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20 Trending Products to Sell in 2023 (Stats, Guides & Advertising)

Looking for best selling products to find your next winner? Here's one extensive list of the top 20 trending products to sell in 2022.

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Aleksandra teaches marketing and management at various levels in High School. She writes about marketing, the economics and logistics of the dropshipping business and ecommerce in general.
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Chief of Content Marketing

Choosing the right products to sell is most of the work done in the e-commerce industry.

A trending product is a product that is highly in demand in the present. Many may tell you that you shouldn’t be selling them because they are competitive, but that is totally not true.

Product research for your online store can be quite difficult to do at times, but we want to make it easier for you.

That being said, today we are going to show you 20 trending dropshipping products to sell in 2023. Here you can check the top 10 places to find trending products for your next ecommerce project.

Whereas you may look into our product directory to also find many trending products that we will be mention in this article.

Investing in our indoor designs has become a trend, especially after the pandemic started in 2020, we are paying more attention to the look of our homeware products more than ever.

You may be asking what to sell? Well, here are 2 trending products in the homeware industry:

1. Indoor Plant

Indoor plants can really bring a new tone to your home and have been a long-trending homeware product for many years now.

Nobody said you can only have a garden outside, but indoor gardens can be your new indoor view.

The use of indoor plants has been increasing year by year; Let’s not forget that it is a good way to reduce stress and increase overall happiness!

👉 Step-by-Step Guide: How to Sell Plants Online in 2023.

2. Espresso Coffee Maker

How fun is it to go to a cafe or Starbucks, and order a cup of Espresso? I know the espresso drinkers out there are smiling!

Due to the fact that many people are staying home more, and that remote work is increasing, buying an espresso coffee maker is becoming essential for espresso drinkers.

Just like Espresso is considered high-quality coffee, you need to make sure you are buying a high-quality coffee machine too!

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Looking unattractive is something nobody wants. Products for women, firmly from the beauty and fashion industry have seemingly increased over the years. By checking this free listing you can find the best Health & Beauty Product Suppliers.

Let’s not forget that clothing products and accessories are the most popular among them. Here you can find the top 11 Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA and EU.

3. Face Masks

As the covid-19 pandemic keeps on continuing, face masks still remain among the trending products to sell.

You may hear many complaints about face masks being too competitive, but various face designs out there make it easy for you to stand out!

Additionally, face masks don’t need to always be purchased, you can make your own one at home. Unique designs can make customers just as excited instead of having to purchase a plain old design.

4. Shapewear

In short, shapewear products have been on a consistent rise over the years. By 2022, the Shapewear market is expected to increase over $5 billion in sales.

Furthermore, shapewear has become an everyday piece of wear for women and comes in various colors, styles, and sizes, which may meet the high demands of customers.

Especially, women who are giving birth tend to be the target customer for this product type.

Mobile phones are amongst the most used devices around the world, and I doubt that they will be used less in the future.

As of 2021, over 6 billion people are registered using mobiles, and this number is expected to increase by over 7 billion in only 2-3 years from now.

As a result, phone cases and wireless chargers have been on a huge increase. Their market value hit around $250 billion in 2020 and is expected to surpass $300 billion in the next 7-8 years.

Additionally, you may see many phone accessories up for sale from the Facebook marketplace. It is the most common social platform for dropshipping for this product niche.

Here’s our free list of the top 10 electronics dropshipping suppliers.

5. Phone Cases

The phone case is a profitable niche that won’t be out of trend anytime soon. When the iPhone was released back in 2007, the way we use our phones changed forever.

You see phone cases everywhere, and sometimes they are even mandatory to use.

Newer phones are made out of aluminum glass and might be just as slippery, so buying a phone case will definitely save you extra money from dropping your phone and cracking the screen!

6. Wireless Chargers

Have indeed become very popular in the past 3-4 years. Fast charging started everything, now ultra-fast cable charging comes equipped with newer phones.

Although, wireless charging is being widely used now until a day when cable charging will just be outdated!

Looking classy has become easier than ever, with the help of beard oils, hair clippers, men have the right products to look the best they have ever looked.

Beard oils and wireless hair clippers are on the rise and won’t go down any soon. Forget the days when men had to shave to look good, it isn’t that way anymore!

7. Beard Oil

In short, beards have become a huge trend for men lately. Additionally, that means that men are getting into beard oil too! Making your beard look fancy is a whole new style in the 2020s.

Long gone are those days when men were expected to shave often and have a nice clean-shaved look.

Furthermore, beards improve the overall look of men. Beard oil products are good when mixed with other beard products like beard shampoo, a beard straightener, etc.

8. Wireless Hair Clipper

What can be better than having your own hair clipper? Especially with the rise of quarantine after covid-19, self home care has become essential for men.

Hair clippers have been on the rise, where even many times they are used for trimming bears too.

The wireless hair clipper charges instantly, within only half an hour charge, the hair clipper can be used for a complete hair trim.

Investing in outdoor projects has become just as important as indoor projects. One of the top products to sell that are trending as of now is cutters and bamboo stakes.

Cutters are fairly useful for an outdoor garden and for fixing misshaped metals. Bamboo stakes have become the new trend in replacing fences that are built out of expensive wood.

9. Cutters

There’s nothing more useful for an outdoor garden than a hand-tool cutter.

People are spending a lot of time looking after their outdoor gardens, and let’s not forget, investing more in their outdoor home designs.

Although cutters aren’t only used for cutting grass, they are used for main other purposes, such as removing materials due to deformation, reshaping metals, etc.

