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Top 15 Car Accessories Suppliers for Dropshipping & Hot Selling Car Parts Products
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Are you interested in dropshipping car accessories suppliers and products? Good choice!

According to Statista, the car accessories market is expected to reach over 622 billion in 2024, and only the online sales of Automotive parts and Accessories are expected to grow by over $8.1 billion.

So if you ask yourself whether this is a profitable dropshipping niche, the answer would be – absolutely!

However, you are probably searching for trustworthy suppliers as you already know what you need to start your dropshipping business.

But, don’t worry! We know that research can be time-consuming, and not always worthy, and we are more than happy to help.

In this article, I will provide you with a detailed review of trustworthy car accessories suppliers and profitable products. So, let’s start!


Key Takeaways

So, here’s what you will learn from this blog article. 👇

Introduction to Car Accessories Dropshipping

  • Overview of the car accessories market’s potential and profitability.
  • Explanation of the article’s objective: simplifying the search for reliable suppliers and profitable products in the dropshipping niche.

The Booming Market of Car Accessories

  • Insights into the market size and expected growth of the car accessories industry by 2024.
  • Discussion on the increasing online sales of automotive parts and accessories, highlighting the sector’s lucrative nature.

Finding Reliable Suppliers

  • Guidance on identifying trustworthy car accessories suppliers to ensure quality products and efficient service.
  • A sneak peek into the comprehensive guide’s structure, covering top suppliers like RCJuice and Kole Imports.

Trending Products in Car Accessories

  • Introduction to in-demand products within the car accessories niche, such as magnetic anti-frost snow covers and seat covers.
  • Highlight on the profitability and market demand for these trending products, offering insights into what makes them winners in the dropshipping space.

Kickstarting Your Dropshipping Journey

  • A step-by-step overview on starting a dropshipping business, from choosing a niche to identifying suppliers.
  • Tips on establishing an online store and strategies for promoting your car accessories business to attract customers and drive sales.

Why Dropship Car Accessories in 2024?

  • Reasons detailing the attractiveness of the car accessories niche, including market growth, product diversity, and consumer demand.
  • Benefits of dropshipping in this niche, such as lower startup costs and flexibility in product offerings.

Key Takeaways from the Real-Life Success Story

  • Success with a Niche Product: Learn how Magnet Me Up leveraged a niche product line of car magnets to generate over 300,000 orders and achieve a business income of over $2 million.
  • Impact of Specialization: Understand the significance of offering a specialized product range to stand out in the crowded market of car accessories.
  • Strategy for Success: Insights into the possibility of replicating such success with the right strategy and a unique product line in the car accessories niche.


  • Tips on handling customer service and returns efficiently, ensuring alignment with suppliers’ policies and maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Learn about the specific challenges of dropshipping car accessories, like ensuring product compatibility and staying up-to-date with automotive trends, and strategies to overcome them.


  • Recap of the potential success in dropshipping car accessories with the right approach and suppliers.
  • Final thoughts on leveraging market trends and supplier relationships to build a profitable dropshipping business in the automotive aftermarket.

Top 15 Car Accessories Suppliers In 2024

Dropshipping car accessories and auto parts it’s even easier with suppliers you can trust. Let’s review some of them!

1. RCJuice.com

RCJuice is another car accessories supplier that is based in the USA but dropships its products worldwide. This company started its business by selling high-quality LiPo batteries at competitive prices and quickly added more products to its line.

Today RCJuice sells a variety of product categories, with various product choices in each of them:

  • Hardware and Accessories
  • Chargers and accessories
  • Tools
  • Motor/ESC
  • BEC
  • Nitro
  • Radio
  • Pinion Gears
  • Vehicle parts
  • Apparel
  • Clearance

Their product costs range between $20-50, and the average order processing time is from 1-3 days, which is fast. 

Furthermore, today they are one of the largest suppliers of brands like HobbyStar, SkyRC, Tenshock, Radiolink, etc. 

2. Kole Imports 

Kole Imports is a leading wholesale general merchandise selling tools and hardware equipment. It is based in the USA, and its dropships products worldwide,  with no shipping costs.

