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10 Best Dhgate Sellers In 2024 & How To Pick The Best One?

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Are you tired of scrolling through countless options on Dhgate, unsure of which sellers to trust?  With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which sellers are the best.  But fear not, as I have compiled a list of the 10 best Dhgate sellers for 2024.

These sellers have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products, excellent customer service, and reliable shipping.

Additionally, I will provide you with valuable tips on how to pick the best seller based on your specific needs and preferences.

With my guide, you can shop confidently on Dhgate and find the best sellers to meet your expectations. So, let’s start!


Is Dhgate Legit?

When it comes to online marketplaces, one of the key factors that shoppers consider is the legitimacy of the platform. So, as a dropshipper, I can confidently say that Dhgate is a trusted platform that offers a vast collection of products.

Firstly, Dhgate has implemented several safety measures to ensure that buyers have a secure shopping experience. One of the standout features is the buyer protection program, which safeguards your purchase by offering a full refund if the product does not meet your expectations.

how dhgate protect you

Additionally, the platform has secure payment systems in place, giving you peace of mind when making transactions.

What’s more, you can directly communicate with sellers. Hence if you have any product queries or need further information, you can reach out to the sellers directly.

Also, most of the customer reviews, or about 60% are positive, claiming good service and quality products. However, there are also negative feedbacks as well. But, what I found so far is that DHgate deals with them promptly.👇

dhgate sellers

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Top 10 DHGate Sellers In Any Niche In 2024

In this article, I have compiled a list of the 10 best Dhgate sellers in any niche, based on my personal experience and extensive research.

DHGate seller Dropshipping Niche Customer Feedback Number of Transactions
Amy 1003_1 Sportswear products 98% 58,590
BTime Luxury Watches 94% 53,267
DHgate Beauty Fashion Beauty products 99.9% 19,678
IZeso Phone Accessories 99.3% 4,655
Arthur032 Electronic Gadgets 98.6% 21,933
DM Bag01 Designer Bags 98% 33,784
Beija 2013 Luxurious jewelry 96.1% 17,139
Dicky0750 Gucci, YSL & Prada Dupe Bags 99,1% 99,999
Boost 700 V2 Shoes and Sneakers 98.1% 47,318
iBestshoppingmall General Electronics 100% 6,380

These sellers have not only provided high-quality products, but they have also garnered positive feedback and reviews from customers. So, whether you’re looking for fashionable clothing, electronics, or wholesale items, these reliable and reputable sellers on Dhgate will surely meet your needs.

Now let’s dive into the details and explore the best sellers Dhgate has to offer.👇

1. Amy 1003_1 – Best DHGate Sellers for Sportswear

best dhgate sellers

Amy 10031 is, without a doubt, one of the best DHGate sellers when it comes to sportswear. Hence, it was established in 2016.

They offer a wide range of jerseys and tracksuits from popular teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. Also, the quality of their products is top-notch, and their prices are highly competitive, which are around $10-16.

best dhgate sellers

Furthermore, this store has a positive feedback rating of 98% and an impressive 58,590 completed transactions. Plus, they have great customer support, and their response rate is rated above average.

amy seller

However, some of the points that concern me are the on-time delivery, repurchase rate, and dispute rate, which are below average.

The store also gives discounts, coupons, limited-time sales, etc.

2. BTime – Best DHGate Sellers for Luxury Watches

When it comes to luxury watches, one DHGate seller stands out above the rest: Btime. This store opened in 2015, and it is based in Guangdong, China.

With their incredible selection of high-end timepieces, it’s no surprise that this is one of the best DHgate sellers, and customer feedback speaks about it too.


With over 94% positive feedback and 53,267 transactions, they are a great option for dropshipping.

customer reviews

Whether you’re in the market for a classic Rolex or a sleek Tag Heuer, Btime has a variety of designs to suit any style. Plus, they also offer watch accessories and parts for maintenance and repair, ensuring that your timepiece stays in perfect condition.