Cutters come in different types:

  • Cutter pliers
  • Bolt cutters
  • Metal cutters

Moreover, Bolt cutters tend to get more monthly views compared to other types, but of course, it’ll depend on what somebody needs the cutters for.

10. Bamboo Stake

Bamboo stakes are another eco-friendly and trending product for an outdoor garden. If you are thinking about adding a fence to your outdoor garden, then, bamboo stakes are your right option.

They give a stylish look to your overall outdoor garden look.

Likewise, the use of aluminum and expensive wood is being replaced due to high costs. Bamboo stakes are easier to install and have much lower overall costs!

The world is a more beautiful place with kids, especially when you buy them what they want. Swings, toys, and electric car replicas are a whole new trend in this age.

11. Toys

The toy market is seeing explosive growth since the 2020s. Some of the recommended products include sports toys, outdoor toys, flying toys, action figures, games, and puzzles, etc.

Check our ultimate guide on How To Start Dropshipping Toys.

Newer generation parents are not working remotely more than ever, toys have become a fantastic way to distract kids from interrupting their work.

Products for kids are definitely a booming industry as of now, the only thing left to do is to use the right market strategy to put your products into action.

Try even giving away free toys, maybe it might attract more parents to buying for their kids from your online shop!

12. Electric Cars for Kids

The imagination is as creative as it gets. Kids love to drive and what gets better than buying them an electric car to make their imagination come true?

Electric cars have become very popular over the years, especially with them having famous brand names like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, on the front!

Likewise, electric cars for kids can be used indoors as well as outdoors, so there is no need to worry if the weather will be good or not.

13. Baby Swings

Baby swings can be a lifesaver when it comes to caregivers. Hence, it can calm down all babies or kids that are crying and can’t stop.

This is helpful for parents who need some off-time in order to work.

Otherwise, baby swings achieve more than 100 thousand monthly searches on Google.

Notebooks, pens, and pencils are coming in more designs than ever. They have been and will continue to be the top products to sell!

14. Pens & Pencils

Over the past few years, pens and pencils have started to be used with various designs. Many manufacturers are coming up with different offerings, color inks, and pencils that come in different sizes.

The main target audience of pens & pencils are:

  • Artists – different color shades are attracting them more than ever.
  • Businesses – Of course, we still take notes with a pen and pencil. You always need one around an office.
  • Luxury – luxury pens are fairly appealing to the eye, something many high-end brands are into.
  • Students – We do have electronics to do the writing, but schools are not throwing away pencils and pens just yet.

The search term of pens & pencils generates hundreds of thousands of monthly views. They are still one of the top products to sell.

There are so many different types of pens and pencils available, the amount of opportunity they offer is definitely worth it.

15. Spiral Notebooks

Spiral notebooks won’t be getting out of the trend any time soon. They are a best seller on many famous e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Furthermore, also one of the top most popular items on Amazon.

These notebooks are an essential item to have for students of all ages. Hence, they are a great way of keeping your notes organized and motivating you to write during class.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a huge rise in demand for indoor fitness. Furthermore, remote work has directly impacted how adults & teenagers spend their time at home.

Indoor fitness products are becoming more popular than they once were.

16. Whey Protein Power Mixing Bottles

Working out at home has become essential to stay fit due to an increase in remote work, and even online schooling.

We are moving less than before, and for everybody who does fitness even at home, whey protein power mixing bottles are being bought more than ever.

A protein shake is necessary after a hard workout, especially when you are trying to replace a meal or build that extra muscle. The mixing bottle does all of that and is definitely a top scorer in trending products to sell.

17. Indoor Bicycle

Indoor biking is one of the best forms of indoor aerobic exercise. It keeps your endurance high and metabolism active, not allowing fat to build up and make you become overweight.

Of course, indoor biking has become really popular during the pandemic, but also in areas where the weather isn’t the best.

Although, even those who don’t want to leave the house or go anywhere far might buy an indoor bicycle. It has really become a trend after the pandemic started!

18. Elliptical Machine

Comparatively, the indoor bicycle is popular, but the elliptical machine is even more popular than it. Many choose this machine over the bike, especially women.

Elliptical trainers help burn calories, reduce belly fat and give your body a nice tone.

We don’t see them going out of the marketplace anytime soon, so they are in the top products to sell category for a long time.

Instead of using the machines at the gym, the elliptical machine gives you a chance to become fit from the comfort of your own home.

Trending products that won’t ever run out of the trend are products for pets, especially pet food!

Trending products for pets as of now are cat beds and pet food. We know your pet is very important to you.

19. Pet Food

If there is one thing we can say that will never run out of demand, it is pet food. Pet food is without a doubt always a trending product that pet owners are in demand for.

The search for pet food is always steady and doesn’t have too many high ups and downs. Your pet is always in need of food, just like us, so you will need to fulfill their needs.

20. Cat Beds

With over 50,000 monthly searches, cat beds are interestingly very popular in the present moment. After pet food, they are considered to be one of the top products to sell online and even at a physical store.

Comparatively, cats sleep much more than humans and they will need a comfortable place to rest. We don’t think the demand for cat beds will be going down anytime soon, so now you know how profitable this product is.

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These were our top 20 trending products to sell in the upcoming year. Most of them have been trending for a long time and won’t be in low demand anytime soon.

When researching, you may find many of these trending dropshipping products on the vast majority of the social media platforms, including but not limited to browsing Facebook ads, TikTok, and even Google Shopping Ads, whenever you use the keyword.

As we mentioned above, you can find all these trending products in our product directory.

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