Nowadays, this company sells over 30 categories of general merchandise, like:

  • Automotive Supplies
  • Apparel
  • Barbecue
  • Bed & Bath
  • Camping
  • Cosmetics
  • Crafts
  • Electronics
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Hardware
  • Home Décor
  • Jewelry
  • Household Supplies
  • Kitchenware, and many more.

This company’s product costs range from $1-10, and the average processing time is only 1 day.

Kole Imports is a verified supplier by Dropshipping.com

3. Dropship Town

Dropship Town is an eCommerce supplier that has over 20 years of experience in this industry. It is based in the US and ships its products worldwide for FREE.

This supplier offers a variety of product categories, like:

  • Car Accessories
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories
  • Collectibles
  • Computers, Tablets, and Networking
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Health and beauty
  • Jewelry
  • Music and musical instruments
  • Pet supplies, and many more!

Their product costs range between $1-10, and the average order processing time is only 1 day

Moreover, this supplier has been verified by Dropshipping.com

4. Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise is a wholesale dropshipper since 1999. This company provides over 20,000 dropshipping products and has helped thousands of dropshippers in their business.

They are based in the USA, and ship products worldwide at variable shipping costs

Not only that they offer car accessories, but there are products from many different categories, like:

  • Bath and Body
  • Candles
  • Electronics
  • Home Décor
  • Household items
  • Jewelry
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Tools, and many more!

Their product costs range from $20 to $50, and the average order processing time is only 1 day. Fast right?

Furthermore, this supplier is verified by Dropshipping.com.


EZPZShipper is a wholesale automotive accessories supplier that dropships a variety of accessories for cars, with product costs ranging from $20-50. On their website you can find:

  • Carpet floor mats
  • Emblems
  • Headrest covers
  • License plate covers
  • Seat covers
  • Steering wheel cover
  • Sunshade covers
  • Touchdown chains
  • Utility mats
  • Vinyl floor mats

Furthermore, this supplier is based in California, US, but dropships worldwide for FREE. The average order processing time usually takes around 7 days, but if you place an order before 12 PM from Monday-Friday, same-day processing is possible too.

You can integrate their products into your store in a few clicks using Syncee and Spocket apps.

6. Essing Performance Center 

Essing Performance Center is a company circulating in the car industry for over 22 years. They specialize in recovering hidden power in all combustion engines. It is frequently about the ability to locate greater speed or pulling force in passenger automobiles and vans.

In their store, you can find a variety of products,  such as:

  • diesel tuning products
  • petrol tuning products
  • custom made tuning software
  • tuning boxes
  • eco performance boxes, and more.

This product’s costs range from $100-500. Moreover, the company is based in the USA, but ships its products worldwide, with variable shipping costs. The average order processing time is around 1-3 days.

Essing Performance Center is a verified supplier by Dropshipping.com

7. Turn 14

Turn 14 Distribution is a Performance Warehouse Distributor with distribution centers in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, Arlington, Texas, and Reno, Nevada.

Learn more: How To Dropship With A US Warehouse?

However, this company dropships its products worldwide for free.

Turn 14 Distribution’s approach consists of catering to specialized automotive markets while stocking the entire product ranges of its partner manufacturers for fast order fulfillment. The product costs range from $1-10, and the average order processing time is between 1-3 days.

Their distribution’s real-time online inventory tracking, accurate forecasting, and dedicated Customer Support Department allow the business to reduce lead times and keep consumers informed about product fulfillment.

This supplier is verified by Dropshipping.com

8. ASI Chemical

ASI Chemicals is one of the largest private label tire sealant and chemical manufacturers. It is based in the USA and ships its products worldwide at variable shipping costs.

Their products cost from $20-50, and the average order processing time is 4-7 days.  

ASI Chemical began developing new products and continues to work actively with the present product line to preserve the high quality while remaining ecologically safe for the environment.

