Spocket Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping With Spocket in the EU & US

The dropshipping industry has indeed been a profitable industry for most apsiring entrepreneurs around the world. Although, what dropshippers once profited from isn’t the same as now.

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For instance, let’s take AliExpress dropshippers who keep growing day by day and making the competition more difficult to withstand.

Over 5 years ago, dropshippers who sold with AliExpress would easily profit, but now, it isn’t the same story. There were much fewer dropshippers and fewer active users on the internet.

There are many new issues AliExpress dropshippers are facing, and they are looking for new alternatives to solve them. This is where Spocket comes into the spotlight.

Spocket dropshipping is a re-invented version of AliExpress and has everything AliExpress lacks. This is the new gold for dropshippers. Let’s dive in and see what Spocket has to offer us.

What Is Spocket Dropshipping?

Spocket is a marketplace that allows you to choose high-quality products and sell them from many suppliers across the globe. It connects dropshipping suppliers and merchants around the EU and US.

Dropshipping is a trending business model in the digital age, and Spocket is considered to be a top website for dropshippers.

How Does Spocket Dropshipping Work and Who Is It For?

Spocket is a “must-go” place for all the dropshippers that want to step further in the game. Initially, you need to integrate the Spocket app on your Shopify store in order to start dropshipping products on your Shopify store. After you integrate the app, you can start adding the items to your site.

Spocket is considered to be an app only for dropshippers who are looking to list high-quality products. The overall prices are much higher than on any other dropshipping marketplace.

When we look at long-term benefits for a dropshipping business, Spocket is the key here. Delivery quality is handled by Spocket, so there is nothing to worry about when fulfilling your orders.

The quality of the products is handled by suppliers too, so this saves you more time for focusing on other things for your dropshipping business.

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How Do I Integrate Spocket With My Dropshipping Business?

Here’s how you can directly integrate Spocket to your Shopify store:

Go to the Shopify app store and download the Spocket app. Just click the ‘add app’ button, and it will ask for your login details.

After you log in, Spocket is officially integrated with your Shopify store. You can now begin to search for products you need to sell in the marketplace.

spocket dropshipping dashboard

2. Research Products to Sell

Try to research products based on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Spocket’s premium products
  • Product categories
  • Product’s price

3. Add Products to Your Store

The product you want to add to your store will have a green button that highlights “add to import list”. The product will be added to your “import list”, where you may later choose to set it live or not.

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Benefits of Dropshipping With Spocket

Here are the many benefits you get when you start dropshipping with Spocket:

1. High-Quality Products

What is more frustrating than ordering a product and finding out it is low-quality? Spocket sets product quality as a priority and makes sure that every single supplier on the platform is shipping quality products.

Let’s not forget that Spocket only allows quality suppliers to join them and lets go of the ones who fail to keep up.

2. High-Quality Suppliers

You can’t be a supplier and join Spocket as easily as you think. Spocket puts suppliers through a few stages to see if they are the right fit for Spocket.

Here are 3 stages a supplier will go through in order to join Spocket:

  • Application stage- you can’t join Spocket without submitting an application. Through the application stage, the Spocket review team will check if the suppliers are shipping products that are in high demand. Next, they will check if the supplier can ship under the merchants own brand. Lastly, if the suppliers are willing to supply their products at 30 to 60% minus the retail price.
  • Interview stage- The Spocket review team will interview suppliers in depth to see if they have the right understanding of the dropshipping business. This will give Spocket an idea if the supplies match the Spocket marketplace needs.
  • Product testing stage- Spocket puts suppliers through a real-life test in order to see if the packaging, shipping time, and product quality is at its best. Suppliers can pass all stages, but if they fail in this part, they will be rejected without a second thought.

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3. High Profit Margins

Most dropshipping marketplaces offer a maximum margin of up to 45%, while Spocket offers a maximum margin of up to 60%.

Other costs can decrease your overall profit ranges, so Spocket gives you an opportunity to earn more through its high-profit margins.

4. Fast Shipping

Over half of the Spocket suppliers are located in the US and EU. This results in all suppliers shipping products faster than suppliers in other marketplaces.

5. Free Trial and Basic Plan

You can try the Spocket platform for 2 weeks with full access to all of its features. After, you will have to pay in case you choose to continue with Spocket.

dropshipping with spocket pricing

Other than the free trial, Spocket’s most basic plan is free and allows you to add up to 25 products to your store. The amount of orders that can be placed is unlimited. You will also get access to features like global pricing, real-time inventory updates, currency exchanges, etc.

6. Sales Automation

Your order fulfillment process can be automated by Spocket. It takes care of the fulfillment process, meaning you don’t have to send orders on your own to suppliers. Whenever a customer places an order, Spocket will notify the supplier, and then the supplier will ship the order directly to the customer. This means less work for you!

