How To Find The Best Dropshipping Niche for Your Business in 2021


Before you start a dropshipping store, the first thing you want to do is to find your dropshipping niche.

Knowing your niche makes it easier to serve your audience and to focus more on your ideal customer. When you focus on too many niches, then you won’t know your audience as well either.

It isn’t easy to focus on one dropshipping niche, especially when you are starting your first e-commerce store.

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Your niche all depends on what and where you are promoting. Is it an international, European, US, or local market?

Dropshipping Niche demand Changed

Before you choose any niche, you have to take into consideration that because of covid 19, the demands of products have changed. More people are staying at home and concerned about their health.

Many jobs have shifted remotely so the demand will also shift. Those who keep their job and are not exceeding too many expenses from going to work and coming back will have extra money to spend.

With the new normal, the product demands have shifted. This doesn’t count for every single user but is changing the way we live our lives.

What do we have to keep in mind about picking a niche for your dropshipping business idea? Obviously, we need to stay updated with customer preferences or else we won’t ever have the right dropshipping niche!

Here are some dropshipping niche ideas for your business:

Kitchen Supplies

More people are staying at home so that also means more people are cooking at home, or at least having to. Even if it doesn’t have to do with that, kitchen supplies have always been a fantastic niche to be in.

dropshipping trends

The kitchen market worth as of now is 82 billion, while it was less than 60 million when the pandemic started. Last year, Grand View research predicted that it will reach 77 billion by 2025, but it looks like this market is growing out of control!

Some benefits of selling kitchen supplies are:

  • Lots of options

With heavy restrictions in the past year, most people maybe even started to learn how to cook themselves. Most products that are purchased are paper towels, food storage, kitchen utensils (equipment for cooking), dish drying racks, electric hand mixers, and so much more.

  • Low prices- Good resale value

The best part of selling kitchen supplies is also that they have very low prices. You can double or even triple the price and it will still be a low price. If you want a good niche, then this wouldn’t be one you want to avoid.

Health and Wellness

According to statista, the health and wellness industry value is booming and has a forecasted value of $6 trillion!

Since the pandemic started, the amount we value our health mentally and physically has increased. It has shown us that if we don’t take care of ourselves, nobody will.

The supplies of health products have also increased since many have been concerned about the virus and the global lockdown. Visits to hospitals increased and the amount of health and wellness products bought have increased. The pandemic is your golden ticket to taking advantage of this trending niche.

Health products can range anywhere from low to high prices, depending on what your consumer will buy.

Health products include:

  • Healthy foods
  • Supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Creams
  • Exercising equipment
  • Pills etc.


You will never found yourself in a bad dropshipping niche if you are part of the clothing industry. That’s because this niche is always in demand and has a very stable market value.

The current market value of the clothing industry is 82 billion. You see below in the photo via Google Trends that the clothing industry value hasn’t dropped below 70 billion for the past year.

Learn more about Google Trends in our ultimate guide.

clothing niche trends

The clothing industry doesn’t have a fixed price since different clothes have different prices. It all depends on what you are selling and what brand it is.

The benefit of being part of the clothing industry in the digital age is also that many customers want to order products online.

People who are busy all the time don’t even have time to go and buy clothes. This is where they will order their clothes online and save time.

Some of the main products sold in the clothing industry are Shirts, jeans, pants, and even shoes. There can be times when most customers can’t find a product in their local store and will order it online. 

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Local stores willing to explore new and unique products will also order from your dropshipping store. This is where unique clothing items dominate the online game!

Home Decor

The home decor industry always has a stable market value of around 80 to 100 billion. It is a very demanding industry since most will want to modify how their interior home design looks.

home decor industry trends

Some benefits of being in a home decor niche are eye-catching products (unique products), lots of products, great resale value, reasonable prices, and so much more.

Some of the most popular items sold in the home decor niche are clocks, wall prints, table lamps, candles, cushions, rugs, wall artwork, etc.


Yes, tools. When something in your house or apartment goes wrong, it definitely won’t fix itself. That is why tools are a long-term profitable niche. They will always be in demand and have a very stable and uprising market value of over 90 billion!

tools google trends

The huge advantage of selling tools is that when a local store doesn’t have a certain tool, customers will buy it because it is a need. There won’t be much negotiating around the product, it will be closed right away.

There are many tools out there that are only available in certain stores around the world. This is where the unique dropshipping niche comes into play!

Selling tools also have great resale values and low startup costs. Once you hit this niche, you will be flying off!

Car accessories

In different parts of the world, different car brands are driven. If you go to Asia, you may see more Toyotas, Hondas, etc.

If you go to Europe, you will see more German cars like BMW, Mercedes, etc. According to Google Trends, the car accessories niche has a market value of over 80 billion as of now. 

car accesories niche trends

There are many car lovers out there who want to modify how their ride looks. Most people will order these parts online, or even a local store will when they don’t have something you are looking for.

The advantage of being in this niche is that it is a stable market and always in demand. Being in this niche, you do have to have basic knowledge of which kind of cars people are driving in your area the most. US car accessories aren’t the same as the ones in Asia or Europe!

Some car accessories include interior neon lights, car vacuum cleaner, car trash can, wash kit, car phone holder, seat covers, etc.

Your guide to picking the best dropshipping niche

We provided our knowledge on how to choose the best dropshipping niche when you are starting a dropshipping store. Now, all you have to do is just START!

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