 9. Keystone Automotive

This car accessories suppliers is headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania, is North America’s foremost distributor and marketer of specialist automotive equipment and accessories, catering to the different interests and demands of car enthusiasts and their installers across the United States and Canada.

Keystone has the most diverse selection of specialist items in the automotive aftermarket industry, with 185,000+ distinct SKUs from 800+ vendors.

In the United States and Canada, the corporation runs 8 Distribution Centers and 37 non-inventory stocking cross-docks.

Their product costs range from $100-500, and the average order processing time ranges between 1-3 days. 

10. Mar-K

Mar-K specializes in truck-specific auto parts, manufacturing and selling a variety of products such as bed strips, sills, hardware, clips, tailgates, and covers.

Based in Oklahoma City, Mar-K caters to owners of American-made trucks and cars, offering a comprehensive range of parts.

Also, with 70 dealers across Canada and the U.S., Mar-K is continually seeking to expand its network.

Furthermore, the company offers a 10% discount to active-duty military personnel as a token of appreciation.

11. The Car Cover

The Car Cover specializes in providing essential car protection solutions, offering a wide range of covers for various vehicle types, including cars, trucks, vans, and bikes.

With options such as wheel, seat, van, floor, and steering wheel covers, resellers can expect at least 50% profit margins.

Moreover, free shipping is available, along with a 15% discount using coupon codes. The Car Cover caters to specific vehicle models like Ford Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, and ATVs.

12. SP Racing Online

SP Racing Online, short for Sound Performance Racing, specializes in performance auto parts for car tuning enthusiasts. Thus, they offer a wide range of products including:

  • Turbo kits
  • Electronics
  • Exhaust systems
  • Engines
  • Brakes

Also, SP Racing Online serves customers from its location in Illinois.

The company’s affiliate program allows website-owning resellers to earn profits based on performance, with potential monthly earnings reaching several thousand dollars.

13. Shifteck

Shifteck provides aftermarket automotive parts with worldwide distribution, catering to customers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Resellers have the option to either design private label parts or resell existing products. With a strict MAP pricing structure in place, Shifteck ensures resellers can maximize their profits.

The company offers prompt shipping, dedicated customer service, and aims to expand its reach internationally.

14. Magnum Tuning

Magnum Tuning offers a vast inventory of performance auto parts for dropshipping, catering to enthusiasts worldwide. With products ranging from performance chips to tuning parts for various vehicles including:

  • Performance chips
  • Tuning parts
  • ATVs
  • boats,
  • bikes,
  • cars
  • trucks,
  • snowmobiles

Magnum Tuning provides competitive pricing and fast approval processes for dropshipping accounts. Their fair terms and conditions make them an attractive option for both national and international dropshippers.

15. Jillian Distributors

Jillian Distributors is a wholesale automotive accessories supplier based in the USA. This company is on the market for more than 15 years and its dedicated work is evidenced by thousands of satisfied customers.

Jillian Distributors dropships over 100 different product categories from motorcycle gear to home & garden, and more. Their products are low-priced, and this leaves you in place for higher profit margins. The product costs vary around $20-50.

Furthermore, the average processing time is around 4-7 days, and they ship their products worldwide with shipping costs that vary

There is a variety of products you can find on their web store, like:

  • car accessories
  • accessories & apparel
  • electronics
  • flasks & lighters
  • handbags
  • wallets
  • Bible covers
  • health and beauty
  • watches
  • home and office
  • kitchen & restaurant
  • musical instruments, sporting goods
  • binoculars
  • sporting goods
  • stadium seats

However, one thing you should know is that PayPal is the only accepted payment.

You are probably looking for products that can bring you higher profit margins. Well, who wouldn’t?

So, there are a few winning products in the car accessories niche, that you should consider adding to your dropshipping store.

Therefore, you can also check out my product directory for more product ideas. 

Magnetic Anti-frost And Anti-freeze Snow Cover

Magnetic Anti-frost And Anti-freeze Snow Cover

This product is a great chance for dropshipping with higher profits. It is mostly sold to customers that live in areas where there are cold winters, so customers buy such products to protect their cars from ice and snow.