However, consider that the on-time delivery and the repurchase rate are below average.

3. DHgate Beauty – Best DHGate Sellers for Beauty Products

Let’s start from there – 99.9% positive feedback? WOW! Well, we found the best DHgate sellers. 

Dhgate Beauty is a company in the Fashion Beauty products industry, that has operated a manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China since 2016. They provide customized products with your unique logo design through their OEM services. 

Also, this dropshipping supplier has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy seller, and it has over 19,678 transactions.

The above-average ratings for product quality, tracking and delivery, and customer service further confirm their commitment to customer satisfaction.

best dhgate sellers

Hence, in their catalog, you can find everything from makeup and skincare to haircare and accessories, they have it all.

dhgate beauty products

What sets them apart is their commitment to offering affordable prices without compromising on quality. With DHgate Beauty, you can indulge in your beauty routine without breaking the bank. Look no further, DHgate Beauty is your go-to destination for top-notch beauty products at competitive prices.

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4. IZeso – Best DHGate Sellers for Phone Accessories


 IZeso is one of the best DHGate sellers for phone accessories. It was established in Shenzhen in 2011. 

In their catalog, you can find various phone accessories, like data charging cables, cell phone case covers, chargers, headphones, tempered glass, speakers, etc.

Also, their response time and repurchase rate are above average, so this speaks about customer satisfaction. However, keep in mind that their on-time delivery is rated below average.

best dhgate sellers

Also, with positive feedback of 99.3% and more than 4655 transactions, it really is a trustworthy supplier.  Furthermore, customer comments speak a lot about its high-quality products.

customers feedback

5. Arthur032 – Best DHGate Sellers for Electronic Gadgets

best dhgate sellers

When it comes to electronic gadgets, Arthur032 is undoubtedly one of the best DHGate sellers in the market. Their extensive product range and positive feedback of 98.6% and 21,933 transactions make them a top choice for tech enthusiasts like myself.

best dhgate sellers

Also, it looks like this dropshipping supplier got its job done since everything is rated above average!

In addition, with over 14 years of experience in the industry, Arthur032 has established a solid reputation as one of the pioneers on DHGate, consistently delivering high-quality products to satisfied customers. Plus, it is a verified DHgate supplier.

So, whether you’re in need of screen protectors, true wireless earbuds, smartwatches, speakers, gaming consoles, projectors, or even spy cameras, Arthur032 has got you covered. 

The store also constantly offers discounts, coupons, limited-time offers, etc.

6. DM Bag01 – Best DHGate Sellers for Designer Bags


If you’re on the hunt for the best DHGate sellers for designer bags, look no further than DM Bag01. With their wide variety of bag collections, including handbags, tote bags, body bags, satchels, wallets, and more, there’s something to suit every style and budget.

What sets DM Bag01 apart from other sellers is its commitment to offering affordable prices without compromising on quality. With an exceptional positive feedback rating of 98% in over 33,784 transactions, you can trust that you’ll receive a high-quality designer bag at a competitive price when shopping with DM Bag01.

customer feedback

However, a disadvantage is that most of the metrics are rated below average, such as delivery time, response time, dispute rate, etc.

On the other hand, customers’ comments talk about great product quality. 


7. Beija 2013 – Best DHGate Sellers for Jewelry


 Beija 2013 offers a wide range of luxurious jewelry options, including fine-cut gems, replica stones, necklaces, pendants, and dangle charms. Their collection is truly impressive and caters to various styles and preferences.

What sets Beija 2013 apart is its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With over 96.1% positive feedback and more than 17,139 transactions since 2013, they have built a solid reputation in the online marketplace. Also,  their on-time delivery and response rate are above average.

best dhgate sellers

Also, the platform constantly offers discounts and coupons to its customers. 

So, for dropshippers looking to add some sparkle to their collection, Beija 2013 is undoubtedly the go-to seller on DHGate. 

