store. Therefore, select the products you want to import, and click on the “Import to Store” button, or “Import selected to Store”.

Thus, the second option will import only the products you’ve selected. On the other hand, if you want to import all the products from your Import list, you can simply click on the “ Import all to store” button which is placed in the right upper corner.

Furthermore, you can also source products from a specific platform, like AliExpress, by using the product’s URL.   Thus, you can do this through their “Sourcing” category.

However, keep in mind that for using this feature, the platform will probably ask for your customer manager information. So, you will have to contact the SourcinBox team and ask for the code.

Once the products are added to your Shopify Store, you can start your dropshipping journey.

SourcinBox Review: Pros & Cons

SourcinBox App


Fast Processing

Personal Account Manager

Competitive Pricing

No Barrier of entry

Lack of Transparency on Product Source

No Inventory Guarantees

Shipping Weight Estimations

No Payment Credit

Pros of SourcinBox

✅ SourcinBox App

 With its user-friendly mobile app, SourcinBox ensures easy management of inventory, orders, and shipments, catering to the on-the-go needs of modern businesses.

✅ Flexibility

Its versatility allows seamless integration with various eCommerce platforms, offering the freedom to migrate or expand your business effortlessly.

✅ Fast Processing

You can enjoy swift order processing, particularly for pre-ordered inventory, with SourcinBox’s efficient system, minimizing delays and ensuring prompt fulfillment.

✅ Personal Account Manager

You will benefit from personalized support and guidance with a dedicated account manager, enhancing your overall experience and resolving issues promptly.

✅ Competitive Pricing

SourcinBox’s transparent pricing structure, devoid of setup fees and monthly charges, coupled with free services like the app, makes it an attractive option for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions.

Cons of SourcinBox

❌ No Barrier of Entry

The lack of entry barriers may lead to overcrowding and potential inventory shortages, raising concerns about service prioritization and customer support efficiency.

❌ Lack of Transparency on Product Source

SourcinBox’s opaque sourcing practices may raise questions about product pricing and quality, potentially undermining customer trust and satisfaction.

❌ No Inventory Guarantees

The absence of guaranteed inventory availability poses challenges for businesses reliant on consistent stock levels, risking disruptions in operations during peak seasons.

❌ Shipping Weight Estimations

Inaccurate shipping weight estimations by SourcinBox could result in overpayment for shipping, adversely affecting profit margins, particularly for multi-unit orders.

❌ No Payment Credit

SourcinBox’s requirement for upfront payment for orders may strain the cash flow of small businesses, limiting financial flexibility and operational efficiency.

SourcinBox Alternatives

Next on this SourcinBox Review, I will list a few of its alternatives.

So, if you haven’t found SourcinBox as your perfect fit, you can have these in mind:


ShipBob is a really simple 3PL company to work with. That means everything they do runs smoothly, and they have places all over the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Europe.

Additionally, their platform easily connects with all the big eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and others.

Also, take a look at the services ShipBob offers:

  • Storage
  • Getting orders ready
  • Packing items
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Quick shipping
  • Giving you reports and data
  • Handling everything from start to finish

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USAdrop is akin to a convenient hub for dropshipping needs. It serves as a comprehensive solution, encompassing product discovery, shipping arrangements, inventory storage, quality assurance, and logistical arrangements.

Essentially tailored for dropshipping enthusiasts, USAdrop simplifies the entire process from start to finish.

Key Features:

  • Products Catalogue
  • Dropshipping Fulfillment
  • Dropshipping Payment
  • USAdrop QuickFund
  • Global Warehousing
  • Sourcing
  • Branding

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In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, SourcinBox stands out as a promising solution for sourcing products from China.

So, as I explained in this SourcinBox Review, the platform has evolved into a comprehensive toolkit for online sellers, offering a seamless experience from product discovery to delivery.

➡ Why Choose SourcinBox?

  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store and explore an extensive range of products to enrich your inventory.
  • Swift Order Fulfillment: Benefit from fast processing times and automated order syncing, ensuring prompt delivery to your customers.
  • Personalized Support: Enjoy the guidance of a dedicated account manager and access to a user-friendly mobile app, empowering you to manage your business on the go.
  • Transparent Pricing: Say goodbye to setup fees and monthly charges. SourcinBox offers competitive pricing and free services like warehousing and quality checks.

➡ Things to Be Mindful Of:

  • Inventory Management: While SourcinBox provides free warehousing, ensure proactive planning to mitigate potential stock shortages, especially during peak seasons.
  • Product Sourcing: Exercise caution regarding product pricing and quality, as SourcinBox’s sourcing practices may lack transparency.
  • Shipping Accuracy: Double-check shipping weight estimations to avoid overpayment and safeguard your profit margins.
  • Financial Planning: Plan your cash flow carefully, as SourcinBox requires upfront payment for orders, which could impact the financial flexibility of small businesses.

In my opinion, SourcinBox presents a compelling solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs seeking efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in sourcing products from China.

By leveraging its key features while remaining vigilant about potential challenges, you can harness its potential to drive your business forward in the competitive online marketplace.

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