Product costs range from $15-21, and the selling prices vary from $38- 45. Profit margins range from 55-60%.

Seat cover 

Seat cover 

Seat covers are highly demanded products nowadays. They come in different sizes, prints, and colors so that customers can choose their car interior.

Also, the product’s costs range from  $9.90 to $42, and the selling price is $24 to $105. The profit margins are around 60%.

Steering wheel cover

Steering wheel cover

If you are willing to dropship this product, you should consider adding multiple colors and print choices.

Furthermore, the product costs of wheel covers are around $5-18, and the selling price is between $13 to $47. Profit margins are around 61%.  

Phone holder

Phone holder

As people are becoming addicted to their phones, even while driving, this product demand has risen past year. So, phone holders are one of your best shots when it comes to dropshipping.

Thus, the product costs range from $5 to $26, and the selling prices are between 13$ to $65. Profit margins are between 60% to 65%.

Wireless charger

Wireless charger

Dropshipping wireless chargers are excellent profit potential. If you consider adding these products to your dropshipping store, you must offer chargers compatible with various smartphones.

The product costs are between $8 to $50, and the selling prices are between $21 to $130. Profit margins are around 60%. 

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How To Start Dropshipping Car Accessories? (My Step-By-Step Guide)

Once you gathered your list of car accessories suppliers and ideas for profitable products, let’s see how you can start dropshipping.

Step 1 – Choose Your Car Accessories Niche

To kick off your journey, it’s crucial to pinpoint a specific area within the car accessories market that resonates with you. So, consider your target audience and their preferences.

Moreover, take some time to explore various online stores related to your chosen niche for inspiration, helping you brainstorm product ideas.

For instance, utilizing tools like Google Trends can shed light on the popularity and demand for certain products, such as “car seat covers,” indicating potential market interest.

This initial exploration can serve as a foundation for further research.

Additionally, leverage product research tools like Adserea, Minea, PipiAds, etc., to assess a product’s profitability, demand, and performance in the market.

For example, I am personally using Minea as my product reasearch tool.

Thus, this way a get valuable information about product’s sales, costs, pricing, competitors, customer engagement, and more.

Step 2 – Identify Your Car Accessories Supplier

Moving forward, let’s delve into the importance of selecting a reliable supplier for dropshipping car accessories.

The supplier you partner with significantly influences your online business’s success. Thus, it’s essential to find a trusted supplier offering high-quality, cost-effective products with efficient shipping options.

When evaluating potential suppliers, prioritize factors such as their responsiveness and customer service quality.

A supplier with excellent customer support ensures smooth collaboration. Furthermore, review the supplier’s return policy to ensure a seamless process, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and bolstering trust in your brand.

For example, platforms like Dropshipping.com provide comprehensive directories of reputable suppliers, offering a wide selection and customizable search options based on your specific niche, location, and shipping preferences.

Step 3 – Establish Your Online Store

Transitioning to the next phase, it’s time to establish your online store, marking the commencement of your digital presence.

Creating a captivating first impression is pivotal to attracting and retaining customers.

Therefore, focus on designing a website that is intuitive to navigate and visually appealing, complete with clear menus and well-defined categories.

When crafting your website, ensure comprehensive product listings, including detailed specifications such as compatibility and materials.

Also, utilize high-quality images and videos to enhance customer understanding and generate interest in your offerings.

Thus, I personally prefer Shopify for its user-friendly interface and diverse range of visually appealing themes tailored for dropshipping stores.

However, there are alternatives like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, etc., that offer viable options for building your online store.

Step 4 – Promote Your Car Accessories Business

With your website up and running, the spotlight shifts to promoting your dropshipping venture, a critical step in attracting customers and driving sales.

Consider leveraging various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to create engaging content, run targeted ad campaigns, and engage with potential customers.

In addition to social media marketing, explore opportunities in affiliate marketing by collaborating with influencers or bloggers in the car accessories niche.

Providing them with unique affiliate codes or links can amplify your product visibility among their followers.

Harness the power of video content to showcase your products visually, elucidating their features and benefits effectively.