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8. Dicky0750 – Best DHGate sellers for Gucci, YSL & Prada Dupe Bags

This store really got into the nines! With positive feedback of 99,1%, and 99,999 transactions, Dicky0750 is a way-to-go supplier for your dropshipping store.

dicky store

So, if you’re looking for Gucci, YSL, or Prada dupes, this seller has got you covered. Their range of products is extensive, offering a wide variety of popular bags like the Marmont, Ophidia, Dionysus, and Jackie 1961. 

Also, they oftentimes give discounts and coupons to their customers. And, if you check on customer comments you will be assured about their product’s quality.

best dhgate sellers

Furthermore, this store has over 10 years of experience and a repurchase rate which is above average. However, keep in mind that the dispute rate and the on-time delivery are rated below average.

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9. Boost 700 V2 – Best DHGate Sellers for Shoes and Sneakers


Boost 700 V2 is definitely a standout option for shoes and sneakers. Hence, it is one of the best DHGate sellers with over 6 years of experience.

They offer an extensive range of products that cater to all tastes and preferences. I have personally browsed through their collection and was amazed by the variety of styles they offer. Not only do they have an impressive collection, but their prices are also highly competitive.

Also, the positive feedback of 98.1% and ratings from customers are a testament to the quality of their shoes. Also, with over 47,318 transactions Boost 700 v2 has garnered a strong reputation for providing high-quality products at affordable prices.


What’s more, I was particularly impressed by the positive customer comments and reviews, which highlighted the superior comfort and durability of their shoes.

best dhgate sellers

So, whether you’re looking for trendy sneakers or classic shoe styles, the Boost 700 V2 is a reliable DHGate seller that won’t disappoint.

10. iBestshoppingmall – Best DHGate Sellers for General Electronics


A 100% positive feedback? Is this really the best shopping mall? With over 6,380 transactions and customer comments that speak about the quality of their products, this seller is the way to go.

best dhgate sellers

iBestshoppingmall has an impressive range of products, like tempered glasses, top-quality Defender solid cases, wireless earphones, fast wireless chargers, adapters and cables, tabled cases, etc.

However, keep in mind that their on-time delivery is rated below average.

Lastly, whether you’re looking for a new laptop or a sleek smartwatch, you can trust that iBestshoppingmall will deliver exactly what you need.

Tips on DHGate Shopping

DHGate has become a go-to platform for shoppers looking for competitive prices and high-quality products.

In this article, I will share some valuable tips on how to have a successful and satisfactory shopping experience on DHGate. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of DHGate shopping!

🔸 Check the product transaction

Checking the product transaction is an essential step before making any online purchase. It involves conducting research, reading reviews, and analyzing ratings to ensure the product’s quality and popularity.

To ensure a secure purchasing experience, I recommend conducting a thorough evaluation of the seller. Therefore, my next step is to navigate to the shopping cart and click on the seller’s name.  👇

seller rating

Additionally, it is important to assess the quality of their homepage, including elements such as their logo and product categories. For example, reputable sellers demonstrate their professionalism by incorporating logos and organizing products into categories. 👇

seller information

By clicking here, you will be redirected to the seller’s page where you can access information regarding their status, reviews, feedback, product quality, and customer service, among other details.

 Also, when checking on product transactions make sure the audits and inputs are recent. This means that customers are buying and dealing with the products now. 

Moreover, DHGate offers a specialized program known as Verified Supplier, which ensures that the best DHgate sellers are trustworthy and reliable. Plus, look at the number of transactions, 97,078. Well, we are talking about reliability here.👇

best dhgate sellers

🔸 Check the reviews and feedback left by other customers

When it comes to shopping on DHgate, one of the most important things to do is to check the reviews and feedback left by other customers. This is crucial in ensuring the quality and reliability of the sellers on the platform.

While product photos may look appealing, they can often be deceiving. So, by taking the time to read through the experiences and opinions of previous buyers, you can gain valuable insights into the product quality and the trustworthiness of the seller.