7. Product Samples

Ordering a sample before receiving the product is essential in the dropshipping business.

Through Spocket, you can order samples from suppliers so your customer can get a whole idea if they really want to buy the product or not.

8. Product Customization

Spocket gives you the option to customize your listed product’s descriptions, images, and so much more. This counts for the products you import from the Spocket marketplace.

Here is a video from Spocket itself that shows you how to do product customization.

Spocket Premium Products

Premium products on Spocket are considered high-quality products along with the best suppliers out there. The premium product filter found on the search products page will allow you to search for premium products.

Or whenever you are searching for a product, you will see a “premium product” logo on the bottom left of the product’s image.

spocket product research

All premium products listed on Spocket are either best-sellers or highly discounted products, anywhere from 30% to 60%. Premium products are regularly added to the list by the Spocket team.

How Do I Access Premium Products?

In order to access premium products on Spocket, you are obliged to have a paid Spocket subscription. You can take a look at what their pricing plans have to offer.

Each plan has a limit of how many premium products you can add, so if you find out that you can’t add any more, you must have reached the limit.

You can try upgrading your plan if you reached the limit, or try upgrading your premium products to the newest ones.

Spocket Dropshipping Policies

A huge issue online sellers deal with is the return and shipping policy. They are mandatory to have, although, online sellers don’t have full control of this.

They have to discuss with suppliers and agree on terms that regard the return and shipping policy.

Refund/Return Policy

It is mandatory for a supplier to have a refund/return policy, or mention that no returns are available to be provided once purchasing the product.

The refund policy should be anywhere from 15 days, up to 30 days. Once you click on a product, at the bottom, you’ll see the return/refund policy there.

Customers may ask how the refund policy can occur after you made a purchase. If the supplier offers a 30-day refund policy, Spocket won’t transfer the funds to the supplier until after 30 days.

Although, let’s not forget that if the product is returned, you have to take the following steps:

  • Provide a logic reason for returning the product. A defect, not what you expected, etc.
  • You need to inform Spocket why you are returning the product.
  • Send the product back to the same address you ordered it from.

Shipping Policy

Shipping costs on Spocket vary based on the locations of the customer and supplier. There are 3 different types of shipping options on Spocket:

  • Free shipping- Shipping costs can’t be avoided, but in case you choose to set a free shipping option, you may include the shipping costs into the overall retail price of the product.
  • Product price– you may set the shipping cost based on the price of the product, meaning that for each product, the shipping cost will differ.
  • Flat rate- every product has a similiar shipping cost, so you choose an average cost for shipping all products.

Just like the refund/return policy, shipping policies are set at the bottom right when selecting a product.

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The shipping policy will show the expected shipping times in the product description, so you can use this for product information.

Spocket Pros

Here are a few advantages of Spocket:

Real-Time Order Tracking

You can track orders in every step taken. This way, you and your customers will know how the order is being processed.

Automatic Inventory Update

Spocket is there when you aren’t. Your inventory is automatically updated at all times, meaning that you won’t ever run out of stock to sell!


Spocket offers automation services for order fulfillment and for pricing. Once the customer places an order, they are automatically directed to the supplier. You as the online seller get informed whenever an order is placed.

Pricing automation depends on how you choose to calculate your profit. As we mentioned with shipping costs, pricing can be calculated using:

  • Percentage-based
  • Fixed rate- based
  • Multiplier

Whatever method you choose, that is how the automation system will work with your pricing.

Spocket Cons

Here are a few disadvantages of Spocket:

No Direct Contact

If you wish to contact a supplier directly and maybe try to form a better relationship, you can’t. Spocket is the middleman and only allows inquires through them.

Since Spocket has many online sellers, it seems impossible for them to contact suppliers on their own.

Although let’s not forget if Spocket allowed direct contact, automatic inventory updates maybe wouldn’t have been possible either.

Limited Suppliers

Spocket only allows you to work with suppliers from the EU and the USA. In case, you try contacting a supplier out of these zones, shipping costs and time will be much higher!

Can’t Sell on Amazon or eBay

Even though you are allowed to sell Spocket products on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, etc. Spocket products can’t be sold on Amazon or eBay.

So in case, you are someone who is interested in Amazon or eBay, then Spocket might disappoint you in this particular part.

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This was our guide to dropshipping with Spocket in the US and the EU.

We should you how the platform works, its features and services, how to set it up with Shopify, and what are the Shopify dropshipping pros and cons. This gives you a better idea of the platform fits your business model or not.

If you are looking to join Spocket, and don’t have a Shopify store set up, here you can learn from scratch how to create your first Shopify Store.