Moreover, enhancing your search engine visibility through strategies like starting a blog focused on car accessories can bolster your SEO efforts, ultimately expanding your reach and driving organic traffic to your website.

Why Dropship Car Accessories in 2024?

Now, why focus on car accessories? Cars are not just modes of transportation; they are extensions of one’s personality and style.

Also, accessories enhance this personal connection, making them an evergreen niche with a wide range of products to offer.

✅ Ever-Growing Market

The automotive aftermarket, including car accessories, is a booming industry. Thus, it is expected to reach a market size value of $98.07 billion in 2024.

With technological advancements and the increasing lifespan of vehicles, consumers are investing more in accessories to personalize, enhance, and maintain their cars.

✅ Diverse Product Range

From essential maintenance items to the latest gadgets and customizations, the variety of car accessories is vast.

Hebce, this diversity allows you to cater to different customer segments, from the practical-minded to the style-conscious.

✅ High Demand

As new car models continually hit the market, there’s always a demand for accessories that complement them.

Additionally, the desire to upgrade older vehicles ensures a steady stream of customers looking to inject new life into their rides.

✅ Lower Startup Costs

Dropshipping eliminates the need for a large upfront investment in inventory.

Moreover, this is particularly beneficial in the car accessories niche, where product range and trends can change rapidly. Plus, you have numerous dropshipping car accessories suppliers to choose from.

✅ Flexibility

You can easily test and switch up your product offerings based on consumer trends and preferences without worrying about unsold stock.

Thus, this agility is key in staying competitive in the fast-paced automotive market.

✅ Convenience

With dropshipping, the logistical hassle of shipping and inventory management is handled by your car accessories suppliers.

So, this setup frees you up to focus on marketing and customer service, the crucial elements that drive sales.

Real-Life Success Story of Dropshipping Car Accessories

The creators behind Magnet Me Up saw a real need. They wanted to give car lovers a way to express their personal style without overstepping any boundaries.

Their solution was to launch a creative car accessories shop on Amazon, focusing on unique car magnets.

Currently, they offer about 90 carefully designed car magnets. It might seem like a small selection, but the impact has been huge. This specialized product range has already led to over 300,000 orders, skyrocketing their business income to an impressive $2,107,567.00!

It’s worth noting that their car accessories are simple yet special. They perfectly fulfill their main goal, which is to help car owners stand out.

Thinking about achieving similar success with your own unique product line? With the correct strategy and resources, it’s definitely within reach!

Dropshipping Car Accessories FAQs

1. How do I handle customer service and returns for products sold through these suppliers?

Addressing customer service and returns in the dropshipping model, especially within the car accessories niche, necessitates a well-thought-out strategy due to the nature of the products and customer expectations.

When dealing with returns, clear communication with your suppliers is vital to understand their return policies and ensure they align with your customer service standards.

stablish a straightforward return process on your website, making sure customers are aware of how to return products and under what conditions returns are accepted.

 It’s also beneficial to implement a robust customer service system, possibly including live chat support, to address issues promptly and maintain customer satisfaction.

2. What are the specific challenges of dropshipping car accessories compared to other niches, and how can I overcome them?

The dropshipping model, while lucrative, does present unique challenges in the car accessories niche. One of the main issues is the necessity for precise compatibility information, as incorrect fitment is a common reason for returns.

Overcoming this requires ensuring your product descriptions are detailed and accurate, possibly integrating a compatibility checker tool on your website.

 Additionally, staying informed about automotive trends and customer preferences can help minimize the risk of stocking unpopular items.

Building a strong relationship with your car accessories suppliers is also crucial, as this can improve your ability to manage inventory and respond to market changes effectively.



The car accessories niche is one of the most profitable niches nowadays, and as it is, it’s a great potential for success in the dropshipping business. 

As every business requires resources to start, dropshipping car accessories suppliers are one of the most important in the dropshipping business. 

Therefore, in this article, I provided you with a list of the Top 15 car accessories suppliers, and one of the most demanded and profitable products. 

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