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So, before making a purchase, don’t forget to dive into the customer reviews and feedback section. It can save you from potential disappointment and ensure that you have a positive shopping experience.

You can review both positive and negative customer feedback, as well as gather information about product quality, delivery time, customer services, shipping charges, and more.

customer comments

Moreover, you have the opportunity to peruse customer comments and view photos of the received product.

🔸 Contact the seller

Lastly, if you have any questions, doubts, or concerns about a product on DHGate, contacting the seller is an easy and efficient way to address them.

Simply click on the “Contact Seller” button on the product page. Hence, you can ask the seller about the authenticity of the product, request more information or photos, or inquire about shipping times and returns.

sell jewelry

It’s always a good idea to communicate with the seller before making a purchase to ensure they are genuine and reliable. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any product-related questions you may have, as they are there to assist you.

Top DHGate Sellers: FAQs

Dhgate offers a wide variety of products in various niches, like electronics, sports and outdoors, health and beauty, shoes, home decor, toys, apparel, jewelry, and more. 

dhgate products

However, right at this moment, the most popular products are knuckle dusters, men’s Bapesta shoes, jade bracelets, gold flatware, etc.👇

Whether you are looking for high-quality electronic gadgets or trendy fashion accessories, Dhgate has it all.

2. Is it illegal to buy replicas?

The legality of buying replicas can vary depending on the country you are in, but in many places, it is considered illegal.

Thus, there are consequences to purchasing fake handbags and other replica products. One major consequence is the potential for customs inspections when importing these goods. If customs officers discover that you have purchased counterfeit items, they can seize the products and potentially impose fines or penalties.

For example, bringing these items into the United States could lead to legal consequences, both civil and criminal. Also, buying counterfeit products frequently contributes to illicit activities like forced labor or human trafficking.

Overall, while buying replicas may seem like a tempting option for getting luxury items at a fraction of the cost, it is important to consider the legality, potential consequences, and quality of these products before making a decision.

3. Does DHgate have buyer protection?

Yes, DHgate does have buyer protection in place to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience. When purchasing from DHgate, buyers are protected through a variety of measures that aim to provide peace of mind and ensure customer satisfaction. 

DHgate’s buyer protection also includes a low-price guarantee, which means that buyers can be confident that they are getting the best possible price on their purchases. If a buyer finds the same product at a lower price elsewhere, DHgate will refund the price difference.

Additionally, DHgate offers a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if a buyer is dissatisfied with their purchase for any reason, they can return the item for a full refund minus shipping costs.

4. What is the best DHgate alternative for dropshipping?

So, while DHgate is a popular choice, it’s always good to explore alternatives that cater to specific needs.

In my opinion, one of the best alternatives for dropshipping from China is Sunsky Online. They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices, making it easy to find the best deals for your business.

Another option worth considering is Banggood, with its competitive prices and free dropshipping program.

And of course, AliExpress is a well-known platform with millions of products and positive reviews from buyers. But if you’re looking for a DHgate alternative that focuses on local suppliers, SaleHoo is a top choice. 

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When it comes to finding the best DHgate sellers, there is no shortage of options. With a wide range of products at affordable and competitive prices, DHgate has established itself as one of the top online marketplaces.

Also, the positive feedback and reviews from satisfied customers speak to the high-quality products and superior customer service that can be expected. With millions of products to choose from and a vast selection of options, DHgate sellers offer something for everyone.

From replica shoes to vintage clothing to pet supplies, there is a wide variety of products available in bulk. So, it is important to be cautious of negative reviews and ensure the product quality is up to par, DHgate remains a reliable platform for finding trendy and best-selling items.

Therefore, in this article, I listed the best 10 DHGate sellers in various dropshipping niches.  Whether you’re in search of a specific electronic product or simply want to browse its impressive collection, you are bound to find what you need on DHgate.

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